What Rhymes with “Man Furismo Jive”?

You’ve probably seen Sony’s recent marketing campaigns featuring “vice president” Kevin Butler (played by actor Jerry Lambert) talking about the company’s latest first-party titles. His most recent clip focuses on Sony’s latest kart racing game Mod Nation Racers, but at the end he mentions his “next project – let’s just say it’s a little racing game that rhymes with ‘man furismo jive'” with a knowing look – understandably raising quite a few eyebrows in our forums and around the web.

However, while he’s obviously referring to Gran Turismo 5, we really don’t know exactly what that means though it may suggest an earlier-than-expected marketing push if the game’s release window has been moved up from fall. Check out the full clip below and decide for yourself…


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  1. Logan Baker

    LED Tv’s are more expensive than traditional LCD TVs which are having some massive price drops.“’

  2. iwantgt5

    Hardly related to Man Furismo Jive. Yes Kevin mentions “MF5” and there’s track modding/making like in the game the commercial focused on, but this is hardly a GT5 commercial. Oh well.

  3. Chad.D

    lol, i wonder what the Kevin Butler commercial from Gran Turismo 5 or should i say, Man Furismo Jive will be like, lol

  4. Shouden

    considering that the clips was about track creation and the “Man Furismo Jive” thing came AFTER a comment about creating your own track in ModNation Racers, would this clip all but confirm a track editor in Gran Turismo 5?


    Only reason i just got a job yes im 17 is because of gran turismo 5 im getting everything including a 3d tv hopefully

  6. idlestation

    Winter is such a crappy time for release.. I’ll be in school, studying hard for my exams.

    They need to release games in the summer, I’m bored out of my mind, if only I had GT5 on hand now..

  7. Mickle Pickle

    LOL at DrummingKing !! or it could be, Monday, the Fourteenth of June :)

    If Porsches are included in the game, there need to be one on the cover just for the heck of it! Just for the statement!

  8. tinniboy25

    Gotta love Butler, legend… It’s been a big Sony project for years, BETTER BE TOP OF THE PILE NOW

  9. anominus

    maybe they are playing with us, maybe there actualy is a game called man furismo jive, and its not what weve been waiting for but some sort of other game

  10. Beezball

    @ Chris, I was definitely thinking it could be a hint at that, of course it could just be that they’ll be promoting that next. We’ll see, but the thought definitely crossed my mind.

  11. Pedz

    I reckon the best time for them to release it is either during or before summer hols, people will have more spare time and therefore want something timely to do =]. I do hope Sony feel the same way ^^.

  12. Rotard12a

    Almost no information to go off of, but it is nice to see somebody from SCEA finally make SOME kind of widespread, official reference to GT5.

    Oh, and a lot of people on here should chill out. Take a minute before posting and ask yourself, “Is flaming _x_ game/person/video necessary, productive, or interesting?” I think you’ll find that the answer is almost always no, it isn’t.

  13. JayKayEm

    Well thats 3:22 of my life wasted. Thanks.

    The actor is a good portrayal of the real Sony management. Plastic and dense.

  14. DaveTheStalker

    When was the PS3 Slim announced? When did it hit shelves? Didn’t major gamng media have a PS3 Slim the day it was announced, for review purposes?

    I’m one one those who are anticipating Sony having GT5’s release to be a major surprise at this E3. Just like they did with the Slim last year.

    Yes Kevin is an actor. Nothing he says in commercials or trailers hits the air without Sony’s approval.

  15. GT_Racer

    Wow u guys get on with the silliest things… just cuz someone hints at gt5 in some other car/racing game gets u fuellin some crazy, out of sight theories… dont try to look so dumb/ gullible

  16. Steady_Dave_2JZ

    As far as I can see, no hint given, think it’s people making a mountain out of a molehill

  17. ItsHim

    Gaming press in Europe says, “Summer is the new Winter”, so that could very well be a hint.

    On the other hand, if they haven’t show-cased GT5 behind closed doors already, add 2-3 months from its initial presentation. It takes about that time to clear some shelve space in the stores.

    Sounds to me someone is trying desperately to keep the hype going.

  18. TrievelA7X

    And I’m supposed to be excited why? To me this means Christmas release, just like everything else has been pointing at – how a guy in a commercial merely mentions a game in reference to coming up means anything more to anyone is beyond me. About as exciting as hearing “Sony’s actually going to acknowledge they have a game called Gran Turismo at E3”. Whoop diddy doo, let me know when something actually happens, other than the 45th trailer.

  19. NotaSonyEmployee

    Just want to clarify:
    “Ask someone for directions, they might send you the long way arround the block.”
    I mean if the don’t know, rather than admit they don’t know, not just for the fun of sending you round the block. That’s an american prank I think. lol

  20. NotaSonyEmployee

    One thing I learned when I was stationed in Japan; They lie to save face.
    Ask someone for directions, they might send you the long way arround the block.
    Get behind in development of anything, not just games, they might give false hints of a date, or outright lie about it (March sound familliar) and “postpone” at the last minute.
    Realize they have to add some stuff the competition has, blame it on amrican fascination with damage. (let’s not forget the photos with a Xbox 360 at PD studios awhile back, no doubt for looking at forza 3 and other games, even if kaz denies paying attention to the comp.)
    Amazing that it’s been 90% done for what, a year? Even when you assume that’s a rough number, it still implies either a lie, or zero progress made for the given period of time.
    I won’t even be surprised if some of the “confirmed” features dissappear. Anyone else remember the supposedly perfected AI by the name of “emotion physics”? That was what? GT3, or GT4?
    Nope, I said it before (about a year ago), I’ll not believe any release date, official, or implied, untill GT5 is in my hands. Don’t care if it set at E3, or by Kaz himself in my living room.
    But, I will agree with irnbrutwinturbo, good marketing. More bang for the advertising buck, and more fuel for the GT5 rumor/hype fire to boot….

  21. S3 Racer

    Hello, Im’ come for the future. July exaclty and we take our food to straw.
    We have a great game out now….. ;)

    This is good news i suppose???
    I hoped for a release before or during the summer holydays. could this be it???
    only concern: why is sony taking away the vid now????

  22. irnbrutwinturbo

    Good marketing. Sony have just managed to get hundreds of thousands of eager GT5 fans to sit through a commercial for a game which they probably hadn’t even considered buying.

  23. Spifferen

    I cannot see any hint customization or track-editor to GT5 in that video. The only customization and track-editor for Modnation racers is mention and illustrated.

    Can anyone explain the opposite? Strop, Memo?

  24. Rob

    I might be wrong but isn’t Kevin Butler an actor? He pretends to be the vice president of Sony and does funny trailers for games and recently the Playstation Move.. This means he was told what to say… E3 is a long way away :(

  25. Dom

    E3 will show the truth. I expect a release soon now. However, we won’t see a track editor and even rain and rollovers are more than doubtful. Don’t react hysteric if it won’t feature everything we have hoped for.
    (But nothing wrong with having HIGH expectations after all the waiting…)

  26. Enciah

    I’m probably getting my hope up too early, but this give me the hope for a summer release and finaly hours and hours of pleasure behind my wheel.
    Summer release could fit with “early than you expect”…actualy we are all expecting fall release.

  27. mk1992

    Really wishful thinking I guess, he only mentions it in one sentence, though you could argue that it is a hint to a E3 release date release?

  28. sidsid118

    Someone mentions three words that rhyme with gran turison 5 and it all goes mad. At least rdr is out this week, that will keep me going to e3 and hopefully a confirmed release date.

  29. Jonathan

    Man I think June is going to be a big Month for GT5…I think we will get new trailers and a ethier a tease at release date or a confirmed release date. If we get a firm date I expect an late summer/Early Fall release.

  30. JimInPT

    “I got your new job title …. V.P. of Washing My Car” —- man, that one made me laugh.

    I like the goofy PS3 better than the original demon PS3.

  31. superb16

    Oh and somehow I don’t think there’s going to be a track editor in GT5. It just sounds like something that would get left out.

  32. superb16

    Honestly, I’m more excited for Modnation Racers next week. I don’t sweat GT5 release dates anymore. I won’t even pre-order.

  33. Matt

    Samsung 55 inch 3D LED TV, G27 wheel, racing seat, Limited collectors edition of Gt5, and a freshly packed bowl.


  34. terminator363

    I can’t wait for E3 I really wish Kaz would go up and say “it would be out next week” (repling @nintandrew

  35. Skillcoil

    I do not know what he’s trying to say but……

    Only time will tell… and now … ON WITH THE SHOW!

    “Referring to E3 2010”

  36. MichaelDelaney

    I don’t see this as a “hint” at any customization features of GT5. I just see it as a transition for their next advertisement. A “here’s what’s next” brief preview, kind of like what some magazines do. I wouldn’t get my hopes up based on this commercial.

  37. memo

    From this Trailer I can see clues for three things that might well happen:

    1- of course a soon release date and probably will be revealed at E3 as you guys guessed.

    2- an appearance of Kevin Butler at E3 invited to the stage by Jacky Boy (thanking him for his performance about the ad Campaign ) at least for few minuets dropping few bombs of jokes.

    but the big of all is:

    3- a track editor that will come to GT5 since this game is having that and mentioning GT5 in such a game as Modnation and not in big hardcore games such as GOWIII.

    well, that at least me seeing things behind the scene.

    P.S: Don’t mind the language, English is not my best suites (or as u say it guys)

  38. Rabiaa

    He pretty much was talking about a track creator or a livery creator in GT5. His “title” in this video is VP of Artistic Modification and he said he’s “working on his next project.” :) This makes me excited, and he looked really excited at the end of the video, too.

  39. nintandrew

    This is good news. What if Kaz came out at E3 and said “It’ll be out next week.” And then left. How awesome would that be!? Anyway, I think it’ll still come out in October.

  40. ismellbacon611

    man furismo jive?!?!?!?! wtf is that supposed to mean? nothing rhymes with ….. oh wait is he talking bout the most anticipated game of 2010/ biggest reason ps3’s are bought/ 5 years in the making/ full ps move and 3d supported gran turismo 5? only time will tell

  41. Pancho

    Just waiting to the E3….

    Greetings from CHILE!, insisto.. GT Academy South America la rompería!

    Saludos a los hermanos Argentinos y Uruguayos!

  42. d3br34k5


    Butler is part of Sony America’s main marketing force. If he mentions GT5, we should expect it soon.

  43. Rusty*

    Well….that was wierd…
    For all those that can’t view the video, don’t worry your not missing much.
    Had to watch the whole clip just to get something that really doesn’t tell us anything new or even give grounds to generate crazy GT5 release consiracy theory’s etc. Not worth watching really.
    We’ve seen it all before, someone mentions GT5 or throws a hint, they become famous or infamous and the GT5 public goes wild…its almost become humourous. :D

  44. pLiDeX

    butler is the man! i watched the video because i like modnation racers and i got very surprised at the end when he mentioned this, if we don’t get a release date in E3 i will be very annoyed, they can’t do this and let us waiting for nothing

    PD: yo no soy argentino pero ando cerca, soy de Uruguay :D

  45. blackjack

    what? there’s a Granturismo 5 about to be released? It’s great to know that they are finally working on something after GT4!


    In Kevin we trust, for now we know that somewhere in a months time, we’ll finally be able to hit that jive :D

  47. Strop

    He clearly hinted at customizable tracks or something (Livery?) in GT5. It’s made apparent that he’s an executive not a programmer so he wouldn’t be writing the game, so by project and given the context in which it is said I think it would be perfectly reasonable to believe he meant track building.

  48. Jonathan

    I would think that if you want 2010 sales from GT5 an 3rd Q release would be the target window. 4Q Release would mainly affect 2011 Sales. By the way when I went to gamestop an employee sounded real confident about Nov 2nd release date. But who really Knows?

  49. Ranger_A

    Hmmm…they just announced, with huge fanfare, that LittleBIGplanet is due somtime in November. Lets hope this isn’t quite so long of a run up…

  50. phosphor112

    I know this is a stretch, but does he mean project as him being an “artist” or as just some… game dude for Sony? If he meant as an artist it can hint at some sort of customization. Though once again, this is a bit of a stretch.

  51. queue09

    since when was the official release announced for “fall” 2010? there is no release period officially, so it cant be earlier if there was no release period.

  52. Watevaman

    Most of the “Chief of…” vids have appeared within a month or so of the showcased games release, right? (minus Move, but they told you it’s coming in November)

    So I’d go as far as to guess that when we see the full little “Chief of (racing/realism/simulation)” vid we’ll be close to release, but then again it’ll probably already have a date by then.

  53. high-center

    Woah, that *IS* wierd.

    I didn’t even hear about it from you, I saw it linked to via the PlayStation twitter/blog that I follow…

    1. Jordan

      The original video was removed, d3br34k5, as you can see from the above comments. I’ve found another version which is embedded now…

  54. Jordan

    It’s strange that Sony decided to hide the video from their official channel after I mentioned it here. I’m uploading it to my private video server now so they won’t be able to get at it.

  55. Rob

    Im so excited , and i just cant hide it , im about to lose control ( of my bugatti veyron around the top gear test track ) and i think i like it !!

  56. Mickle Pickle

    In the game of life, this 1-step-forward move (fall ’10 release) is rather refreshing, but still is not enough to compensate the previous two-step-backward (delayed released until end of 2010) from the “initial” official March released date.

    I dont know about you, but i feel like i am Yo-Yo in all this….

    “hellseek” has indeed spoken…

    I really hope the release is ASAP… the earlier, the better, because the reviews will and can only increase sales for Christmas/Noel 2010! Here’s a chance for them to double their income this year. An end-of-the-year release wont, i repeat: WILL NOT, be as profitable.
    I tell you Sony Management, hire me, and i will give you financial strategy!

  57. daus26

    Again, the game feels near… just like it did when Kaz laughed at 2010 release date, soon after GTPSP hint, GTplanet news on possible holiday release, and of course, the infamous “release anytime” quote.

    Hope it’s for real this time, and the game is near its release. Can’t wait for E3.

  58. skidmark

    If they are cranking up the marketing campaign now which this kinda is, its going to be earlier than fall.

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