Project CARS 3 Electric Pack DLC & Circuit Zandvoort Arrive May 4

After a little coded teaser last month, Slightly Mad Studios has announced the fourth and final scheduled DLC pack for Project CARS 3 in a blog post on the official game site.

As we already knew from the teaser, this pack is known as the Electric Pack DLC. Naturally you’d expect the cars included to all use electric power — either as the sole motive force or as a hybrid — but for now SMS isn’t quite ready to reveal the contents. All that we know for sure is that there’s four cars, and one of them is the Audi PB18 e-tron concept from 2018, now known as the AI:Race.

The blog post doesn’t specifically name the car, but both of the somewhat shadowy images clearly show the PB18’s lighting signature, with one shot quite reminiscent of the teaser image Audi itself used before unveiling the car. It certainly fits the description of a “one-off” machine, and the 670hp liftback/shooting brake, center-/left-hand drive is hard to mistake for anything else.

At the moment we don’t know what the other three cars are, but SMS promises “four simply extraordinary cars” in the pack.

In addition to the paid DLC pack — again likely coming in at $9.99 (£7.99/€9.99) — there’s a new free DLC circuit for all players. While again not explicitly stated in the blog post, the accompanying screenshot is clearly from Circuit Zandvoort:

This also fits the clues given in the post of “Tarzan, Prince, and the Lotus 49”. Jim Clark won the Lotus 49’s debut race in 1967, which came at this circuit, and Prince Bira of Thailand won the first ever race at the circuit in 1948. As for Tarzan, that’s the name of the first turn! A redesigned Circuit Zandvoort will host Formula One for the first time in 36 years later this season.

Updated: A change to the Steam Achievements list for the game has confirmed Circuit Zandvoort and the Audi AI:Race, along with the NIO EP9 and Volkswagen ID R. The fourth car has been confirmed as the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, through an update to the PlayStation Store in New Zealand.

The update will also bring the full set of liveries for the 2020-2021 season of the Formula E World Championship, with both cars from all 12 teams available.

We already knew that the Electric Pack DLC would be the final pack of the four DLCs scheduled at launch, and the last of the packs included with the game’s season pass, though it now seems like it will be the final DLC pack of any kind. The blog post repeatedly makes reference to this fact, which suggests that from this point forward it’s all-hands on Project CARS 4.

You can keep up to date on everything to do with PC3, including latest news and known game content, at GTPlanet’s dedicated Project CARS 3 Guide page.

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