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Assetto Corsa on Console: Controller vs Wheel Comparison

With Assetto Corsa due to launch this month, the official Assetto Corsa Youtube channel has uploaded the above video to highlight what those on controller can expect against those with a dedicated steering wheel in terms of car control. Due to the PC-centric development approach that many sims have these days, the handling on controller has become an important metric when players factor in if they should purchase a game.

GT Sport Image Blowout: Over 100 Screenshots From E3 2016

Despite being a no-show at yesterday’s Sony E3 Keynote conference, a massive amount of new screenshots from Gran Turismo Sport have emerged over the past 24 hours. The new screenshots feature the same venues we have become familiar with in the past few weeks, however in terms of cars we see our first glimpse of the Hyundai Genesis GR.3 caught in the Arcade mode capture below.

Going Hands-On at Vallelunga: A Look at Assetto Corsa’s Console Reveal Event

As Assetto Corsa’s console launch approaches the new summer release date of August 30th, coverage of the game continues to gain traction. Just a few weeks ago, Kunos Simulazioni held a special event at the Autodromo Vallelunga circuit where lucky members of the press got to play the console version of the game before heading out on-track in reality to drive some of the most impressive supercars on the planet.

PlayStation 4 Update 3.50 Adds PC Remote Play Functionality

If you were an early adopter and have been enjoying the PlayStation 4 since launch or sometime shortly thereafter, chances are the contents of the 3.50 update won’t come as much of a surprise to you. For those sitting idly by waiting for the opportune moment to pounce on the purchase, even in wake of the controversial heavily-rumored “PS4K,” the first major firmware update of the year introduces a feature that’s sure to pique your interest: PC Remote Play.

DiRT Rally Review: Rallying Revolution

The DiRT series has had a bit of a checkered history. From the first game’s rallying roots, to the ‘xtreme’ era pandering of DiRT 3, and finally the game that brought the series to a lasting hiatus – DiRT Showdown. To say that the series has a split fanbase would be an understatement.

DiRT Rally Community Trailer Showcases Player Greatness

Some games sell themselves based on millions of advertising dollars and constant media attention. Codemasters don’t have that kind of exposure but this trailer proves they don’t need it – DiRT Rally can sell itself. Codies asked fans of the PC version of the game to show off their best moments so far and have compiled a master-cut of that footage to promote the upcoming console release on April 5th.

16 Months After Release, Driveclub’s Still Got It

Looking at my in-game statistics for Driveclub, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m a superfan of the title. Maxed out XP, all Elite levels achieved, platinum trophies for both vanilla DC and the Bikes expansion plus more accolades than a war veteran. There’s no doubt whatsoever – no current generation game has even came close to the time I have played Evolution Studios’ middling racer (outside of a certain kart racer). I’ve raced in over 2,000 events, earning every single star.

PlayStation 4 Gets Price Drop in USA, Canada

Today, Sony has announced a significant price drop on the fast-selling PS4 and its numerous bundles, both existing and upcoming, in Canada and the US. These prices will go into effect tomorrow, October 9, just in time for the Thanksgiving weekend for those of us located in the Great White North.