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iRacing's New Damage Model Looks Amazing

iRacing 24 Aug 10, 2019 by Michael Leary

Collisions are about to become even more terrifying in iRacing. The team behind iRacing are on a continuous journey to make the PC racing sim one of the most realistic available. Their… Read More »

Go Behind the Scenes on iRacing's New Dynamic Damage Model

iRacing 12 Aug 7, 2018 by Kyle Patrick

Wrecking is an unfortunate part of racing. It also represents one of the hardest hurdles for sim racing developers to overcome. To help players understand just what a detailed system… Read More »

A Look at The Visual Damage in GT Sport

This week’s GT Sport demo has confirmed that visual damage exists within the game. Players have spotted the cosmetic deformities that can happen to cars during collisions in gameplay. It’s… Read More »

Mechanical Failures Spotted in F1 2016

F1 2016 4 Jul 29, 2016 by Michael Leary

Are random mechanical failures featured in this year’s official F1 game? A GTPlanet community member has spotted what certainly appears to be confirmation.

Gran Turismo 7 to See Improved Crash & Damage Physics, Coming Before 2017

Kazunori Yamauchi offers a few hints on what Polyphony Digital is working on for GT7.

Damage Modelling in Gran Turismo 6 "Similar to GT5"

Damage in Gran Turismo 6 will be similar to what’s seen in GT5.

80+ New GT5 Screens: Veyron, LF-A, Damage, Snow, & More

Check out 80 fresh images from GT5’s Photomode, featuring the Lexus LF-A, McLaren MP4-12C, Bugatti Veyron, snow, rain, damage, and more.

Tuned Car Trades, Snow Ruts & More in GT5 Magazine Features

A stream of interesting tidbits have been trickling into our Gran Turismo 5 forum today via several new magazine articles – and don’t miss PSM3 magazine’s interview with me, GTPlanet’s founder.

GT5's Damage, Endurance Races Discussed at Room299 Press Event

Sony hosted a small group of media at their Benelux headquarters in Amsterdam, yesterday, and our own Blitz187 was on hand to catch any and all new tidbits of information that might emerge.

TGS Interviews: Yamauchi Talks Standard Cars, Damage, GT6 & More

Yamauchi discusses premium/standard cars, physics, damage, the future of Gran Turismo, and how it all compares to real racing in two fresh interviews from Japan.

Lamborghini Gallardo Takes Damage on the Nurburgring

A curious GT5 build is shown off in Russia, sporting what appears to be a slightly modified new damage model.

GT5 Kiosk Demo: Detailed Gameplay Impressions, More Videos

Detailed gameplay impressions about the latest GT5 kiosk demo, for those of you who may not be able to check it out for yourself.

Best Buy's GT5 Demo: Gameplay Video Collection

A nice collection of videos from the GT5 demo available at select Best Buy retail stores.

More Screenshots, Videos of GT5's New Damage Modeling

Take an even better look at Gran Turismo 5’s aggressive new damage simulation.

New Gran Turismo 5 Damage Model in Best Buy Demo

The GT5 demo popping up in Best Buy stores across the U.S. reveals a dramatic new car damage model.

Video of NASCAR Car Damage in Gran Turismo 5

Our best look at GT5’s damage system on a NASCAR car provided by long-time GTPlanet reader Rob Groove from the PS BETA Rooms event.

GT5 Video, Gameplay Impressions from PS BETA

First-hand gameplay videos, impressions, and screenshots from GTPlanet users at the last weekend’s private PS BETA event.

Second Look at Old Video Shows GT5 Damage Close-Up

A tip from reader Volcao referenced a few screen grabs from one of the brief Gran Turismo 5 trailers released last month after E3 2010. His tip prompted me to take… Read More »

GT5's Head-Tracking "Underwhelming", But Damage "Looking Beautiful"

One of the new features in Gran Turismo 5 I’ve personally been looking forward to is head-tracking, but new reports suggest it may not be ready for prime-time.

New GT5 Video: Violent Crashes, Night Racing, & More

Polyphony Digital’s latest official video shows off GT5‘s newest visual effects, including night racing and violent rollover crashes. Video quality will continue to improve over the next few minutes as… Read More »