GT5’s Photomode, Online Features, NASCAR, & More Details Revealed

Gran Turismo 5 190 June 16, 2010 by

EuroGamer has shared their detailed hands-on impressions with the latest E3 2010 GT5 demo, and it’s full of quite a few interesting and revealing tidbits of information. While I have covered the main points below, the full article contains more detail and is very well written, so head on over there for more.

  • Over 800 of the cars will be “standard”, the majority of which have been brought from previous GT titles. Despite the nomenclature, they still look great – all of the classic “muscle cars” we saw in the latest batch of screenshots are all “standard”. However, according to the article, standard cars “won’t have interiors”.
  • There are 200 “premium” cars which “take the final count past the 1000 mark”. In addition to highly detailed interiors, the undersides of the cars have also been modeled and will be visible when the car is flipping through the air thanks to the new physics engine.
  • There will be 9 NASCAR models available, and you will be able to race by NASCAR’s specific rules. The article describes the NASCAR crashes as “truly epic” yet still “artful in Yamacuhi’s universe”.
  • Each individual circuit can take as long as two and a half years to build.
  • The new Photo Travel mode – where you take a car to a picturesque location other than a race track – now allows you to virtually walk around the environment to help you get the best angle.
  • Online community features include a “BBS, personal logs, mail, and something called My Lounge”. You will be able to monitor your friend’s progress, set up private races with them, and spectate on live online races that are already underway from any camera angle, while focusing on any player’s car that you want.
  • The combination of 3D visuals and head-tracking with the PS Eye was described as “astonishing”.

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