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A Look at The Visual Damage in GT Sport

This week’s GT Sport demo has confirmed that visual damage exists within the game. Players have spotted the cosmetic deformities that can happen to cars during collisions in gameplay. It’s existence hasn’t been outright shown by Polyphony Digital in promotional footage but many images and videos prove it does indeed exist...

GT5's Damage, Endurance Races Discussed at Room299 Press Event

Sony hosted a small group of media at their Benelux headquarters in Amsterdam, yesterday, and our own Blitz187 was on hand to catch any and all new tidbits of information that might emerge (this event took place before the delay was officially confirmed). As usual, Sony was extremely tight-lipped about the game’s details and did not use the event to reveal any major new features...

Lamborghini Gallardo Takes Damage on the Nurburgring

Here’s an interesting new video from some type of GT5 demonstration session in Russia, which appears to show off a unique build of the game we haven’t seen before. While it does not have the skidmarks revealed at Gamescom 2010, it does have an updated damage model similar – though not necessarily identical to – the one found in the GT5 Kiosk Demo that’s been popping up at retail stores around the United States...

More Screenshots, Videos of GT5's New Damage Modeling

The new Gran Turismo 5 damage system first spotted by GTPlanet users in the Best Buy demo continues to make waves throughout our community, as more pictures (and now videos) keep coming in. Here’s the latest batch of higher-quality photos from Asane and tyv2448, along with a YouTube clip courtesy of StedySniper (thanks to Volcao for the tip!). Asane also provided me with a few more details on his observations so far:

New Gran Turismo 5 Damage Model in Best Buy Demo

At first glance, it appeared the GT5 demo popping up in Best Buy stores around the United States – while certainly exciting – did not reveal any new features or content. Now that more users in our forums are getting their hands on it, however, it seems that is definitely not the case. Collisions reveal dramatic and impressive new car damage modeling – I’ll let these screenshots by GTPlanet user Asane and gamer28 speak for themselves...

Video of NASCAR Car Damage in Gran Turismo 5

Long-time GTPlanet reader Rob Groove got his chance to play Gran Turismo 5 at the recent PlayStation BETA event, and he made a note to get something on video that we haven’t seen much of: damage on NASCAR cars. Watch his clip above, and be sure to read his full analysis of the demo for his full impressions. Thanks to Rob and all who sent this in!

GT5 Video, Gameplay Impressions from PS BETA

The PlayStation BETA event I told you about was finally held this past weekend. GTPlanet reader Adam Lang was first on the scene, and has been kind enough to provide us with lots of videos and screenshots from the GT5 demo on display. Most notably, you’ll see a much-abused Enzo Ferrari show heavy damage to its front bumper, along with an Audi R8 and the MOTUL R35 Skyline JGTC car. He’s also provided a lot of (literal) screenshots of the demo, so you can get a higher-resolution look at gameplay...

GT5's Head-Tracking "Underwhelming", But Damage "Looking Beautiful"

One of the new features in Gran Turismo 5 I’ve personally been looking forward to is head-tracking. Unless you’ve got the luxury of playing racing games on three screens, the ability to look into and through the turns – just as you should do in real life – provides a considerably more immersive experience. GT5’s head-tracking was first shown in limited action at E3 2010, but it was reportedly difficult to use because of surrounding conditions the PlayStation Eye had to deal with. According to a recent article from the Official PlayStation Magazine, however, the functionality isn’t perfect. Quoting the magazine from this article at CVG.com: