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The Thunder From Down Under: A Look at the HSV Maloo Performance Ute

The Outback, Vegemite, and a population of overly venomous animals. These are just a handful of things Australia is known for. However, when it comes to the automotive world nothing… Read More »

Australian Gender Reveal Burnout Results in Four Arrests, Because Australia

In what’s possibly the most Australian sentence ever typed, police have arrested four people over a gender reveal stunt involving a Ford Falcon burnout. Gender reveals are a big thing… Read More »

Classic Australian Touring Cars Honored in Special Coin Collections

Car Culture 5 Aug 21, 2018 by Nathan Howe

Australian Touring Car racing is quite simply some of the best racing you could ever watch. The V8 Supercars series features four-door, family sedans packing naturally aspirated, five-liter V8 engines.… Read More »

You Can Win a Real GT Sport "Platinum Trophy" in Australia

One of the most successful elements in modern gaming was the introductions of achievements, or as they’re known on the PlayStation side of the fence: trophies. Some trophies are easier… Read More »

This Week Sees the End of Mass Auto Production in Australia

Friday, October 20, signals the death of the mainstream automotive industry in Australia. After nearly a century of manufacturing, production will halt when General Motors closes its Elizabeth plant, its… Read More »

British Retailer Hints at Forza Horizon 3 Demo Coming September 12

It looks like GAME has let the cat out of the bag regarding a test-drive of Playground’s open-world racer.

Aussie Auto History Will Be a Focus of Forza Horizon 3

Not content with setting their new open-world game down under, T10 and Playground Games are promising important local additions to the car roster.

Could Porsche Feature in Forza Horizon 3 From Day One?

A ‘Blink-And-You’ll-Miss-It’ moment from Xbox’s E3 presser gives us hope for the German manufacturer…