Slightly Mad Studios is Teasing an ‘Absolutely Massive’ Surprise

Gaming 94 November 12, 2019 by

If London-based racing game developer Slightly Mad Studios (SMS) didn’t already have enough on its hands at the moment, it’s also apparently working on something ‘enormous’.

Already in 2019 we’ve heard of SMS’s plans regarding Project CARS 3. It’s also engaged in bringing the Project CARS experience to mobile, with specialist mobile developer Gamevil. Last but not least is the MadBox console.

MadBox has had a bit of a difficult time, with the original plans changed following the appearance of Google Stadia. We’re unlikely to have heard the last of it, although it may change form before it reappears.

However according to a Tweet from Nathan Bell, online marketing director at Slightly Mad Studios, we should forget about all of that because it has something else on the way. Although vague on details — Bell does after all work on “secret projects” — the Tweet describes whatever it is as both ‘enormous’ and ‘massive’.

We’re not entirely sure what the studio could be working on that would qualify. It’s already making a third game in its Project Cars series, a mobile version, and an entire console, and there’s really not much escalation left.

It could be a major event or celebrity tie-in — perhaps a Formula One World Champion switching sides? Thinking further outside the box, the studio might be working with a car manufacturer to bring licensed ‘Project CARS’ vehicles in the real world, or a collaboration with a race track. Perhaps, like MadBox, it’s hardware-based and SMS is creating its own racing wheels to compete with the likes of Logitech, Thrustmaste, and Fanatec — or even full simulator rigs.

Stay tuned to GTPlanet and we’ll bring you news on what SMS has up its sleeve when we get it.

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