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GTPlanet Community Meetup in Austin, Texas, this Thursday for the 2012 US Grand Prix

Meet, eat, and grab a drink with other GTPlanet community members, 10pm this Thursday at Opal Divine’s Freehouse.

GTPlanet Extension Now Available for Google Chrome

It’s now easier than ever for Google Chrome users to stay on top news from the “world of Gran Turismo”, with GTPlanet’s new free browser extension!

GTPlanet Stands Against SOPA & PIPA

Disturbing laws are being proposed in the U.S. Congress which threaten the Internet we know and love, including GTPlanet and communities like it. Find out how you can help stop them.

GTPlanet Forums Reach Over 5 Million Posted Messages

The GTPlanet community reaches a significant milestone with over 5 million messages posted.

GTPlanet Celebrates 10 Years Online: Thank You!

Happy birthday, GTPlanet! Learn about where we came from, where we’ve been, and where we’re going in 2011 and beyond.

GTPlanet at GT5's Madrid Launch Event, Yamauchi Q&A

Get ready for complete coverage of the international Gran Turismo 5 Launch Party via GTPlanet, live from Madrid all week long!

Tuned Car Trades, Snow Ruts & More in GT5 Magazine Features

A stream of interesting tidbits have been trickling into our Gran Turismo 5 forum today via several new magazine articles – and don’t miss PSM3 magazine’s interview with me, GTPlanet’s founder.

A New GTPlanet

Site Announcements 2 Dec 1, 2007 by Jordan

For years, I’ve always had a hard time updating the main page of the site. Our previous software was clunky and out of date, and posting new articles was a… Read More »