Sony France Shows GT5 Release on November 24th

French gaming site JVN noticed a recent update to Gran Turismo 5’s product information on Sony Computer Entertainment France‘s press site: it shows a release date of November 24, 2010. The website requires French media credentials for access, but GTPlanet Forum user jujub was able to independently confirm the news by sharing the screenshot that you see above. As many of you know, the November 2nd release date for the United States was announced E3 2010, but Sony has been quiet on specifics for other regions – most notably Europe. Until an official statement is made (most likely at at Gamescom 2010 in Germany, August 18th), this is our most reliable indication of the company’s plans.

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  1. Luzifer42

    An EU release in September seems possible. Because on this german site you can win the game, and they will deliver it in September 2010.
    “Während der gesamten Spielzeit werden zudem ebenfalls unter allen Teilnehmern, … täglich ein Playstation-Spiel „Gran Turismo 5“ verlost. Der Versand der Gewinne erfolgt ab September 2010, …”

  2. Tony

    I checked the japanese website and the number of tracks expected for GT5 are “20 locations with 70 variants” THAT LAME. And i cant believe nobody is mentioning this. For the time we have waited for GT5 we should at lest expect 100+ tracks!!!!

    1. Tony

      I think it would be a shame if there were only 20 new locations!!!

      I dont know if anybody agrees with me but if there is one thing you get bored from the prologue version are the tracks and not the cars!

  3. prazza

    this is now a world cup forum,england were disgraceful against germany and should be ashamed of them selves,absolutely awful.,i am posting this and it shall not be deleted,if it is,then i quit gtplanet.

  4. dreadlockdragon

    @Pedz yeah you are definitely right about that :/
    @ghoss sorry man i was just observing the date
    on the website :s

  5. dreadlockdragon

    hey guys i just wiki GT5 just now, it actually has
    november 24th as the release date in EU

    1. Pedz

      Yes but that’s Wiki, filled in by some uninformed member of the public. There’s been no real official announcement. We all know websites can get it wrong too =].

  6. Xiaoyu

    I love all the people acting indignant like a later release in Europe would be a personal insult. Insulting an entire country or threatening to not buy the game when you know you will anyway do nothing but make you look like a whiny baby. There are actually many racing games that came out in Europe that never even came out in America! Plus, when we watch the SPEED Network (motorsports channel), we mostly see NASCAR, and not the f1, lemans, and all that good stuff like they show in Europe. Even if this is true about the release date, it’s only 22 days. I’m sure it won’t be that hard to just not go to youtube or gtplanet. I honestly wouldn’t care if the game came out a month later over here. I would just do other stuff for a month and not whine about it like a 4 year old girl who can’t get a new barbie.

    ps. Before you get all whiney, I’ll let you know I’m not even buying this game or a ps3 until 2012 when I finish grad school, and I’m not going to gtplanet for that entire time.

    1. funrun

      Big talker here. The only racing game worth mentioning here would be Ferarri Challange from last year, care to share all the other racing titles please.

      ps: I can smell the bologne from over here.

    2. Maxiboy

      Try having that attitude from the other side of the fence .. It SUCKS being on this side of the fence, this side being the side that has to wait 6 years + an extra month for GT5. Excuse im going to go scream into my pillow

  7. KilzoneStrife

    ok wait..september is too early.maybe October.that’d be even funnier cuz didnt GT PSP release last October

  8. KilzoneStrife

    Its funny,there were always rumors GT5 would release late September in EU/Pal regions.Im going to ROFL if it still does making it before the U.S date.

  9. ExclusivesMostly

    We’ve all waited patiently(?) for GT5 so I think we should all get to play it simultaneously.

    Worldwide release on November 2 FTW.

  10. TheDurmmingKING

    WOW everyone is bitching because of 22days? wow. The Americas had to wait how many MONTHS before they got GT5P after everyone else? Now they’re going the opposite way to make it even. Get over yourself and wait 3 weeks, be happy it’s not 3 months

  11. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    In addition to that.

    GT5 will have about 800 standard cars and 200 premium cars, what cars that are in GT for PSP are not yet in GT5?

  12. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000


    Ah, got your attention!
    Good because I’m wondering if anybody has the answer to my question.
    What does GT for PSP for GT5?
    I mean, what cars will you be able to load in GT5?
    I guess it will be standard cars but how will it work with the higher graphics and interiors.

    Does anybody know?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. ElieTheBear

      easy … if you have car #048 … you will have car #048 in your garage … but the gt5 version.. or they will upscaled the gtpsp version and you will drive a mini standard psp into a big gt5 course lol

  13. Zeromobius

    I know i did a retarded thing… But i brought GT5p 4x lol. Yeah its that good! jk i love it but, the reason was i wanted it bad. Japan had it months before so i got a japanese copy. Then i got PSN Download Copy for sharing but that didnt work. Then i brought the CD version because i wanted the extra bonus Stuff. Anyways i gave my cd up to my cusin and brought myself another CD copy recently to save space…..yeah pretty insane…. PD better love me! i think im buying 2 Collectors Edition,1 for USE and another For show. I have all GT’s sitting next to eachother except the PSP version, it was a Download. :-) come on NOV 2!

    1. hardvibes

      Why would I risk with customs and taxes? Why would I risk with certified mail? Who tells me I will receive it withing a week?

  14. RAugie

    guys dont complain too much about the possibility of there not being interiors for all cars, they might push back the release date for the game AGAIN like they did at the end of 2009 when everyone was unhappy with the damage modeling….

  15. Damirgt

    Wow just wow, people are complaining that Europe is getting it a few weeks later than US. Be happy its coming out this year.

    1. snaketus

      Yeah true. It will be three agonizing weeks tho, trying to avoid youtube and gtplanet. Just have to reveal game’s content my own.

  16. Pillus

    the main page on the net here in Denmark which sells video-games have release date 5th novenber on gran turismo 5

  17. Madjack

    I would question this. It could be real, it could be a projection, it could be misinformation.

    But, the day they announced Nov 2 for NA, I went to selected the USA site, and it listed GT5 release as Nov 2, 2010. I just went to a few Euro sites, and they don’t even list GT5 as a product. There are news stories about GT5, but no release date, and no product information like there is for GT PSP, Prologue, or the older GTs. So, I would suggest Nov 24 is unreliable.

  18. prazza

    i hope this date is not true,it isn’t fair that europe would get gt5 22 days after america,they would have spoiled every suprise in the game by the time i get it,and i won’t want it any more if all the cool surprises are gone,so,american members of gtp,when you have it,keep your mouth shut about it,or else ;).

  19. DarthStig1

    In some ways I am glad that the info. was released by accident. Now, hopefully the new featurues will remain secret without the outside world finding out.

  20. Sele1981

    wow I must say this sucks now! Even though europe is the most important market, we get every game later than US/JP

  21. Obli

    If that is true then why are some people assuming France’s release date is the same as other countries in Europe?

  22. Alan

    Its an absolute disgrace, Europe is the biggest market for sony and still they worship and bow to the americans, a country that is years behind the rest of the world when it comes to motorsport and car making.

  23. GTracerRens

    I thought the European release was on November the 5th. I don’t want to wait till the 24th if there are people on the oher side of the world playing Gran Turismo already. :p And I can’t find a place to pre-order the special edition..Not even on :( It seems that I still have to wait than…

  24. Nameless

    I hope Sony and PD are laughing their asses off while reading all these crybaby comments. You should be happy it`s only a month!!! GT5P was released in EU 4 or 5 months later.

  25. snaketus

    WHAT!!=!=?!=! Almost a month later than America? I really hope this going to drop sales numbers for Sony. I’m going to cancel my preorder for sure. Not going to wait almost a month longer than freaking yanks. I hope they learn something from this. I hope whole Europe skip this, and when GT6 comes, hope Sony learned it’s lesson.

    1. occasionalracer

      Hey snakeboy, either import the game or wait a couple of weeks. I know it’s hard to know other people are playing the game but it’s not a huge gap like someone mentioned like GT5p being 4 months apart in regions. As of yet nobody know the reliability of this date as this could have been set months ago before the NA release was even set. I don’t know if the game will be up for purchase in the PS Store but importing would take 10 days at most. Stop trying to tell the world you won’t buy the game, you’re not talking to Sony directly here and your whining is just laughable.

  26. Tarlach also have it down as november second, 3rd in Australia would make sense given the time difference, if it is 3 weeks later I’ll just import anyway.

  27. Madmurdock

    A bit of a dissapointment, especially as Eurooe is a bigger Market for the Gran Turismo series. The game has always sold better in the EU. So if anything we should get it before the US.

  28. S0ul

    Importing wont do. When I order it from America it will arrive after 2,5 weeks. 3 days later it will get released in europe :(

  29. Mr Latte

    If this is going to be the case I for one will deffo be importing.

    No way Im going to be tortured seeing guys here playing the game and having to wait an agonising 3 weeks.

  30. Enciah

    They had the possibility for a huge world wide release…THE DAY for all of us!!

    This 3 week gap is rubbish…

    1. Erik

      Still have. The 24th has never been confirmed as a release date. For all I know it might even be a typo…

  31. Ekans

    Sorry, EU, you guys must understand that there are many countries in that region. Menu’s and voice over work needs to get done in those languages the game will be released in. It’s a massive game, extensive work needs to be tediously done. Just be happy you guys are getting it anyways. Smh.

    1. Nemesis

      Why does it need any translation. Just release it in english. Any one should know english in this time and age.

      I’m from the netherlands my self and it makes me crazy that these moronic french, german and spanish speaking countries want it translated. Educate yourself learn a second, third or even fourth language!

    2. snaketus

      Yes, totally agree with Nemesis here. Stupid french, german and spanish causing the delay. But it’s not the real reason for the later release date. Translations have been done ages ago. It’s just marketing trick, they will sell NA copy to europe and then after three weeks they will sell localized copy to europe. I’m personally not going to buy even one copy, unless I can see European version Nov 2.

    3. Me.Switch

      The way you and your followers talk about french, german and spanish people in general “in this time and age” is “moronic”. Think about how it would be if the game would be released only in spanish (also a common language). Also the translation isn’t that big deal and wouldn’t cause a month or any later release. And finally education is not only to speak different languages so you shouldn’t be to proud of yourself and maybe “Educate yourself” a little more in other things. By the way: “Any one should know english” doesn’t make any sense. Correct is: Anyone should speak english.

    4. Erik

      The game will probably need to be translated from Japanese to English as well, and that translation would take just as long as any other translation. So I don’t buy the idea of a “translation delay”.

    5. HenGTX

      Im sorry Mr.Switch, but the correct way to say this is: Everyone should know how to speak English.

      Don´t correct anyone if you don´t know how to say it yourself.

    6. viejaloca

      Nah, he’s just mad because NA is getting it first which means he has to make racist idiotic comments!

  32. twinspark24

    Sony prove again that they are complete idiots.
    Do you think that this move will increase sales in the USA only bacause they can have the game earlier?- NO

    There will be only two certain effects:

    1. Europeans(like me) will hate SONY for doing this
    2. Europeans will hate Americans

    I just can’t believe there can be so utterly stupid people in executive positions…

    1. Erik

      You just proved that you are an idiot. The 24th is in no way confirmed as a release date, so hold your horses.

  33. nameless

    And we`ve been waiting so long for this game. Now it finally has the release and all you haters do is – complain about a few weeks “delay” for europe. So funny


    Im not convinced about this release date. Here in the UK the date that has been mentioned is Friday 5th November.

  35. KilzoneStrife

    @Bernd dude they’ll charge us here R800 for the LCE…thats about $105 U.S ,and about R650 for the standard ,thats about $95 and I bet the U.S ver will have extra stuff over the pal copies lol man,politics.

  36. Hoodie1878

    Gah! I’m off to Australia for three weeks not long after that! I’ll be in a wonderful place and all I’ll be thinking about is getting home to drive!

  37. Bram87

    I just looked at the Belgian playstation website and there the release date is set on just “November”, so something between the 2nd and the end of november can be assumed to be the date of release in Europe I guess….

  38. Organ-Donor

    As much as USA has been getting screwed over with the refereeing in the world cup this is a nice present. But honestly I feel for you EU guys. Look at it this way atleast, you waited over 5 years whats a couple more weeks? Plus all the bugs and glitches should be ironed out by then…

    1. snaketus

      And watching Youtube videos three weeks, while you could actually play it. No way! Worldwide release NOV 2. If not, im not buying it at all.

    1. Philmangt

      maybe they think with nascar being added, they will get more sales in the US? or maybe theyll just add something a little extra for the EU release!

      id be so bummed if that were true though seeing that im in the US

  39. Tim

    It’s not that nice to hear this news,
    but it’s not confirmed..
    I hope for an earlier release date,
    more november 2-ish… In the end, Europe is the biggest buyer of GT5 so we deserve it.

  40. NBH

    The translation delay is rubbish, you think after 5 years they leave the whole game then spend 3 weeks madly doing it in other languages!? It’s all down to the pre Christmas marketing and as long as it comes in 2010 I’m happy.

  41. KilzoneStrife

    I hope the LCE is the same across the board.sucked only the U.S Prologue got the documentary with their copy.was left out of the pal ver.why?

    1. Bernd

      Kilzone, you’re right. Guess, GT5 will cost about 70€, whereas the US-Gamers have to pay $70 – pay more, get less !

  42. sidsid118

    as long as its before christmas this year, and this extra 3 weeks means 3 more weeks of f1 2010.

    1. Maxiboy

      Why th 15th? I Want it to be as soon as possible after Nov 2nd. Ps fingers crossed for some new FPV & HSV cars. Would love to run an F6 310 against an HSV GTS around the nordshleif.

  43. occasionalracer

    This could also be a bit of a sales tactic, Sony knowing the majority of fanatics being in Europe and wanting to get their hands on the game immediately, making the purchase in NA and then possibly buying a 2nd copy from their country for language reasons. This could mean tens of thousands of double purchases across Europe. I’m not mad about this as I believe Sony and PD deserve every dollar they can make, because there’s no other game developer as hard working on a single title as PD. I really want this game to hit an all time sales record for the GT series, let’s see if this will happen.

    1. Erik

      I don’t think so at all. There’s no reason to buy a second copy, if you’ve already played the game for three weeks you will understand the concept good enough to keep playing it in English…

  44. AngerdX

    I´ll just import it if this is the case so won´t hurt to bad but i´ll still be angr/annoyed that they do crap like this, localisations is a poor excuse, if any for somthing that´s been in development for so long, guess we will know what the actual deal is soon enough, will be impossible to avoid the web for that long so Sony just do a worldwide release at the same time for us all, no offence to the US but id rather they choose the region that would get it last and make that the release date for all. Meh internet is a blessing and curse at the same time had to many games spoiled cause of stupid release dates this year. :/ heh

  45. canam1968

    @Pudge – I am in the US as well but I wont be spending much time watching the voting results, ha! I am definitely am looking forward to playing GT5 though. I am surprised we are getting it before alot of regions. It seemed like Japan was always first and US was last. Perhaps the elevated NASCAR interest has expedited the release date. I dont care what the reason is…Im just pleased as punch its less than 5 months away

    1. snaketus

      Btw, Nascar sucks and bad. I hope they use this extra three weeks to remove Nascar from European version. That’s the only reason I will accept it.

    2. pudge

      I’m working on a couple of campaigns, and am Republican Party chair for my legislative district. I’ll be watching returns. But I may have returns on the computer next to me while I play GT5. :-)

      Although I will probably be headed out to an election night party. Bleah.

  46. pudge

    Glad I am in the U.S. I am soooooo going to take November 2 off from work. Vote in the morning, play GT5 all day, watch election returns all night. :-)

  47. Joshua

    Because they have to translate into other languages, and that takes time, Thats why. Translation for American/Canadian/Spanish & French isn’t so complex, because theres Spain in Europe. And not to mention some regions in Canada like Quebec speak total French. But europe should be getting it on the 4th or something like that, don’t you agree ?

    1. snaketus

      LOL! They should do the translations BEFORE NOV 2. And there’s no need to other languages than english anyway imo.

    2. Erik

      It’s probably gonna come in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian to Europe. Maybe Russian too, if it counts as the European market? And I don’t think the translations would take any longer time than to translate from Japanese to English (as they probably have different translators for every single language they will have the capacity to translate to several languages at the same time…), so it’s not really a reason for a later release in Europe. I might agree with snaketus too, the English skills in non-British Europe is good enough for us to understand menus in English (the British are hopeless, though XD), it can’t be that complicated.

      And again, the 24th is not a confirmed release date.

    3. Erik

      After all, it’s not a game where the goal is to write a novel, fundamental English knowledge will be enough to understand what is what in the game. There’s also a pretty clever invention called “icons” that provides a visual clues…

    4. Mike

      Yeah, English is just enough. I’m not a native speaker of this language, but come on, you need just basic knowledge of English and some technical language savvy.

  48. Scibba

    noooooooooooo don’t let as down sony please release gt5 november 2 why are you doing this again?

  49. GTSlim

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but PS3 doesnt have zone restriction…so if u really wanna play it on day 1…just order online :)

    1. Erik

      Just keep in mind that this is no official release date. What if it actually will release earlier in Europe? I would wait with online orders until the European release date is confirmed…

  50. terminator363

    wow the 24th!!! thats pretty late! Well good luck trying not to stab yourselves back in europe…

  51. Volk Zadovsky

    Man, poor Europe. I’m in the US and I much prefer to play with Europeans when my friends arn’t on because they take this game seriously enough to be a challenge to race with online.

  52. yomamma

    the wife just showed me an ad in US Weekly for sony 3D bravia TV. it has GT5 in it with two SLS’s racing through tokyo route ss. one of the SLS’s is in the TV and the other is behind it outside the TV. the ads have begun!

    1. NotaSonyEmployee

      I just throw darts at a calendar. Since it is the Myan calendar I am using, I haven’t come up with a date past 2012 yet. Go figure.

  53. BlakeC has an Australian release date of November 30 on their preorder page for GT5 not sure if that’s a guess on their part but would seem to fit

    1. GTR12

      Well Gamespot au, have it listed as 2nd Nov, previously it just said TBA, and JB-HiFi have (had now) it listed as 2nd Nov aswell.
      GameLane has it listed as 3 Nov.
      PlayDisc have it completely wrong and its listed as 1 Sept.

      I dunno who to believe now for an Aus release date…

    2. Erik

      I don’t know if the retailers know any more than we do regarding the release date. The 30th and 24th dates might as well just be educated guesses based on the fact that the 2nd of November only has been confirmed for North America. But I have no insight in the retailing business, so I honestly have no idea :P

    3. waynz

      When I pre-ordered the Collectors Edition they have it in their data-base 2nd November. There a pretty reliable with their dates as well.

    1. Erik

      @ NotaSonyEmployee: Isn’t the US the worst place to be if you’re poor? No social security whatsoever? Might be good if you’re hungry though… and GT5 deprived.

  54. unkr3at1v

    my birthday is on Nov 3rd, so I would really appreciate when there would be a simultaneous release worldwide!
    Think I then will import my copy!

  55. GT_Prologue5

    I feel for the Euros here I live in US but I think its wrong that the release is later i wont even be buying it on Nov2 cause i cant (no $$$)

  56. Gran Turismo Vet

    This is bogus, EU`s thier biggest market and prologue released earlier here than anywhere else so yeah…

    1. Belisario93

      do you have any sources to back that up?

      I’m not saying it’s right that they made it later for europe, but making claims such as these is stupid.

    2. NotaSonyEmployee

      I don’t know if it’s true or not, but instead of calling him an idiot, try providing your sources, otherwise it just looks like you spewing bullpucky and trolling.

    3. emponator

      As well as the table above, which reveals 55 million worldwide sales for the series to-date (the most successful individual title being GT3), additional figures show that the most prolific purchasers of GT games have been European consumers.

      25 million total units have been sold by Sony across the European territory, which compares to 20 million in the US and 10 million in Japan. Perhaps these enviable sales figures explain why Sony is willing to let Polyphony Digital spend oodles of time and money developing GT5.

      And Prologue was released in Japan first, then few months later in Eu as spec II and then couple weeks later in NA.

    4. Matt

      EU population at 1/12009 was estimated at 499.8 million see Eurostat:

      US population 310.2 million as of July according to the CIA website estimate at

      So, given that the EU and US standard of living are close enough that similar percentages of the population can afford a PS3 and GT5 I think we can reasonably say that the EU is a much bigger market (I know there are other factors but the size difference is easily big enough to cover those).

      You can look at this Times article if you want proof of standard of living differences, or rather the lack thereof:

    5. boohamdan

      since EU includes Europe, Africa & the Arab world, one would assume it covers more population, therefore a bigger market than the other three regions: US, JP & AU
      Just sayin’

    6. boohamdanbo

      On what planet does EU contain Africa & ‘the Arab’? lol, go to school plzkthx.

      Are you talking about EMEA i.e. Europe, the Middle East, and Africa?

    7. boohamdan

      i meant the Earth symbol with the number 2 next to it on the blue-ray disc case of all PS3 games, indicating that this particular game is meant to be sold in Europe, Africa & the Arab world..

      got it now my fellow GT Fan? :)

      (BTW, the fact that am a medical student does not mean i hate Geography, i still enjoy spending hours surfing Google Earth) :P

    8. Razor

      @koishki what are you smoking? Your link says the same as main PD website: since GT4 (and this is more important than what was 13 years ago) EU bought more copies than US. Thats a fact. And thats why KY wants to expand US market and not EU market.

  57. hardvibes

    This is outrageous. The entire world has waited 5-6 years for GT5, and Europe will get it nearly 1 month after NA….

    1. Erik

      Agree with Drogahnus (although his name can be misinterpreted in Swedish…), this is not a delay. It’s not an official release date either, so far it’s just an indication. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  58. CeeJay

    Aww come on, after all these years why can’t it be a worldwide release so our brothers & sisters in Europe can get it at the same time? I feel bad. They should get it first anyway because they give us all the good cars! ;)

  59. ismellbacon611

    lol usa ftw

    its probably because of the nascar part….
    they want to attract more usa attention because eu usually has more sales than usa

  60. boohamdan

    2 days post my birthday :D
    hope i would be able to find the collector addition
    thanks for the news

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