Peter Pyzera Announced as GT Academy Germany Champion

November 14th, 2012 by Andrew Evans

Following the end of the accompanying RTL “reality TV” GT Academy show, the German GT Academy winner’s identity has been revealed as 25 year old Peter Pyzera.

While his identity has only been revealed recently, Peter has been racing under his real name during his driver training program alongside 2012’s other known winners Mark Shulzhitsky (Russia) and Wolfgang Riep (Belgium). Most recently he’s competed in a 4 hour day/night race in BritCar at Donington Park and gained the required signatures to acquire his international licence ahead of January’s Dubai 24hr race:

Of course Peter isn’t the first GT Academy winner from Germany. The first competition was won jointly by Spain’s Lucas Ordoñez and German Lars Schlommer but Schlommer unluckily fell ill, missing vital night-time training sessions for Dubai and was forced to miss the race.

Only the US winner’s identity remains under wraps – racing as “Dan Mitchell” – pending the climax of Spike TV‘s GT Academy show next month.

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  1. Nov. 15, 12:26pm

    I talked to him in September while I was at Brands Hatch reporting for 360 Motor Racing Club. He spoke pretty good English and seemed to be a nice guy. Well done Peter!

  2. Nov. 15, 8:40am

    Good luck on your next step Peter!

  3. Nov. 14, 8:44pm


  4. Nov. 14, 8:10pm

    Gee. I swarn I’ve written a post here. Oh well.

    Congrats! :)

  5. Nov. 14, 5:18pm

    Congrats buddy!!!

  6. Nov. 14, 4:29pm

    Congrats Peter, and welcome aboard of GT Academy. :)

  7. Nov. 14, 3:42pm


  8. Nov. 14, 3:35pm
    Mac K


  9. Nov. 14, 3:21pm

    congratulation to Peter, but I don’t really undertand why nissan made a gt academy just for them!
    In my opinion they must compete in the european competition. There are so many places in other part of the word in wich there should be this gtacademy competition….

  10. Nov. 14, 3:19pm

    Nice car control!

  11. Nov. 14, 2:49pm

    Gut gemacht!

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