GTPlanet Celebrates 10 Years Online: Thank You!

January 25th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Ten years ago, GTPlanet first made its appearance on the web. Since that time, it’s grown to a scale far beyond what I could have ever imagined and, in the process, has made a profound influence on my life’s work and interests. Though the site remains a one-man show behind the scenes, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has played a role in the success of this community over the years. From the earliest users, such as Fangio, Talentless, and Misnblu, whose participation encouraged me to keep working on the site, to insiders like Amar212 who have provided amazing insight into the future of the GT series, to my awesome forum moderation staff and our Premium users, GTPlanet has grown into a passionate community which I am proud to be part of and humbled to lead. Once again, thank you.

Now, let’s take a look at where we came from, where we’ve been, and where we’re going:

Before GTPlanet

You could say it actually all started with the technology cable channel ZDTV (also known as TechTV). I was completely enamored with their programming, and the knowledge I gained from shows such as Call for Help and The Screen Savers – hosted by charismatic tech guru Leo Laporte – quickly turned me into a computer geek. I was particularly fascinated by the web, and I knew I wanted a site to call my own. I wasn’t interested in a generic home page, though – I wanted something that would be useful – something that people would be interested in – but I was stumped on what that topic would be.

It wasn’t until January 12, 2000, while staring at the blank “create new site” page of the now-defunct MSN Groups service, when it occurred to me to build a site about my favorite video game, Gran Turismo 2. I put up some car lists, track lists, opened a message board, and – much to my surprise – a few people found it and started posting. One year later, it had grown to the second-largest community in MSN’s “Video Game” category, with thousands of messages and hundreds of registered users.

2001: The Beginning

I learned a lot, but was held back by the confines of the hosted MSN service. My family pushed me to expand to a “real site”, and helped me settle on the “GTPlanet” name. (Why the .net? was already owned at the time by a Singapore-based e-commerce site, “Gifts & Toys Planet”, and I loved the name enough to compromise on the less-popular .net domain name extension. It wasn’t until 2007 when I was able to finally acquire the expiring .com name and redirect it to this site.)

On January 25, 2001, the name was registered and I quickly got to work. With the kind help of web developer Corey Breitfelder (who I’ve since lost contact with – if you’re reading this, Corey, I’d love to hear from you), I launched the GTPlanet Forums on May 14, 2001 with this rather unceremonious post, and began transitioning the original MSN community members over to the new site.

At first, the “main site” and the forums had different looks (I’m not sure why I thought that was a good idea), which you can see below. I was inspired for the “main” design by, which still carries its original look and feel. You’ll notice their site’s logo is paired with a relevant image in the header – it’s a theme I have continued with each iteration of GTPlanet’s design since the beginning.

After reaching the milestone of 1,000 registered members in August of 2001, the site received two more visual revisions before the end of the year.


With the launch of the Gran Turismo Concept games in 2002, GTPlanet also began to grow in scale and notoriety. In a feature on the site in the May 2002 issue of Sport Compact Car magazine, the editors said they found GTPlanet’s knowledge of the GT series “intimidating in its nerd-like scope and obsession”. Grab the full “article” right here.


GTPlanet and I were featured in Huw Evan’s book, “The Cars of Gran Turismo”, with a discussion regarding the growth of the online community around the Gran Turismo series.


With the launch of Gran Turismo 4, GTPlanet saw another very strong period of growth and expansion. More enthusiasts than ever before searched the web for more information on the game and sought out other fans online. They found them in our forums and joined our online time-trial competitions such as the Weekly Race Series.

I also designed and released the site’s current “planet” logo, but, until now, have never explained the meaning behind it. “GTPlanet” is, of course, made up of people around the world – hence the profile of Earth’s continents – and each of the dots represents a member of the community. Like the dots, we’re close, but still physically separated by the Internet. Ultimately, what brings and keeps us together is the Gran Turismo series, represented by the outer ring.


The popularity of Gran Turismo 4 and the release of Gran Turismo HD on the PlayStation 3 helped the GTPlanet Forums soar past 100,000 registered users and 2.5 million posted messages.


With Gran Turismo 5 rumors floating around our forums and the web, I knew I needed to do a better job organizing and digesting GT news with a re-launch of the GTPlanet News blog that you’re reading here. I kicked things off with new blogging software and began posting regular updates whenever possible. It has been a very popular addition to the site, now read by hundreds of thousands of people per month. Strong interest in GT5 helped the site continue to grow, as our forums became the rapidly-moving epicenter of news and rumors surrounding the game.

GTPlanet had two particularly awesome opportunities in 2010: at GamesCom, two of our representatives, “Famine” and “Venari”, sat down to interview GT series creator Kazunori Yamauchi for the first time. A few months later, GTPlanet was also invited to the international Gran Turismo 5 launch party in Madrid, Spain, where I had the honor of personally meeting Yamauchi-san myself.

I’m also very proud of our community’s response to GTPlanet’s philanthropic efforts in 2010: thanks to your help, we raised more than $1,000 to fight pancreatic cancer.

2011 and Beyond

2010 was GTPlanet’s best year yet, having served over 5.5 million unique visitors and 100 million page views. Our forums are now home to 169,000 registered users who have posted more than 4.3 million messages – amazing numbers that I never would have imagined ten years ago.

The online functionality introduced in GT5 finally ushers in a new era for Gran Turismo, and I am more excited than ever about the future of the series and our site. I’m cooking up new features to ensure GTPlanet is even more useful in 2011, as we help Polyphony Digital work towards building the truly “ultimate” driving simulator. Here’s to the next decade!

Photomode image by TheStig13.

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  1. Jan. 28, 12:50am


    Thanks Jordan!

  2. Jan. 27, 9:11pm


  3. Jan. 27, 6:37pm

    This is just awesome, well done.

    Or, look at it this way… we’re all 10 years older :-(

  4. Jan. 27, 4:07pm
    Super T

    Congratulations on your 10th birthday GTPlanet.

    I found this place looking for tuning tips for GT4 and found a whole lot more… Found the weekly race series and have been hooked ever since.

    I think misnblu said it all in the link to your first gtplanet post “*You rock Jordan. *”


  5. Jan. 27, 10:18am

    Congratulations! Happy birthday GTPlanet
    Thank you Jordan for everything ;)

  6. Jan. 27, 9:11am

    Thanks for everything and congrats Jordan. You kept us together since gt2 and kept us updated through the entire long wait for gt5. Congratulations and thanks for everything.

  7. Jan. 27, 6:29am
    Tenacious D

    I know I’m late to the party, but I wanted to add to what was said above. You’ve accomplished so much, and have a lot to be proud of. And doing it in support of the greatest racing franchise in gaming history has to be pretty darn satisfying, being the one to host for this rowdy bunch of fans.

    Here’s to being the one place we go to watch for those oncoming updates to our favorite racer, while we wait for Gran Turismo to bump up a number. And hopefully to be done with Kaz-sensei’s strange experiments in game design. ;D

  8. Jan. 27, 5:58am

    The only Enthusia forum..!! The 0NLY place to discuss Enthusia !!

    Thanks much, J0RDAN !! CHEERS !!

  9. Jan. 27, 4:58am

    Congrat’s from the GTHQ gang!
    Keep it coming man!

  10. Jan. 27, 3:48am

    Congratulations, Jordan. This is by far my most-visited site on the net :D

  11. Jan. 27, 3:15am

    You did a great job, good luck in the coming years :)

  12. Jan. 26, 10:45pm

    I was a big fan of ‘The Screen Savers’. But it started going off the rails when they changed the name to “Attack of the Show”, and then all the original presenters disappeared, until it finally collapsed into something that looks like some kind of horrible award ceremony. I think it might still be limping along in that form.

  13. Jan. 26, 10:22pm

    Great job Jordan!

  14. Jan. 26, 8:33pm

    Gongratulations !

    I’m very proud of be part of this party !
    Go far and beyond to the 20 years… if the world doens’t blow up.

  15. Jan. 26, 8:31pm

    WOW!! I didn’t realize that the site was up that long congrats on this achievement, and i hope GT Planet will still be around in another 10 years, and everyone here will still be playing Gran Turismo Games.

  16. Jan. 26, 8:15pm

    Yes I was waiting for this to come, Congratulations mr. Jordan, and for all your help. I wish i was there when your site was like that, YAY! And happy 10th anniversary. :D

  17. Jan. 26, 7:53pm

    Congratulations Jordan!

    Thanks for all the efforts and the love! Thanks to the mods (scaff, famine, daan etc) and to our insider Amar!

  18. Jan. 26, 7:01pm

    E P I C !!!

  19. Jan. 26, 6:58pm
    EAGLE 5


  20. Jan. 26, 6:52pm

    awesome success story man… keep up the good work and hope u get in touch with the dude who helped u put this together

  21. Jan. 26, 6:47pm

    I first visited this site in 2005, but I haven´t been that very active.

  22. Jan. 26, 6:20pm
    guidance is internal

    Jordan, you’re the glue that holds all us GT fans together.
    & Thanks for all the info. Without GTPlanet, I’d rarely know “whats up” !

  23. Jan. 26, 5:06pm

    Three times hurray for Jordan and GTPlanet!!!

    But, seriously, this site is indeed the ultimate GT community, and I foresee the future indeed very bright for this site,

    Keep going!!!

  24. Jan. 26, 4:34pm

    Soo jordan is a fanboy?

  25. Jan. 26, 4:30pm

    Congrats GTPlanet and Jordan!

  26. Jan. 26, 4:04pm


    I just wanna to say Thank you man. The site and the forum are amazing, a trully awesome job by you. And long live for the next 10 years!

    Best Regards from Brasil.

    • Jan. 26, 4:41pm

      And long live for the next 10 years!
      …When GT6’s pending release date is announced :-D

  27. Jan. 26, 3:57pm

    Thanks for everything GTPlanet!!! Looking forward to the future!

  28. Jan. 26, 3:46pm

    Great write-up! It’s good to know how GTPlanet has developed in the last decade, and amazing to see just how much it has grown.
    Congratulations and thank you for your contributions to such a great website. Here’s for the next 10 years!

  29. Jan. 26, 3:18pm

    Wow! The Screen Savers!! I forgot all about that show. I used to watch it all the time. Ahhhh…brings back some memories. Anyway, congrats Jordan and GTP. Although I’ve only been a “sign in” member for a short time compared to others on here this site has always been my source for news and information on GT4 and now GT5.

  30. Jan. 26, 2:47pm

    Congratulations Guys!!! Job well done, I’ve been here off and on since 2005. GT4 tournaments were the thing for me while I was on here often then. Hope that GT continues and this site continues to follow it. Cheers, here’s to many more years following GT and PD and autos in general.

  31. Jan. 26, 2:46pm
    Sparty McFly

    Congratulations, GTPlanet! Sorry I didn’t get a present… but still, happy birthday!

  32. Jan. 26, 2:17pm

    congratulations and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  33. Jan. 26, 1:55pm

    best GT site on the planet!


    just think, we can celebrate your 20th by announcing the street date for GT6 ;)

  34. Jan. 26, 1:30pm



    to Polyphony Digital: please add Ferrari FXX :(

  35. Jan. 26, 12:57pm

    Congratulations! Loved the 2012 joke btw

  36. Jan. 26, 12:38pm

    Congratulations !!!! Its great to be a member here. Best forums on Earth!

  37. Jan. 26, 12:35pm
    Siju Thomas

    Congrats! Great to be part of the 10th year at GTP.

  38. Jan. 26, 12:25pm

    Woohooo! 10 Years! Congratulations, Jordan. This was a great read and your perseverance has paid off. Sites come and go on the Web all the time and only a dedicated leader can keep one going for ten years.

    Feels like this needs some sort of party, physical or virtual. Perhaps all real-life meetups acn be scheduled on the same date so everyone in attendance can at least compete online.

  39. Jan. 26, 12:16pm

    Congrats. I’ve been looking at this site for about 2 years before i joined over Christmas and i believe it’s probably the best fan site on the web! I wonder what else we’ll see in the next 10 years?

  40. Jan. 26, 11:45am

    Congrats GTPlanet! Been a member since in 2001, can’t believe I’m one of those who joined since the very beginning. The games have actually been more enjoyable because of this amazing community. Looking forward to the next decade!

  41. Jan. 26, 11:42am

    Great Job Jordan I love your news blog, it’s very cutting edge and informative. I always start my GTP forum adventure by comming here first…. :)

  42. Jan. 26, 11:41am

    Congratulations!! And Happy Birthday!For 10 or more years to come!

  43. Jan. 26, 11:39am

    Congrats gtplanet:)

  44. Jan. 26, 11:19am

    Congratulations!! I’m glad to be part (as a bit in a desert) of your great accomplishment. Very inspirational, thank you very much for this great site.

  45. Jan. 26, 11:11am

    Many Happy Returns to you and congratulations on developing such an amazing site. I could not do without it!!

  46. Jan. 26, 10:46am

    10 years already! I’ve only been part of the forum since GT4 was released. It’s good to see how it has come along of the years though.

    And hopefully 10 more happy years here at GTP you guys do a great job along with the members also.

  47. Jan. 26, 10:16am

    I don’t celebrate birthdays, but great job Jordan! I’m glad I’ve been a part of this community for 2 years now. And even though this site has the most critical members around, I still appreciate Jordans work. So to all GTP members keep being a car enthusiast until you get old :tup: :)

  48. Jan. 26, 9:53am
    Markus Vhane

    Congrats to Jordan and to all of us GTPlanet members and GT series fans.

    • Jan. 26, 10:19am

      Thanks for helping to support my unhealthy GT addiction!

  49. Jan. 26, 9:53am

    Congrats Jordan!

  50. Jan. 26, 9:10am

    thanks jordan!

  51. Jan. 26, 9:08am

    Wow, where did those years go! Have to admit I joined in 2002 after GTF collapsed, but so glad I did. Had some great times and great memories. Thanks Jordan, it must have taken some had work and dedication.

  52. Jan. 26, 8:52am

    Congratulations Jordan, and thank you for creating this website. Though I may not be a huge poster on the forums, I do check in to see whats new every morning when having my coffee. All the best and continued success.

  53. Jan. 26, 8:50am

    Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!

  54. Jan. 26, 8:45am

    Well, all the congrats, all the pageviews, all the members, are just a payment for the excelent and hard work on the website. Here goes one more:

    As a graphic designer, I’ve always like the GTPlanet logo, for it simplicity, cleanness and beauty. But I’ve never stop to try to understand it. After the explanation, I like it now even more! :)

  55. Jan. 26, 8:27am
    David Huang

    Happy birthday !!!!
    And congrats for next upcoming 10th Anniversary
    The world best internet ” GT GAME Website ”
    Connect the global gamer and share the
    Passion of GT racing.

    David / hawk201

  56. Jan. 26, 8:00am

    Happy Birthday very interesting look back to before I was a member.

  57. Jan. 26, 7:56am

    Thanks for all the fish!

    Good reading. Happy Birthday.

  58. Jan. 26, 7:53am

    CONGRDIOLATIONS !!!! you are the best !!!

  59. Jan. 26, 7:28am

    Happy Birthday GTPlanet!

  60. Jan. 26, 6:37am

    Great read, Jordan. Looking at those old screenshots brings back some memories. (Member since ’02)

    Congrats, and keep up the good work. :)

  61. Jan. 26, 6:27am

    Congrats and thank you for all the work you put into keeping this site running smoothly.

  62. Jan. 26, 6:26am

    Congratulations on the landmark! GTPlanet’s 10th Anniversary would always have been something worth noting, but to see the site in such rude health and in better shape than ever surely makes the occasion substantially more significant. Keep up the great work, and here’s to another 10 years!

  63. Jan. 26, 6:19am

    Congrats on your 10th Anniversary

  64. Jan. 26, 6:03am

    Congrats Mr. Jordan … and Congrats GTPlanets!
    Teen years ago you collected in ONE secure place the passion for GranTurismo !
    It was a real fantastic example about the power of GT , followed by othersall ariund the world!

    I remember , my first visit (lurking) at the beginning ..of this long, and i hope, neverending Road!

    (GTExD admin)

  65. Jan. 26, 5:54am

    That was a great read Jordan! THANK YOU for making one of my favourite sites and I am looking forward to future features. Happy birthday!

  66. Jan. 26, 5:45am

    Congratulations Jordan! and thanks for creating my online ‘home’.

  67. Jan. 26, 5:34am

    Congratulations. I bet this is dream come true for you. Best of luck in the future. :)

  68. Jan. 26, 5:32am

    Congratulations! GTPlanet is really impressive. Makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger.

  69. Jan. 26, 4:52am

    Congratulations !

  70. Jan. 26, 4:24am

    Congratulations, Jordan. While I have been a member for nearly a year, I found this site while searching for help with GT3, I became a religious follower and searched the site daily for into on GT4. The site has came a long way since then and I am proud when I see a GTP tag online on GT5, because I know this mystery person and I share not just one, but two hobbies. GT5 & studying GT5. Thank you kindly, Jordan for the way your site has helped to shape my life.

  71. Jan. 26, 4:22am

    Congratulations and I am looking forward to the next, equally awesome, 10 years!

  72. Jan. 26, 4:16am

    Congratulations and thank you Jordan and the Moderators!

  73. Jan. 26, 4:14am

    Wow has it really been that long!

    I remember finding this site back in 2002 and finding it very useful and full of knowledge and passion for the GT games. I later signed up in 2004 and although I’m hardly a frequent poster I do enjoy just reading this site.

    Thank you Jordan for creating that first site, and for all your hard work over the years :)

  74. Jan. 26, 3:41am

    10 yrs of covering the best racing game in history…..cant be bad and congrats on making it this far

  75. Jan. 26, 3:33am

    Congrats on a decade of awesome!

  76. Jan. 26, 3:15am

    Happy Birthday GTPlanet!!! Thanks for the great article Jordan, very interesting to see how the site was built up and transformed over the years. Here’s to another ten years!!

  77. Jan. 26, 3:07am

    I’ve only been registered here for two weeks now, but this site thoroughly impresses me.
    It was great to learn how it all started and how far it’s come.
    Keep up the brilliant work, and here’s for another decade!

  78. Jan. 26, 3:03am

    Congrats Jordan! Great article on a great website. Nice to see how things have progressed through the years.

  79. Jan. 26, 3:02am

    i really would like to know if yamauchi expected sites like gtplanet to appear. :)

  80. Jan. 26, 3:01am

    Hip hip…horay !!!
    Hip hip…horay !!!
    Hip hip…horaaaaaaaaaay !!!
    Your work is admired :)

  81. Jan. 26, 2:53am

    Happy Birthday GTPlanet! Shame it’s not Friday as we would share a birthday then!

  82. Jan. 26, 2:42am

    Happy Birthday GTPlanet!!

  83. Jan. 26, 2:40am

    Happy birthday GTplanet and hoping many more to come..thanks Jordan.

  84. Jan. 26, 2:35am

    Congrats, and all the best for the next 10 years. Also Happy Australia Day!!!

  85. Jan. 26, 2:33am

    Congratulations, Jordan. I’m just fascinated by the history of this site. Hard to believe that it was just eight years ago when I arrived. Before then, this site was the best refference I could’ve ever had for GT3 & GT4 (as well as my biggest distraction in school, lol).

  86. Jan. 26, 2:23am

    Haha, the shot of the Ibiza (I think) at the convention center from the dawn of GT4 brings nostalgia flooding into my mind. Hard to believe it was six years ago that I was first welcomed to this site by that stunning image.

  87. Jan. 26, 2:21am
    Il Venturetto

    Happy Birthday to GTPlanet, and congratulations to all GT players :D

  88. Jan. 26, 2:09am

    Congratulations, and Happy Birthday GTPlanet! I didn’t sign up until Gran Turismo 4, but I was using the site much earlier. It’s been a great site, with a fantastic commnuity and it’s been fun watching both develop and grow over the years. All the best for the future!

  89. Jan. 26, 2:07am

    Great story, enjoyed the read!

  90. Jan. 26, 2:07am

    Thank you guys! You made it best, every person searching GT finally stops here. This is a true global comunity!

  91. Jan. 26, 2:04am

    Congrats. Great past and I’m sure an EXCELLENT future, I can’t wait.

  92. Jan. 26, 2:00am

    Interesting read :)

  93. Jan. 26, 1:59am

    Happy Birthday GTPlanet! Congratulations on your success and hard work to bring us great news regarding GT. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  94. Jan. 26, 1:57am

    congratulations gtplanet ! congratulations jordan ! and thank you very much for all the great moments I spent in your website and forum !

  95. Jan. 26, 1:56am

    CONGRATS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JORDAN if you read my message tell me if yamachui put some ferrari race cars,,,,me and many friends we need ferrari race cars,,,thanks

  96. Jan. 26, 1:55am

    Congratulations Jordan a truly epic milestone! Heres to the nest 10 years of GTP!

  97. Jan. 26, 1:53am


  98. Jan. 26, 1:51am


  99. Jan. 26, 1:47am

    Congrats too!

    • Jan. 26, 1:56am

      Congrats Three :P

    • Jan. 26, 4:03am

      Well done Jordan god knows what I would be looking at on the internet if it wasn’t for GTP.

  100. Jan. 26, 1:43am


    • Jan. 26, 2:11am

      Great article, but don’t get your hopes up about the next decade, Jordan. The world ends next year. :)

    • Jan. 26, 8:10am


    • Jan. 26, 9:08am

      Happy birthday then! Love from norway lol

    • Jan. 26, 4:39pm

      Congratulations Jordan, and Happy B-Day GTP! I remember coming to this site in 04 looking at some help for GT4 in the forums (I was 10 that time). Nice to see how things grow and change, now I’m 17 and driving for real and in GT5.
      @ People_Know_Me
      I’ll bet you $5,000 the world won’t end. Either way, it’s a win win situation for me, whether we blow up or not! :-D
      But seriously I have $500 coming to my pocket in December of 2012; hmmm either a turbo for the car I’ll get in the summer, and possibly FFXIII Versus…

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