GT Academy 2012 USA to Air on Spike TV November 1st

September 10th, 2012 by Andrew Evans

With the 2012 GT Academy Race Camps over, Spike TV has announced the schedule for the accompanying reality TV show that will ultimately reveal the identity of the second US winner.

400,000 gamers entered the GT Academy contest from the US region, with the top 32 (joined by the Racer X wildcard winner) advancing to the national final in San Diego in July – hosted by GTPlanet’s owner Jordan. The top 16 gamers were flown out to the secretive Silverstone Race Camp in August to face a week of physical and mental challenges along with instruction and assessment on their real-world driving ability.

The Spike TV show serialises the Race Camp event, featuring interviews with the competitors and judges as the selection process to find the USA’s top gamer-to-racer to join Bryan Heitkotter progresses.

The as-yet unknown winner will be put through an intensive driver training program this autumn, ahead of their ultimate prize of a driving seat in a four-man RJN Motorsport Nissan at the Dubai 24 hours in January 2013.

There they’ll be joined by the three other 2012 GT Academy winners – including EU region winner Wolfgang Reip – on their first step to a career in racing, following in the tyre tracks of Bryan, BRDC Rising Star Jann Mardenborough and international sportscar champions Lucas Ordoñez and Jordan Tresson.

“Nissan GT Academy 2012” premieres for US viewers on Spike on November 1st. Further episode scheduling can be found on their website nearer the air date.

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  1. Sep. 13, 4:49pm

    Well, I don’t get the SPEED channel because my cable provider are run by idiots and don’t know how to sort channels per tier, so thank you for being on Spike!

  2. Sep. 11, 12:14pm

    Spike TV, the 1001 ways to die channel?

    SPEED Channel missed a shift on this one; I guess there are more episodes of pass time and dumbest stuff on wheels to air!

  3. Sep. 10, 8:14pm

    Is it going to be on the psn again?

  4. Sep. 10, 7:23pm

    Why NOT Speed Channel? Quire more relevant yeah? lol

    • Sep. 10, 7:23pm


    • Sep. 11, 2:44am

      it was before.

  5. Sep. 10, 6:53pm

    This is great news… Now give me a good update and some DLC or GT6! I think us fans are more into gran than Kaz is.

    Fanboy says what?

    • Sep. 11, 2:44am


    • Sep. 15, 8:32pm

      No “……”

      It’s a good point

  6. Sep. 10, 6:46pm
    lxl ICEMAN 1894

    Dvr will be set for this!

  7. Sep. 10, 6:40pm

    I’m gonna be watching this one. And for those of you complaining about DLCs and updates for GT5, can’t you just move on to a different game?

  8. Sep. 10, 5:47pm
    Mac K

    Is that Boris Said?

    • Sep. 11, 12:03am

      I believe so, but I was wondering the same.

    • Sep. 11, 12:15pm

      Yes that is Boris Said

  9. Sep. 10, 5:46pm

    I’ve said this before on playstation blog so i hope for a stealth car at the end

  10. Sep. 10, 4:07pm
    e30 freek

    Im getting bored of granturismo! i need a new update ARGHHH!!

  11. Sep. 10, 3:38pm

    So, no one had yet to point out that, even though Canadians weren’t eligible, Maryeve is a Canadian…. even though she’s just a judge for this.

  12. Sep. 10, 3:00pm


  13. Sep. 10, 11:08am

    Is that Boras Said in that picture?

    • Sep. 10, 11:19am

      Certainly does look like it :-/

    • Sep. 10, 11:19am
      Pit Crew

      That hair that mustache/goatee combo, Classic Boris IMO. Famine please help with this if you can.

    • Sep. 10, 11:24am

      The three GT Academy USA judges are Danny Sullivan, Boris Said and Maryeve Dufault. So yes!

    • Sep. 10, 2:25pm

      Cool. Danny Sullivan was the only judge I liked. I really didn’t like the girl or the bald guy

  14. Sep. 10, 11:05am

    It’ll be on Spike this year cool looking forward to a good show.

  15. Sep. 10, 10:29am


  16. Sep. 10, 9:37am

    Just out of curiosity, does PD get revenue out of the GT Academy program?

    • Sep. 10, 1:07pm

      prestige > revenue in many instances such as this.

  17. Sep. 10, 9:31am
    Pit Crew

    I’ll tune in for this. Strangely enough I miss GTA TT. (Original DLC Demo)

  18. Sep. 10, 9:13am

    Nice,just as the aussie V8 shannons supercar showdown nears its end,with the winner driving in the Bathurst 1000.

  19. Sep. 10, 9:04am

    Since they cancelled my favorite Nov show storm chasers this will be good backfill.

  20. Sep. 10, 9:01am

    this should be reall cool to see..

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