All Cars Get “Damage” in Gran Turismo 5


After spending some hands-on time with the Gran Turismo 5 demo at the Tokyo Game Show, IGN editors got the chance to speak with a “Sony rep” who was able to clarify some of the questions about the differences in vehicular damage. Concerns were first raised when Yamauchi specifically mentioned “damage to racing cars”, leaving the door open to speculation that “street cars” in the game may not be so fragile. This notion was reinforced when only Subaru’s WRC rally car showed damage at GamesCom.

Now, at TGS, we may finally be catching a glimpse of what this secondary level of deconstruction actually looks like. As you can see, although body panels do not become detached, they do, to quote IGN editor Greg Miller, show “deformation damage — scratches and stuff”. Greg was also able to reaffirm that all cars will experience mechanical damage. While this is refreshing news, the question still remains: is Polyphony Digital restricted from showing “full” damage on street cars due to manufacturer licensing issues, or would it simply take too long to implement such severe deformation on GT5’s diverse catalog of nearly 1,000 vehicles? It would be a great direct question for an interview with Yamauchi-san, but I’m not going to hold my breath…  Check out the video at the link below.

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  1. alrc25

    Im with circa1990, the article above does state that is its secondary level of damage. While for me damage was not important as well. I have played games where damage was on, and a few pushes or hits from other players would leave out of the race. I wont be that bad if the race lasts 3 laps, but for longer, you will have to log out and look for another room, instead of waiting for that race to be over.

  2. MrBlack

    I like the look of the scuffs/scratches on the cars. Be great if you have to use some of your money to get the car repainted, if you want your car lookin good again that is. Would stop people needlessly crashing about, afterall your not supposed to be crashing into everything? But for me the AI is far more important than the damage. wheel to wheel racing and fighting for every tenth of a second should come first, with every car having their advantages and disadvantages. In GRID your either first or last, cause all the different cars go the same speed somehow, plus no matter how fast or slow your laps times are, your computer opponents are always directly behind you ! you never pull away, even when your blitzin the lap records. For me GT has always been the best, so i hope the AI will try stop you passing by blocking the inside line and using other racing manouvres. making overtaking difficult

  3. circa1990

    People seem to miss that this is not the final version of damage.
    The race cars like the STI are also gonna be updated with scratching paint with body deformation as well as doors and bumpers falling off, according to the recent article on
    GT5’s damage on IGN

    People complained that not all cars would have damage, so now PD is making it so all cars will get scuffed up, while the race cars will receive the realistic damage. All cars will have mechanical damage.
    They will improve on the game lots in the next coming months.
    Can’t wait to get the game!

  4. Gar

    what’s sad is you guys are at one point, complaining that GT has no damage, then when it has some damage, you would rather have it left out. Then there are another group of people that think PD spent the last 4-5 years strictly on working out damage. Another group of people some how forget to realize that Forza 3’s damage is nothing great at all. Same rubbish scuffs and marks like this video here of the Italia. Throw in some broken pieces and bumpers flying off and that’s Forza 3. You know it’s great to be able to see damaged hoods and wobbling doors in GT. It’s also good to know that at least the bumper wobbles and drags along the car before giving up and coming off. Also good to know that the trunk at least reacts to an impact. You don’t see that everyday in Forza. No, because in Forza 3 if you hit someone on the right side of their rear, the left taillight cracks for some odd reason, but the right one is completely fine.

    Don’t forget! You also have the group of people that say Dirt and Grid has the most amazing damage, but seem to forget that those two games have far less cars than Forza 3 or GT5. Also the group of people that seem to say because it was easier for them to drive an Audi R8 in Forza 3 demo with all assists off, that it must be the better game and better physics because it was seemingly difficult to drive the same car in GT5p. Because seriously, there are people like that out there, especially in the Forza forums.

  5. bobmcgee

    read my previous posts, the reason for only minor damage to street cars is because manufacturers don’t want their street cars to get totaled.

  6. ???

    “The handling was found to be a lot tougher with more damage incurred.”

    Then at least they’re on the right track. The video isn’t exactly confidence inspiring though. Best of luck to PD on there damage model.

  7. bobmcgee


    you are actually incorrect. All cars will have mechanical damage. You might not see it visual wise but you’ll definitely feel it driving wise. The handling was found to be a lot tougher with more damage incurred.

  8. ???

    Great news for GT fans. However, it looks like its still very easy to wall ride, a huge con. PD still has a lot to prove with their ability to render damage. Hope it all works out o.k in the end.

    The point of damage is to have a consequence for poor driving, and all I see are a few scratches on the car with no hindered performance. No hindered in performance when grinding on a wall. Such things are Gran Turismo’s biggest flaws. It shows an obvious lack of realism, even in the demonstration. Doesn’t matter how realistic it looks. Its how it affects the cars performance.

    The competitions damage, cou*Forza*gh may not LOOK as realistic as it should, granted. However, it hinders performance properly during a crash. Making it clear that playing bumper cars in the game will end your race fast. Shifting, and revving like an idiot will ruin your transmission etc..

    I know its early, but I hope PD does a better job. What I see in this demo is pure garbage. Looks like you can still drive like a moron, and get away with it.

    And for the love of god fire the 12 year old with the hair dryer, and a copy of audacity recording the exhaust notes. The 458 Italia sounds like embarrassment as opposed to beautiful in the video.

  9. Turbo_3800

    Lol wait wait after hitting the wall that hard @0:46..that whole front corner should be f***ed up..I can do without damage anyway as I don’t really care about it..this demonstration looks like the result of two hot wheel cars being slammed against each other having the paint chipped off the cars lol..but then again this could be another test they’re trying out..I’m so tired of seeing the word “Forza”..seriously just go buy (that game that starts with a F lol)it.I swear every new piece of info we get about GT, there’s always that one person who kicks off the comparison between GT & (that game that starts with a F) lol..I’m sure there might be a post for that in the forums.

    @ GTO_VR4..I believe damage is why they’re pushing it back too and you would think they should have had this figured out way back when.

  10. oppylocky

    Right this is the my 2 pennies worth. After seeing the forza3 demos on youtube, I am not too concerned about all this damage malarkey because it seems to me that it isn’t mindblowing. I am so much more pleased that there is mechanical damage across the board irrespective of which car is being used.

    The other thing is that at least there is cosmetic damage with all the cars and what with the beautiful car models that PD render at least that everytime there is an incident of cars being scraped along the walls it will show up. The only thing that gets me is that there are no skid marks as that would have been superb. Knowing where i locked up the brakes and knowing not to do it again would have been a great visual help. Shame on you Kaz for not implementing that in. I love GT and it was the only game that I would play for hours, days, months on end and for that game I have endured physical pain because I have sat so many hours in an average race seat. I want to go on enjoying GT but my loyalty is being tested. Ultimately, I think my love for the driving model when playing with the logitech DFP (can’t afford the G25 but may get the DFPGT model and the fact that at last custom soundtracks can be used with GT imagine Red hot chilli peppers track around the world while ripping around trial mountain/deep forest/grand valley speedway makes me weak at the gaming knees.

    However GT5 turns out, I will always thank Kaz Yam for giving me the most pleasure in my life. gratitude will be nissan 350z by nismo, the last right hand corner on grand vallley speedway and just hitting it right and feeling the DFP wheel tell me that the FR tyre has hit it nigh on perfect and onto back straight for the win or onto lap 29 of 60. Thank you Kazanouri Yamauchi.

  11. togenshi

    I think the problem with damage in any game is a “one size fits all” algorithm. Since a crash cannot ever be replicated, even in the same conditions, its gonna be hell to make this work.

    Not to mention they need to incorporate metal on metal, metal on concrete, etc contact, angle of approach, speed, weight, what gets affected, whether parts fall off, windows break, texture remapping, wheel alignment,etc. It aren’t a walk in the park.

    Besides, the speed that you usually go at in any racing game would pretty much total a car anyway. Hitting the wall at 40km/h is usually game over in many cases cause even if the car is drivable, you need to pit so you lose atleast 1min. So on top of that, they need to include damage modifiers to split up Classes D, C, B, A and S in difficulty.

    On top of that, for endurance races, they need to also allow repair time if you crash hard enough to warrant a truck to come out and get the car, goto pits, repair and then race again. It would suck on a 24hr endurance race where you are on the last 30 mins and you make a mistake, crashing your car and forcing a retirement and redoing the race all over again (even with B-Spec).

    They should’ve left damage out this time. Its far too complex to get it right and accurate. The PS3 will be able to compute the damage easily (parallel processing allows it to calculate 5 instructions at 1 time) but to get the damage “realistic” is going to require alot of additional code.

  12. Riad

    i think console environment and pc environment are totally different, don’t think u can expect similar from two totally different working environments

  13. bobmcgee

    @ Wolgi
    yes but those are lower class companies who probably don’t care if their car is damaged as much. Companies such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes will NOT want to see their car totaled. Do you see any street cars from the high class car companies in GRID? No. The only street cars are from toyota, nissan, ford and chevy. There are companies such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin in GRID but they have NO street cars because they don’t want them to be totaled.

  14. RS

    i dont really care too much about damage but its a nice addition……however PD needs to include some stuff that has been missing for years like tire marks on the asphalt, better audio and AI that isn`t incredibly stupid

  15. bobmcgee

    @wolgi clearly you didn’t read carefully enough. those cars in GRID and DIRT are professional race cars not street cars. The cars in GT5 are mostly street cars and manufacturers don’t want STREET cars to get damaged. Hence the limited damage.

  16. Riad

    i was jus using formula 1 as an example to explain something else but i sure hope F1 racing is there. it is after all the ultimate form for racing..

  17. Riad

    another great feature cud be the time attack mode, now as it is u drive alone on track with just ur time.

    now imagine selecting ur car and ur put on the track live with other online drivers, all racing for the fastest time. u will see each other on the track and you all jus simply be racing against each others time in the lap leader board rather then standard racing. The collision ghost thingy should be on to avoids fights and lap ruins lol.

  18. The Masfer

    I’m surprised that Ferrari let PD show this much damage. PD put as much in as possible you should be complaining to Ferrari not PD.

  19. Riad

    i wud like to see more changes in other areas rather then too much focus on damage. ..

    those who been playing GT from the start im sure u realized by that that we’ve been using the same HUD for donkeys years, we need more small changes in these departments too. a new customable HUD or even options to remove it completely. that wud require u as a driver to use onboard cockpit elements to see gears, speed, rear mirror etc. this is a realistic approach that wouldn’t comprises the gaming aspect and it can be optional as I sed too.

    One thing I wud love to see is online racing team. Where u form a team with ur buddies and race as a team. Kinda like FPS clan maybe. u cud all race together in a race or use one car and take turns ( switch at pit stops)

    small things like this can make a big impact I think.

    thanks for reading

  20. Pedz


    Proper AI is nearly liek grid but not so incentric. AI where theres actually a RACE, rather than, oh hes 10 seconds ahead in the same car, game over.

    Also the start of the race needs to be changed from the stupid rolling start! the people at the back are already 5 seconds behind before it begins which is just stupid. Atleast let the player control it or bunch them closer together. I do hope the online lobbies have a chance for qualifying or set grid positions…

  21. Riad


    not sure wat ur trying to say ( i think ur saying if u do crash then its cuz ur either driving to fast or AI cars ramming u..

    well yes thats true obviously . but i was just pointing out that at the end of the day this is a GAME that we buy and put in our GAMES console to PLAY. Therefore it has gaming obligation to meet to a certain level. i don’t think everyone has the ability to drive perfectly with no errors at the every time. PD have a tough job of making a realistic driving game that people can play as a game at the same time.

    in the real world one can’t start at the back of the grid and expect to finish first in 3 to 5 laps right?. thats impossible right? But this is where the gaming side of things come into play and rightly so.

    this is all i was pointing out.Thanks

  22. Azzer

    They neeeeed 2 put tyre marks on the track, when the wheels spin/slide & more smoke, from the tyres. Damage looks awesome 2 me.

  23. bobmcgee

    what are you saying corey? look at forza their’s only minor damage to street cars. Its the manufacturers that don’t want game companies in general to wreck up their street cars. They’re not singling out PD, its happening to every game manufacturer. This is only for street cars though because they’re the ones people will actually buy.

  24. Alan

    I would of been happy to do without damage if it meant we got a 09 release date, they could of just released a damage download at a later date

  25. Wolgib07

    You are right.In some PC racing sims there are ferraris, porsches, lamborghinis, and a lot more exlusive cars damage.
    I don’t understand why PD don’t put something like 62 cars on the track like GTR2 does.
    I know that it’s fps issue, but can you do it for PS4 at least which will come out after 2017.

  26. Corey

    I wonder however, why everyone allows other companys to wreck their cars but not PD, or was it a plan to cop out on the damage of all cars, to save time.

    It’s unfortunate that we get scuffs and scrapes and a 6 month wait. They better perfect the deformation of the car itself, all cars. At one point or another

  27. Corey


    With the sight of cars hitting track objects and pushing them around I think two wheels lifting off won’t be likely on a collision.

    No motorcycles, but PD did say at one time they would like to combine the two into a game awhile back.

  28. Stradivis

    Let the masses take care of GT and you’ll have Burnout.

    Next thing they’ll complain cars don’t explode.

    If all you want is eye candy, that’s a shame.

    PD, give us a better AI and make GT the real RACING simulator.

  29. Wolgib07

    P.S.In the video I’ve seen that the car doesn’t bounce of the wall like before, but still, the blocks on the edges seem to be too light. The driver now is moving as the car turns.

  30. Wolgib07

    I don’t know why, but we, gran turismo fans always complain about that gran turismo is not good enough. We (and me also) think that PD can do better and that someone like forza 3 can be better. 3 years ago, we wanted ferrari and we got it in gt hd. 2 years ago we wanted to play some gran turismo and we’ve got gran turismo 5 prologue . 1 year ago we wanted lamborghini and damage now we have that. At gamescom we wanted damage to be on all 1000 cars and now we have that. Now the damage is not god enough for us. Brobably in a month time we will have it and then we’ll want something like porsches, or weather changes, or day and night cicle and tuning. That’s just awesome. Did you even imagine how much did PD improve graphics comparing gt 5 with gt 4. That’s alot. Also we’ve got darmage for 1000 cars, cockpit camera view, 300 more cars, 40 more tracks, online and 15 oponents in one race. Can we posably ask for something else. E.g.: forza improved in 3 years by having 100 more cars, 50 more tracks, flip over for 400 cars, cockpit view for 400 cars and improved graphics. That’s all. Kaz said that they were “adapting” their game for 1 year when PS3 came out (2007-2008), so they are doing the game for 2 years, not for 5. Kaz can’t possably do everything, but he does. And we need to tell him “thank you” for everything he done.
    Wait for more surprises from PD.

  31. Fasterbater

    I also remember Kazunori-San pointing out his personal reasons for not including damage in the franchise, which included hardware limitations as a secondary reason. His main reason was that he sees cars as works of art and that they should remain as such. A broken or damaged car to him made him feel heartbroken. So I can accept this kind of reason as a good driving game ( not a simulator) will deliver all of the positive experiences of the real thing without the heartbreak of destroying both your car and wallett. Having already damaged my ae86 track car in a race gives me some sympathy to his feelings.

    But I digress, one if the most pleasurable esperiences driving a sports car is hearing the engine at full tilt, the snickety-snick of the gear changes, the whine of the differential and the rocks and debris in the wheelwells. Please PD hold the release until this major design flaw of over synthesized sounds is fixed. I love racing way too much to hear the same buzzing as heard in the above video for the next installment of my favorite game.

    Pretty please?

  32. BASE

    Riad, just let me comment on the thing you say about ultra realistic damage. It is actually your point a and b, that is the whole essence of driving with damage. If you crash, your most of the times out of the race. If you crash, you are driving too fast, or the AI in this game is ramming you.

  33. Bigbadwill

    yeah that’s probably true. I don’t really care for the damages but now it’s there. it’s the least that they implement it on every cars. And for the collisions, the AI and the sounds, they should have been improved since at least GT5P. The game is already a win for me. But any single improvement of the previous negative points is welcome. They will be working on the game for another couple of months. the least they can do is actualy lke you know, work on the game..

  34. Hi_Jordan

    Over the past years or so (yeah … I’m a late comer ) I’ve become completely addicted to this site & your gt5 updates, but there’s one thing I feel I must ask you to do.

    Please, for the love of all that is holy, don’t use “after the jump” any more. I realise it’s just my opinion, but for me that’s the most irritating phrase I’ve ever came across, the literary equivalent of fingernails on a chalk board.

    Here’s a definition from Urban Dictionary that sums it up for me –

    “Fucking irritating, dated, web 2.0-esque phrase, occasionally found on wired or engadget.

    Anyone using this supposes that their audience isn’t familiar with the concept of a hyperlink, or attempts to make the act of clicking on one some kind of novel or interesting internet superhighway ‘experience’.”


    1. Jordan

      @”Hi_Jordan” Sorry that phrase makes you so upset – I never gave it a second thought. If “after the jump” irritates you like “please advise” irritates me, though, I definitely don’t want to inflict this kind of torture on any of my readers and won’t use it again.

  35. Bob

    Man you people should listen to yourselves. It sounds to me GT5 takes so long is because of damage. Now you all moan because it doesn’t reach up to your expecations. Then you decide you’d rather not have it. Good one.

  36. Bigbadwill

    yo damages are fine, at least we have them on every single car, i don’t ask much more from the damages. People complain that GT doesn’t have damage and Forza does. But damages in forza are ass. It’s just not the point where you can tell forza is better than GT. Maybe there could be some other argumentation but not on the damages.

  37. riad

    no matter what they do people always complain complain!!

    A) in a race u drive a car to avoid crashes ( this ant burnout duh!)
    B) This is PD were talking about. if u want them to apply their ultra realistic attitude to damage then we wouldn’t last 10 secs in a race. The smallest error or slightest impact could mean game over

    C) think about the amount of manufactures in the game, how can PD please them all as a whole? Some are more strict then others right.. cough “Ferrari “.

    D) u complain about staff like paint scratches b4, now u get it and still more complains !!

    give PD a break,
    btw this ant no Go at anyone just, I love Gt, and gtPLANET .. -)

  38. Bigbadwill

    Now we know PD still have some time to work on the game. So let’s make suggestions that they could add to the game in not much time.

    -Just implement the scratches and stuff from the regular model and add them to the racing car damages. Simple and it would be great.
    -Tire marks on the ground. i guess it’s not that hard to add in the game.
    -I know it’s a bit late to ask. But could we get better tire sound?
    -And since you still work on the developpement for a bit longer, would you please mind to work a little bit more on the collisions? Just a little bit so we can feel the weight of the car when it bumps.
    -Same thing for the AI, just don’t let them bump into us when we are stopped. they could slow down a bit when there are obstacles on their way.
    -A replay editor would be great

    I think this is not much to ask. People ask for the AI and collision improvements since GT3. I think you must know how to improve them. you worked on how many GT for how many time now? You have been developping this GT5 for 5 years now. We expect at least a top notch presentation with all the experience and ambiance from previous GT with even more presence.

  39. chris

    gamespot are giving interview details on monday. theyll obviously edit it etc. ive noticed there website has the release on europe as 12/09/09. would make sense with the comment of sony guy and many people quoting a quick release after gt psp. hmmmm…

  40. Fasterbater

    @ Zlimness

    I completely agree with you. I don’t care much for damage as it has never been a staple nor a downside to playing a gt game. However why in world would a company as prolific and obsessed with cars as PD not include realistic engine sounds? A 4.5 litre v8 pushing over 120bhp/l is not supposed to sound like the Braun coffee grinder I use in the morning before my cup of joe.

    This has always been the weak point of gran turismo and it seems that they do not care to update their extremely poorly aging sound synthesis. Again another point for Forza, which completely wowed me with it’s realistic sound effects. If EA can get it right why can’t PD? A game is comprised of 50% visual and 50% audio when delivering an experience to a gamer. The damage modeling should have been completely tertiary relative to the engine sounds. Heck I’d be happy if PD re-released GT4 with the inclusion of proper sounding vehicles and updated models and textures instead of adding frills such as damage and YouTube compatibility.

    PD should be playing a copy of rfactor to get their sound inspiration and the gmotor engine is already over 10 years old! Serious disappointment.
    Not like I won’t buy the game but if the engines sound like the way they do in this clip, I will be doing a lot of b-spec’ing again…

  41. gooner sems

    awesome that is enough damage for me also people complaing why grid damage is better cause all grid cars are race cars

  42. pegaz2507

    Hey Jordan tell us what do you think abaut this.i think its ok and 6 months is a lot of time for PD to do some work on that damage model,but i would really like it if PD puts weather changes and day night cycles in the game.I was really angry and frustrated about the release date but hey 6 months is a lot of time for PD to do some work on the GT before it comes out!And i would like some explanations from Kaz about why its 65% over when he told us he can release it anytime!And also what will they do in the next 6 monts!Hey maybe they are listening to us fans!hope so!sorry for my english!

  43. Sam__NY

    I hope we get cracked wind shields on the production cars. Because I’m always in the cockpit view and if the only damage to production cars are scratches, than I want something I can see from the cockpit view as well.

  44. Rick

    people. the reason this game is delayed is because YOU PEOPLE are crying about missing features, and wondering why there isn’t an exact release date.


    I just want the game now, I don’t care if there’s “limited damage.” or no damage at all. JUST RELEASE THE GAME ALREADY!!!!

  45. Aaron Jaggan

    i guess this is the only way to pull it off for 1000 cars without further delaying the game at a later date…looking forward for weather effects like in gt3..

  46. chris

    i find it odd how initially from many interviews and quotes and vids. there was only talk of race car damage. now all cars will get some damage limited on road cars… but full damage on race cars.

    i think we need confirmation of there being weather and or night day cycles… also actthis really needs clearing up. but i think they may be further confirmation of this after gt psp is released and forza. also actual track count needs confirming. i find 20 tracks and 70 variations a very odd figure. reverse? wet? night?.

    i still think theres a small chance it could be available in time for christmas in europe and usa. i think gt5 is released in japan march 2010 to not clash with ff13.

  47. NBH

    The mechanical damage is more important for me. I race with the in car view and rarely watch replays, maybe just the odd one or two so for me it’s more important the car handles well and how it drives after the odd small impact than how it looks from the outside.

  48. shotgun

    Wow, why the hell are you guys so strict with the damage in GT5 (those who are)

    It’s just a game so deal with it. I’m happy that there IS damage in GT5, but the fact that some of you guys expect realistic and calling it pathetic, cheap and stupid wow

    If you want REAL damage go get in your car and drive it off a cliff, enjoy it to the fullest please

    But remember that there is still a long way to go so there’s time for improvement…

  49. viejaloca

    Wow, thats a good start! The car spins out, the scratches look good too, not like prostreet wich if you just barely touched a wall there would be a crap load of scratches on the side. When you guys say the AI should be improved, what game does have a good AI? It all seems the same to me.

  50. Vivian

    this is just pathetic. this is like destruction derby!!:S

    I’m a driving lover! so F*CK AI and F*CK DAMAGE!! Prologue is just perfect for me. put 850 cars in Prologue (1080p) and I’m happy as a child in a candy-shop

  51. BASE

    The one thing that makes me wonder, is what i read in an interview some years ago. Kaz then said, that they would not include visual damage if they could not make it realistic. I would rather have poorer graphics with damage, than no damage with great visuals and LAGGY graphics. In my opinion GT5P is lagging too much, because people are always expecting more and more from the visual part of games. I hope PD has put some effort into running the graphics more smooth.

  52. Alex


    All that matters is AI. Always been would be great..this series always boasted the GFX but silly AI it’s almost unbearable today >.<

    Whatever happen to the burst fire from the exhausts like GT4 did ??

  53. you are all morons

    All the complainers here can go fuck themselves, seriously. People cry when there’s no damage but when PD brings the damage, they bitch about it. The game isn’t finished yet you assholes. Go play some Mario Kart of something.


  54. oneword

    Better than nothing.I have always avoid contact between other cars when playing GT.Now we have damage..good, make mistake and pay for that(what you think? will damage stay after finish?And you have to repair it.) i would like that. Also.. driving in high speed ,losing control and hitting a wall should cause terminal damage.

  55. Cocomoto

    I think damage is ok. When i saw a video of damage in cars like Ferrari and Lambos… i allready know that it will be very limited, and for God’s sake, i could live without damage in GT. But the way it are now, i think it’s ok.
    People expect too much from PD, look at Forza 3 damage, i think it’s ok for a sim game, good enought, but the damage system in GT 5 is close to the one we have in F3.

  56. Canadian STIG

    GT and FM deserve more damage capabilities and I’m sure they can produce damage the likes of which would be jawdropping. It seems GT\s damage is very close to FMs at the moment, but until manufacturing restrictions are discontinued then damage is going to remain the same on both parties. really. So is this the surprise from TGS? All 1000, oh wait, 950 cars have damage?? Not bad considering the news we’ve gotten.

    What will another 6 months (1/2 a year o_0) allow for P.D to do??

    PSN ID: oooSTIGooo

  57. caribbeantopdriver

    damage display here int too bad, it can pass, i can live with it, MORE IMOPORTANTLY, questions were raised at gamecom about all cars with cockpit views, that wasnt confirmed yet. they stated only a selected few rather than majority of cars would have it. clearification please kaz!!!

  58. stephen

    how on earth have PD managed to get at least some kind of damage on nearly 1000 cars! its just mindblowing! good work PD! can see why KAZ is a heavy smoker LOL with all the stuff included in GT5

  59. Zlimness

    Wow, just drop the car damage ambitions, PD. It looks awful. Just like every other GT but with scratched paint. Spend those resources on audio instead because the “generic lawn mower” sound file from GT1 is an insult to this Ferrari. You can get away with stuff like that for a Civic, but not Ferrari. Can’t believe they would spend all this time on making such a beautiful car model, and then making it sound like shit. Get our act together, PD!

  60. AutoAki

    Quite pathetic ‘damage’ in my opinion. If this type of damage-modelling is reason for delay of over year… it’s all for nothing.

    I dont even see damage-modelling so important than collision-physics modelling, and mechanical-damage, but I can clearly see in that clip, that specially collision-physics are sooo wrong modelled! In my opinion, it also talks about whole physics-code.

    That Ferrari should spin and fly from wall very differently. Just search race-car accidents from YouTube if youre not thinking same.

  61. jacksherer

    im for full damage – but theres a problem – cars are now built for safety ratings – so cars will crumple easy, from the small amount of online play with gt5p if full damage was on then noone would finish the race lol.
    ps how pissed would you be if someone shunts you and your airbags go off lol (does anyone use cockpit view? except chuck norris of course!)

  62. bob

    people complaining that only 1/5th of the cars will have “full damage” and the rest limited? i’m sure PD will do a great job even with the limitations, damage isn’t such a huge deal and the game will trump forza 3 in just about everyway including damage when its released, so just wait for gt6 before you expect ALL cars to have FULL damage, cause it was more then likely something they implemented late in the game, i just want them to improve the car sounds.

  63. GTracerRens

    The tires sound better than in GT5Prologue. The damage is fine like this. I hope there are cockpits for all cars…

  64. chris

    man putting damage in a game is fucking stupid, if they wasted 5 years just to put damage in a game then what a waste of time!!

  65. adam

    @mv006 I think you’re forgetting this is Gran Turismo. However I guess you could consider it half a job. And yeah I totally agree with African Kat too.

  66. The Masfer

    That is brilliant finally Ferrari damage.

    But because of everyone complaining about the game and the damage and about forza being better as a game (which it’s not). Has help back pd if no-one hade complained we would be having this game for Christmas so stop complaining about the release date you only have yourself to blame.

  67. mv006

    it looks great!! but i agree with “african kat”, i would expect that a ferrari (or any car) after a crash at 124 km/h (0:18) would be totaled, or almost unavailable to drive, not just a scratch. Still, i love it, and have been waiting this game for years!!!! common!!! march 2010!!! WTF!

  68. Rens

    I’m very happy with this news, not because the damage on the Ferrari was so great, but 5 minutes ago I thought there was no damage on street cars at all. PD is just making progress in little steps now. Obviously PD knows much, much more about the game than we all know together, and there is a reason for the march 2010 release. In my opinion this means PD has plans to greatly improve this game during the next couple of months. And it is very important to keep in mind that everything they show is certain to be in the game, everything they have not shown (yet) is not certain not te be in the game. It can only get better, this is good news, don’t make it sound like it is bad news.

  69. african kat

    PD just put in this scratch and scuff damage on street cars to avoid the bombardment of damage questions at release date – It looks really cheap.

    The Subaru damage should have more deformation and do away with the unrealistic flappy door/ bonnet syndrome.

    This is’nt what i come to expect from the perfectionists at PD. If there are manufacturer restrictions, rather do away with damage on street cars and perfect the damage model where allowed.

    Don’t drop standards PD!

  70. Madaz75

    Well.. If you ask me. Since Ferrari don’t want digital representations of their cars being all banged up in a game, Leave them out. Plenty of other manufacturers that we would love to see in a Gran Turismo title, like Maserati (Even though they too are owned by FIAT, as is Ferrari) and Lamborgini. I could certainly do with one less ‘Prima Donna’ manufacturer to have proper consequences for driving poorly. That said.. any word on ‘Variable Weather’, or ‘Real Time Lighting’? How many of us marveled at GT4’s 12 and 24 hour races that were entirely run in perfect sunny conditions???

  71. Dom

    This is pointless. I like to drive, not to crash my cars. The visual damage model is not really there, and I doubt we will see more than this in the final product. It’s still much better than swinging doors. On the other side, if PD would do it correct, the driver would be dead by the last impact.

    I would wait for a GT6 or 7 before having a crash system. It should look like this:

  72. F1P1

    Thanks for the suggestion pal. I am aware that rollovers were confirmed. What I said was that I was wondering if the threat of rolling over would ever exist. At this point, I’m finding it harder to believe that what’s been confirmed will actually exist eventually in the finished product. I do have faith, and am looking forward to seeing a demonstration video soon.

  73. Jack

    i wonder why the subaru didnt show these “scratches and stuff” aswell as the doors/bumpers coming loose. Those combined would look a lot better

  74. DaveTheStalker

    I was not DEMANDING damage until GT6. So thanks a ton you damage mongers for [partially] causing a half a fricken decade for this game!

  75. StogyBear

    Don’t wanna sound like a forza fanboy especially since I’ve never played it, but that is some unrealistic damage. I’d rather not have any damage at all than have a car fly into a wall at 70 mph and only get a few scratches on it. Forza at least has parts breaking and what not and so those NFS Shift.

    Hopefully it will be better in the full game but I doubt it. Wish we never had damage at all, we’d probably see a 2009 release.

  76. killanite


    Rollovers were also confirmed in GT5 (although not shown in the demo) if you cared to read the features list before making such comments.

  77. Nominatus

    Licensing issues? Er, Forza? So we get scuffs and scratches, in a 100mph crash? I’d rather have no damage at all. If it’s not going to be done properly, leave it out.

  78. Brett

    that damage looks sooo not real tho. very disapointed at this stage.
    they better make it alot better. so far GRID has best damage out.. even “driven to destruction” on ps2 has better damage

  79. EFFalcon

    I think the same applies to Forza 3, while i don’t want to make comparisons between the 2 games, after playing the demo the Ferrari’s definitely appear to have ‘limited’ damage.

  80. F1P1

    Wondering if the threat of rolling over will ever exist…like in real life. Or even have two wheels on one side of the car leave the ground while being bumped while cornering, etc. How real will the “Real Driving Simulator” in fact be? Things like that seem like they’d be reasonably easy to implement, if the physics engine is as close to real life as it’s supposed to be.

    Also, has anyone heard anything about the inclusion of motorcycles? My apologies if I missed any news about that in the recent months, but I haven’t heard them mentioned in a while. Was Tourist Trophy just a one off thing? I’m definitely more into cars than bikes (although I do follow MotoGP), but I enjoyed my experience with TT, and thought PD did a better job of simulating the handling of a bike than the other titles available. I would welcome the inclusion of motorcycles in GT5, not sure how much sense it would make though.

  81. GT50

    Perfection is unattainable. Be lucky you are getting GT5 as SOON as next March because with all the demands for perfect damage and perfect this and that I’m surprised the almighty KAZ hasn’t had a complete mental breakdown and destroyed to Polyphony labs in a fit of pure unrestrained rage.

  82. Vin

    This is interesting, as Ferrari vehicles also get damaged. Generally Ferrari disallows developers from showing their cars in damaged states, but PD seems to be an exception with Forza and the Ferrari-licenced FC game. Bravo, PD!

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