GTPlanet at GT5’s Madrid Launch Event, Yamauchi Q&A

I’m very excited to announce that I will be personally attending the Gran Turismo 5 Launch Party in Madrid, Spain, this Wednesday, November 24th! Sony has been keeping very close wraps on what’s in store for the event, but it’s definitely going to be very big, and very special… It’s more than just a party, and should be a real treat for all automotive enthusiasts and the general public – be sure and stop by if you’re in the area.

On Thursday, I will also be participating in Kazunori Yamauchi’s first post-GT5 question & answer session, and I’ll be meeting up with original GT Academy winner (and GTPlanet-backed racer) Lucas Ordoñez as well.

As always, the blog here will be updated throughout my trip, and I’ll be posting live updates from the party and the Q&A session on Twitter and Facebook. If there’s anything in particular that you’d like for me to ask Kazunori or Lucas, leave a note in the comments below. See you in Spain!


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Comments (169)

  1. Circuit*star

    Important questions.
    1. Why there is so many repeated model same cars?
    2. Why dont we have all original track?
    3. Is there going to be DLC if any?
    4. The Bugs, glitches on GT5 are they going to get fixed?
    5. Porsche Have been winning world wide, it is the most used Motor-sport automobile in the world today. When are we going to have in the GT series? Stupid EA

  2. GT5_delayHATER!

    1) The game will have any DLC? When will they´ll start to be available?

    2)Will there be an update for rims on standard cars?

    3)Will there be a patch to improve the framerate and decrease tearing, slowdowns and those shadows glitches?

    Have fun Jordan! Thanks!

  3. Dustyr

    You should ask him if he finds it insulting that forza gets comparied to his product. And also if a air tunnel will be a viable option for dlc so we can use it with the data logger and improve times.

  4. dude

    tell him that it’s annoying you have to wait so long until you can retry if your trying to get gold in a license mission and you repeat alot of times in a row

    then ask him about a professional track editor and what happend to hockenheim !

    (and why is the online mode not working yet ? ;-) )

  5. Girl_Gamer

    1. (not the only one asking) Any DLC and when?
    2. Reaction to the leaks?
    3. Would the game ever be PlayStation Move compatible in sense you would steer like you do with Wii remote in Mario Kart? (for those who simply cant afford a $200 racing wheel/no room for it, which is my case -_-)

    Thats it =)

    I just found about this site not too long ago, and Im very impressed with it! thanks Jordan and others for the good work =D

  6. Bluesix

    Hi Jordan, maybe it would be nice if you could ask Kaz about whether we will see scratch paint in the damage system. Cause i’ve been looking the images and video of the damage model system and i couldn’t see clearly whether the paint scratches or not. So far only body panel deformation shown.
    Thank you

  7. Mani_23

    Im not sure if you fixed it yourself, or My computer was just acting funny, but I can comment now jordan,

    So If you can consider it, my question is whether or not they will ever incorporate a reasonably priced car (Via DLC).

    Thanks, Good luck!

  8. L8 Apex

    Questions for Kaz:
    1) Will there be any DLC?
    2) If the answer to Question 1 is “yes,” will there be more NASCAR cars and/or tracks? How about more tracks from past GTs (e.g. Apricot Hill, Motegi, Midfield Raceway, Test Course, Red Rock Valley)?
    3) How close to your vision of GT6 is GT5?
    4) Have you considered IndyCar cars and tracks (other than IMS) for GT5 DLC/GT6?
    5) Do the WRC and NASCAR licenses extend to historic cars from those series?

    Have fun Jordan!

  9. jerone

    Can u ask why we have lost so many of our favourite tracks, and is there any plans to added more.
    and also ask if the official track list is final

  10. dearlybeloved

    I would love to ask kaz who his favourite member of staff would be and who is his successor. Who motivates him tremendously?

    Peace out and how many hours to go before the ‘baby’ arrives fellow gtplaneteers?!

  11. leemoldon

    Well done on finishing the game, i’m sure it will be great…

    I realise its not the best situation to be put into, with regards to asking questions to Kazunori that put the game in a low light, But these are obviously issue’s that a lot of members feel strongly about.

    My question is pretty much as others have pointed out..

    1. Will there be any plans for future DLC (with regards to tracks/ views/ cars/ sounds/ Safety car/ Flag system)?
    2. Does he have a view on Patch advertising (In tracks for online racing) in order to keep DLC cheap or Free?
    3. How long does he expect GT6 will take to build and will it most likely be a PS3 or PS4 title?

    And I’d also like to point out that, these are my views and I have a right to express them on this website/forum as I see fit, And would prefer not to be called a whinging wally/moaning minnie or whatever it was!

  12. Swordmaster7th

    Ask, why haven’t they implemented a g25 or g27 functionality individually within the game. Those wheels always have to use another wheel’s setup in the game, and i just don’t like pressing triangle at the start of every race to get the clutch to work.

    1. JasonMann

      have you tried the full game? my assumption is no… In the time trial demo waay back in january, when the g27 was new, it was fully compatible. why in the hell would it not be compatible with the full game? Just think for a seccond…. prologue is almost 3yrs old now! (i dont mean to sound rude)
      btw, i hope they make the clutch more realistic with the new physics engine. the one in prologue fully engaged the clutch when engine speeds were matched with the car, so it is quite difficult to slip the clutch while moving off.

  13. BeardOfChuck

    If we can expect DLC , why no Spa , what’s in store for GT6 (more important is WHEN) , take a pic of translator-san , Kaz and yourself together. :-)

  14. xxANDYxx

    The g25 and g27 is supported and the clutch works.Anyone who is looking for endurance races online send me a friend request my screen name is billsfan291.

  15. Hoodie

    Jordan, foget all these other questions, I want to know what his favourite drink is?

    And then can you get him a LARGE one from all of us?

    1. propiro98

      Congrats Jordan, thx for making the wait bearable!

      KAZ: In Gran Turismo 6 will we see a car list which better represents North American and European cars?

  16. Faz

    I’d like to thank Kaz for the game, but I’d also like to ask him if there was any chance or plans to integrate some kind of variable to the chase cam view in the game, where users could make it less rigid, and adjust it to taste, preferrably like GT3, GT4P, and GTPSP, where the car itself shows more rotation, rather than looking like we’re steering the track round a static car. There are variables in the cockpit view as Amar has shown, so I wondered if there could be something like ‘Rigid’, ‘Less Rigid’, and ‘Loose’.

    I’m aware this isn’t an issue for some people, but I don’t have a wheel, so I use the chase cam view on all racing games I play. But for GT5 it’ll be the cockpit on Premiums and god knows what for the standards. I’m not a fan of the bumper cam.

  17. Paul Mc

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the signature edition. Very cool you get to go Jordan, it should be brilliant. I wonder if Red Bull will make an appearance with Sebastian Vettel?

  18. WTFnews

    i just pre-orderd the game and now i will get it wensday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m so happy i can finaly stop reading this for getting suprises when i finaly have it but now it’s uselus. :D

  19. Brandon

    Very good questions already have been mentioned.

    I don’t know how to word the question, but I would like to know his impressions on how the game was being played in Czech Republic before the rest of the world hhad a release date.

    Also, if you can get anything out of him on DLC tracks, maybe you could get some pricing info. I just really hope DLC tracks aren’t going to cost $10 USD each, like EA charges for each extra golf course in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.

    Thanks, and have fun Jordan.

  20. Gt5anticip8r

    Have a great trip Jordan! Maybe ask Kaz whether his vision for GT will finally be fulfilled with GT6, if not when will they eventually be happy with it?

  21. ssupr@96

    In the future (GT6 or DLC) will the US racecars be better represented with more vehicles, enough to meet at least 1/2 of the japaneese saturation of cars?
    Could the turn around timeframe for ver. 6 be less than it took for 5?
    Install Gymkata in GT6?

  22. occasionalracer

    I’m wondering if PD would ever consider branching out into specific forms of motorsports, given their vast knowledge and information they have, one could surmise that any race organization would prefer PD to develop their game rather than say EA or Codemasters.

  23. hardvibes

    -What happened to the aesthetic and mechanical damage we’ve seen on the Subaru STi at Gamescom ’09?
    -Why can’t ALL cars have a proper hood cam during gameplay?
    -Will there be more cars and tracks via DLC?
    -Could the sound of the Ferrari F430/458 Italia and Maserati GranTurismo S be fixed???

  24. fredyellowone

    Jordan, i believe in you.

    Bring me back some bonnet/hood view.

    And don’t forget to get some Trans-am too


  25. Blackg

    Nice Jordan, enjoy it too much :D

    Could you ask about the future of DLC´s for GT5 (possible new dealerships, dealership special events, more skills challenges and new tracks)?

    Thanks, and have a good trip :P

  26. LamboStef

    Is it possible to ajust the steering ratio, on the Logitech G25/G27, in GT5?

    If it isn´t, then please make an update as quick as you can, that makes it possible, because it just ruins the experience for eksample to drive a F1 or a LMP1 racer, with a steering ratio of 900 degrees.

    1. Foxiol

      Did you ever try to drive the F1 2007 in GT5 Prologue with the G27? with your question you said all…NO! the G27 with 900 degree works very well with the F1 cars and everything…and i tested it with LMP cars in GT4 and worked very well too. This is “auto” in Gran Turismo series when you drive a car with the “wheel”.(not as in PC games) If you are afraid cause is your first time with your G25 or G27 in a game i tell you that you have not to worry about it cause it works FINE!.

  27. Robulus

    Hmmmm. I’ve had a good look at everbody’s suggested questions, and i’m thinking it might be easier if you walk right up to him and punch him in the face, and then just scream ‘DAMAGE PORSCHE COCKPIT PREMIUM WHEELRIMS AAAAAAARRRRGH!!!’

  28. Tesla

    Does KY have any plans for DLC? Will GT6 be like GT4 was to GT3, except with GT5? F1 license for GT6? Are there plans to expand PD’s modelling department to increase amount of tracks (with day/night), ratio of standard/premiums? Will GT6 be ps4, and if so, a launch title? Just occured to me that I should’ve been asking about GT5, seeing as it is its’ launch party. Ah well.

  29. Wits

    Nice that you can be there Jordan. I would like to ask if they are still working for an update for all the G27 and G25 users out there so that it will be fully supported. Second: now that they have the Lamborghini license what happend to the ‘normal’ Diablo in premium? Is it comming as DLC for GT5?

  30. BWX

    TEST.. Now after I left a comment as a reply, then and only then can I leave original reply.. Just a FYI for website tech.

  31. rkk01

    I’m sure that Jordan will be able to take a measured overview of the issues most raised in the forum and pose a few meaningful questions on behalf of this site.

    A lot of the above ^ is way too detailed, but there should at least be one question about the car list…

    …Does PD see any priority in bringing the production car list more up to date via DLC for GT5 or will it be left until GT6 (ie “everyday” cars that ordinary folks can aspire to and that fit sit well to the GT ethos)

    1. BWX

      WTH is wrong with this website? It won’t let you reply,only to respond to a reply!

      ANYWAY.. ASK about DLC for GT5 PLEASE!! Not GT6.
      Again, download content for GT5 as in tracks.. cars too I suppose, but mainly DLC tracks. Please ask about that.
      Thanks and good luck.

  32. Corey

    I like how you were just telling everyone you’ll be at the release party, everyone on GTPlanet decided it was a good idea to pitch you questions

    1. rkk01

      “If there’s anything in particular that you’d like for me to ask Kazunori or Lucas, leave a note in the comments below.”

      This, perhaps, is the reason??

  33. Gt

    and why are the most cars all from the 90’s, i mean there are tons of mx5’s they al from like 15 years ago, not to mention german cars, very few cars from 08 09 10, wich is just stupid

    1. occasionalracer

      Although I agree that we need a broader selection, the best era for cars was certainly 80’s to late 90’s where all cars were not computers on wheels, just pure mechanical rawness. It’s just stupid to complain about brand new cars…who cares, there are tones of powerful production cars and pure racecars to be enjoyed. Quit the bitching kid and learn to drive before you whine.

  34. Yui-San

    And remember, I’ll be covering the pre-lauch party here in Taiwan tomorrow. I’ll see if I can get any new info there and probably upload a few gameplay vids/pics. Remember: Taiwan is the first country (not counting France) to have GT5 released! Yay! :)

  35. MarvelousMac

    Please ask:

    1) What happened to realistic & meaningful mechanical car damage? (like steering malfunctions, tyre punctures, engine stalls etc)

    2) Why is GT5 save data locked and can we expect to have it unlocked at some point? (as it is essential to be able to back up your data in a convenient way)


  36. GTP_african_kat

    I think the main question would be regarding DLC : Does PD plan to implement this, and if so, could they try to implement the MACHINE TEST ( 0-400m etc)into GT5.

    Its the 1st time in GT’s history that this has been missing, and i remember Kaz answering a question a while back concerning the inclusion of a drag strip in GT5. He said – if it was in GT4 then it would be in GT5

  37. steven

    Well done Jordan to be invited & present at the launch party in Madrid. I’ve just been there and it is a great city, so I hope you have time for a stroll thru the Prado and the park around it. Food is great there and very cheap.

    Reading through the reactions so far it looks like GTP fans may sound very ungrateful about the stuff that will be presented to us in the coming days. That would give the wrong impression I’d say as GT5 will be great to use.

    That said, I would as many others like to know what strategy PD has chosen to release new tracks in the near future through DLC. We know some tracks are missing now such as El Capitan. Will we get that, when and how?

  38. DaveTheStalker

    Please let Kaz and crew know there are a lot if NASCAR fans looking forward to GT5. Being that there are only 2 actual NASCAR ovals, could we please have an update to the Course Maker adding a NASCAR specific theme?

    To add even more depth to the GT experience; at Daytona, the 4th of July race (Fire Cracker 400) is a night race. Please give us lights at Daytona. Then there is the 24 Hours of Daytona, which utilizes the road course in all weather conditions for a grueling 24 hours.

    Thanks a bunch for your diligence Jordan. HAVE FUN!!!

    1. DaveTheStalker

      When will the B-Spec iPhone app be available?

      16 NASCAR Cup cars would be amazing blasting around the Test Course. Will it be coming back via DLC?
      What does Kaz think about Jimmie Johnson winning his fifth consecutive Sprint Cup Championship?
      Is Motegi’s Speedway returning via DLC?

    2. DrTrouserPlank

      Driving around in a circle is still driving in a circle regardless of what track it’s on.

      2 tracks is more than enough. 1 is probably too many if I’m honest.

    3. Andre

      @DrTrouserPlank: For the record, I’m not a NASCAR fan, and I even find it bored to watch, but you’re just being an a#”ho”#! NASCAR, as any other type of motorsports, has its own science and interesting factors, that any track makes it unique, even if almost all are just ovals.

      And would you like to hear someone telling you that: all car games are just useless, because all you do is driving a virtual car, around & around in a virtual world?!?

    4. GranTurismo Disciple

      @DrTrouserPlank, C’mon m8 yeah NASCAR just drive in ovals but do you actually know how much skill is involved in driving NASCAR? Hundreds of miles with cars tightly packed and no room for error! Give your silly head a shake! I for one can’t wait to drive some NASCAR online i hope its as tense as reall life with tightly packed races etc. Ps for all haters of NASCAR please note that not one of you would be able to be as consistent as the pros are, I’m not a big fan of it but i appreciate the drivers and their fans.

    5. DaveTheStalker

      I think it’s time for TrouserPlank to stop with the Viagra or Cialis. The lack if blood to his brain is preventing him from thinking clearly.

  39. Brian Cowen


    – how can we piss the people off any more?

    – how can we make lots of money by screwing the people?

    – where can we get lessons in keeping a straight face after we have ripped people off?

    – where can we spend all the millions we made?

    We should higher a translator for €8million and then not believe a word they say :D

    1. OmnipotenceZERO

      But before all that, we need to hire an English teacher to teach you the difference between “Hire” and “Higher”.
      Similar pronunciations =/= Same meanings,
      And no I’m neither American nor British.

    2. Brian Cowen

      Omni Impotent- you’re totally missing the point of my post, you donkey.

      Your last sentence should read: “And, no….” – you omitted the comma. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, you beeotch :D


      “KY, currently your game sucks. A lot. For the following reasons: REASON NUMBER ONE…REASON NUMBER TWO…REASON NUMBER THREE…REASON NUMBER FOUR…REASON NUMBER FIVE…(ect) Will you improve this $%^&ty game nobody could ever like in a patch? You know nothing. $%^& you.” Popular demand… demands it. For the record, I think the game is everything I want and more awesome than GT4 in every way. :D Based on what I’ve seen on the interweb.

  40. Cagoen

    Ok… questions:

    – Why standard cars? Why not put more effort to produce more Premium?
    – Sounds are still not matching the standars (in term of accuracy). Is a patch planned for the future?
    – Free DLC (updated cars like Veyron)?
    – New car brands for DLC? How much €?

  41. moshic

    Hi, I am one of the winners of the photography contest! I won in Spain and next wednesday I will be in Madrid!! =)))


    What type of driving (in real life) was it that taught you the most about racing? Was it driving a racecar on a racetrack, a sports car in the mountains, kart racing, autocrossing, driving a commuter car and learning from tv/magazines, ect. Also, You said the game has 85% of everything you wanted in it. What was the 15%?

  43. Neal

    Nice one Jordon :D

    Huge kudos attending the event and Q&A, was it by invitation or request? Very very jealous, don’t forget to take a camera and have fun!

    1. Tvvisted

      As Neal said, Congrats on attending have fun and take a spin aorund Madrid, you need it. Loads of pictures please! Well deserved Jordan :)

  44. tingri

    Why all the legendary rally cars are standard, when the Rally was one of the new and highly advertised features of the game,for example take Audi quattro, it is one of the most important and revolutionary cars in all the automobile history and history of motor sport,what was the logic behind the Premium cars selection, if there is any?

  45. Lowtan

    What determined what standard cars would not have(fixed unchangeable wheels, no cockpit view even though GTPSP had it,etc)?

  46. jasr73

    Has any provision been made on the platform to offer and monetise potential advertising spaces within the game for suitable corporate entities aligned motorsport / car manufacture?

    For example, could we see a cup championship brought you by Logitech for example with prize incentives offered for competing players?

  47. tingri

    Please Jordan ask: Is it possible to implement a generic cockpit view, or at least a proper bonnet view for the most driven standard cars in a future patch, cause I thought GT5 is a driving, not sitting on the roof, or flying in the air simulator.

    1. DoctorFouad

      I totally agree , a proper hood cam is essential for standard cars…driving while you are on the roof of a car is not realistic to say the least…

    2. Hypergolem

      I hate the roof view, and I always played with the hood view, that gives you the best vision of the track. I don’t understand why they took that away.

  48. cas1490

    1. Why isn’t there any Porches in the game?
    2. Will the game be updates throught time with more cockpit views?
    3. Why cant there be a more violent damage system?

  49. Jakemania

    Q: Is it possible to have an update that includes cockpit view on ALL cars? – No, I do not mean detailed interior… Basically, the view is of the windshield and the hood of the car. No details are really required.

    In GT PSP, cockpit VIEWS were used on cars even though they weren’t detailed. I’m obviously not asking for anything to be remodeled. I’m just curious why this feature wasn’t used as it was in GT PSP.

    Have a blast at the event mate- Thanks for your hard work!

  50. Squozen

    1. Why aren’t the G25/G27 wheels properly supported in the ‘real driving simulator’? Real cars have clutch pedals.

    2. DLC.
    2a. Porsche. If Porsche is completely impossible (and why, if Microsoft can get them?), give us Ruf.
    2b. Maserati – more please.
    2c. Classic Ferrari.
    2d. The BMW e30 M3.

  51. paskowitz

    My list:

    – Since you are comfortable mentioning GT6. What is your overall vision for the title?

    – DLC. Any chance for standard car to premium car conversion as DLC (Veyron, Furai, R8 LMS, etc)? Tracks? Autoshow reveals like in GT5P?
    –Nascar is popular in the US, but what about ALMS? There are many amazing cars in the series. BMW M3 GT2, Vette C6R, as well as hybrid prototypes. Given Gt5’s day night transitions Le Mans spec cars seem like a natural addition.

    – You seem to like partnering with companies to create unique GT experiences (Red Bull for example). What company, product or person would you like to partner with for future GT games?

    – Any chance of the US GT Academy winning racing Lucas?

    – Any progress on acquiring the Porsche license?

    – What is the biggest thing you wanted to include in GT5 but could not (for any reason)?

    – What is your favorite car to drive in the game (not real life)?

    – Any chance for a hardcore version of the DFGT? Something like a G27+DFGT.

    – What aspect of GT5 is PD as a team most proud of? What aspect is PD most disappointed in?

    – As a developer what would you like to see in the next Playstation console? Given this specification what do you think PD would be able to accomplish in GTx for the PS4?

    – If you could start your own car company (production car) what would it be called and what would your car be like?

    – You have been racing for some time now and gained considerable experience over the years. What race car would you like to drive, given the opportunity?

    I think those are some quality questions.

    1. ToreDL87

      Well, as previously mentioned.
      Any plans for converting standard cars (ae86, 240z, 280z for example) into premium?

      Any plans for adding more exterior mod capabilities like fender flares, DEEP dish rims, etc?

      Any plans for DLC? (E.G ability to swap a 20v 4age into a ae86, or RB26 into a 240z, etc)

      Any plans for more old school jdm? (Popular drifter bases like 1979-1983 Toyota Corolla “KE70” dx 1.3, rwd starlets, with the ability to swap ae86 engines, tranny, suspension, rear axle. And the Group 5 cars like the S110 silhouette, Skyline R31.)

    2. S2KCR

      Good questions. It would be awesome if they developed a hardcore wheel that has multiple steering wheels such as a normal one, an f1 wheel, karting wheel etc… Interchangeable the way f1 steering wheels come off and on.

  52. Mike

    holy cow. stop bugging him about minuscule details. You don’t ask the CEO of Sony if the PS4 will have a stronger yet quieter fan.

  53. DoctorFouad

    thanks Jordan, these are my questions to yalauchi :

    1/ Would you please implement a Hood cam as a patch in GT5 or in GT6 ?

    2/ Would you please implement full damage options as a patch in GT5 or in GT6 ?

    3/ Any plans for downloadable content (new premium cars / New tracks) ?

    4/Would you please implment a patch to GT5 to improve the framerate and decrease tearing, slowdowns and those shadows glitches ?

    Thanks Jordan,

  54. Vulcao

    Yeah, Jordan! :) Enjoy your trip! How long are you going to be there? Don’t forget to forget about GT for a while (if you can) and take some time to enjoy Madrid.

    Well, I got nothing to ask Kaz. I’d just like to thank him for delivering us such a great game.

  55. LamboLP640

    Ask him why he didn’t put the right sounds in for the Murcielago and why they just edited the Gallardo’s into the Murcielago.

  56. wolfie210484

    can you ask him if there are any more real world/classic gt tracks making a comeback through the PSN
    and classic cars like the escort mk 1, capri mk 2 and 3
    sierra rs500 and saphire cosworth, etc, etc

    1. GranTurismo Disciple

      Ilike your style with the choice of cars! Jordan please ask about these cars and also ask kaz if we can have a patch to allow us to change the WHEELS on standard cars plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz, thanks and have a good time at Madrid u deserve it.

  57. Sigmaviper11

    Can you ask him what his projected works are, eg a few car updates or track updates, mainly how many, but not what they ar. I don’t expect an answer for what they are.

  58. jasr73

    That’s awesome Jordan, what a great event to be attending and how kewl to be making a trip over to Spain to be amongst all the launch excitement. SCE / Poly should give you a special something in appreciation for all the good work you do on GTP.

    My question would be one that I guess a lot of the GTP crew would be asking: With the new CMS that GT5 is likely to be sitting on, does Polyphony have a planned roll out of DLC updates for GT5 going forward in the coming months?

    PS – Have a great trip :)

  59. - SZRT Ice -

    Will there be an update for rims on standard cars?

    Will there be more vehicles/tracks via dlc?

    Koenigsegg?, Gumpart?, Maserati?

    Vinyl Editor dlc?

    How do I get a job for PD?

    1. nintandrew

      Why do so many people want Porsche? RUF is in the game, and they are faster and handle better than Porsche while looking identical. I think it’s because FM3 has them and that’s not a good reason. Porsche is known for its speed, styling and interiors, and RUF had better speed, identical styling and this is a simulator, it’s not like you’ll be using heated seats and a in-dash GPS anyway.

    2. shigllgetcha

      yeh id like to know aswell, espically as so many games now have porsche. all the rufs are outdated

      dont know if wed get a straight answer though

    3. Khaddar

      Nintandrew: Given GT’s greater emphasis on automotive history than Forza’s, there are lots of reasons to want Porsche instead of RUF. 356, 550, 60’s and 70’s 911s, 914, 924, 928, 930 and 959 would all fit well with GT’s ethos, let alone the 718, 935, 917, 936, 956 and 962. I’ll take any of those over a RUF 3400S.

    4. Sele1981

      There are new RUF´s out there, I´ve seen the carrera GT as RUF version but I dont know why PD did not implement them? Maybe they got no license for the new RUF´s ??

    5. Deathsarthe

      I want the Carrera GT, 911 GT3, Cayenne, Panamera… I want the real deal and I want the cars as Porsche intended them to be. RUF has been a nice supplment, but they’ve used the same models for 9 years now? RUF just isn’t as satisfying as Porsche and certainly doesn’t bring as much to the table.

    6. occasionalracer

      @nintandrew… you also just forgot that Porsche is the most successful company in motorsports ever, and Gran Turismo being the pinnacle of simulators one could hope Porsche are/will scratch that retarded agreement and be included in this masterpiece of a game.

    7. Veitchy

      Porsche have a contract with EA. EA have the exclusive rights to use Porsches in video games and the option to let these rights to any sub developers within the EA family. It cant be transferred, so for example, they couldn’t give these rights to Polyphony or Activision (for example) as this would be in breech of the contract. This dates back to NFS Porsche Challenge. I cant tell you off the top of my head when the contract expires, or if a date was given.

    8. occasionalracer

      Yes surely the contract can’t last forever and at that time they didn’t understand the vast advancement video games would make, and at that time they just assumed video games will always just be games, and EA probably just smacked down a huge sum of money, knowing how exclusive that would be to them. Hopefully Porsche are more careful after the contract expires, cause EA is a joke.

    1. Volk Zadovsky

      Yeah, I would really like to know if any DLC is planed for GT5, more than just some updates with a few cars and patches.

    2. Mani_23

      I think He needs to ask when kaz will get the (A) reasonably priced car in the game… It was a real buzz kill when the car list revealed none.

    3. Robulus

      And when you ask him about any of these features, be sure to preface the question ‘after the disappointment of GT 5’…


      @invictus horns and reverse lights have already been seen in gameplay. the demo I played had both actually. DLC and patches are probably the best questions & are absolutely the best solution to everyones complaints. All I want is some premium cars from the top gear power lap board, and for those horribly jagged and flickering shadows to be taken care of. That’s all the game needs. Other than that, people need to stop whining

  60. Mike

    I want to ask Kaz what is one of his favorite books that is not automotive related?? Also what is one of his favorite books that is automotive related.

  61. Corey

    Wow congratulations Jordan, very well deserved to be invited to the event! I hope they send you home with some nice goodies! Ask good questions! I’m sure you’ve seen the threads and our concerns, I hope you can pick and choose accordingly to information that is most relevant to the game and the future of GT’s content!

    1. James

      Could you ask if he plans to add cockpits to all cars in GT6 and if all cars will be premium in GT6.Any info on either question would be wonderful.

    2. nintandrew

      Adding to James, I’m wondering if Mr. Yamauchi would be willing to reduce the total number of cars in GT6 if they could make them all premium.

      Seeing as how it sounds like they filled a Blu-Ray disc, this would seem to be the only way to get more premiums, unless they used 2 discs. Also, they don’t have to build a new physics engine for GT6, so a greater amount of their time can be spent on car modeling, just saying,

    3. vigi147

      Somehow I cant leave my own standalone reply so I’ll leave one to Corey.

      There is one thing i would like to ask Kaz. When he started out with work on GT5, how did he imagine it when it was done. And now that it’s finished, did it meet those expectations; if not, what’s missing.

    4. JesseDeya

      @nintandrew: Apparently GT5 only uses 20Gb on disc – some serious compression going on perhaps, but there is still plenty of room for more content in GT6!

  62. idlestation

    Hmm post GT5 interview, but thursday is going to be such a long wait.

    3 more days, or 2 days for those who are going to the midnight launch.

    1. Brando-K

      When I went to EB (Sunbury) today the guy told me I definitely couldn’t get my copy before it was meant to be out. He thinks Sony’s going to fine his store for selling it early. So I have to wait till Thursday :(

    2. lado

      Ah 2 more days i hope my pre order CE will be at time :)
      Jordan COULD YOU ASK HIM IF HE WILL IMPLENTATE SOME NEW CARS LIKE SL65AMG ´08 or NEW AUDI RS5 or S8. In general the new ones from BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES and VW. PAGANI Clinque or ASTON ONE77. Have a nice day in Spain! ;)

    3. caasimun

      tell kaz to relax, his game will sell! and we will all enjoy, oh and ask him what happened to the koinessegg CCX i didn’t see it in the list :(

    4. overlape

      Yet again, For some reason I believe we will encounter many surprises in GT5.
      And I’m pretty sure they aren’t on the list.

    5. pawno

      Congrats Jordan..well deserved mate! Just one simple question for Kazunori-san if you please…

      He hinted that PD went to the limit with the PS3 hardware on GT5. Does that mean we can expect GT6 to be a next generation title, or is it going to be a PS3 release in the form of an expanded GT5 with more of a foucs on content rather than “better” graphics/physics?

    6. Shifty

      Ask him “What is the point of having a list of over 1000 cars if it is filled with fluff? You could drop over 300 cars that don’t deserve to be in the line up & replace them with 100 that sorely do deserve it…”


      To Jordan:
      For Lucas- how much of your natural driving skill in video games is necessary for and translates to racing in the real world?
      For Kaz- why is the veyron standard?
      (cmon, of course i would ask Kaz that, look at my name LOL)
      or also ask if things like very jagged edges on shadows (ex. la sarthe day/night in gallardo video on gtp main news page) can be patched at a later date?

    8. mcfizzle

      Jordan, I know this invitation is late but you are also invited to the Gran Turismo 5 release party at my house. It starts at 8:00 p.m. central time and we will have pizza and at least 2 two liters of Pepsi. It’s gonna get a little crazy but at midnight we will go to walmart and get the collectors edition since my stupid gamestop is in a mall and won’t have midnight release. Please RSVP soon though because I will have to get an extra pizza. BYO chips or whatever else you want. Oh yeah, the rest of GT Planet is invited too.

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