Gran Turismo’s “New Era” Begins: Full Coverage of GT5’s Madrid Launch Party

I just got in from the Gran Turismo 5 launch party here in Madrid – packed with media representatives from around the world, it was a fitting way to celebrate the end of GT5’s long and dramatic development. Here’s what I learned:

  • Yamauchi announced that the launch of Gran Turismo 5 marks the beginning of a “new era” for the GT series. GT5 will be regularly updated and expanded in the coming weeks and months, and there are apparently many exciting things in store for us.
  • The first United States GT Academy was just announced last week, and now there will be yet another GT Academy for SCEE regions! Stay tuned for the official announcement.
  • I had the privilege of personally meeting Kazunori Yamauchi. Having followed his work so closely for more than a decade, this was an amazing honor. I found him to be kind, friendly, and humble as he thanked me for my support of the franchise throughout the delays.
  • I was also fortunate to meet and talk with Kazunori’s infamous translator, popularly known as “Translator-san”. He was also kind and pleasant to talk with, and if you’re playing the US version of the game, he’s the one responsible for most of the English translations throughout the menus.
  • Why does Ferrari have the only F1 car in the game? While talking to a marketing representative for one of the manufacturers in GT5, I finally received an answer to this perplexing question. It all comes down to licensing and Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone. He commands control of the licensing for all of the cars in the series, with the exception of Ferrari. For reasons known only to Bernie and Ferrari, they have a special provision in their F1 contract which allows them to license their cars to whomever they please.
  • I chatted with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe executive James Armstrong, who laughed when I reminded him of his accurate prediction that Gran Turismo 5 would launch this fall (I picked up his comments to a newspaper in the Canary Islands thanks to a local tipster). He mused, “Really, I just got lucky that time!”

Take a look at this first batch of pictures from the event – I’ll upload more (along with video) shortly. Tomorrow, I’ll be participating in Kazunori Yamauchi’s first post-GT5 question & answer session. I have a lengthy list of things to ask, but as always I expect our time to be limited and I will prioritize them as best I can. Stay tuned!

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  1. James

    Hey Jordan can you please ask about our games save files?I am using another PS3 because mine is broken and would like to transfer my game save over when i get my new PS3.I really don’t wont to lose 20+hours of gaming as of now.

    1. therealgriff

      I believe It has been stated already that save files are encrypted and can not be transferred for ps3 to ps3.

    2. James

      I know that.I want him to ask if they are planning on removing the copyright protection on it so i will be able to use it when i get my PS3

  2. Schumito

    All… forget it to have all the F1 cars in GT. It is impossible. I am a devoted follower of Formula 1 and I can assure you that Ecclestone will give nothing out for “free”. Codemasters have the rights for F1 2010 and do not expect anything else. It would have been great to have F1 in GT but considering how Posh and High Class F1 is considered, Ecclestone will never leave F1 cars race on all the tracks Kaz decides to include in the game… F1 cars on F1 tracks.

  3. XBL_Harrold

    Was really disappointed when i went to gamestop to buy GT5. It isn’t out on the XBOX360 guys!! So hopefully he will say something about the release of the x360 version this week.

    Fingers crossed.


    1. infamousDee

      Gran Turismo will never be released for XBOX360. The company that develops the game, Polyphony Digital, is owned by Sony.


      Dude, Gran Tursimo will never be released on the Xbox, it belongs to Sony, its not a multi-platform game. I suggest you go out and buy a PS3 along with the game.

  4. tyl0r_r

    MYSTERY SOLVED? Translator-San’s real name should be somewhere in the localization credits if this story is true! :D

  5. Kingchesh

    Just been on gran turismo official website. They are having problems with the amount of traffic that’s why gt5 has been working extremely slow . Sometimes it’s take 2nd 3 mins to load anything up . They have said not to sign into psn network and play the game . This should stop any long delays. They said they are working on it and hope to have it sorted so.
    Could anyone let me know how to start a mew topic please

  6. MikePL

    Jordan, please ask the man to take his translator San, go to GTP Forums and check out the First Impressions thread. It may inspire him to think of some updates already.

    1. occasionalracer

      Oh man, we just got an entire new game, and here are peeps who want more more more. Damn I for one hope just surprises us without any forewarning for some of these updates.

  7. Paul Mc

    Wow thar look insane! Ferrari 458 is gorgeous looking.

    Only had an hour or so with the game. It’s great.

    I’m a bit annoyed that the signature edition is not numbered. Loses a bit of value. Oh well.

  8. seinfeld

    That is very cool that they have a full size X1. I wonder if Red bull and Adrian Newey take that car seriously and are developing it, wind tunnel testing etc.
    Wouldn’t it be amazing if that actually turned a few laps at Spa or something. Amazing if it were to happen. Not to mention the race to get a car like this running and blowing F1 times out of the water.

    I guess what I am trying to say is I really want this to happen so F1 gets some enthusiasm in the FIA / Engineering departments to keep pushing the design, as we have had this type of F1 car for quite some time now. The wings have changed, But all we have is the same Mid engine, Conventional engine/ Gearbox. And aero that has been used in essence since down force was used in the 90’s properly

    1. Sparty McFly

      Chances are the X1 is non-functioning.

      Seinfeld, no matter if you’re the show or the man or whatever, but I think it would be very difficult to get the X1. The description in the YouTube video says that at full throttle it pulls 8Gs, which is probably more than a fighter jet pilot pulling a knife-edge turn (or equal to that). Not to mention the fact it has a 450 km/h top speed, which would make it very difficult to handle.

      Pilots (not drivers, pilots) would probably need specialized training and require fighter jet G-suits and g-force training, not to mention there may have to be limiters placed due to the fact that an untrained man would black out from the force of full throttle.

      However, it would be very cool. A Formula X1 league would be awesome to watch, but it would get really bad PR if somebody died. Or crashed.

  9. idlestation

    So many beautiful cars.. all in one place. No one would notice if one went missing rite? muwhaha

    Bernie Ecclestone *shakes fist* :K

  10. Foxiol

    Amazing!! Also my Signature Edition finally arrives at this moment and the game is installing…woo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  11. PlayGT5tilludie

    Great job Jordan! I will certainly keep visiting this site now the game is out.
    Nice to have confirmation on DLC as well, because honestly the game does kinda need it…
    And the event looks huge btw, didn’t expect it to be so massive!

  12. Crazy88

    Can’t wait for some of the updates and this is a game which needs them. Absolutely loving the game but some issues need addressing.

    Long live gt5

  13. CanAm1968

    Jordan – Great job my friend! I am absolutely jealous of you going to what seems like such a wonderful event AND meet Kaz in person. Thats on my personal bucket list. Interesting to hear about only Ferrari’s exclusive inclusion of F1 cars in GT5…especially with Team Red Bull precense in the game!

    I am very excited to hear updates will be coming down the pike soon. I think it will be much less painful to wait for GT6 with this news…at least one can hope! Keep up the awesome work Jordan…as many eyes and ears are upon you :)

  14. Apollo

    I’m glad to hear they’ll be updating GT5. I think it makes sense to keep it updated and target GT6 for the new PS4 hardware, so maybe they can actually release it with the console in a couple years! :-)

    And that ‘party’ looks like so much fun! You’re a lucky guy!!

    1. Benny44

      I thought Kaz said earlier that he was releasing GT6 for the PS3? I know he said the premiums were detailed enough for PS4 but again, I was sure I read GT6 would be for PS3.

    1. Brett

      Well it could be improved. But I think it would be cool for him to see what cars the fans want the most and put them in the game.

    1. opelgt1969

      Jordan, If you get to have a question/answer session could you find out what happened to the “Get a Head start on GT5 with GT5P” (not being able to download anything from GT5P) Happy Thanksgiving I’ll eat some BIRD for you.
      Have a safe trip home.

    2. kekke2000

      Didnt you take a picture with you and Kaz? That would be awesome to see, even though I dont know who you are or how you look it would be cool to see GTP and PD officially meet.

    1. ZR1Driviera

      I hope the online servers aren’t under so much load tomorrow. Every time I try to join a race I get disconnected from the server. I haven’t had a chance to get into an online race yet! I’m looking forward to those updates too :). Hope they include some of the obvious omissions like all the missing Caddy’s. See you all on the track!

  15. Vitor

    About the F1 licensing issue, i’m not so sure about that the limitations are so clear (only ferrari allowed) myself.
    I mean, there is a brand new Williams in iRacing, and there are also versions of the (then) BMW Sauber cars in rFactor and LiveForSpeed, and those were released during the life of the current Concorde Agreement
    The lack of other F1 machines may have been an issue with Sony itself, or the unwillingness of other teams (or Ferrari) to have their cars compare unfavourably to those of other teams.

    1. Jordan

      Yeah, the actual agreements are surely much more nuanced. I’m not sure if it would be wise for me to reveal exactly which manufacturer this individual represented, but they also run a very famous F1 team which, according to him, desperately wanted their F1 cars in GT5.

    2. little_alien

      Codemasters Secured the exclusive licience to F1 for 3 years, to delevelop F1 2010. as such apart from Ferarri who have the get out clause all the other tems are subject to abide by that agreement made with the Owner of F1 rights and liciences Bernie Ecclestone. Simples.

      shame though.


      Thanks very much for the updates, I was following your tweeter while my GT5 installed, the game is amazing. Jordan, you don’t have to tell, I think I have a pretty good idea of what the manufacturer is, one of its cars graces the cover of an awesome game. I’m not surprised companies want their cars in the GT series, except Porsche for some odd reason.

  16. The_real_Quan_Ngo

    Wow! I am surprised how few comments there are right now. I bet everyone is Gaming Out! Thanks for the updates.

    1. Bernd

      Of course, everyone is struggling now to reach a higher Level. Just yesterday I reached 14, now I’m “worthy” to participate in Gran Turismo World (last of the Profi races).
      I should accomplish the last license today, and I’m hoping to reach Level 20 this weekend :D

    1. Sam

      Is that Jaime Alguersuari?

      The event looks awesome, meanwhile Im sitting here waiting for Sony to send me a copy of GT5 as promnised after making GT Academy…..I think I may just go out and buy a copy grrrrrr.

    2. unoc

      Isn’t unexpected given FIA and Bernie’s ‘special’ relationship with ferrari… Ferrari have always been there, and no matter where they finish they will always recieve 100 million no matter what. Thats double the prize for winning the winning team (WCC). Ferrari have team orders there is not enough proof, ferrair have data given to mclaren, mclaren are fined 100 million. Ferrari say they may leave F1, f1 decides they will be ferraris bitch.

      Makes sense why the redbull isn’t in the game. I thought bernie only had them for 2 years. Glad there are 2 ferraris though.. better than just one type.. + it’s raikkonen’s ferrari..

    3. little_alien

      its because the F1 / FIA licience went to its own game Called F1 2010.

      Codemasters would have had an Exclusivity clause put in their rights to the game to stop anyone else encroaching on the narrow lines of that game.

    4. brainfade

      Bernie Ecclestone is not a nice man at all…. but its actually true, theres no point in my opinion, of GT trying to encroach towards an F1 game, it will cost too much and they WILL be force to release and unfinished game like F1 2010

    5. marchy

      Remember F1 2006 and the PS3 Championship Edition? They were developed under SONY`s own Liverpool Studio. SONY had the F1 franchise on the PS2/PSP for many years. But Bernie wants a bigger pie and makes the game available on ALL platforms. Of course SONY wouldn`t do it. So a switch to a more `neutral` developer was necessary.

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