Project CARS 3 Likely Won’t Get a PS5 or Xbox Series Release

A comment from the official Project CARS Twitter account appears to have all-but ruled out a dedicated release on the “next-gen” consoles for Project CARS 3.

The post came in response to a fan question on the subject, and while it doesn’t overtly preclude the possibility, the careful wording seems to strongly suggest that a PS5 or Xbox Series version of PC3 is simply not in SMS’s current plans.

Of course very few PS4/XB1 titles of any kind have PS5- or XSS/XSX-specific upgrades or game versions — around 60 in total — and of those only three driving games have this functionality: DIRT 5; Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox only); and WRC 9. FH4 is the oddity, in that it’s more than two years old but also a first-party title that Microsoft would have wanted for marketing the new console. However Project CARS 3 came out within a few weeks of the other two titles last year, so fans may be a little disappointed that there isn’t a next-gen version in the works.

Naturally if you want to play PC3 on your Xbox Series console or PS5, you can. The new consoles support the game through backwards compatibility and fans report that the new consoles enhance the experience already. That’s unsurprising — when we tested GT Sport on a PS5 back in November, we found that the game ran much as it would on PS4 Pro but with quicker loading speeds. Your PC3 experience will likely be similar, with the consoles running the highest resolution and frame rates possible; you won’t experience the varied talents of the DualSense controller though.

Ultimately this means that players who want the full Xbox Series or PS5 experience with a Project CARS game will have to wait until PC4. Fortunately, we know that this is already in the works, according to SMS studio head Ian Bell, and it’ll be made with the backing of EA.

Featured image courtesy of FT-1.

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