Latest Yamauchi Interview Sparks Confusion

Kazunori Yamauchi was (and actually still is, thanks to Iceland’s volcano) in the UK this past weekend to meet with the GT Academy 2010 winners at Snetterton. That went well, but the first interview to emerge from his visit (which appears to have been removed from AutoBlog UK) has already caused a great deal of teeth-grinding in our forums. Here’s the problem:

AutoBlog UK: Can you explain more about the difference between premium and standard cars in the new GT5?

Yamauchi: Standard models won’t have an interior view, less detailing and no crash model. The problem is that premium models take a lot of time to create and we wanted to include many more vehicles than before. To make premium versions of all the cars we want to put in would take ten years or more and I don’t think people are prepared to wait long!

Before you explode or break something, though, take a deep breath and you’ll realize not everything in this statement lines up with what we already know and what we’ve already seen. We first learned about the two different levels of damage in August of last year, when it was revealed that 170 “premium” cars would show severe damage, with detachable parts. The remaining 830 standard models would feature more conservative scratches. So, it doesn’t make any sense as to why Yamauchi would now say that the standard models have “no damage model”.

His comments about the interior view don’t make sense, either. Aside from the fact that the Official PlayStation Magazine’s GT5 feature explicitly confirmed interior view for all cars, we’ve seen the interiors of dozens of cars which appear to only have the “standard” model of damage. The Ferrari 458 Italia (interior/damage), Lamborghini Gallardo (interior/damage), and Mercedes SLS AMG (interior/damage) all come to mind.

So, what gives? Either we’ve been seriously lead astray by pretty much everything that’s been released so far, or something was misunderstood and lost in translation at the track.

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  1. KingJamesT95

    Even though Gran Turismo has a massive 800 cars half of them are Japanese and there are like something 100 nissan skylines but they are different by something like a red stripe on the side or they may include the same model like the r34 skline but have the US version as well as the European version which is stupid.
    Why can’t they have a maximum of 2 or 3 skylines like Forza 3 because there would be less cars to design both the interior and rendor damage of but also GT are making it hard for themselves by keeping up this high reputation of 800+ cars.
    All i can say is that i would rather have quality than quantity.

  2. Chrisgt34

    It was already stated right on this site in the news section that there will be interiors for all 1,000 cars. I think the translation is supposed to mean that corresponding effects won’t be present for the interior like so many have already stated above me.

  3. DriedMoss

    We could be worse off.

    Polyphony Digital announced in an interview that all the current in-game footage released through the gaming press thus far has been PD staff user created content!

    GT5 is actually not a game, it’s a development tool, a full license to gamers so they may use the GT game engine and development software to make GT5 from scratch they way they want it to be. Kaz is quoted in the interview:

    “I knew that we could not satisfy everyone so our team developed GT5 as
    simply a development tool where fans can spend all their time building what they
    expect the perfect GT5 to be. Current footage is the highest level of result that GT5
    owners can hope to reach. GT5P is only a demo of what the actual development tools
    are capable of creating. Unfortunately we did not have time to implement a feature
    for downloadable user created content, so whatever players mange to make is all
    they get.”

    Wow! That’s endless hours of coding and research. That’s before we can even start making tracks!

    Take all that stuff above as utter nonsense.

    You know, I agree with you all. There are things in GT5 that Polyphony Digital are going to be right in providing, and wrong in not providing to fans. But imagine if we had to do it all ourselves. Sure, we’d get what we want, but it would not be what everyone wants.

    There are going to be so many other bits of quality in GT5 that we’ll look back at all the years of GT racing we’ve done with previous GT titles that when we’re playing GT5 we will feel thankful to Polyphony Digital that GT5 has given us something worth all the wait.

  4. Cliff313


    I’m assuming that a Standard model is an older, reoccurring, and less iconic car in the game.

    A premium model would be something newer, iconic, more “appealing” (though all of the cars are appealing to me) cars in the game.

  5. Cliff313

    PD needs to pick up the pace a little bit here. As a car guy & GT fan, its frustrating to keep on getting bored with GT5 Prologue’s redundancy and repetition, as continue to see more and more videos of the actual game surface. I agree that they should update prologue or at least put out a new demo on the PSN or something. Though I think it was a mistranslation (something not new to KY & Co.), it would be a let down to not see interior views on each model in the game. The Ferrari Italia’s interior is beautifully designed, but I would get a much bigger thrill seeing the interior of an EG6 Civic or FC RX-7 lit up on the Night time stages. GT was always like a video game version of Hot Version, Best Motoring, Video Option, and all these other publications that catered to enthusiast and tuners alike. So im much rather looking forward to seeing the older GT4 cars (as well as some new GT5 ones) on the new platform since it caters to my particular interest in cars.

  6. qtgt5fan

    here is my view i think he is trying to say he will build 170 models with the ones already in gt5p :my hope is that he will increase that number to 220 to 400 and most of those be ferraris porsche lamobos astons mercs and most supercars and race cars and let the rest be old cars hatchbacks saloons 4x4s mpvs [lol :)] and all weak cars

  7. maxpontiac

    bnaked -Indeed. I can’t find it anywhere. Another interview gone overboard without ensuring the accuracy???

    Like I said, no need to waste energy over it.

  8. cuco33

    speedy_2, It’s not sad at all and one possible reason why it’s taking so long is because damage was probably not on the original list for GT5 and now is being added in after things were worked on. Have you ever played any other racing sim? You know what they all have in common? Proper online and some means of damage effects. I’m not looking for a crash simulator. I’m looking for something that affects a car that crashes in a way that would resemble real life. Bash a wall on the right and it shouldn’t steer perfect after a 10 second slow down penalty. Mistime braking and hit a wall/car head on and it should resemble real life, including aero damage affects that would affect handling or top speed. Make me really not want to crash cuz timed penalties are bandaid solutions. I’m an engineer, I know how utterly complex it would be to simulate a real crash as there are so many variables not even the PS3 could accurately simulate it each and every time. Even then car manufacturers still to this day must put their cars in actual physical crash testing and not pass by some hardcore crash simulation. Those simulations only get you so far. As another example, WRC and NASCAR wouldn’t feel the same without some damage modeling. Pretty believable and realistic damage effects have been simulated very well for a long time, some longer than the GT franchise has been around. The ‘king of sims’ should at least have these 2 features that all other sims do and do well. In other words, it’s about time and I’m ecstatic these features are coming. At the end of the day, it’s very simple… If you don’t want damage or any other feature, simply turn it off.

  9. VeyronGlen

    I agree with DriedMoss, i also use the bumper view, and not the interior view much, only when i am playing around in Arcade. If not all cars get cockpit view, then fine. I just want cockpit views for the new cars dded to the series like the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 etc. Because i wont go in all 1000 cars only the supercars because thats the guy i am so for me if its the old cars that dont have it then its no big deal. Stressing over it will get u nowhere, just wait till the release when we will actually know.

  10. speedy_2

    If Damage and online are the 2 top things you want, then that’s pretty sad. Online has become a given for every game now. Is local single and multiplayer not good enough for people anymore? Damage would be nice feature. Really nice. But the technology just isn’t there. Every damage in a game I have seen is just not realistic at all. It’s way better off without it, especially in GT5’s case since it seems to be taking a ton of their time and resources.

  11. DriedMoss

    I don’t think this changes my enjoyment of the game. While cockpit views are nice, I find myself using the bumper view to race tighter lines around courses.

    There is always the chance that the translation of the interview meant that “Interior” referred to chassis, engine, and framework modeling that is exposed after damage.

    Even if every car does not have cockpit views I doubt Kaz is cutting corners or compromising his team’s reputation by having a lack of quality.

    Up to Six months to model a single car? Is that cockpit too?

    With 300+ Polyphony team members, maybe half devoted to car research and modeling? If each car took the full 6 months to model that’s 300 cars completed per year since GT5’s development. 5 years? I think they can manage it.

  12. Sweller3
  13. cuco33

    I’ll continue to wait patiently on the sidelines as I race on with Forza 3 and prep a new PC rig for serious sim racers that are coming out soon. A lot of you downplaying damage don’t really get how important it is especially with online modes. Timed penalties are a bandaid solution to a big problem. Don’t like damage? simply turn it off. I love how this game is coming along with the big car list, visuals, added features, level of damage they want to do, etc but a lot of it and especially the newest additions for what we know have been nothing more than unnecessary fluff; i.e. 3D, MOVE functionality, head tracking, etc.

    Can’t wait for this game. It’s getting 2 major things I had big gripes about with past GTs, damage (especially to the level they want to, at least visually but what I care more about is the effects on the car after a bump or crash) and a proper online mode (not this BS GT5P stuff). Now if only I can get my personal PS3 owning buds to play online cuz I know they too are waiting for GT5!

  14. irishash

    the thing that confuses me is: what did the 4-5 years of dev time go to if less than a third of the cars are “premium models”? the graphics are great, but it doesn’t look real most of the time. i would rather have less reflections and polygons on the cars lugnuts than only have a third of the cars be up to next-gen spec. no matter how you look at it, the game is technically unfinished to the consumer if only part of the cars have interior views, etc.

    let me put it this way, what if they told you only a third of the cars would have unique engine sounds, the rest would just be generic frequencies like Live For Speed. wouldn’t you be upset/disappointed? any sim worth the disc its printed on has cockpit view, as generic or undetailed as they may be.

  15. speedy_2

    Exactly James. Kaz, if you want to start a driving school fine. But don’t half-A#$ a video game, especially one you created. If you really want to pursue that go do it. Hand over GT to someone else.

  16. James

    Regarding the interview and subject photo. If these winners of the acadamy are such big GT fans, why are they in photo’s smiling with Kaz like there is no current black hole of info?

    “No photos of me mate till you give GT Planet some news; stick your photos!”…… :-)

    Selling their souls and roots for a driving career I guess.

  17. speedy_2

    Geoff…How can you say that? Compared to all other previous version of GT the only thing comparable is the physics. There is no Sim mode. No modding. It’s an arcade mode with 1 car. And it’s the newest. Of course the physics are going to be better. Physics alone isn’t what made GT so great.

  18. Geoff

    I’ve played some (not all) of the past GTs including the first one (yes I’m old) and the TT demo was more realistic than any of PD’s previous efforts. I would pay money to just have that one track and the tuned 370Z with the updated physics. It really felt like they took a lot of time to get the 370Z right and that road course was a blast. I can’t see being disappointed with GT5 even if they released with only 170 cars and 20 tracks and nothing more. Just hope we get something this year.

  19. speedy_2

    Exactly. Give us 100 times the parts and accessories and damage and interior view can go. Also give us engine swaps, drivetrain changes, etc. Tuning ability would be so nice if it was way more detailed. How about different cams. Muscle cars with a hot cam would be so sweet. Not to mention a lot more accurate to what real life people do with those cars.


    I could give a flying F about interior models or damage. I care more about what as been in past GT games.


    Tire wear
    Custom tuning parts
    Aftermarket wheeles
    Aftermarket spoilers
    Oil changes

  21. Lord Nicon

    See we’ve already been given more than what we originally were promised. Remember when there were going to be two different versions of the game? Granted its never nice to get less than whats promised but i dont understand why Polyphony isnt doing the GT2-GT4 bit again.

    GT3 had way less cars because they had to start from scratch on a new and more involved platform. Was GT3 bad? Hell no, but they were able to beef up their models, model count and the physics in GT4. They could have done this and nobody would be complaining right now. We would all be playing GT5 and polyphony would be working away at improving it in GT6 by now.

    I dont need so many extras (and certainly not 20 variations of imprezas and lancers!). I just want what is done, done right.

  22. maxpontiac

    I honestly believe the “interior” that is spoke of in the interview is NOT the cockpit view.

    All cars will have that feature. The Suzuki Cappuccino is rendered inside and out, is it not?

    I believe the actual word should have been “inside” of the car, referring to the fact that doors and hoods will be removable during the race.

    Common sense, and proper thought process makes this all not even worth wasting energy over.

  23. Zmann42087

    The more news we get, the more complicated things become. And the worst part is this is all speculation and things can get lost in translation when Kaz gives us a little tidbit. We really know nothing for certain until the game comes out. As Socrates once said.. “One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing.” Those words have an ominous truth with respect to Gran Turismo 5 and the clueless fans desperately waiting its arrival.

  24. Geo_212

    That’s really all I want, 500 PREMIUM cars, leave out the stupid “non-premiums”. I want quality over quantity, and like Yamauchi said, “To make premium versions of all the cars we want to put in would take ten years or more and I don’t think people are prepared to wait long!”

    CUT OUT 500 CARS AND IT’LL HELP. Also, I wouldn’t mind waiting another year if they could make all of the cars sound like they do in Forza 3. That would be nice…

  25. GTracerRens

    Just wait and wait and wait…. We can’t even trust an interview anymore because of the translation… The only thing we need is new gameplay videos and more trailers from Polyphony Digital not from somebody on Youtube..

  26. Ngrignon

    1/GET OUT THE 40 models of the OLD CARS (just keep 2 to five if you want) !!!
    2/FORGET 1000 cars, and just bring us 500 PREMIUMS cars !!!

    Every interview, it is worst and worst…


    PD should talk a look at this site.They are trying to do 2 much at one time=pissing off the fans, making 2 many trailers witch will probably turn out for some people to end up hating the game bc they wanted more aka 2 much hype. STOP LETTING SONY TELL YOU WHAT 2 DO PD STAY PD DONT GO FKING HOLLYWOOD ON US NOW.

  28. speedy_2

    @ newbielives. Another thought too! It seems like they don’t. Does anyone with PD even have an account here? It’s a shame really.

  29. the stig

    strange comments i read here…
    in ps mag(or else where) they clearly said that all cars will have a fully modelled cockpit-view,but only 170 will have interior damage.
    in prologue all cars(except gt-r proto concept) have cockpit,even crappy daihatsu and in final game they will exсlude it?!!sounds like

    @pasigiri:blacked out interiors
    omfg,what are you talking about,this is not psp or ps1… :/

  30. newbielives

    Does no one at PD monitor this site?
    C’mon someone give us the rundown.
    Atleast say his statements are inaccurate

    Maybe the silence means it’s true?

  31. speedy_2

    @ Jonathan. You hit the nail on the head. I think there is a different type of GT gamer. The ones that played GT1 and the ones that are coming in with this current generation of consoles. And they have a way different attitude about race/sim games. I too miss that feeling the first time I popped in GT1. Bought a Supra from the Used Shop. Ran it stock and won a few races. Saved up same credits and slowly began modding it. But, also not forgetting that tuning was an important part of it too. I began to grow attached to the car. As I progressed through the game I would still keep the older cars. They were mine. I made them mine. Everything now seems so far from that. It’s all about graphics. And my gosh, “DAMAGE DAMAGE DAMAGE.” Sorry, but there isn’t one damage engine that I have seen in ANY GAME that is anywhere close to perfect. I dunno what happened to Kaz. I remember watching a video with him in it back when GT1 came out. He talked about how passionate he was about creating GT. I feel like now he is trying to create a game and take into account everyones input. Cars, tracks, damage, DLC, etc. Back in GT1 there wasn’t all that. Only a few things were focused on and they were good because they got all that attention. I’m not saying GT5 is going to suck, but I don’t see it replicating that feeling I had the first time I played GT1.

  32. demonblade

    Very well said johnathan! I remember saving for my exhaust to put on an otherwise stock RX-7 and WOW! That feeling is what GT is all about, not Bugatti Veyrons and other exotica. Remember your roots Kaz and make us happy!

  33. Spazza

    I’m so dissapointed, i hope it isn’t true. The main selling point of GT5 for me was to have the interior view on all cars, when i played Prologue i simply could not race in the exterior view as the camera was way too stiff. Are my dreams of racing round the ‘ring at night in the interior view ruined? i hope not.

  34. prazza

    it’s a shame this,it won’t be truly accurate,more like can’t be bothered to do standard models to make them premium,now they have told us this,stop dithering and try to release the game asap.

  35. Rukgt

    Well if this is the case what is the hold up? I mean what is next sorry it was a miss translation there is no WRC, or hang on shit we realy mean GT5P was GT5 and we could not be arsed to finish it and this is GT6 and will be released on the PS5.

    What the F@ck is going on they realy need to sort the information that they are giving out because its getting a much now.

  36. pasigiri

    The GT4 cars, cars that were in GT PSP, probably have blacked out interiors minus the ones in GT5P and the newer/updated cars like the Lambos, Bugatti, Ferraris, GT-R Spec-V, RX-8, Lotus Elise, Skyline GT-R 34, etc. I think that that could be what he means. All the newer cars, like the ones mentioned above, and so on will have basic scratch damage and fully modeled interiors, the race/rally/nascar will have major damage and fully modeled interiors, and the GT4 cars will have basic scratch damage and blacked out interiors. IMHO, I think this is what he means.

  37. Paulo

    @Piter_neo: I have to agree with you on this, it doesn’t make sense the other way around. ALL cars MUST have interior views, at least, even if they are a bit less detailed then the premium models, I could give 2 shits about interior damage.

  38. ravellron

    yep…. Jonathon quote…
    me too i’m excited to buy a premium car and tune it…
    my 135i 380cv must be the same in the game…

  39. Big Ron

    Yui-San, you are wrong in believing, that all cars are made from scratch. If this would be a fact, they would have modelled all cars in premium quality and would take 20 years for modelling.

    It is correct, that GT5 and it´s engine are made from scratch. But that has nothing to do with the car models. All car models are made on PC with programs like 3ds Max or something.

    So they took the models from GT4 (saved on their PC plattform), updated them a bit and included the cars into the new engine. All NEW 170 cars (like the AMG SLS) are premium quality, because they are made from scratch, but the 800 others are from GT4 in updated version. And when I am correct, Kaz mentioned that in an interview.

  40. Piter_neo

    I’m sure he said something like this:
    Standard models won’t have an interior view damage detailing and no advanced crash model.
    Rather than:
    Standard models won’t have an interior view, less detailing and no crash model.

  41. Z06onGT5

    I agree wit yui-san updating gt5p is a good idea I can wait also we’ve been waiting since 07 what’s another 5 years…also regaring that comment on gt PSP blacked out interiors. If every car interior can be modeled like that in PSP, with it being only slightly more powerful than the ps2 why not the ps3 be capable of such a feat with full interior 4 every car….haven’t they been working since 05 after gt4 and that came out in summer 05 right plus didn’t opm say on that first page 10 years in development? So I feel that it was just poor translation jus look @ the fact the statement was taken off so soon…

  42. TommyGT

    I do love how some people think kaz is the only person working on the game. “Now we have to wait the volcano to settle before Kaz is back to work and GT5 is finally sometime released”… so i guess the other 140 PD employees are just there to make coffee and answer his calls.

  43. iLex

    I have officially given up now. I just bought a new lens for my camera from the money I saved for a racing rig.

  44. Rattlehead

    GTracerRens, I believe that GT-R Concept in Prologue had no interior just because there was no interior shown with that concept. It is not rare if concept car shows only exterior design of the future coming model, and inside it’s just a “dummy”. Polyphony worked on GT-R’s GUI, but they wouldn’t invent an interior for an early shown GT-R concept.

  45. aleksandarSRB

    People we have lot of car’s from GT4 in GT5P (Honda NSX, Mazda RX-7, Nissan GTR R34…) and they have interior view… So why other car from GT4 wont have interior??? I think that premium car will have modeled engine and other part’s of car that we don’t see untill we crash car.

  46. Yui-San

    It’s most likely just a mistranslation. Second of all, these cars AREN’T directly imported from GT4 (to those who believe that the 700 cars previously featured GT4 will just recieve some new updates), since Yamauchi himself stated that everything in GT5 is made from scratch, as all codes were thrown away.
    However, if this isn’t a mistranslation, them I’m willing to wait 10 years until ALL cars have interior view and damage, and HD details. Just release a Prolouge Spec IV,VI and VII in between the gap.

  47. CanAm1968

    The misinformation/confusion regarding its upcoming release is really growing in epic proportions. Hell yes people dont want to wait any longer. Im kinda surprised Sony isnt adding a little pressure knowing there are alot of gamers out there who havent boughten a PS3 until the damn game releases. I may be wrong to think this but…I think good majority of us would be happy enough if PD would release another “Prologue” with some of the new features, new cars, and new tracks. I am turning jaded on a 2010 release date given all of the promises but no delivery in the past couple of years. I hope Im wrong!!!!!!

  48. Bolg

    I agree it can’t be how it sounds, how can they possibly release the game without interiors on all cars, it would be stupid.

  49. GTracerRens

    I don’t think there won’t be a interior view in the standard models. Every car in the gameplay we’ve seen has interior view, also the standard models. But in the prologue, there was a Nissan GT-R concept without interior, still I hope all cars include interior.. :(

  50. Big Ron

    @[The Stig]
    Oh yeah, look at the telephone book and call PD up. They will wait for your call………best statement so far.

    I could imagine, that all cars from GT4, which are the standard cars in my opinion, have no interior view and maybe scratches for the damage.

    The reason was explained by Kaz: it would take too long to finish all 800 cars. Maybe, Kaz said something different before. But as we know, Kaz tells much, if the day is long enough.

    But I will see GT5 as the first try of Next-Gen-GT, so there was tried much, but maybe not finished all. So they have left competition for GT6.

  51. S3 Racer

    this is getting out of hands. Sony should forbid Kaz the freedom of speech.

    I like the work of kaz when it’s finished but everytime he opens his mounth he spills confusion on the fanbase.
    Kaz : shut up or give us a real date. Other than that i now listen to Sony ’cause Kaz obviously has no plan at all (+50% of his comments are contradictory to his former comments or are plainly wrong).

    Sony and Pd should hold a briefing and choose to get some real conclusive information out there.
    The 33% waiting to buy Gt+Ps3 should give the 2 companies to think. really

  52. Mr Latte

    Considering what we know and have seen……

    Standard cars
    To have minor exterior scratches etc but NO INTERIOR DAMAGE on standard cars.
    That doesnt mean they wont have actual interiors.

    Premium cars
    Have the full damage modelling interior and exterior.

  53. DrTrouserPlank

    Amongst all this rather (I assume intentionally) cryptic/misleading interview he seems to have forgotten to mention when this prodigal wonder will be released.

    The lack of a dashboard/interior view for every car would be a huge disappointment though. It would make the game very inconsistent across every car. I’m fairly sure this isn’t the case though unless (as other people have mentioned) we have been intentionally mislead with the videos and info supplied up until now.

  54. GT4Ever

    “To make premium versions of all the cars we want to put in would take ten years or more”

    Well where getting pretty close….

  55. Wits

    TD, I totally agree with you about the damage. But why would there be the headtracing thing when only 170 cars support it. Then they could leave it all out imo.

  56. TokyoDrift

    Beats me why suddenly people are making up terms and saying things like “dashboard view” is different to “interior view”. You all go convincing yourselves otherwise, I’ll just stick to hood or bumper cam anyway! As for damage….meh, better off without it if they are contractualy unable to do better than scuffs and scratches.

  57. Wits

    I still think that standard cars have dashboard view like prologue and premium models have full damage inside and outside the car but more important cockpitview with the PSeye (maybe in 3d). There is a difference in only dashboard and to see the complete cockpit. This is what i think.

  58. Jonathon

    Sorry to continue… I have more to say… it’s about the early days in your career in GT, saving up for that exhaust and competing in the Sunday Cup in your S5 RX7… saving up for that big turbo and taking the car for a run and feeling and hearing the difference..

    Maybe I am just old school but for me its about fitting hardcore suspension and comparing lap times before and after.

    This is GT.. and to me, it seems to have changed too much… My patience and faith are gone.

    Sadly, I think GT4 will remain the bench mark, probably forever.

  59. Jonathon

    Not sure if its just me, but I don’t care so much about the super cars or race cars.

    For me GT has always been about buying a 180sx, GTR, Supra and upgrading the thing to the max.

    I used to build a car for each class and that was the fun part… for the RWD cup I would have an aggressive 180sx..

    4WD cup, it was a tough GTR.

    FWD cup, Integra Type R (N/A)

    N/A cup, an NSX

    Turbo cup – 1000hp Supra

    For me, this is what GT is about, these are the cars which I feel should have the time put into development. I don’t care so much about exotic cars I will never drive, I have a 400hp 180sx and I want to re-create it in the game…

  60. Dim

    the most worrying part of this article is this:

    “Kazunori Yamauchi was (and actually still is, thanks to Iceland’s volcano) in the UK..”

    Now we have to wait the volcano to settle before Kaz is back to work and GT5 is finally sometime released…

  61. NBH

    I can understand the lack of damage model in standard cars as maybe he means proper real time deformation on the premium cars as the actual damage model. Interiors is a bit more confusing as like people say, standard cars on prologue have interiors so why go backwards?

    If it’s a mistranslation then this is getting silly. There must be someone out there who can translate Japanese to English properly!

  62. user44

    Till now we have seen only super cars, sports car and racing cars. They all have the interior view. We haven’t seen any 30+year old classic cars. I am beginning to wonder if ALL the classic cars(cars for the 1950s, 60s, 70s) will have an interior view.

    For me, it’s not the modern cars the make the game so great for me. It’s the classics.

  63. Lachlan1662

    Kaz should get back to japan and put more effort to finnish the game properly and hurry. up im tired of this >:(

  64. Ner0_sol03

    O boy just another on gtp I am surprise that this hasn’t gotten out of hand yet.. I just hope someone messed up their translation and ky needs a new translator if this is the case

  65. DriftRacer

    Wow, if it ends up being true… there’s some blind denial here.

    Let’s take it with a grain of salt and wait for “confirmation”

  66. NLxAROSA

    Why do you think it was removed from Autoblog? Because it was translated wrong. Nothing to see here people, move along. ;)

  67. Rattlehead

    Thanks for the input, Jeff the Cameraman Mr.Translator.
    I’ve noticed before, that Yamauchi’s statements are pretty often strangely translated.
    Really hope this one is mistranslated too. At least, we had all interiors in Prologue even for previous GT4 cars, so what’s the problem?
    Maybe he meant that “Premium interiors” are interactive – with all the LCD indicators and beam lights and stuff? And the standard ones are like in Prologue.

  68. Joshua

    You know what would be awesome??? If PD and/or Sony would actually give us info or at least communicate with us fans? We wouldn’t have to speculate at things like this.

  69. P37Mac

    If the interveiw was removed from Autoblog then I think it was an inaccurate statement. Why else would it have been removed? I think we would do well to ignore this one guys.

  70. racingchamp30

    yeah i agree the comment that “standard models” comment yamauchi made about less damage and less detail doesn’t make sense. Even if some models in the game don’t have an interior view, the details will still be nothing short of amazing.

  71. Ekans

    If i start a fund….. would you guys donate money so i can take a trip out to Tokyo, bring an HD camera, walk into the PD studios and slap KY silly for you guys to watch on Youtube in its full 1080p glory?

  72. TEK9[R]

    My wife just got me A DFP with NFS shift, and while I’m thankfull and all I would have prefered PD to get my $40 for the demo complilation. So Kaz, just release the game, I’ll take it as is.

  73. reaperman

    whatever. A year later and none of the details or dates are really any firmer than before. Someday there might even be a game called “gt5” with somewhere between 120 and 1000+ cars and 5-20+ tracks. I hear It’ll be released on a system somewhere in the PS3’s to PS5’s lifespan.

  74. Chris

    How many people work at PD? I wonder how many ‘interiors’ people they employ? I wonder how long it takes to model and paint/texture an interior. I do not have a clue, but a guess for a ‘long’ period of time would be 3 weeks for one person, for one interior. To me that seems like a ton of time, but who knows. So if one person spent 4 years modeling interiors, that would be something like 64 cars. Could there be as many as 10 or 20 interior people? Could they work faster than one every three weeks? Of course there are others who might be gathering data, measurements, photos.

  75. Turbo_3800

    Lol how simple can some of you be if you believe most/all of this interview. It doesn’t make sense to upscale other cars and leave others to look dull, especially on the same track. Replays would look ridiculous lol.

    “Standard models won’t have an interior view, less detailing and no crash model.”- if this was the case we would have had the game before this decade started.

  76. Webbo

    Sorry for the double post, but also this could also be avoided if we had some official gameplay videos released. They must be far enough into the game to stop sending out half made demos and show us some final gameplay footage. If we don’t get any of this soon then I can’t see this game coming out for a long time still.

  77. Webbo

    Hmm, well my speculation says it’s a translation error. Even though it’s prologue, all the small rubbish vehicles all hard modelled interiors (the suzuki’s for example). I don’t see why they would remove content from prologue in the transferral to the main game.

  78. Kyle

    If this is true, then what the heck have PD been doing the past 5 years????

    Jeez. I hope, for the respect of PD, that this was just mistranslation because this is completely unnacceptable.

  79. SC

    maybe it means not very detailed interior damage modeling and that it won’t be in premium models at all? I doubt it but maybe some of the models have blacked out interiors like Gran Turismo PSP?

  80. Forenza

    And i also want to say, being a car guy…truly i dont give 2 sh*ts about the modeling of a Lambo or Maserati, i care more about normal stuff. Accords, Camrys, C6’s…thats far more interesting imo

  81. Forenza

    Perhaps by “premium” cars, it means only brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin etc… Will be modeled fully.

    I certainly hope not…its been 5 friggin years.

  82. Hutch

    It sounds to me like the standard models will just be carried over from GT4 with a few minor feature additions (paint scratches). I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you couldn’t drive them from the cockpit view at all.

  83. Doug

    Could be accurate. I have a hard time believing they have 1000 cars, all with fully modeled interiors. The level of detail in GT5 is impressive so it kind of makes more sense to see a few hundred fully modeled and the rest with only exteriors. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is why is it taking so long then?

    I don’t know why you need more than a few hundred cars anyway. If they are the right ones, that is plenty.

  84. JimInPT

    PD’s marketing communications are so incompetent it’s just laughable. This sort of confusion among fans who are watching closely is completely unacceptable; that’s what native-English-speaking PR people are for.

    KY & Co. just have no clue about how to communicate with the outside world; probably a result of being so insular to begin with. They even claim to not examine or care about the competition; that’s the sort of fatal arrogance that kills companies.

    As I see weather, dirt, water on the windshield and sophisticated damage happen in Dirt 2, Grid, NFS: Shift and other racing games, it’s pretty obvious that PD is way, way behind the curve of modern game graphics. They’d better deliver, in spades, this fall.

    Of course, they’ve pissed around so long that this fall they’ll have to compete for our attention with F1 2010, TDU2 and even fun-looking games like Split Second and ModNation Racers. Not everyone ignores everything but GT.

  85. newbielives

    Hopefully he meant interior view as in when the car comes apart, you have to be able to see the frame, engine, etc

  86. Canadian STIG

    Interior viewing for me is about as important as Gran Turismo 5 is being about cars…well sort of. Actually not really, but I still find it as a massively appealing aspect.

  87. MihaiF355

    Im pretty sure that the cars which they refer to as premium models, are cars that are quite popular and iconic. Standard cars will be your run of the mill, accord, hyundai and all that shit that will make it in. I think people might have confused the premium/standard models with the race/factory cars. The race cars will have full damage model and the factory cars will not. calm down now…

  88. Whatbrown

    After CerealKiller’s comment I have to ask: are there any cars that were in GT4 that we have seen interiors for?

    I always wondered why they would include all the cars that were in GT4 if it meant re-modeling them. How and why would they possibly go out and revisit the exact same 800 or so cars?

    That never made sense to me and now it is starting to worry me a little bit.

  89. JR8

    Kaz has always stated this, if you look at when they announced the game features august last year.

    models included
    1,000 vehicles
    170 Premium new models (full interior modeling, the interior corresponds to vehicle damage)
    830 kinds of standard model (some are from Gran Turismo 4 that have been carried over to GT5) [Read: Cars we have seen in GT4 before ]

    maybe the number of premium cars have increased since then, lets hope!

  90. kr4usy

    I’d imagine that by ‘interior’ he might have been trying to say details under the bonnet and those sorts of ‘internal’ modelling….it makes sense that if a boot or bonnet comes off a race car they would have modelled underneith, so to make models of ALL cars with that extra detail would take a long time!

    Again as said before, prologue already had interiors of some pretty basic cars, not just high end exotics etc, so I’m not worried about that translation, I’m just holding out for E3.

    At the end of the day the game doesnt need any more hype, so come E3 they can announce the release of GT5 as being withing 2-4 weeks and that will line up with some countries launching of 3D TVs, which will make for good sales (ie good business move for them). I’ve already seen that they will be bundling a few PS3 games with Sony’s 3D TVs, so its not a stretch for them to think that games more than TV broadcasts and in some cases movies, will be the big inital calling card for these new products.

  91. blackjack

    “I don’t think people are prepared to wait long!”, – like all of a sudden he actually cares about the consequences HAHHAHAHAHAH don’t try and pull that one over our eyes Kaz. I think he should just put another 5 years into it, do it “right” and be done with it. You can’t just all of a sudden start compromising now can you…

  92. Whatbrown

    It is pretty obvious that this is just an error in translation. This is coming from someone who is naturally pessimistic.

  93. MC

    I suspect what he meant was the interior of the engine bay, trunk etc which are only modelled on the premium cars and it was mistranslated.

  94. CerealKiller

    I got a bad feeling his statement is correct, I could easily see a situation where they’re doing interior modelling for everything new, but they just couldn’t invest the man power to track down and model all the cars from GT4 again.

    That same Sony Playstation magazine article gave mis-information on Indy car too didn’t it?

    Who knows what to think. Fingers crossed that I’m wrong.

  95. demonblade

    Is it April fools day again already? I love that comment ‘i don’t think people are prepared to wait long’ …..we’re getting pretty used to it actually Kaz :)

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