You Can Win a Real GT Sport “Platinum Trophy” in Australia

Gran Turismo Sport 9 November 10, 2017 by

One of the most successful elements in modern gaming was the introductions of achievements, or as they’re known on the PlayStation side of the fence: trophies. Some trophies are easier to win than others, but the elusive “Platinum Trophy” — only earned after a player has won all other trophies in a game — is always the most coveted.

For Gran Turismo Sport gamers in Australia, it’s about to get even more desirable.

As the title suggests, PlayStation AU is literally giving away a real version of the platinum trophy in GT Sport. Listed on the “Platinum Hunters” website, dedicated players will have the chance to add this to their collection if they meet certain criteria. The steps to put yourself in the running are pretty simple, and you can probably guess what the first prerequisite is:

  • Firstly, Australian players must earn the platinum trophy on GT Sport.
  • After this is added to your digital trophy collection, take a screenshot that shows the trophy and unlock information.
  • Post your screenshot online to Twitter or Facebook. If you’re tweeting your screenshot, tag PlayStation Australia (@PlayStationAU) and include #PlusPlatinumHunters in the tweet. Facebook posters have similar instructions, tag the PlayStation AU account and also include the above hashtag in your post.

Earning the platinum in GT Sport will be a time consuming activity. As we’ve reported previously, those looking for it need to accumulate over 2 million XP points.

Entry is open now and anyone from the country can enter right up until March 31, 2018. However, the instructions for the competition claim that the winner will be judged on the first person to achieve the platinum in Australia. You can read the full terms and conditions right here.

Good luck to all Australian GTPlanet members competing!

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