Project CARS 3 Launches to Mixed Reviews

It’s launch day for Project CARS 3, and since the review embargo lifted yesterday, the internet has been flooded with opinions on Slightly Mad Studios’ latest racing game.

Reactions seem heavily dependent on the player’s expectations. For “mainstream” critics from larger news outlets, Project CARS 3’s more arcade-like gameplay physics and improved gamepad handling are welcome.

Eurogamer (“Recommended”):

“Project Cars 3 is an odd one… So is it a sim or isn’t it? After a couple of dozen hours with it, I’m not entirely sure myself, and fairly certain I don’t really care – whatever this is, it’s an awful lot more fun than its predecessors.”

GamesRadar (3.5 / 5.0):

“Playability is undoubtedly Project Cars 3’s most improved area, with the most accessible handling in any of the serious modern sims, thanks to its superbly overhauled pad control. Even with the assists switched off, a canny driver will be able to catch a monster of a slide…”

However, that seems to be the extent of the most positive comments.

Jimmy Broadbent:

“In a lot of places, I actually think it looks worse than the first Project CARS game… which isn’t really acceptable… In my opinion it comes across as a game that couldn’t decide whether it wanted to stick to its hardcore roots or maybe go down that arcade route, and as a result, it doesn’t do either of those things particularly well.”

From GTPlanet user Scaff’s YouTube review:

“It’s a title that’s got me really divided… Viewed in its own right, it’s not a bad game. It’s got some issues with it… it’s not very polished. It’s a seemingly fun title that sits between the the GTs and Forzas of this world…

“It’s called Project CARS 3. That carries with it brand identity connotations and consumer expectations… That sets expectations and if you fail to meet those expectations, that will piss off your audience and your marketing targets. It’s as simple as that.”

Our Project CARS 3 forum is also full of player impressions today.

From GTPlanet user stuffguy:

“Overall, I think PC3 is a fun game that drives exceedingly well for gamepad users. It’s rewarding, intuitive, and most importantly very fun tossing cars around or shaving tenths off a lap. I would say it’s more engaging than a Forza 7 and a lot more lively than a GT Sport, which I felt was very muted. For the wheel users, I don’t know how that translates for you.

“Other complaints I have: the AI isn’t great. Overly aggressive and a bit simple. Career mode is no frills but better than PC2 — PC3 is genuinely a better game in that aspect. The UI is fine. Functional and a bit more dolled up than PC2. I like it better than Forza 7, which was dreadfully slow, obtuse, and difficult to do normal things like setting up custom events with the constant loading and bizarre menu layouts.”

If you’ve purchased the game, be sure to share your own impressions here in our community!

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