Project Cars: 2015 SMS-R Driver Network Championship Winners Crowned


After 18 rounds of grueling high-intensity racing, the SMS-R Driver Network Championship has come to a close. Sim racers battled it out across the various disciplines that Project CARS has to offer, on some of the world’s greatest race-tracks, to fight for a generous prize package that included:

  • A TX Racing Wheel Servo Base
  • T3PA pedals
  • A TM Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-On
  • TH8A Shifter Add-On
  • An Intel Core i7 Processor and Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Graphics Card
  • And finally, bragging rights!

So, let’s have a look at the winners!

Individual Driver: ‘SoniK’

Either a huge trophy…or a tiny man!

The Frenchman done SDL Motorsport proud with a hard-worked season racking up 653 points and 9 podium finishes (6 achieved in the first 6 rounds). Despite a mid-season slump amidst rule and regulation changes where he surrendered top-spot, ‘SoniK’ withstood the mounting pressure from rival driver ‘Atho’ and reclaimed top spot before securing victory in the final race. A worthy win from a worthy eSports competitor!

Team: SDL Motorsport

A banner year for SDL

Quite shockingly, the overall winners of the tournament seemed like outsiders, until a stunning change of events which saw them sign freelancer ‘f1-masa’ and inherit the 100 points he had earned, tipping the scales in SDL’s favor. As a result, the unassailable 218 point lead Team Shark Racing had going into the final round was brought within the realms of possibility for the team. A real turn-out for the books in Dubai for Round 18 saw 8 of the top 20 drivers belong to SDL Motorsport and complete an incredible turn-around, winning the championship by over 100 points.

The circumstances of the victory will matter not for the team, as they were plagued by roster changes and inadvertently created a new rival team in Team Shark Racing. This will be a season to remember, with sponsorship from Logitech being the true icing on the cake for the veterans.

Most Valuable Player:  schumi170388

They really should have got the real names for the sim drivers…

Journeyman Schumi impressed everyone with a solid, reliable championship that saw him secure thirteen Top 20 finishes silently in amongst the juggernaut battle of SDL vs Team Shark. Schumi’s performance can be used as an indicator to other freelance drivers in the eSports community that you don’t necessarily need a team backing to make an impact. One thing is for certain, if this level of driving standard is maintained it won’t go unnoticed within the Project CARS community. The MVP for the SMS-R tournament receives the associated trophy, prizes from Thrustmaster, and an Nvidia GTX 980 Ti graphics card.

After a season of controversy, excitement and hardcore racing, the SMS-R 2015 season has been a huge success and from here the eSports Project CARS community can only continue to thrive. Join us in congratulating the winners in the comments below!

Full Results can be found on the Project CARS eSports site.

Project CARS is available now on PS4, XBox One and PC. Featured images provided by Slightly Mad Studios.

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  1. eran0004

    Inheriting points? That’s a really weird rule. Seriously, consider what that means: Freelance drivers can compete all season without being attached to a team, and then at the end sell their points to the highest bidder. It’s such an absurd system and totally unfair to the teams who earned their points themselves.


    A guy with the username “Sonik” in a blue uniform wins. I smell some jokes of a certain hedgehog incoming..

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