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Gran Turismo 5 Releases in Australia November 4th

Our friends down under finally have an official release date for Gran Turismo 5: November 4, 2010, as confirmed by this press release from Sony. If you know you want the Signature Edition, be sure and reserve your copy now at a local retailer such as GAME Australia or EBGames.

Sony France Shows GT5 Release on November 24th

French gaming site JVN noticed a recent update to Gran Turismo 5’s product information on Sony Computer Entertainment France‘s press site: it shows a release date of November 24, 2010. The website requires French media credentials for access, but GTPlanet Forum user jujub was able to independently confirm the news by sharing the screenshot that you see above. As many of you know, the November 2nd release date for the United States was announced E3 2010, but Sony has been quiet on specifics for other regions – most notably Europe. Until an official statement is made (most likely at at Gamescom 2010 in Germany, August 18th), this is our most reliable indication of the company’s plans.

What Rhymes with “Man Furismo Jive”?

You’ve probably seen Sony’s recent marketing campaigns featuring “vice president” Kevin Butler (played by actor Jerry Lambert) talking about the company’s latest first-party titles. His most recent clip focuses on Sony’s latest kart racing game Mod Nation Racers, but at the end he mentions his “next project – let’s just say it’s a little racing game that rhymes with ‘man furismo jive'” with a knowing look – understandably raising quite a few eyebrows in our forums and around the web.

Yamauchi Discusses Gran Turismo 5’s Delay

One of the more unpleasant surprises we’ve had waiting for Gran Turismo 5 was the unexpected postponement of the game’s March 2010 Japanese release. It was a quiet announcement, but set a somber tone at the beginning of the year for us eager fans. Since that time, we have not received any sort of information on exactly why that happened – until now. In an excellent interviewwith Dean Gibson of AutoExpress last weekend, Yamauchi-san clarified things a little bit: