The Coolest Racing Seat, Ever

March 3rd, 2009 by Jordan Greer

Ferrari F1 Racing Seat

Sim racers love their hobby, and we’ve seen some pretty impressive setups over the years (see our Racing Cockpits forum for more).  This, however, raises the bar to a completely new level – it’s a full size replica of a Ferrari F1 car wired up for video gaming, and it can be yours for £13,500 ($18,944 USD).  The mysterious model is actually listed for sale on a website where ‘real’ F1 cars can be bought and sold, but this one substitutes a PlayStation 2 in place of a V10.  Yes, that’s right – more than $18,000 and you don’t even get a PlayStation 3!

Of course, it does come fitted with “play Station 2 steering wheel and pedals”, and they even throw in a copy of F1 ’06.  That’s nice, but it does make you why the owner wouldn’t splurge for a PS3 and a copy of GT5 Prologue…  Regardless, this mother-of-all racing seats includes the necessities like real mirrors, seat belts, and slick tires.  Information is scarce, and the seller can only be contacted by proxy which makes it even more difficult to find out more about this ridiculous toy – it will probably take $18,944 to find out. Check out the full listing and place your order right here.

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  1. Mar. 6, 2:25pm

    Galleria Ferrari in Maranello, Italy has these cars since years. The have playstation inside and are there for kids to play. This one probably comes from there.

  2. Mar. 5, 12:41am

    @PJ: No, it doesn’t have any force feedback that I can tell, and as Watevaman pointed out, for the same amount of money you can get a pretty serious cockpit to “slap you in the face”. I think that makes the origins of this thing all the more mysterious…who would spend that kind of money on something when they could get so much more? Perhaps it’s someone who is too spoiled to realize what is actually out there? As I said, we may never know…

    @bigracer: I know what you mean, GT isn’t about F1 cars, but you’ve got to admit it’s pretty great to have these as options. Can you imagine a full F1 game produced by Polyphony Digital? It would be incredible…

  3. Mar. 4, 6:35pm
    bigracer aka steven

    To me, Gran Turismo is about GT cars. An F1 car has absolutely nothing to do with that. A GT car would be some Ferrari (tho not a too recent one), an Aston Martin, a Porsche. So I’d say skip all true racing cars from the game and bring in more Gran Turismo cars :)

  4. Mar. 3, 10:48pm

    Oh come on. You can buy sim cockpits for that price that slap you in the face if you even tap a wall. This is just a cheap car that doesn’t work.

  5. Mar. 3, 8:25pm

    That plus a big screen and an F2007 at suzuka would make my life. Does it work at all? Vibrations when you crash? Nothing? Just a paper machete ferrari f1 with a wheel in it?

  6. Mar. 3, 2:01pm

    I thought of the same thing! but I’m not mad because I thought of other ideas too.

  7. Mar. 3, 6:48am

    I bet people who buy stuff like this aren’t interested in a cheap second hand car.
    It’s more like a choice between a new watch or this ;)

  8. Mar. 3, 5:31am

    Also at that price I could buy a good second hand car and insure it. Thats a total waste of money

  9. Mar. 3, 5:29am

    why call it a seat when its a full bif my ofa was designed like that I wouldnt have much room in my living roomlown car designed for playing console games with.

  10. Mar. 3, 3:33am

    INSANITY!!! I’d love to put a Logitech G25 in there and load up the F2007 on Suzuka. A giant projection screen in the front of it would do the trick as well.

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