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More GT5 Details Confirmed by Polyphony Digital

Polyphony Digital have conveniently published their own independent and specific confirmation of the features we’ve been learning about via media outlets over the past two days, thanks to one big… Read More »

GT5's Photomode, Online Features, NASCAR, & More Details Revealed

EuroGamer has shared their detailed hands-on impressions with the latest E3 2010 GT5 demo, and it’s full of quite a few interesting and revealing tidbits of information. While I have… Read More »

GT5's NASCAR Cars Get "Smashed Into Little Pieces"

In an interview with Japanese show “Love Cars!”, Yamauchi hinted at updates to GT5‘s damage modeling: “In GT5, NASCAR cars will able to smash into little pieces – some the size… Read More »

Latest Yamauchi Interview Sparks Confusion

Kazunori Yamauchi was (and actually still is, thanks to Iceland’s volcano) in the UK this past weekend to meet with the GT Academy 2010 winners at Snetterton. That went well,… Read More »

GT5 Demo Shows More Dislodged Bumpers

Gran Turismo 5 162 Mar 24, 2010 by Sage

As we’ve known for a while now, Gran Turismo 5 will include two different damage models – one for production cars, another for “race” cars. “Race” cars will show significant… Read More »

GT5 Demo Collection is Real, Includes Garage Video

First things first: two independent sources have privately confirmed to me that the GT5 Demo Collection is real, and the original whistle-blower lherre has backed up his announcement with more… Read More »

A (Very) Brief Look at Production Car Damage in GT5

Here’s an example of when bad driving turned out to be a good thing, as it provides a quick (very quick…as in 2 seconds) but somewhat interesting peek at the… Read More »

"American Requests" Inspired Gran Turismo 5's Damage

A writer with the Globe and Mail, Chad Sapieha, got the opportunity to try out the Gran Turismo 5 demo (the one that’s been shown off at shows, not the… Read More »

More Gran Turismo 5 Damage, NASCAR Details

GameInformer magazine’s interview with Kazunori Yamauchi (a small part of which was quietly posted on their website back in September) was just included in their latest issue, and is now,… Read More »

All Cars Get "Damage" in Gran Turismo 5

After spending some hands-on time with the Gran Turismo 5 demo at the Tokyo Game Show, IGN editors got the chance to speak with a “Sony rep” who was able… Read More »

Are Racing Game Developers Being Held Back?

One of the developers behind the latest iteration of Need for Speed, NFS Shift, commented on the Gran Turismo 5 damage engine shown off at GamesCom last month. Obviously, his words… Read More »

Gran Turismo 5's Damage a "First Step"

While most of us are still getting over the shock of seeing a damaged car in Gran Turismo, many others criticized Polyphony Digital’s work for not showing over-the-top destruction found… Read More »

Yamauchi Clarifies Questions About Damage

IGN editor Ryan Clements entered the GamesCom show floor this morning, and headed straight for the Gran Turismo booth.  After admiring the game’s new damage features, he got to talk… Read More »

First Gran Turismo 5 Damage Screenshot

Taken from the first Gran Turismo 5 trailer, just shown at E3!  We’ll have the full video up soon.