Tuned Car Trades, Snow Ruts & More in GT5 Magazine Features

A stream of interesting tidbits have been trickling into our Gran Turismo 5 forum today via several new magazine articles. First up is the December 2010 issue of PSM3 magazine, which provides a few details as highlighted by our own Dessy182:

  • Mechanical damage and failure will include things such as broken gearboxes, brake failures, and stalled engines.
  • Both premium and standard model cars will include fully operational reverse lights, horns, and will accumulate dirt and grime which must be washed off by these guys.
  • More features are re-confirmed, such as imprecise weather forecasts, point-to-point timed rally stages, time-of-day synchronization between virtual circuits and their real-world locations, and official NASCAR rules and regulations.
  • You’ll also find a brief interview with me, the founder of GTPlanet.  It was a nice chance to talk about the game, and I hope you all find it interesting – thanks to Alex of PSM3 for the invitation!

Denur has also gathered a few interesting details from issue 44 of Dutch TV magazine Veronica:

  • Heavy snow accumulation will continue to make the track more slippery, and “ruts” will be carved into the snow as you drive to make conditions even more challenging.
  • You’ll be able to create and define your own special events within the game, presumably giving you complete control over all race variables and competitors.
  • In B-Spec mode, you’ll simultaneously manage the racing careers of up to six different drivers. You will have to push them, but take it too far and their morale and performance will suffer. For 24-hour endurance events, you will choose four of your drivers to compete together on your race team.
  • You will be able to trade cars with your friends – including those which you have tweaked and tuned for maximum performance.

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  1. Ner0_sol09

    u guys… smh… what is wrong with you. you are no closer to getting the game now. just let it go. these are great features to have in a game. do you know how fun rallying is going to be now???theres going to be fast lines made around the tarcks which i think is going to be cool. engine stalls im thinking clutch at launch and u can stall lol? but yea i dont have any problem waiting an extra month. and one more thing. gt5 has the worst the fan base ever including myself. but thats my 2cents

    1. jakebg18

      :D i agree with the worst fan base ever part,I am currently very annoyed with PD,but once I get the game i honestly will feel stupid most likely

  2. bucketseat

    On the Sony US website there was an add for the CE of GTB that promised on or about 11/30…yes 2010.

    I didn’t see any mention of that here.

    I can’t seem to find the page anymore, but it was surreal. I was clear to the point of placing the order using my PlayStation account; I didn’t because I have one paid off at Gamestop.

  3. Blackberryboldjeff

    I work at Best Buy in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and we got an email from Sony Canada this afternoon saying that the slated release date is December 21st, 2010…Lot’s of time for me to play Black Ops

    1. Mickeyd

      Iv also got an email from MightyApe in New Zealand with the exact same date, I don’t know about time differences etc but yeah, looking like that date, still in time for Xmas

    1. IVKillerVI

      October is 31 days long, they said by the end of October.

      Why are people on here less mature than my 12 year old sister? She doesn’t complain half as much as you people.
      I’m talking about the people who don’t stop brining up the release date BTW.

    2. Red_9

      Yes, but it was established that announcements are usually not made on weekends. And since October ends on Sunday, the month is over before we get a new date.

    3. jakebg18

      like Red_9 said,announcements aren’t usually made on weekends,and i assure you i am more mature than a 12yo,having numerous delays and unfulfilled promises does not make me immature,it makes me and im sure millions of other people very annoyed

  4. Foxiol

    sorry but i´m reading a lot of forums and magazines…and maybe for europe at december 3rd (friday)…just Sony will make it official…(someone from sony told this)…
    i´m not saying but could be…just for say something people don´t get mad with this but if it is real …who knows…we want this game now! and a date…this could be one.

  5. Juan3268

    Great job Jordan.

    I cant wait for this game to be out. Gran Turismo Rally, what excitment. And rally school from Loeb. Not my fav guy but a great driver.

  6. ken_b

    Got to give you props Jordan, what a great opportunity for you and your website! very cool man..congrats mos def!! Thanks again for your efforts! See ya all on the track!! Hopefully on GT5 in early December would be nice!! Peace.

  7. ssupr@96

    I think its great to see someone get recognition who has put so much work into a great website forum. Always keeping me up-to-date with pics and vids (not easy) and being successful with this. Congrats Jordan. Good Job!!!

  8. F.G.

    Just like most comments on here about the release day are irrelevant.

    This news has nothing to do about the release date, so why bring it up?

  9. Daniel

    Promises after promises….I knew 90 percent they wouldn’t announce the release date before the end of October. Any other news is irrelevant except the release date.

  10. pasigiri

    I hope engine and tranny breaks happen only due to driving habits (shifting improperly, standing on a gear, etc.).

    1. Blackberryboldjeff

      I work at Best Buy in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and we got an email from Sony Canada this afternoon saying that the slated release date is December 21st, 2010…Lot’s of time for me to play Black Ops

    1. NA

      Of course, it GT gets delayed past 12/31/10 (crossing fingers not) it shouldn’t take long for the Forza people to realize it makes them the undisputed current gen console champion for the first decade of the 21st century. That is, unless NFSS tries claiming to be in the running vs the GT series has well (shivers). Regardless, somebody’s fanboys are going to be even more unbearable to have arround.
      You hear that PD/Sony? Save us from such an awful fate, and release soon……XD

  11. GTracerRens

    I have the veronica Magazine hear in my hands.

    – It says there is the ability in Photomode to create 3D photos when you have a 3D television.

    – On the cover is said “Coming Soon” So no releasedate.

    – With the new track editor, you can create tracks up to 10 km length!! You can set the with of the track, the wheather, the environment and heigth. You will also be able to create corners and you can choose for a one way track (like a rally stage) or for a loop (like a circuit).

    – You can get the cars from the PSP to the Arcade mode, but there’s nothing said about the cars from Prologue. I hope that’s also an ability.

    – Special events: Stig challenge on the Top Geat testtrack, Kart Experience, Jeff Gordon Nascar School, Sebastian Loeb Rally School and The Mercedes-Benz AMG School. Here you can drive at the Nürburgring in two Mercedes AMG cars.

    – Very impressive B-Spec mode. You really have to work in a team. The (virtual) drivers have physical and mental behaviour.

    – You can give cars you’ve won in carreer to other people online. Also a spectator mode to watch other people racing online. ( I hope they have good servers! )

    – Like already confirmed, the “head-tracking” feature in cockpit view in combination with the Playstation-Eye.

    A lot of these things mentioned in the article were already known or confirmed, but always great to read while waiting for this amazing game. In about every magazine I look, there is an advert of Sony’s 3D TV with Gran Turismo for free when you buy it. There’s nothing said about a releasedate but I cannot believe it will be much longer waiting. I really hope for early December! ;)

  12. IVKillerVI

    I knew the snow would affect the physics but that fact that it HAS physics is pretty damn epic. Next thing they’ll announce that the weight of the snow on your car actually affects performance.

    And when it said trade with your “friends” did that mean only your friends, or what? If so organizing a car trading section on the forums might be a good idea.

    1. J-UK

      Well KY himself stated that they have worked on the engine sounds. And this is a perfectionist we are talking about :)

  13. ChronowerX_GT

    Remember GT5p had the weather forcast for whatever location it was displaying (although it made no difference). I wonder if GT5 will take the real world conditions and apply them to the game.

  14. Squidwert

    we will not see this game this year it will be delayed at Xmas and they keep delaying probably till march. so when’s the next lie coming Sony :(

    1. Magic Ayrton

      The car will stall as a result of a total engine failure…. lack of fuel or detruction..

      Unless you can use the clutch properly then you may stall the car as in real life.

  15. TheLiin

    I don’t even remember this game. When was the first release date? I don’t even think that Chuck Norris could get the game out in time!

    Release date please!


    Ah, so does that interview explain you’re temporary absence, Jordan? It’ll be worthwhile to read if that magazine is available in the US.

    1. Jordan

      Thanks, I hope you are able to track down a copy. I’m curious, though – what do you mean by my temporary absence? I have made almost daily posts to the blog here for the past few months.

  17. EAGLE 5

    YES!!! it’s about time you can select whoever you want to race. I’m sorry but I like to keep my races era and performance specific like they did back in GT2.

    No sense in pitting an F40 with a Shelby 427 or something like that just based on power to weight ratio because clearly the speed/technology differential makes all the difference in the world in a lot of tracks.

  18. Zuel

    This news on the failures is great, now some of you will have to really show your driving skills. If I have to explain then you don’t need to read this form anymore or bother to get GT5. I’m not trying to be mean but a lot of you are going to relearn how to drive in GT. Yes our form has a lot of fast and great drivers whom drive clean a fair. And there are a lot of fast drivers whom can’t even control their car in braking, steering or passing. With this new installment of GT 95% of the people will have a great deal of trouble trying to adjust. I won’t be one of them; I’m not totting my own horn but it’s the truth.

    1. BigE

      These games are about individuals learning about cars, driving, and racing; they’re not about professional driving, perfect racing, and insulting others.
      Get a life.
      Not everyone gets this game to be the next Michael Schumacher.

  19. andrez004

    If the so called random part failures happen to often I’ll just race with toyotas and hondas. Hey maybe my throttle will get stuck!

  20. CeeJay

    I just can’t get excited about any news of GT5 anymore. I mean, this is cool I guess but w/ the deafening silence of PD concerning a new release date has left me not even caring. Yeah, it’s very cool to think about but I don’t want to sit around and dream about how cool this game could be! Ugh… no more news.. just a release date.. :(

    1. JB Motorsports

      I want a release date as much as anyone, but not having one shouldn’t make you any less excited about what we continue to hear about.

      Why is the news/updates less exciting because of the release date not being announced yet? It doesn’t change the news/updates at all, just the amount of time to see them yourself.

      The wait sucks…and it’s sucked for 6 years… but I still love hearing more about it and it just gets me more and more excited. I’ll take what I can get as far as information vs. not hearing anything!

    2. Maxiboy

      The reason stuff like this has less impact is because without a release date it has no relevance. Eg: ‘Scientists are formulating new ideas on how time travel can be possible eventually. They beleive they are getting closer and closer to the solution each day’.
      Would a statement like that in a science journal get you excited about time travel? No. Would the statement ‘Scientists beleive that within a week they will have an operational time travel machine up and running, ready for its first human trail’. Yeah it probably would get you excited about it.
      My point is, without a reference point to concentrate on, all this information is essentially irrelevent to alot of people who are waiting for this game to come out.

  21. Drogahnus

    Sweet! Love the fact that we can trade cars with others. Looking forward to checking out what everyone’s done with their cars :D

  22. bucketseat

    Somehow the little bit of new news (break-down specifics) made the waiting slightly more bearable…this will be a real adventure getting through all the experiences in this GAME.
    @JB Motorsports…ditto!
    If the game is too realistic that could equate too difficult to enjoy. I’m sure with the features will come some settings to tone it down for the less hardened fans.

    When did they says this is shipping?…Maybe I just missed that little tidbit of information?

    1. Red_9

      Originally it was shipping November 2nd, but they delayed it and not there is currently no definitive release date.

    2. Rotard12a


      Why concern yourself with something as trivial as when they’re going to ship the game? Just worry about the big, truly important stuff like “can I change the color of my B-Spec driver’s suit?” and “how many varieties of car horns will there be?”

      Just sit back and let Big Brother take care of you. You can relax, Sony and PD know what’s best and they’ll release the game when they feel like it. You didn’t *really* want a November 2nd release, did you? No, you’d prefer something around Q2 2011. Yes, that will be lovely. Hush now :)

    3. JB Motorsports

      I see where you are coming from on being too difficult, but I think we are looking at it in two different ways.

      I would have to believe that you can turn it off or that it will depend out your level of difficulty so that shouldn’t worry the “gamer” or driver that doesn’t want to deal with it.

      I’m more concerned about it happening randomly too often. I’ve played countless sims or racing games that have it happen way too often. I raced in a league for N2003 where you could drop a drive shaft, but it didn’t happen so often where it ruined a ton of races… It would happen and it would suck, but it was something that made it seem real, but you’d see it once in a 100 or so races. Where I’ve played other games where it seemed as though you had the worst mechanics ever and parts would break that you have no control over every 5 races and it became stupid.

      I’d like to see the driver (us) cause problems like stalls and such… but I don’t want to have to worry about things I can’t control so much that it ruins the game and becomes unrealistic.

      This will make me think about driving the Peugeot 908 in a meaningful race though ;)

    4. Bernd

      The PEUGEOT 908 will be one of my favorites in GT5, I guess. They should have solved that engine-problem by now and will be back in 2011 to take the crown again


    all it needs now is the cherry on top. the cherry being the first time i fire that bad boy up in my PS3…

  24. White & Nerdy



    The only thing that could be better is a livery editor… maybe they’ll patch it in later… bah, everything else is just about good enough.

    1. DarthTurismo

      As has been said a thousand times before….. If you want a livery editor then play Forza..

      GT is about keeping it real… keeping the cars looking as they would off the show room floor… and any modifications shown in the game are from actual “real” tuning houses…

      I presonally don’t think liveries suit GTs classier presentation… it’s something more suited to need for speed or Forza…

    2. Damian

      If you want realism, you need to let people do what they want with there cars, including go faster stripes and “chipped, blown, lowered and thrashed” stickers. Not my cup of tea… but real.

    3. twinspark24

      I am perfectly uninterested in liveries, but I just don’t understand you guys…
      You say that player-created liveries take away the realism and class but at the same time look at the NASCAR cars, super GTs and the X1. How come their liveries don’t take the realism away?

      You are plain stupid and under 14

    4. DarthTurismo

      hey twinspark24, u r entitled to your opinion just as i am…. but don’t get personal dipstick! ie calling ppl stupid.. if u find my comments offensive best find a mature way to communicate that.. otherwise you look like the 14 year old…. like i already said… any liveries created in GT have always been faithful to original concepts including the nascars… and i didnt mention liveries being less real… i said GT keeps their cars faithful to the original conception of the vehicle they create..or is that a little beyond yr intellectual capacity to understand?

    5. Damian

      Darth, I’m sure he was talking to Gamer GT5 who said “If there is a livery editor I think it will take away the realism from GT5.”

      And come on… “As has been said a thousand times before….. If you want a livery editor then play Forza..” is a bold statement. Why would you not want GT5 be the most comprehensive racer every produced?

      “GT is about keeping it real… keeping the cars looking as they would off the show room floor… and any modifications shown in the game are from actual “real” tuning houses…” This is not true. Check your GT history ie GT1 Racing Modifications.

    6. Bernd

      A livery-editor would be fine, but only if you can’t touch epic cars like the Mazda 787B or the Audi R8 LeMans-racer, these should remain in their original-state (in GT4 you couldn’t even change their wheels). Livery-editor only for normal street-cars, please

    7. Gamer GT5

      @twinspark24 Everybody has a right to their own opinion. Just because you disagree with something doesn’t mean you get to call people names. The person who’s acting like a child is you.

      It’s really funny how people get so upset over little things.

    8. GT35

      I also want a livery!! Because, why not?? If u think about it as long as pd keeps it simple and just enough were the player can feel like they put a bit of personality into the car.. I don’t see a problem

    9. quickben

      I don’t want a livery editor. Why ? Because it would be a waste of developing time that would be better used upgrading standard cars to premium (I’m not craving cockpits here, just want all of the cars to have the full polygon count)

      I really don’t want to see hundreds of cars with pictures of brook burke or dr dre on the bonnet. I’ve seen some of the player created liveries you suffer in forza 3 and it’s like watching pimp my ride. You know it will happen like that. I’d love it if all you would see would be well designed racing graphics similar to real-life race cars, but lets face it, it’s a teenager’s wet dream.

  25. Mr Latte

    Not a great deal of new content in the article.
    Still though, Well presented but mostly containing things we know already.

    I have to laugh at the magazines “Ultimate Setup” consisting of 3x 63″ 3DTVs. Interesting as it is assuming “Multiscreens is supported” and not only that but is it possible for 3 displays to sync with one pair of glasses?

    However their understanding/knowledge is evident when they then recommend a Thrustmaster 430 wireless wheel in their Ultimate Setup.

    Like seriously who writes these articles and why do they undermine their readers intelligence?

  26. JB Motorsports

    “Mechanical damage and failure will include things such as broken gearboxes, brake failures, and stalled engines.”

    This kind of scares me… If done right it could be epic! Most of what PD does doesn’t scare me at all, but if done wrong it could be horrible. Are the failures due to driver error? or am I going to lose breaks, a gear box every 5th endurance race do to it being completely random? Can I stall the car in the pits by having it in the wrong gear, RPMs too low? Or will it just happen?

    Sometime when we see things like this, it happens way too often and they aren’t inflected by things you did to cause them, but are just random.

  27. Phoax

    I wonder if it will be possible to get stuck in the snow? If ruts can be formed I think a car with 3″ of ground clearance should get stuck.

    1. Bernd

      I don’t think you can get stuck, it’ll be more like GT4, where you can crawl out of the sand very slowly. But 3″ of ground-clearance should at least give you some problems

  28. bill and ben

    OH……MY…….GOD!!!! THIS GAME JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER. come to think of it, its like a fine wine; the longer you leave it the better it gets :)

    1. Rotard12a

      Or it’s like a game that’s been in development for half a decade: the longer you leave it the more angry, frustrated, and depressed millions and millions of people get.

    2. Tenacious D

      Honestly, this is how I feel. I’ve reached a sort of numb bliss concerning GT5, so as far as I’m concerned, added delay means an even more epic experience.

      Having said that, I hope that the only thing that pushes the game past a February release is a livery editor. ;D

    3. Gork


      I think it’s more like 20 people who get angry, frustrated and depressed and just have to go and post millions of comments on various boards to relieve their raging ADHD.

      The rest of the world just deal with it.

    4. Maxiboy

      Ah no its definately more than 20. Infact I would say its most. You cant tell me you were totally happy when the delay was announced. Oh an TenD, do you actually think they are ADDING stuff at this point? They arnt. There is no way that PD thought “OK the delays has been announced, lets go and whack a whole lot of new features in it! Yeah thats the perfect way to spend our time trying to get this damn game out sometime this decade (which is looking more and more unlikely)”

    5. Damian

      Max – if they missed the production windows they had booked and have had to wait for new windows, why would they not tune the code?

    6. Rotard12a


      The rest of the world? Speak for yourself. And seriously, the hypocrisy of your comment is stunning. At least when I make posts they’re not rude and derogatory.

    7. Maxiboy


      Yeah I agree they would tune the code a bit, but thats different from them deciding to do something like design and implement a livery editor or 1000 cockpits. To ADD something new would take soo much time and would be extremely risky to try and do due to fact that they could find a bug within it a week before release and have to delay it again.

  29. robert

    already read your interview Jordan, just a pity it was published before the announcement that its being delayed again. All said and done though ill say this…….WOW!!!! this is so gonna rock its unreal

  30. occasionalracer

    Very interesting topics of discussion, just a reminder that GT5’s release is on the horizon and will leave all competition in the dust.

  31. Detroitbb

    I hope the ‘time of day’ synchro can be turned off! I mainly only get to race during the week at night when it’s dark outside.

    1. Detroitbb

      True Gork, but I would like to be able to race on the North American tracks/courses in the day as well. If I can’t turn off the snychro, then I’m stuck mainly running the Japanese tracks (unless I’m willing to do laps in the dark).

  32. AGNT009

    So, if we hear nothing of a release date by midnight Friday America ET than we pretty much know Sony/PD lied again, as Jordan seemed to imply they dont work/release release dates on weekends?

    1. JB Motorsports

      My local Game Stop, which is awesome when it comes to information about most things NOT GT related, has a release date of 1/1 for Gran Turismo 5.

      We talked for a little when I reserved my copy of Black Ops last week and they believed the game would be released in January from what they heard (again though, their GT5 information isn’t something I tend to ever believe) and that the 1/1 date is what Game Stop sent to them as the “street date”.

      Aside from that fact that I can’t see ANY game being released on 1/1… I am concerned about it not being a December release. I really fear that the incentive to get it out ASAP is wrapped around getting it prior to Christmas and any date after the middle of December could continue to get pushed back due to the lack of ergency to have it prior to Christmas and it make be looked by PD as to having more time to “tweak” the game.

      IMO, if we don’t hear anything soon…and if the date isn’t a beginning of December release date. All bets are off as to when this game will ever come out.

    2. IVKillerVI

      Considering the situation I think they might make an exception. It’s not every day that an $80,000,000 investment is pushed back because of production problems.

    3. HugoStiglitz_420

      It would be insanely stupid to release it new years day or in 2011 at all. They need to release it by christmas. The only reason it’s getting postponed is for marketing reasons and if you’re going to make a move like that, the stupidest thing you can do is push it past christmas. Really it should be released before black friday but sony is retarded. If they push it to 2011 I don’t even know if I’ll buy it. I honestly will stop playing all video games at that point. This experience can never be undone no matter how good GT5 is

  33. Shokz

    “Heavy snow accumulation will continue to make the track more slippery, and “ruts” will be carved into the snow as you drive to make conditions even more challenging.”

    Yes. A thousand times yes. This shall be awesome.

  34. AGNT009

    Broken gearboxes? Thats KILLING a car isnt it? I mean, if you are running around at 10 mph, spinning your gears, you are toast, right? Maybe spinning the stock car around breaks gears? Stalled engine if you miss the shift, right? Or are they saying after hitting the wall at 200 mph, you stall, then magically come back to life, lol. Whatever makes idiot racers pay for their sins, Im happy with, as I leave their untalented arses in the dust.

    1. Rotard12a

      I hope so! Snowstorms = epic.

      It boggles my mind that so many of the sad, hapless creatures around me (“normal” people) despise snow so much. It’s white, fluffy, pure, and fun! Snow means donuts! Snow means drifting!

      I think I’m just set snowstorms to be on permanently, so I can experience nature’s white bliss all year round. And I’ll replace GT5’s music with Nat King Cole. Yeah. :)

  35. V8Blender

    “Mechanical damage and failure will include things such as broken gearboxes, brake failures, and stalled engines.”


    1. Red_9

      This ^

      You’d think that they’d want to keep us updated on the release date situation, but once again they’ve gone utterly silent on the topic. Either they’re trying to get it absolutely engraved in stone before they announce it, or they’ve realized they can’t possible get it out before 2011.

    2. Bearcut

      Everyone relax… if they were going to announce a release date at the Paris event they will most likely wait until tomorrow. The end of the day tomorrow. For those of us in the United States, it’ll probably be around 10pm EST.

      So…just relax. I’m trying to.

      And go race some GT5P i need some more competition!

    3. Jakemania

      Everyone wants the release date. Complaining about it when it has nothing to do with the topic isn’t going to help much. Jordan will let you know as soon as it is announced.

      It’s nice to see that there will be snow accumulation… I’m going to assume this will affect rain in the same way?

    4. Dean

      You all need to chill with the release date.

      They will announce it once the PS3 Exploit security issue has been cleared.

      But then again they brought it upon them self’s, they had long time to release the game before all the PS3 Hack drama.

    5. Tvensky

      if someone still dont have GT5P, then damn, its a cheap demo now, you can buy it for less than 10 bucks, go and grab it, spend your time while waiting for full deamon :)

    6. nunocardoso

      relax men
      why are you worry about
      the game is going to be out soon
      they are getting the game even more beautiful so they dont know how many days they need to get that right
      think that the game is going to be AWESOME
      and they are trying to get YOUR game to be PERFECT.
      when you get that game you will be amazed
      just sit down and play other games.

    7. Blackberryboldjeff

      I work at Best Buy in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and we got an email from Sony Canada this afternoon saying that the slated release date is December 21st, 2010…Lot’s of time for me to play Black Ops and prestige a few times lol

    8. Bearcut

      Well. Looks like Sony lied to us again. Again.

      Am I still going to buy the game as soon as it releases? Yes.

      But i actually am pretty damn disappointed. It’s scary that this can affect me this much : (
      I’m gonna go out and play some basketball or something.

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