A (Very) Brief Look at Production Car Damage in GT5

Here’s an example of when bad driving turned out to be a good thing, as it provides a quick (very quick…as in 2 seconds) but somewhat interesting peek at the scaled-down production car damage in Gran Turismo 5. As you may recall, there will be two types of damage models in the game: one for racing cars and one for standard, production cars. While the damaged Subaru WRX WRC car, with missing bumpers and doors, has become a rather familiar sight, the less aggressive damage modeling has remained a bit more mysterious.

Watch closely in the video above and shortly after 0:53, when the driver nails a yellow Gallardo going into the first turn of Tokyo R246, and you’ll see several dark scratches on the side of the car around the area of impact. Thanks to Tomaz for digging this up a few weeks ago!

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  1. Autavia

    I feel damage is not necessary. The reason we never had damage or rollovers before is it never looked real.
    If it looks wrong its not worth the effort. Thats one of the things i appreciate with GT. Replays have always been top notch, and now GT5 is a marketed as a Driving simulator. Add better graphics and a real feel is more important than ever.
    Now, when You race You tend to trade paint and knock a mirror out of whack, that sort of thing. It can be made to look real. I welcome that.
    But when You wipe out the way you sometimes do in GT, its game over. In all fairness shouldn’t a car You crash in an arcade fashon be written off completely, and you as a player unable to join a race for some time, you know, until you recover from severe injuries?
    Know isn’t that the sort of deterrent every simracer should crave, in order to keep it clean on the tracks?

  2. NGrignon

    Seriously amateurish… if you don’t want serious damages just DON’T PRETEND and don’t do it… this is very shameful and laughable especially when you get pretty amazing damage engine in other racing games. We are in 2010, not in 2000…

  3. blubb

    this is the pefectionism i expect by KY – NOT

    i expect a sim in all aspects when a game calls itself “real driving simulator” and nothin’ arcade – a “real” crash means not only some scretches – hope this is a very old build and they worked at it until the release

    realistic damage or no damage – easy

  4. JCee

    Yikes, wish they hadn’t bothered with “damage” if that is what it’s gonna look like. That looks… awful. If they were going the pallet switch rout I could see putting round rubber tire marks on the side panels of cars like you’d see in Nascar races from when you rub up against your opponent but t-boning an opponent will slap a big black streak on the car? It looks very last-gen. I was hoping for something a bit more spectacular from PD.

  5. tyl0r_r

    @djcorrosive: pre-empting the responces of others with “yull probly respond 2 lulzzz har har i winz teh internats!” does not invalidate their points or make you any better. If you’re welcome to post something (which you saying is your right, so fine, have it) then guess what? We’re all welcome to post in responce to you and call you out when you’re acting like a retard. That’s what’s happened here. You don’t care? (You keep saying this, over and over in a way that makes you look like you actually care quite a bit) Well guess what, we don’t care either. We just want a clean comment section without some idiot double and triple posting without actually saying anything useful. So if you really don’t care, just go away. KTHNXBAI!

  6. fass razer

    funny how djcorrosive contradicts himself. “blah ethug blah save your breath blah blah waste of time yada yada yada” yet still comes to this website and comments…

  7. WhiteCustomPS3

    damn people r complaining about everything lol. are u all noobs who hit the wall every 5 sec? i bet 90% of u who r complaining will turn it of anyway. if u want realistic damage go play GRID. PEACE

  8. Luke

    Well, think of GT`s nature. Did you ever see a girl getting beaten up in a porn ? ;)

    I`ll wait until the game is in my hands and make my own opinion about damage. But i don`t really care, i always drive in cockpit view and won`t see the damage anyway. But i have hopes for mechanical damage, but not as in Forza.
    Would be great if GT features parts wearing out, like in F1 games. So if you buy an old used car with many km (or miles) and rev it like hell the engine will blow. And cars should be maintained, with oil, water and stuff.
    That`s the kind of damage i would like to have in the game.

  9. gtcliosport

    as long as theres mechanical damage i aint fussed about the visual side of it. I can guarantee that when the games been out a couple of months the novelty of damage will wear off because its something good drivers are rarely going to encounter except maybe in multiplayer and thats where the mechanical damage should come into play

  10. R53freak

    Ok, scrap the whole project & start over. Vehicles impacts will not behave like this in the real world, this really is the Duke Nukem Forever of racing games.

  11. ARHOKandres

    hey i founded it interesting, btw dont know why people compare gt5 damage with nfs shift or rd grid, those are not that amazing either, after u crash ur car it looks like scratched paper, i mean, thats not real damage but it appear to amazed a lot of kids that just drive to crash their cars. i thing this damage its gd enough for me. btw thanks for any news they are welcome.
    pd. sorry abut my english xD

  12. andy_cowley

    First time posting but thought i would ask a quick question.

    i was wondering if you were to damage your car in the game will there be some sort of repair shop where you have to pay credits to get the car sorted out. in my opinion that would be great and would make punters think twice online because they will have to “pay” for there actions.
    If on the other hand you trash your car and at the end of the race your car is brand new again all ready for the next race then in my opinion theres no point in adding the damage from a game play point of view

  13. Djcorrosive

    He meant damage like for proper race cars, NASCAR, and wrc.. But your everyday mass production cars will just have scratched paint only. By the looks of it that’s all we will have. But there will be mechanical side effects. So not so bad, but u won’t be driving into thewall or AI or online opponents at 220kmph as long as ur one of those ppl

  14. AERO_HDT

    I must admit, the damage looks disappointing. No sparks, no impact sounds, no broken bits…

    I’m sure this is not the finished product – what is in the video looks like the kind of damage you would’ve expected on a Codemasters product 10 years ago.

    I have faith in Kaz when he says that he won’t feature damage unless its done “correctly” and the video clearly isn’t correct. Lets hope there’s more to come.

  15. djcorrosive

    Micdog: Congrats you are brown noser #1 hahahaha

    i dont care mate, its a forum i state my opinion dont like it dont read it :)


  16. Micdog


    So you come to a news page that lets you comment, and you automatically aspire to complain about how you’ve seen this before blah blah blah. Who cares?

    You say “What a time waster” when you still have time to write multiple comments which are undoubtedly a much larger waste of time for everyone to read than the video itself.

    Yes, we’ve seen damage on production cars before, and no, it isn’t all that interesting to commited members of the site who check back here regularly. But did it ever cross your mind that maybe there are some who haven’t seen this before and find it interesting?

    This is Jordans site, and I think it is the best GT news and forum site on the web which I am proud to be a part of. If you think it’s just for yourself, you’ve got another thing coming.

  17. djcorrosive

    Right, you clearly are on your high horse right now. What i was saying was under no such way of a personal attack to yourself or the site, Myself and many other people have stated that something like this is a worthless video. I mean post it by all means your site and i couldn’t careless but a forum is a forum to voice opinions, You dont need to like it and neither do I. It would have been more interesting if you had that crappy one you just did here and added the 458 Italia video under it to remind people. AND well there is clearly no change in the scratch modelling what so ever.

    So basically you’ve taken a great deal offence at what i’ve posted where under no way shape or form you should have.

  18. djcorrosive

    Vin: It’s not the first time we seen damage

    There are many other videos like the one i said with the Ferrari 458 Italia where you actually see the “scratches” a LOT more!

    This video is pathetic and i dont know why jordan even posted it!

    Was a massive time waister.

    1. Jordan

      Wow, you seem to be getting pretty worked up over it, DJ. If you’ve noticed, I try to save smaller, less important bits of news to “fill in the gaps” between the occasional floods of information. I’m just trying to keep it interesting while providing everyone else (who might not have all day to spend browsing each page of the forums) a high-level summary of everything that has ever popped-up on the web related to Gran Turismo. If you feel these “lesser” stories are a waste of your time, I suggest you either stop reading the site or help me find more interesting things to share.

  19. Vin

    Why is this the first video where we see damage? I mean, like, with so many others why has no-one noticed a crash? This is pathetic!!!

  20. ichiro wang

    This video is from my home town. Taiwan. Taipei
    is 2010 Taipei Auto Show
    But that does not look like Car Damage.More like a scratch
    Video Chinese subtitles. No mention of Damage

  21. NBH

    @shotty, good idea but people would just sand bag ie do slow laps on purpose to race slower people then just win easily and bag the credits.

    Any damage in GT is good, we have to start somewhere for it to improve in future versions and it’s a step in the right direction for adding to the realism of the game. Mechanical damage is more important to me, I race in cockpit view and don’t watch that many replays so I won’t see much physical damage but I want my car to act damaged if I make a mistake.

  22. tyl0r_r

    judgements either way based on two seconds of off camera footage where you don’t even know the settings are to be honest, stupid. really stupid. *brain explodes*

  23. shotty

    Licensing to gain access to online events sounds like a great idea. The other day I was pondering about the same thing and thought about this idea: Before competing in public online events you should be forced to place a qualifying lap, and be paired with people who posted similar lap times. Just a thought.

  24. djcorrosive

    one of the the most WORTHLESS and pathetic videos ever posted on this site ever!

    It wasn’t even worth a mentioning one little bit!

    When we all know what the damage model looks like on productions cars (eg: the ferrari 458 italia video) which was a lot more better then this garbage.

  25. vampire

    daniel Says:
    January 30th, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    I believe there is a forth option, wait in anticipation for the game, because it will be the best darn racing game to date.

    Waiting is relatively said ( how many years ? )

  26. ntrisKKT

    I guess they are already in favor of the G27…

    So much for being the official GT5 wheel…*cough*DFGT*cough*

  27. Ken

    I think its pretty good..i mean come on, theres a 1000+ cars on the game, thats definetely
    good for me. And then weather….i dnt know where to start!!

  28. daniel

    I believe there is a forth option, wait in anticipation for the game, because it will be the best darn racing game to date.

  29. icant55

    I dont play this game to crash into people!!! So STOP ACTING LIKE LITTLE BITCHES PEOPLE!!!, We could be stuck with just forza.DAMN! if the game was perfect then there would be no need for another,As of 2day U haveone of three choices (1)You can go buy DESTRUCTION DERBY for the PS2 real cheap…,(2)Don’t buy the game!!! or (3) GO MAKE YOUR OWN FUCK’N GAME!!! the CHOICE is yours!

  30. Stradivis

    Hope there is internal bleeding. Way more important than cosmetic damage. It would be nice to have tire punctures, broken axis, etc.

  31. Yui-San

    That’s a pretty old video though, as the video footage is from the 2009/2010 Taipei Auto Expo, which started in December of 2009, so damage could’ve improved by now.
    However, I was there myself, and I don’t remember seeing any damage… (as the computer hit the back of my car and spun me out). I have the video… so I’m 100% sure there was no damage.

  32. G-Ram

    I’m proposing a thought that, the ‘good’ damage will be reserved for YOUR car only… as fully rendering damage on 16 cars would really bog down the cpu/gpu. So for when you hit others or they crash themselves, it only uses a texture swap to show you that THAT car has been damaged, but they only use the proper damage rendering for the players own car. All the while, the mechanical effects will remain constant across the board, just visually indicated less on the other cars to save FPS.

  33. viejaloca

    To me this damage is good enough. Maybe it’ll be better in GT6. Plus this damage is like the NFS Pro Street damage for the PS2 or lind of like MCLA, which is a start. I don’t want to wait another 9 months like DrTrouserPlank said.

  34. vampire

    wiretap Says:
    January 30th, 2010 at 10:49 am

    @Viktor Navorsky

    Very well said dude!

    If everyone here is such GT fans, you should all be pretty half decent at the game, so like Viktor Navorsky said, this should bemore than enough.

    Some of US aren’t sure if they are GT fans anymore

  35. GT Fanatec

    The reason why people want good damage in is because this game is now online and people who drive poorly should be punished with damaged cars resulting in harder to drive and slower cars.

  36. wiretap

    @Viktor Navorsky

    Very well said dude!

    If everyone here is such GT fans, you should all be pretty half decent at the game, so like Viktor Navorsky said, this should be more than enough.

  37. socomkiller59

    This is damage for production cars, scratches and the sort- they’ve announced this a long time ago. I highly suggest getting used to it- but you shouldn’t be causing damage in the first place.

    Racing Cars damage is a whole ‘nother story.

  38. zixer

    the damage looks dumb. But then again its better than nothing. Although with all the good modeling PD can do im sad that we wont see good damage.

  39. Racer

    For me; no damage is better than bad damage. Why? Because with bad damage it takes me out of the experience, with no damage i can just fill in with my imagination…i have a hard time doing that if its this unrealistic.

  40. Zibiri

    I belive it’s just a littlebit “effect” damage, but nothing else. Maybe you get a bit bad paint job where you get hit and just a little bulk in the door. But it doesnt look like you brake the windows and the taillights pop out hanging in the wires only.. So the damage is pretty much for no need. Just a little cosmetic damage after crashing into the wall in 200kmph is just bullshit :=)

  41. CarBastard

    @ Flagmo-T, I agree with you. Perhaps online events could have a license requirement to avoid un-skilled drivers.

  42. Tim

    Well i am not overly that impressed or wow’ed by this because you cannot see anything really it’s too quick and boring.

    sorry if it was a better video then it may be a different story

  43. Flagmo-T

    well I think this is Orsm..
    It looks damaged, and that’s Ok and it is still, respecting the author/manufacture of the Car. Just hope the mechanical Damage, is more spot on, because that’s where the Fun starts..

    Take care of your Car While Racing, or loose Badly.. That at least, gets people to drive better and get more skills, before ruin any Online Races…

    Some kind of skills, should be obtained/learned before open up for Pro Class On-line Races. Easy as pie. and it’s the only way to clean up Moran’s from the Track… Get skilled or get Bored in GT5.. Scratches looks Fine to me GTP/PD :o)

  44. Big Rom

    For me, it is all, I want to see for production cars. The Ferrari in another video had alot of scratchen while crashing the barrier. And it looked good and ok.

    But for racing cars, I want to see some really impressive deformations and physical damage. The Subaru WRX-damage was just poor.

  45. potto

    So a 2 second video of one car hitting another dead on, at 76 miles an hour, and the only result is some unconvincing black smudge on the car?

  46. Gejost

    Good thing that all cars including production cars get some form of damage, although it wont be any thing special. It’s the latest damage build for the racing cars that i’m expecting alot from.

  47. OllieF

    @drummermaniac I was thinking that too, Kaz has mentioned support for G25/7 so do you think this means they might be officially supported?

  48. OmnipotenceZERO

    lol its not like u ask them “sir, can i see a demonstration of Indy Cars on the F2007with the damage?” !
    u cant request a video lol u aint Barrack Osama oops i mean Obama

  49. DrTrouserPlank

    Be prepared for another 9 month’s wait once this filters out onto all the mainstream site and people complain about how poor the damage is, prompting Polyphony to redo all the damage modeling.

    It’s pretty naff, but I’m kind of glad. Maybe because there aren’t bits flying off all over the place it will discourage people from intentionally wrecking online? (wishful thinking)

  50. Gt Fan

    Hi(again) I would like(if possible) some Indy Cars or the F2007 or the Polyphony Gran Turismo with the damage.I would be very glad if that IS possible
    THANK YOU!!!

  51. Gt Fan

    It so lame !!!! I thought I was going to see at least a 1/2 lap of Tokyo R246……Anyway good job posting this type of videos!!!Keep It Up!!!

  52. Bernd

    I could be content with no damage at all, as long as any contact with other cars or walls or whatever gets a serious time-penalty, depending on the force of contact. You can’t ram another car with 200mph and get away unharmed, that’s ridiculous

  53. J.P.

    @IronM@sk – Unfortunately this snoopybg troll has been chatting shite for a while now. Its best to just ignore his him.

  54. bduddy

    Pretty lame, to be honest… although I’d like to a) see the other side of that car and b) see what it does to the performance. The latter is far more important, especially for online play…

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