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Codemasters Releases Final Patch for F1 2016

F1 2016 5 Feb 2, 2017 by Calvin Kirstein

As Codemasters focuses on its 2017 game, the last patch is released for the outgoing title.

Lewis Hamilton: 'Simulators Are No Better Than Computer Games For Learning a Track'

The validity of intricate, professional-grade simulations is called into question by the F1 World Champion.

FM6: Ferrari 641 Screams Around Spa

Prost’s wailing V12 F1 racer is taken for a test drive around the great Belgian circuit.

Gran Turismo's "New Era" Begins: Full Coverage of GT5's Madrid Launch Party

I just got in from the Gran Turismo 5 launch party here in Madrid – packed with media representatives from around the world, it was a fitting way to celebrate the end of GT5’s long and dramatic development.

Nelson Piquet Jr. & Fernando Alonso Play GT5 Prologue

It’s always kind of interesting to find out that a celebrity shares your hobby for sim racing – especially when that celebrity competes in the highest level of international motorsport!… Read More »

The Coolest Racing Seat, Ever

Hardware 10 Mar 3, 2009 by Jordan Greer

Sim racers love their hobby, and we’ve seen some pretty impressive setups over the years (see our Racing Cockpits forum for more).  This, however, raises the bar to a completely… Read More »