PlayStation VR2 Set for Early 2023 Release

PlayStation VR2, the next-gen virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 5, will touch down early next year.

The good news comes courtesy via the official PlayStation Twitter and Instagram social media accounts. Sony has drip fed information regarding the new headset over the past several months, with the last outing showing off the design of the unit.

As a quick recap, Sony revealed the specs of PSVR2 this past January and it’s an impressive bit of kit, to say the least. The OLED display will have a per-eye resolution of 2000×2040, up from the original headset’s 960×1080. Although the original PSVR’s 90/120Hz modes remain, there’s a 10% increase in wider FOV, at 110 degrees.

The second generation headset will also make use of foveated rendering, which will track where the player is looking with an IR camera situated in each eye. As a result of this, the headset will only render what is in immediate line-of-sight in full detail. Meaning, details that would be in peripheral vision won’t consume hardware resources.

Perhaps the most welcome change lies with the new headset’s connectivity. Unlike its predecessor, PSVR2 will connect to the PS5 through a single cable, making for a much cleaner, more hassle-free experience.

Releasing within the early months of 2023 places it within the one-year anniversary of Gran Turismo 7 on March 7. To say it would be another “killer app” in the PSVR2’s library would be an understatement. Nothing is announced at the moment, but we wouldn’t be surprised if such an update were teased for the game before year’s end.

Stay tuned!

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