Gran Turismo 5 “Special Edition” on Amazon

November 25th, 2009 by Jordan Greer

gt5-special-editionGran Turismo 5 has been listed on for a long time now, but a very interesting new product was just added to Amazon’s French site: Gran Turismo 5 “Edition Spéciale”. Although no other information is provided on the site, as you compare the regular version with the “Special Edition“, you’ll notice prices of €65.99 and €74.95, respectively – a 13% increase.

We first got wind (pun intended) that a “premium” version of the game was in the works when our own insider, Amar212, hinted at it nearly 8 months ago. Pairing the news of Amazon’s “Special Edition” listing with the three-disc GT5 box set we noticed in Polyphony Digital’s studio, it’s rather obvious what is going on here. However, the real question still remains – what’s on those two additional discs to justify the price premium? Could it be the fabled track editor? All the video from Gran Turismo TV? Time, as always, will tell…  Thanks to Quency for sending this in!

Before anyone gets excited about the March 31 release date listed on the French Amazon site, let me be first to remind you how wildly inaccurate retailer’s release dates are.

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  1. Nov. 27, 1:17am

    I think it may be like God of War, (I and II) and include a retouched version of old GT games.

  2. Nov. 26, 10:16pm


    yeah me too, with the amount of stuff they have managed to include in the game i wouldn’t be surprised if it retailed for $100

  3. Nov. 26, 8:53pm

    if you want a track editor, go buy mod nation racer.

    i want real tracks or, at least, original tracks that a profesional designer spent more than 1 hour to create them.

    not saying that user-generated content are crap. just saying almost all are.

    as for the topic, i would pay $100 for a regular gt5 without blinking. heck, i paid $40 for its demo.

  4. Nov. 26, 8:10pm

    I was waiting for GT5 before getting my PS3, but now I am thinking GT5 Prologue might keep me busy while I wait… Good idea? Can’t wait for the official release date in Canada.

  5. Nov. 26, 4:20pm

    I believe that job or not, many gt fans will all come down with a very searious condition, called gtfivetus, it will affect 3 out of 4 gt fans, prventing them from going to work, school, happy hour at the pub. it can last up to a week, or longer.

  6. Nov. 26, 3:04pm

    @S3 Racer Says

    The vat increase is end of december

  7. Nov. 26, 2:19pm

    The special edition, I dunno if anyone mentiond this because i have a tough time reading too much but the special edition is probly the 3D setup, remember that demostration people? Track editor isnt going to be the special feature the 3D glasses and what not will be it. The creater even said everything thats going to be in the game will all be there for all editions at release, so maybe some dlc who knows afterwards just the special edition is the 3D effect glasses and all stuff needed for that 3D effect. Yep so I am right.. No way around it. They need to work on the online stableness of the cars pisses me off that they twitch like that. A more realistic tire smoke, theyll have paintshop similar to Forza. Itll be a good game I need a job, Happy Thanks Giving folks.

  8. Nov. 26, 1:44pm

    Why is on French?

  9. Nov. 26, 1:11pm

    Happy Turkey day

  10. Nov. 26, 11:51am

    i cant wait for this game, THE SUSPENSION IS KILLING ME

  11. Nov. 26, 10:59am

    @The Masfer

    I think Dave was alluding to the fact that he has a job.

  12. Nov. 26, 10:57am
    The Masfer

    Anyway I live next to my nearest delivery service so I am the first house to have deliveries so I’ll have it before the shops near me open

  13. Nov. 26, 10:55am
    The Masfer

    @Dave the stalker

    you can’t guarentee you’ll get it at gamestop the special edition may be an amazon exclusive.

    It’s very likely as they have several exclusives including assassins creed 2 and uncharted 2 special editions

  14. Nov. 26, 1:29am

    I’m still not convinced it’s a 3-disc special edition. If you look back at the at the first pictures we got of the spec ed, the top case is transparent suggesting the game but the other two are white… I’d put money on those two being collectors booklets containing all car stats in the game. Awesome site by the way.

  15. Nov. 26, 1:19am


  16. Nov. 26, 1:12am

    I have mine reserved at GameStop. When the special/collectors/premium/ultimate edition is announced all of my money will be transfered over to that edition. That’s what I was told at the store. Been buying games from that store since it’s been open, I have no reason to doubt what they say. Now, if you are preordering from Amazon, that may be a different story.

    As of late, I’ve gotten burned on internet preorders. I don’t see me doing that any longer. Rather go to the store and have it at 10am. Even if the postal service was able to get it to me on day of release, I would not get it until 3:30!

  17. Nov. 25, 11:51pm

    Whatever it is, i want it. GT is my life.

  18. Nov. 25, 9:17pm

    Amar’s hint from some time ago can’t possibly be valid anymore since the hint leaned towards something about DLC, and Kaz has said numerous times that plans for dowload content have not even been thought out yet. This is assuming Amar212’s particular hint was about DLC and such.

  19. Nov. 25, 6:23pm

    Well i’ll be getting it,it will be nice it that third disc had some more cars on it!

  20. Nov. 25, 2:33pm


    it’s now 4 months. i can wait. oh well… its Uncharted 2 for Christmas instead -.-

  21. Nov. 25, 1:40pm

    I reserved GT5 for $60. But i’d rather reserve the special edition. ($67.80)

  22. Nov. 25, 12:48pm

    getting it

  23. Nov. 25, 12:42pm

    It’s called a collectors edition, Luke. Something for those GT enthusiasts who want to have all of the GT’s because they’re a collector. I don’t have my GT1, 2 3 or 4 discs anymore and i’d love to play them again or just have them again, so if it’s a collectors edition and not a special edition with extra content, i’d still buy it.

  24. Nov. 25, 12:42pm

    I’ll buy the LE, no doubt.

  25. Nov. 25, 11:59am

    Be honest, who needs the old GT version when buying the newest, most beautiful and most realistic Gran Turismo ever ?

  26. Nov. 25, 11:41am

    i dont mind paying 100 bucks extra for that game!!!!!!!!!
    i am sure now you know what a big fan of gt i am!!!!
    i owned all gt’s
    incuding gt concept 2002

  27. Nov. 25, 11:38am

    I dont think it would be a track editor in the special edition, but I would love to have all the old GT games bundled with it (GT, GT2, GT3, GT Concept, GT4, and maybe even tourist trophy thrown in as well). Especially since I have a PS3 without backwards compatibility. I admit its not likely for an extra 10 or 15 bucks, but it would be sweet.

  28. Nov. 25, 11:31am

    I thinking they are offering the old GT series starting from the first version to the latest loaded in a bluray disc plus behind the sences developement featuring the new cars in the GT5 game on the 3rd disc.

  29. Nov. 25, 11:05am

    I will pick up the special edition, but only if it has more features and/or content. Gran Turismo 5 is the only game I would spend $100 on.

  30. Nov. 25, 10:27am
    The Masfer

    It will probably be more cars and maybe tracks it won’t be a track editor kaz will have that on all versions it could also be a collecters case or a book or model like assassins creed 2 special editions

    p.s. I don’t think there will be a special edition but if there is I will definetly buy that one

  31. Nov. 25, 10:26am

    I like big packs, special editions, extras and the like! Full pack, please!

    Amar is leaking rumors that are far from bullshit, my friend. He said “final reunion will happen thirty nights before twelve months pass” which is 11 months, and he said that in the end of April 2009. Add 11 months to that date and you get the exact official release date. He is definitely an insider…

  32. Nov. 25, 9:51am

    A book containing stats/images of all the vehicles available in the game (like an encyclopedia of cars) would be awesome. It would be a quicker way to navigate the in game dealerships than clicking through the menus with the controller.

  33. Nov. 25, 8:05am

    They should include a decent manual with GT5, along with tunning sections, driving tips and lessons from professional racers, photos, footage, interviews, etc. Since the whole world is going green, maybe they’ll just put it all in a DVD to reduce the carbon footprint of it.

    I wonder if GT5 will be included in the 250Gb slim…

  34. Nov. 25, 7:41am

    The possible track editor is surely too much of a big thing to be left out of the standard version, I can’t believe they would do that. With special editions you normally get a few extras and different packaging etc but not something drastic. If it’s just videos then I will get the standard version, if it is a track editor then I will get the special edition.

  35. Nov. 25, 7:33am
    S3 Racer

    Special Edition it is, just like the psp version :D

    @tim: when is the vat going up :(??? ordering everything @ uk. Cheaper than on the continent!

    I just want to get that game. Saw yesterday on a gaming site the top 10 games trashed before lunch; GT5 apparently is one of them because of the delays :S.
    Not my opinion.

    But now 2 months after the annonced release date of jp , sony or Pd could at least give out some news!

  36. Nov. 25, 7:21am

    I have 120 dollars on the side just for GT5. If a special edition goes up 2 dat, Im definitely getting it!

  37. Nov. 25, 6:18am

    GT5 Special Edition…Day One


  38. Nov. 25, 5:54am

    I’ll be buying their best special edition, in case they have more than one. This is one game that is worth me spending more on!!!

  39. Nov. 25, 5:22am

    It is so mine, the most expensive one! :P

  40. Nov. 25, 5:11am

    this is not GranTurismo 5 full game hey? this look like a collection edition full of act, videos, picture, designs of real life tracks and clips. now GranTurismo 5 is going to take even longer to come out now because of this box.

  41. Nov. 25, 4:47am

    Maybe it`s the official Gran Turismo novel with the story set before the game ;)

  42. Nov. 25, 4:43am

    Honestly a track editor? U guys have to be kidding me. There will be no such thing. This isn’t lbp and it doesn’t work like that. And arnt they not books? I thought we figured that out? But ya seems like news is getting sparce. It’s gonna be a long road

  43. Nov. 25, 3:51am

    It’s alot of money if that is the actual price and believe it or not more expensive than forza’s special edition was

    in the uk the euro conversion is something like £67.00 and with the vat to go back to 17.5% soon that is likely to become at least £70+ when it hit’s the uk pre-order list

    at the moment I cannot see any reason to rush out and pre-order because of the lack of infomation we dont actually know what is on those discs, ok it may be the track editor or it may just pictures and video. but then again no one has been able to confirm the track editor even exists.

  44. Nov. 25, 3:44am
    Bank Alexander

    Hot damn.

  45. Nov. 25, 3:38am

    What about 5 years?

  46. Nov. 25, 3:34am

    Been a boring three and a half years (since the first Vision Gran-Turismo trailer was released).

  47. Nov. 25, 3:28am

    Gonna be a boring 5 months…

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