Gran Turismo 5 DLC Hands-On, Spa Francorchamps Gameplay Videos, Screenshots

October 14th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

GT series guru Amar212 has managed to unlock Gran Turismo 5‘s upcoming DLC, and has shared the very first hands-on videos of Spa Francorchamps on behalf of GTPlanet and his own Croatian GT community, GTSurgeons. Amar is documenting his discoveries here in our forums, and I’ll continue updating this blog post as he goes over all the new content.

Once again, GT5‘s DLC will be available to everyone next Tuesday, October 18th.

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  1. Oct. 21, 7:05am

    Forza 4 says hiii

  2. Oct. 17, 10:21pm

    ITS BEEN DELAYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Via Twitter
    Update: GT5 DLC will hit the North American Store on 10/25 but will include a special bonus. Apologies for the inconvenience!

    • Oct. 17, 11:15pm

      Yeah it got delayed man!

  3. Oct. 17, 7:36am

    1 more sleep.

  4. Oct. 17, 5:30am

    So… are there any Skylines in the world that aren’t in Gran Turismo 5?

    • Oct. 17, 7:01am

      shh…. We dont want Kaz to hear about any skylines not in the game,
      He’ll be sure to add them.

    • Oct. 17, 2:59pm

      LOL. that was funny. :)

  5. Oct. 16, 8:03pm

    Wow soooooo many trolls, how bout y’all whingers take a decent size cup of shut the f%^k up with a bowl of concrete and harden the f^%k up. There is a new track available tomorrow (and cars and other content)…….SPA bitches. I am overjoyed. No matter what you do there is always those that are gonna hate. If you’re so unhappy with this go design your own game and outdo PD….please go right ahead. But I’m a pony up my 12 clams (that’s pay 12 dollars) and get this and have another amazing outlet to race my growing stable of cars. You can’t satisfy everyone but you can can please a bulk of the population and that’s what I think PD has done. Lets put the big boy pants on or the big girls blouse on if you’re female and get over it.

    • Oct. 17, 7:06pm

      Make sure to pick out a foam “special needs” skull hat to go with your big boy pants. Might save whats left of your brain.
      8-20% premium price for 1-2% more content = bad math where your game just costs more for less. Not to mention the prologue was 2/3 the price of a full game for a third of the content. I am sure there are enough virtual world content fiends that don’t get it or don’t care, but the opposite side of this debate is for smart peeps with an opinion of their own. Each batch of DLC from now on only pushes the game even further past the $100 mark. or $72 if u skipped the prologue. Another one at Holiday for the next track etc etc etc.
      Less content for More money sucks always. That opinion is seldom going to get support on such a heavily biased marketing tool as GTP, but thats OK. As long as it’s seen.

    • Oct. 18, 4:51am

      hahahaahahahaha, good to see u came out from under the bridge, don’t give me that smart peeps bs son, you live in the past and obviously lack the intelligence to comprehend the marketplace of the video game industry as it stands in 2011, I don’t like paying either but it is what it is. Thanks for the maths as well capt. obvious now you can fix the GFC while your at it with you ecconomics degree. Better keep that foam “special needs” skully for yourself. Anyways thanks for your imput and say hi to your mum, sister, wife & daughter for me I’ll be makin the rounds again soon xo sweetheart

  6. Oct. 16, 2:32pm

    2 more sleeps.

  7. Oct. 16, 1:35pm

    oh and a premium porche gt3 an gt2 would been fab , as a porche fan there slow and a small looking in gt5 such a let down :(

  8. Oct. 16, 1:31pm

    how much for the complete dlc pack in euros for ireland anyone help please much appreciated ? ?

  9. Oct. 16, 1:05pm

    How about the give us new cars, by that I mean cars that are not race modded versions of vehicles that we already have…….. Or at least premium versions of popular standard cars……

    • Oct. 17, 1:12pm

      Dude +20 for the idea i’m sure they would add new American cars, Australian, whatever u name it! Like a Ferrari 599FXX, the new Ferrari GTO, Corvette Stingray 2009, or even maybe just maybe the new Lamborghini Reventon and Sesto Elemento :D

  10. Oct. 16, 12:14pm

    the stig looks gay in that pic, and spa well its already in all F1 games and most of you are exited about driving an F1 car around the track so why the big hurrah ! ?

    • Oct. 16, 12:37pm

      Because it is simple…GT5= 1000+ cars to drive in there…and 2nd the level of detail of the entire track is just incredible compared with the rest of the racing games in the entire market. Enough for me and many more.
      I have Spa in: rFactor (PC) , GTR2 (PC) , GTR Evo (PC) , Race07 (PC), F1 2010 (PS3), F1 2011 (PC) and many more but not sure if those games come with it such as: Race Driver Grid (PS3), F1 06 or 07 Championship Edition (PS3) and of course i have tons of racing games but the best to me is still Gran Turismo 5.
      I didn´t pay for Spa in the other games but only for GT5 i will pay with no doubt about it. The experience in an almost photo-realistic environment is the mainly reason that makes me pay for it. And that track is beautiful.

    • Oct. 17, 1:13pm

      some are but the stig isn’t gay that pose always happen to me with my drivers but yea could fix that but oh well, I’m waiting to drive Nascar on a F1 track that has never been in the GT game, but I like for them to add Road America, Atlanta, and that new F1 track being built in Texas

  11. Oct. 16, 10:30am

    Can’t wait to take Kimi’s F2007 around Spa!

    • Oct. 17, 1:14pm

      Can’t wait to take Jeff’s 2011 Chevy Impala around Spa!

  12. Oct. 16, 9:13am

    Jordan, it’s possible to already use the karts in arcade mode, there in the far right of the car list.
    Maybe you can post that so people can use the karts that are not going to buy the DLC or those who just can’t wait!

    • Oct. 17, 1:17pm

      well for those who want those karts which is in the arcade mode but people using karts online using the 125 in like gold chrome or whatever color the people who didn’t buy the dlc wouldn’t be able to race against 88mph karts in karts that only do 80.

  13. Oct. 16, 8:43am

    Most of the photos at the bottom of the post look scary real, nice job!

  14. Oct. 16, 7:00am

    Me and my mate have the simpson, arai and special helmets by doing seasonal event and some suits that are from the DLC. I kept doing the events to get random prizes each time but that day i went on seasonal event and it said paint for all the prizes. When did polyphony change these?

  15. Oct. 16, 3:35am

    This is Amazing, in my opinion the new DLC is good, I’m getting it.

    Can’t wait for Spec III

    • Oct. 17, 1:20pm

      or whatever the next DLC is

  16. Oct. 16, 3:33am

    Ok first, nice work amar :D, now to the second one…Guys you all have spa, kart track, rm cars, gears , colors all that in you game already!…what wait how?…well it was in the 2.0 update. like every other dlc stuff like the purple camaro, or the chrome line cars..they are already in the game, you just download a code from the psn to unlock them, never thought why they are so small like 15 kbs?.. cuz its just a code. guys, a hint to further DLC are the updates. if a big update comes avaible?…be 100% sure it will have DLC in it. yeah i figured this long time ago. so no amar ain’t a PD tester, or a game journalist may be he is but he doesnt work for PD. he just found a way to crack the game, and i have my theories on how he did it. but wont say anything about it xD .

    :D enjoy spa next week :D

  17. Oct. 16, 1:10am

    Spa is a fantastic addition to GT5 and the kart track looks great too, added cars and tracks are always welcome so I hope that they keep coming with some degree of regularity. Finally having interior views for the standard cars I know makes so many very happy but I wish that the wheel and arms could be removed as I find them rather destracting and with GT5 I always used the nose view for this reason. Since my PS3 went YLOD I’ve been hoping for some decent upgrades to GT5 to entice me into buying a PS3 again and this DLC (and update) goes some way to helping me wanting to get back to GT5 but I have to say after playing some of the PC sims that are out I realise my T500 was kind of wasted with GT5, I hope the physics tweek is all that as the PC sims have really opened my eyes to how good GT5 could be (physics wise) I know I will be the proud owner of a new (cough cough used) PS3 sooner or later even though it is getting rather tied now but I think I will use it more for fun (so to speak) and to meet up chat and race with all the great friends I have met over the years (who I really miss) through the PSN and keep the serious racing for the PC…… I’ll always love GT (even though I still feel short changed by the £150 version of the latest rendition) and I hope (and am sure) it will get better and better

  18. Oct. 15, 6:54pm

    What I want to know is if you can drive regular cars on Kart Space…

    • Oct. 15, 8:58pm

      you can’t not for now, check amar’s thread, he talks about this. ;)

    • Oct. 16, 10:28am

      That stinks… Thanks man

  19. Oct. 15, 5:29pm

    Can’t wait til Tuesday! 13€ I believe for the full pack! YES!

    • Oct. 15, 5:53pm

      11,99€ Yes. I can´t wait. I come here every day to see the content one more time. GT addict for sure…haha.

  20. Oct. 15, 4:47pm

    I wonder what driving a F1 car with an open-faced helmet would be like………

    • Oct. 15, 9:54pm

      I imagine the expression “Ripping your face off” would be literal.

  21. Oct. 15, 3:52pm

    looking at the track i say kudos to the track designers – the photomode picture of the f10 on there are amazing!!! cant help but think of the bugs in track limits though. ;-) so… what about the x2011???

  22. Oct. 15, 1:07pm

    I’m not even looking forward to DLC’s of GT5 anymore :/ GT5 just isn’t enough of a simulator for me…

    • Oct. 15, 9:52pm

      And yet you continue to hang around and post here…

  23. Oct. 15, 1:07pm
    Marcus Akatsuki

    Are there more DLC planned apart from this?
    I want to see, Pikes Peak, Super Speedway (the original), Test Course, and more classic tracks from another GT’s.
    and of course, new premium cars. (Example: Seat Ibiza Bocanegra, Opel Astra GTC, Volkswagen Scirocco R, Porsche 911 998, etc).

    • Oct. 17, 1:24pm

      can’t have porsches due to EA’s keeping of the Porsche name. but to see something like the V12 Zogato and maybe the Lamborghini Reventon be very NICE!!!

  24. Oct. 15, 11:08am

    I hope the next DLC will include a Classic GT tracks or at least some newer tracks like Montreal, Watkins Glen, Road Atlanta, and some other great Tracks that have never made it to Gran Turismo. and the next cars pack should be more exotic cars like Reventon, Elemento, Gumpert Apollo, Bugatti Super Sport, or maybe some movie themed cars like Kitt, Dukes of Hazard, Ecto-1, Smokey and The Bandit. be pretty cool hope to see some new cars that recently came out and that new 2013 Ford i saw in a magizne yesterday BE SO WUNDERBAR!!! but I hope PD can punch Forza in the eye and be like WE ARE JUST AS COMPETITIVE AS U!!!!!

    • Oct. 15, 12:21pm

      +1 for watkins glen and road atlanta. That would be icing on the cake for me!

  25. Oct. 15, 10:50am

    Only 3 more sleeps now.

  26. Oct. 15, 10:33am

    Stigy is striking a bit of a pose isn’t he! LOL. Seriously, thanks for the vid Amar and for posting Jordan.
    The track is looking excellent. The Spa project alone would have been an expensive build to get it to this point given PD would have effectively had to start from scratch. I understand concerns around the value for money equation with the DLC and some have made some important points. On balance, I like to think of it this way…
    Like many of us, I’ve probably clocked 100’s of hours playing online on PD’s servers since the GT5 release last November. The amount of enjoyment that’s brought, the friends I’ve made, those late night sessions that stretch on till the early hours of the morning with a room full of mates … beyond the initial purchase of the game, I don’t pay a single cent for this ongoing access. For me, the opt-in cost of the DLC is a small price to pay compared to everything I’ve got out of this amazing game and still continue too.

    • Oct. 15, 11:10am

      dude i think its the suit thats making him look weird cause i have some of mine in that pose and it didn’t look so odd but yea its good to see new things I really want the cars, tracks, n suits cause they all look great, hope the next dlc includes more tracks, and a new line of cars maybe new american muscle cars that came out like Cadilac CTS-V, Dodge Charger, Corvette Stingray, and maybe hopefully add at least better NASCARS like idk A DODGE LIKE KURT BUSCH!!!!!!!!

    • Oct. 15, 11:25am

      Or is the Stig now taking the feminie form of Sabine Schmitz…Just off topic for moment, something else that caught my eye on Sabine’s website for her racing team, Frikadelli Racing. She’s now sporting a quite prominent GT patch on her racing suit…

  27. Oct. 15, 9:48am

    So far this is the best looking rendition I’ve seen of the Spa Circuit in a game. Can’t wait to race it in full color on Tuesday!

  28. Oct. 15, 9:17am

    That Stig pose in one the above pics looks REALLY GAY!!! WTF LOL

    • Oct. 15, 11:11am

      Hey Praggia idk but i’ve seen some of my drivers strike that same pose its got to be the suit hes wearing

    • Oct. 15, 11:35am

      Its a girly Stig :D

  29. Oct. 15, 7:54am

    Video quality is pretty. Always, I’m surprised he had the balls to go flat out through arouge.

  30. Oct. 15, 7:44am

    I’m also overjoyed at the fact I have to pay for something which should be included in the original release or as a free update. Why do idiots post such comments as “I’d be happy to pay for DLC”. We know that Spa and other tracks such as Midfield Raceway are already there but now we have to pay for them all individually I suppose…

    Well done. Next time the community should maybe use their brains a little and request that fixes and new or legacy cars & tracks should be free.

    • Oct. 15, 7:53am

      Except you DON’T have to pay for it.

      Nothing in the DLC is essential, it’s all gravy. If you want Spa, wipe away your tears and pony up the FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS to buy it, this money will go to PD so that they can make more things that will either be free or cheap.

    • Oct. 15, 8:05am

      It’s the principal. This content was already made, probably at original release date, now we have to pay.

      How did you know I was actually crying. Also, I’m not sure I know how to “pony up”. You’ll need better use of words for me to understand that next time.

    • Oct. 15, 9:53am

      You really think they had Spa already ready to release at the game’s launch? Kazunori stated before the game’s release that GT5 would be a complete game with no DLC. It wasn’t until after they got a lot of pressure from Sony and the players that they changed their mind.

      You would certainly think that if they had it ready at launch they wouldn’t have waited so long when they had players begging for DLC.

    • Oct. 16, 3:52am

      at least it isn’t iRacing where you pay 20 bucks to do a damn race.

  31. Oct. 15, 6:49am

    The Stig!!!

  32. Oct. 15, 5:33am

    I hope the avatars can strike multiple poses. I’d love to see the Stig in his typical “arms-crossed” serious pose. He looks a little bit camp in the photo with the Fiat 500!

    • Oct. 15, 5:39am

      No… you can’t, if you’re talking about Photo Travel. That came in Spec 2.0, not the upcoming DLC.

  33. Oct. 15, 2:35am

    Is the stig in the dlc? I thought it was only NASCAR and Wrc drivers

    • Oct. 15, 9:50pm

      You get his Helmet in the DLC and a similar suit so in a way, yes.

  34. Oct. 15, 1:54am

    Moar RM’s!

    Dunno about you guys, but I’ll be screwing around in kart space quite alot.

  35. Oct. 15, 1:51am

    Poeple are so stupid. No he DIDN’T hack GT5.

  36. Oct. 15, 1:12am

    I wonder if the 125 kart is automatic (centrifugal) like it is in the arcade mode or if it’s actually a shifter kart when we get the DLC shifter kart would be great!!!!

    • Oct. 15, 4:31am

      Why should it be with change from Arcade to online, etc?

  37. Oct. 14, 10:59pm

    Some say, Stig on that pic is ***

    • Oct. 15, 8:50am

      I wondered how long it would take for someone to mention the fact he looks as camp as anything on that picture :o)

    • Oct. 15, 10:07am

      “As camp as a row of tents”

    • Oct. 15, 10:59am

      …or is that actually Sabine Schmitz ?

  38. Oct. 14, 9:56pm

    the person who showed this video is probably the same person who got the first copy of GT5, im GUESSING that its Kazunori himself! :D
    I mean who else would’ve got the game and dlc faster than anyone else?

  39. Oct. 14, 9:06pm

    Man that Roadster NA6C looks sick! JDM

  40. Oct. 14, 9:02pm

    I find it silly and disheartening that so many complain that the DLC (etc.) are not what they want it to be. It’s as though they feel they are owed something. The game has been purchased, gameplay has been accomplished. They now offer updates for a fee, but it’s not up to your standards? Perhaps a little perspective is needed here. Call me old, or old-fashioned, but it is a marvel that any of this technology works at all! Growing up, I was thrilled with my Atari 2600 and had no concept of DLC (or the internet, for that matter). This game is a childhood fantasy come true! Please, be appreciative of what you do have, and do not lament what you do not. I, for one, look forward with glee to the DLC!

    • Oct. 14, 9:30pm

      You are too right, kids these days are turning into entitled little brats. The things i read on this site turn my stomach, the way the users talk about this game and it’s development team really shows that they have no concept of how the real world works, or the fact that this is a albor of love from some very dedicated people. Games aren’t the service industry, their jobs are not to please you, so if you don’t like it either play something else or keep your ignorant mouths shut. I personally couldn’t hold the team at PD closer to my heart, i have grown up playing their games and am thankful for what they have given us. Kids these days really do deserve to be kicked in the mouths.

    • Oct. 14, 9:47pm

      I agree with both you and Algibraic. The cars aren’t to my personal specs. I think more could have been done. But I am still excited to buy them. I am happy for something new to be added. I do, as well, remember gaming as “you get what you bought.” Deal with it or trade it. Now, games aren’t great (ROLLS EYES) unless I can play online with 40 of my closet friends I have never met. Its not good enough unless they completely change it six weeks to MY exact specifications. Ridiculous. It may be true that I not overly excited about the DLC content, but I am damn sure going to buy it. Just based on the fact is it does add something to game. I never cared if they they came out with DLC or not. But they did, so thank you PD. Haters, keep on hating and see what it gets you.

    • Oct. 15, 1:34am

      You guys couldn’t be more right. I gotta admit I’m still waiting on DLC for Tetris and Mario Brothers 2 though…Anytime now.

    • Oct. 15, 5:36am

      I agree completely, no matter what we get it is attacked by vile comments of small minded people, like a bunch of spoilt kids.
      I think Polyphony has done a fantastic job with GT5, just look at Forza 4, no weather effects, no night time racing, GT is doing so much and now DLC, we own the best racing sim on the planet people, be thankful for what you got and remember there is more DLC to come, this is just the start. I think the new tracks look incredible, can’t wait to have a taz round Spa.

    • Oct. 15, 12:20pm

      Pd have a history of releasing unfinished gt’s before mainly gt3 so having updates and dlc means that eventually the game will be more complete by the end if its life. Research the history of gt on ps3 and you will see dlc was a major part of the original concept.

    • Oct. 15, 1:27pm

      Silly and disheartening Lobster? Someone lamenting the words and opinions of others trying to tell us what to appreciate and what not to lament? People having their stomachs turn over opinions? Definitely perspective time. The game industry couldn’t be more closely related to the service industry these days via DLC– and entertaining us or pleasing us is definitely their goal if they want to make money. Seriously Algebra, could YOU be any more ignorant?
      We have a right to voice our pleasure or displeasure with the product as much as any Simple minded follower.
      Great game could be better. We will fight for it because we play and love it.

    • Oct. 16, 2:43pm



      The amount of PD defending on here is mind blowing.

      Oh, and I’m no hater either. I love GT5 and play it just about every day and I’m gladly looking forward to buying the DLC. But does that mean I’m going to defend every move PD makes? Heck no.

      I’ll personally be satisfied with the DLC, so long it isn’t implemented in a silly way. (We better be able to have more than one of each car and paint chip.) But I understand why people are complaining.

    • Oct. 16, 9:00pm

      Then stop complaining and we’ll stop defending. Get the picture? Nope, you don’t. :)

  41. Oct. 14, 8:46pm

    I hope this is not the end of update. We have too see more European and American(please more muscle cars) exotic cars and also more updates like more tracks and personalise paints on cars and decals. Forza 4 is the king for now but with good updates gt5 will surely be back on track

    • Oct. 15, 5:37am

      …no we don’t. We don’t ‘have too’ see more anything. Have you even PLAYED Forza 4 yet to say it’s the king?

    • Oct. 15, 9:27am

      The king is Gran Turismo 5…Forza is a wanna be GT…don´t confuse yourself. GT is for drive more than anything.

  42. Oct. 14, 8:16pm

    campest. stigpose. ever.

  43. Oct. 14, 7:48pm

    Really looking forward to this DLC. Spa is a great race track.
    Love the camera angles on the replay too!
    Keep it up PD!

    • Oct. 14, 8:39pm

      YES!! oh how I love replays!! I still wish they would add some flavor tho, like in the new opening movie, or at least like GT3.

  44. Oct. 14, 7:29pm

    Why and How you say? 1st round of marketing revealed Spa was the only DLC most cared about…..So 2nd round of marketing is all Spa and an Aman twist to get you focused on something else besides the lack of new cars or whatever else people got pissed about. Seriously doubt dude did any jailbreaking or hacking, but it’s something else to talk about. PD’s working hard to get that 20% premium from us. I hate the DLC model because it’s just a scheme to inflate revenues, but in GT5’s case, you already got your moneys worth in play time most likely. PD may not have hit a home run with this DLC, but they earned my premium many miles ago. I hope the next one is better and takes more of what players want and need into consideration.

    • Oct. 15, 9:37am

      If you own Apple products, then everything you wrote above is negated.

  45. Oct. 14, 7:04pm

    omgee. the kart pics are totally rad

  46. Oct. 14, 6:44pm

    Does anyone know if the new kart track will be in the course maker?

    • Oct. 14, 7:22pm

      It is not a course maker track, sorry.

  47. Oct. 14, 6:33pm

    This is Amazing!
    Update= Contains DLC
    Seasonals= I got DLC Simpson helmets.
    Amar – DLC unlock genius!

  48. Oct. 14, 6:29pm

    Now all we need is the rest of the F1 cars and we can have a real race at Spa. Surprised Red Bull’s F1 cars are not in the game.

    • Oct. 15, 7:50am

      Ferrari is the only F1 team that has the right to license it’s F1 cars without the FIA of F1’s consent. Every other team falls under the FIA’s iron grip on the F1’s license.

      Therefor we probably wont see any Red Bull F1’s…. or any other F1’s any time soon.

    • Oct. 15, 11:04am

      no only the Red Bull because we got the Citroen C4 Red Bull Rally car, Brian Vickers, and the Red Bull Audis it seems to make sense to add the Volkswagen Red Bull Dakar suv thing or whatever and the F1 I mean seriously who cares about the rest it be cool n all but trying to get them all be some Licensing issues

    • Oct. 15, 12:16pm

      The race toureg is a beast of a car. Ferrari has always been a special case. F1 has an official game so does wrc. Shame we can’t rm certain cars to imitate real cars

  49. Oct. 14, 6:03pm


  50. Oct. 14, 5:33pm

    I’m going to kill myself driving there all day. First lap absolutely in a 458.

    • Oct. 14, 5:51pm

      same here 458 will be first on spa for me.

    • Oct. 14, 7:01pm

      1st lap is going to be in my M3 GTS wannabe.

    • Oct. 15, 12:33am

      1st lap: 2CV

    • Oct. 15, 11:02am


    • Oct. 15, 12:14pm

      It’s all about taking eau rouge flat in any car you choose.

  51. Oct. 14, 5:24pm

    I already know I’m gonna suck at Spa…

  52. Oct. 14, 4:58pm
    Big Ron

    Wow, the Kart arena looks simply stunning. Never´ve seen such a atmospheric kart track. That´s going to be fun. Spa looks awesome, too. I am just curious, how it feels.

    And in between: the Stig looks like a pussy….haha

    Every player choosing the Stig as avatar is a girl.

    • Oct. 14, 7:05pm
      Primus Ortus

      Okay, that made me laugh.. ;)

    • Oct. 14, 8:33pm

      I’ve never seen that gay pose before in GT5, the regular avatars are usually really cool. especially the one who walks through all the floating helmets and picks the same one every time.

    • Oct. 15, 11:02am

      ooh scary…whatever dude The Stig is The Stig no matter how girly he is, hes just the car driving chuck norris who can some how piss radiator fluid and has a teddy named The Baby Jesus

  53. Oct. 14, 4:58pm

    Soon as I finish the Lemans 24h that I started yesterday and with 3 hours a day should be done a few days after I’ll be hitting the library to get this stuff for sure. Though I hope the next DLC update has a bit more diverse car list I’m happy Kaz is keeping the game interesting.

  54. Oct. 14, 4:42pm

    I don’t know how you are getting all the inside stuff, but you rock Amar.

    Can’t wait to download the pack next tuesday. :D

  55. Oct. 14, 4:24pm

    I want the track pack. Nothing else for me.

    • Oct. 14, 4:42pm

      Same for me! I just want the track pack.

    • Oct. 14, 4:49pm

      $11, isnt a bad deal at all. im getting all of it!!

    • Oct. 15, 10:59am

      getting it all is a better deal, Stig suit, Tracks, Cars (even if 40% of em SUCK), and paints VERY GOOD DEAL untill the next dlc

  56. Oct. 14, 4:06pm

    they are there for all of us in arcade if you look

    • Oct. 14, 6:25pm

      same ol in arcade u git

    • Oct. 14, 6:27pm

      sorry,i wrong,just found the go karts

    • Oct. 15, 10:57am

      the go karts are the only spoiler the real dlc had to get time to be approved so here it is lil sneaky sneak ;D

  57. Oct. 14, 4:04pm

    I more and more believe he’s from the inside, permitted leaking, pretending to be an outsider
    just to keep up the hype.
    It’s a proved marketingtool. We all are ignorent dumb sheep who want to be led on.

    • Oct. 14, 6:17pm

      pig here m8…no lambbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

    • Oct. 15, 5:31am

      Just for reference, I personally bought a GT5 Signature Edition and posted it to amar212 because he was unable to get one. Some insider that can’t get hold of a limited edition version of “his” game and needs someone 1,400 miles away he’s never even met to send him one…

    • Oct. 15, 9:25am

      Ignorant indeed

  58. Oct. 14, 4:02pm

    that cockpit screenshot. Its like that car has my ThrustmasterT500 Racingwheel whitout buttons.

  59. Oct. 14, 3:55pm

    Very sexy replay angles on SPA there PD!! i LOVE REPLAYS!!! I wish u guys did this for all your tracks. cant wait for night SPA like i saw in the opening movie.

    • Oct. 14, 4:00pm

      I feel bad to say this to you but it is like Monza…day and day/weather…no night…O_O

    • Oct. 14, 4:09pm


    • Oct. 14, 4:19pm

      Sorry bro…but the track looks amazing cloudy.

    • Oct. 15, 2:43pm

      Well I think it looks cloudy because during the F1 calendar, it’s always cloudy, and almost always rains.

  60. Oct. 14, 3:51pm

    On the original forum post on the same topic someone said that Amar was supposedly a gaming journalist so that would explain why he has early access to the DLC content…

  61. Oct. 14, 3:50pm

    i think he hacked the spec 2.0 update becuase if you watch in the arcade mode under the voice ”arcade only” of the car at the extreme right you can find the mini-kart & 125cc go-kart

    • Oct. 14, 6:01pm

      So we’ve all hacked it have we?

    • Oct. 15, 6:04am

      no i don t say that all of us have an hacked update, i say that he probably found thw way to hack the update

    • Oct. 15, 10:55am

      Its not hacked, this is the actual dlc he is a game tester or whatever thats his job to test things out for us all and to see if its works properly or to find bugs n what not, its like having a VIP pit pass to see Vettel at the Canadian grand prix or to sit behind pit wall with Jeff Gordon, thats what it is bro ;D

  62. Oct. 14, 3:49pm

    i miss bus stop so bad on this track

    • Oct. 15, 9:56am

      Surely it’s still right before the start finish straight?

    • Oct. 15, 1:15pm

      I think he is talking about the bus stop chicane pre-2007 when they totally moved it, changed it and ruined it

  63. Oct. 14, 3:36pm

    Hmmm..what happens to the miata if it starts raining?

    • Oct. 14, 3:37pm
      Magic Ayrton

      get wet, just like an F1 driver

  64. Oct. 14, 3:33pm

    Hmm, so this guy hacks the GT Data file and this site praises it? Yikes.

    • Oct. 14, 3:36pm

      Actually, he’s a game reviewer/Journalist, so he gets it early.

    • Oct. 14, 3:36pm
      Magic Ayrton

      yeah, I found that very strange too, I reckon its a marketing ploy, just like when things are “leaked”, just like Thrustmaster telling everyone on Amazon that their TH8 RS shifter would be released on 14th October when there is still no sign of it.. they deserve to sell zero!

    • Oct. 14, 3:41pm

      OK, if he was just given the download code early, then I retract my statement. I didn’t read anywhere about how he unlocked the stuff. Even in the thread, he doesn’t answer anyone on how he unlocked it.

    • Oct. 14, 3:53pm

      that raises suspicion, if he really was just a reviewer wouldn’t he just come out and say…i’m sure he’s had plenty of people asking how he did, yet he’s chosen to stay quiet..he even answers a bunch of peoples’ questions in the fourms but not how he got it…strange..

    • Oct. 14, 4:53pm
      HKS racer

      Oh come on folks don’t get mad in 4 days we’ll this stuff.

    • Oct. 14, 6:11pm

      people look down upon dupers,so…………………..

    • Oct. 15, 7:44am

      I understand that GT5 has brought a lot of new members to GTPlanet, so please understand that Amar has a history of getting info wayyyyyy before anyone else. He had a copy of GT5 before anyone and years ago he released a very cryptic series of messages that for the most part turned out to be correct (Course Creator being one of the big ones).

      We all know Amar and he’s a good and honest guy.

    • Oct. 15, 10:53am

      when u work as a game tester or whatever for specific people u get VIP access to the goods ;D

  65. Oct. 14, 3:30pm

    How does Amar consistently do this!

    • Oct. 14, 3:46pm

      what else has he unlocked in the past?

    • Oct. 14, 4:14pm

      he’s accurately predicted things

  66. Oct. 14, 3:28pm

    I’m overjoyed to be able to pay Sony/PD for content that should’ve been in the game all along.

    How whacked is that?

    • Oct. 14, 3:34pm
      Magic Ayrton

      And why should it have been on the game?? because you say so?? pfffffffffff

    • Oct. 14, 3:37pm

      Oh no please do not start, not now. :(

    • Oct. 14, 3:40pm

      I unno, ask everyone else like Codemasters and EA.

    • Oct. 14, 4:13pm

      Devs used to produce a game and be done with it. Now they have to spend more time and $ developing patches and creating DLC. When *OPTIONAL* DLC is released then people go crazy. Damned if you do damned if you dont.

    • Oct. 15, 2:42pm

      GT5Canuck – I agree.
      The end of Gran Turismo. It used to be about delivering the best product possible. It’s now just a cash cow, limiting what can be delivered in the basic game, in order to release DLC add-ons later.

    • Oct. 15, 6:35pm
      SZRT Ice

      PD has worked around the clock on GT5 before, at, and since GT5’s release. Their choice of update content may seem peculiar, but it is inline with what they already had planned, and realistic/reasonable popular-demanded fan request. They may very well be working on a Veyron and other vehicles as we speak (Adventador anyone?), but these things take time. I doubt they are trying to take us for granted as EA’s practices are far worse. (DLC before a game’s release that totals more than the initial cost of the game, rediculous prices, etc.)

      PD could’ve left GT5 as it was and went straight to GT6 production. I’m glad they’re still improving on the game and am looking forward to the meat of the updates (New car models, new race mods, hopefully rims for standards, and “dare I say it” a livery editor), I’ll keep my hopes up…

      – Ice –

  67. Oct. 14, 3:25pm

    Looks great thanks the awesome info can’t wait to DL on the 18th. I would like to drive a road car on that Kart track haha!

    • Oct. 14, 7:10pm
      killer tiller

      A drift event would be better

  68. Oct. 14, 3:24pm

    If it came in the update and the purchase just unlocks it, why wait to give it to us? It’s there, it’s done! You’re killing me PD.

    • Oct. 15, 10:52am

      not really they put it in the update they do that for all DLC like the Black Ops maps the last update had nothing to do with the over all game play a week later Moon came out. the game companies got the update approved but they need more time to get dlc approved too.

  69. Oct. 14, 3:11pm

    This track would SUCK for anything slower than a formula car.
    This track would be PERFECT for the X2010-11

    • Oct. 14, 3:17pm

      You forgot about LM cars and race modded and tuned cars and DTM cars…and what about any exotic car?…lol…yes for Formula and faster cars is amazing but you forgot those…

    • Oct. 14, 4:48pm
      HKS racer

      “suck for anything slower than a formula car” You have no racing car culture dude. What about the 24h of Spa with LM protypes and GT cars? Or the GT3 series? This track is a blast with everything.

    • Oct. 14, 6:09pm

      born whinger

    • Oct. 15, 5:56am

      The fact you think it’s perfect for the X2010 means you have no taste at all…it’s the worst car in the entire game.

    • Oct. 15, 10:11am

      This track looks sick for Stock Cars. ;)

    • Oct. 15, 10:51am

      dude really x2011 and 10 suck worse no real challenge, this track is good for anything not that hunk of crud, best track for F1, Touring cars, Nascar, Le Mans, and over all testing for road cars like the ring but better, and “This track would SUCK for anything slower than a formula car.” pffft dude u definatly have no taste, The Stig can drive a Fiat 500 faster then a Formula car ;D hence hes The Stig

    • Oct. 15, 3:56pm

      The Stig = Ben Collins ;)

    • Oct. 16, 12:23am

      stig = unknown……
      Keep up Fox, I’m pretty sure the BBC have learned a lesson with Mr Collins, I don’t think we will find out who the new stig is for a very long time after his/her retirement…….. my money is on Paul di Resta ;)

  70. Oct. 14, 3:04pm

    Son of a bi….i mean We love you Amar212 (^_^) lol
    I believe that this content:

    1- or it is already in the game and when we all pay we just unlock it (i presume about this because some of us who have the Stealth and Chrome Line cars when i use the codes for download for each car was only 100kb per car…is just an unlock key for the game…that means that the cars are in the game but encripted)

    2-perhaps he find a way to unlock the cars with keys. Also means the same to me.
    The update that we all saw comes with Spa.

    How could he??…well it is easy if you have a computer and the appropriate software. (hacker thing)

    • Oct. 14, 3:09pm

      Yes, the update comes with everything and it is just encripted and the same to the rest. Go and check the Amar212 post.

  71. Oct. 14, 3:03pm

    Well if you’re gunna let one person have it, let us all have it!

    • Oct. 15, 9:42pm

      You ever heard of Gaming Journalists? They have this giant perk called “Early Access”.

  72. Oct. 14, 3:01pm

    My dude is: did the DLC content come on the GT5 BD or in the update?.

    • Oct. 14, 3:30pm

      Spec 2 was over 1gb, so it was definitely in the update.

  73. Oct. 14, 2:52pm
    Delphic Reason

    Completely, absolutely, and in all other ways incredible! Just a few more days until we can all enjoy Spa!

    • Oct. 14, 2:57pm

      Cant wait !!

    • Oct. 14, 5:22pm

      same!!! :D :D

    • Oct. 15, 1:44pm

      I have to buy it! dont know why.. maybe I just want to support PD… and I hope next DLC will be more non racing cars (new models of 2011, MBW E30 what people requested etc.) , and more tracks not just 2… I hoped to see 5 or 10 at least after a year.. and I hoped some of them would be for free.. just to support us… But I still have a feeling PD own us Standart to premium models for free.. especialy cars like Veyron… still this is nice DLC for its price and nice 2.0 update.. good stuff…

    • Oct. 16, 2:09am

      I’m going to love driving around on Spa! This is epic!

  74. Oct. 14, 2:49pm

    How did he unlocked the circuit? This is stupid.

    • Oct. 14, 11:05pm

      this is sparta

    • Oct. 15, 4:03am

      Amar is a gaming journalist of some sort I believe, hence the early access to the DLC

  75. Oct. 14, 2:47pm

    1 question – how???

    • Oct. 14, 2:49pm

      Nope, I got another one – What’s up with those colors?

    • Oct. 14, 2:52pm

      SMfan, as Amar stated in the forums, he had to record these videos with a camera phone, so the video quality is not perfect.

    • Oct. 14, 2:54pm

      Oh, I thought it was post edited.:D
      Thx, Jordan.

    • Oct. 14, 2:57pm

      Damn ! How ?

    • Oct. 14, 3:03pm

      can’t wait to see it in hi-def on Tuesday

    • Oct. 14, 4:25pm

      Probably because the content is in the patch.

    • Oct. 14, 10:03pm

      Looks like a good track for X1’s.

    • Oct. 15, 5:03pm

      they should be working on NEW cars instead of modifying ones that we already have in the game and charging them for $9 , now that the forza4’s car list is far more superior.

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