Nelson Piquet Jr. & Fernando Alonso Play GT5 Prologue


It’s always kind of interesting to find out that a celebrity shares your hobby for sim racing – especially when that celebrity competes in the highest level of international motorsport!  Renault Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet, Jr. gave lots of Gran Turismo fans something to smile about when he recently posted the above picture to Twitter from what appears to be his apartment in Monaco.  As you can see, he’s at Suzuka East with the “racing line” enabled – needless to say, that’s something that’s earned him some friedly jibes in our forums!  Regardless, Nelson embraces the web, and communicates frequently via Twitter about everything he’s doing – it’s worth following him at @NelsonPiquet_ (you can follow @GTPlanetNews, too!).

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Formula 1 star behind the wheel of a Gran Turismo game.  Nelson’s teammate and two-time F1 World Champion, Fernando Alonso, played Prologue (at High Speed Ring) against some lucky Spanish gamer last year.

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  1. Correction

    besides his PS3 there is Grid so he plays Grid too lol! The car is left side drive so it’s not japanese car!

  2. TheTruth

    I would like to know which car was driven Nelshino in that picture.

    If i know which car is i´d try beat the time mark in the screen i thing is 1.09.357

  3. TheTruth

    I agree that is unfair for Nelsinho dont recieve the upgrades for the car as the same time as Alonso, but when he had exactly the same upgrates, Alonso still faster than he, and make better races than Nelsinho.

    The situation in Mclaren was weird, because the first half of the season the team support more Fernando Alonso, then the second half of the season they start support Hamilton, and sadly left Fernando Alonso alone, and there are guest that indicates the car of Alonso by that time were inferior than Hamiltons. I dont believe Dennis give equal cars for both pilots, in the last 2 season we can see this with Kovalainen…

  4. Correction

    @occasionalracer… Nelsinho had his first race with the same car as Alonso in Hungary. Hamilton had Dennis to not let this happen so in Mclaren days both drivers had to wait until the team had parts for both cars to start using them. This is the reason Alonso left he felt he need to get everything first and in Renault poor Nelsinho can feel the pain Hamilton almost did! To cars with same name but one over 8 tenths faster than the other did a huge damage to Nelsinho!

  5. occasionalracer

    thanks walsall for correcting that pretty incorrect statement about the Massa accident. I didn’t even know about the whole wheel thing since I watched only the last 20 laps when I woke up and then I heard something afterwards about Renault being banned for next race because of loose part and I was doing something else and just thought it was about the spring. But I don’t know then how I came to the conclusion it was Alonsos car? Anyway thanks and I do hope they give Piquet one more run at it, must be a pretty devastating feeling to go out like that.

  6. walsall fc


    massa’s accident was not to do with fernando alonso! it was the Brawn GP car of Rubens Barrichello that had caused the spring to hit Massa’s helmet in qualifying yesterday! renault is banned because the pit crew allowed alonso to continue the race with a loose wheel-if i read ur comment wrong then im sorry but it sounds like ur pointing at alonso for massa’s accident

  7. occasionalracer

    Nelson Piquet likely had his last race actually in Hungary. He’s had a bad season despite having the same car setup as Alonso. He may be replaced by a GP2 driver by next race. Also Renault is banned from the next race in Italy following the spring that came off Alonsos car which hit Massa in the helmet giving him skull fractures in Q3. Get better soon Massa!!

  8. Correction

    if you see in the pit area it’s written Nelsinho Piquet and thats how he is called in Brazil too! even this guy with all the money he has he got the 360 arcade that’s just to show why the 360 is selling more than the PS3!

  9. caribbean topdriver

    anyone notice there is a xbox 360 controller on th table near his feet? i bet all the money in my pocket it int working

  10. caribbean topdriver

    i got a lil bored of gt5p, tru the fact that there isnt many modding factors, so i went on my journey to a local and very popular gaming store in barbados ( where i live ) to settle my cravings for some driving/ tunning/ gaming sorta action, found two racing games…… 1. simulator.. ferrari challenge and midnightclub los angeles, i wasted 200 dollars on those games, i am back on prologue now…. no other game gives u that real life experience like prologue do… especially with the g25 steering wheel… long live granturismo.

  11. S_M_91

    well thats fair enough! the media never listens-they mostly blow things out of proportions-they are out there to stretch the limits and get away with it such as the sun! i refer to him as nelson piquet anyway

  12. Monkeyskater

    @ S_M_91 + correction + anyone else debating this

    Nelson said at the start of the year he wanted to be known simply as Nelson Piquet. But, as you said, no one has took any notice, not even the media.

  13. S_M_91


    well tell that to BBC F1 who have been using nelson piquet jnr in this years formula 1 season and ITV F1 last year! just stop being arrogant! he didnt make it up ok

  14. Monkeyskater

    What you cant see in the pic is Flavio Briatore behind him with a bat waiting for him to fall off the racing line. Now thats good management! :)

  15. overdrive

    @terronium-12 – blake

    totally off-topic but I’m surprised for always seeing such good vibes and camaraderie in this website; congrats to you two! Luckily you’ll be seeing me on the forums on the next days so, farewell people. Cheers to you Jordan, creator and mentor of all of those good practices (I’ve been a passive user of the forums and news section for almost a year now, but never contributed -guess it’s time to change that-).

  16. Mr Latte

    Also a reminder if your a world recognised driver and you take a photo of yourself playing, particulary by not taking the racing line off, it would be an idea at least to actually be on the racing line.

    Sorry Nelson

  17. Blake


    Thanks mate, I was a little snappy myself, guess we are all on edge these days lol


    lol, would not surprise at all, might just be a little slide or something though. he is getting better though

  18. Terronium-12

    @ Blake

    My humblest apologies then. I’ve just grown used to people attacking anything for any reason these days.

  19. Blake

    @ SM91

    yeah that’s exactly what I meant. I was going for the subtle joke, must have been too subtle lol

  20. S_M_91

    @ Blake

    well i thought u meant when he usually crashes during races, and used GT5 prologue so he doesnt have his car damaged lol-is that what you are refering to?

  21. Blake


    Take off your fanboy glasses for a minute, not everything is Forza vs GT. I was commenting on Nelson tendency to crash as apposed “Forza has damage, GT does not”

  22. Terronium-12


    Spam sandwiches don’t taste very good.

    On topic, I wonder if Nelson or Alonso know something we don’t?

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