Gran Turismo 5 Releases in Australia November 4th

Our friends down under finally have an official release date for Gran Turismo 5: November 4, 2010, as confirmed by this press release from Sony. If you know you want the Signature Edition, be sure and reserve your copy now at a local retailer such as GAME Australia or EBGames.

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  1. pedrodaman

    Ebgames have now filled their quota for pre orders of GT5 Sig ED. this covers all stores Australia wide.
    JB Hifi and Game are still taking orders.

    Pre ordered my copy from JB hifi 10th Sept, get in quick if you have not done so already.


    I’m as happy as a pig in shhhhhhh!
    In theory, a midnight release would technically mean it was the 3rd of November for all my mates in the UK, which means that we’ll all be playing it on the same day!

    By the way, that video rocked. I haven’t heard that song for a whole week!


  3. Obli

    3rd, 4th, 5th… whichever, I think it’s great. Worldwide GT week. Not sure what the problem is over one or two days. Probably some reason behind it.

  4. GTbyPlaystation

    I knew this ages ago, it was posted on the EB Games website, GAME Australia website and the JB Hi-Fi website. I brought it up in the Circuit De La Sarthe post (30th August)

  5. Mr Frappy

    Great news for you guys! I suppose an almost truly global release is the least we could have expected after such a long, long wait.

    1. Zowne

      And yet, when I pre-ordered the game from JB’s a few days ago, it says on the receipt to pick the game up on 11th of November… I think I’ll be retracting my pre-order if this is the case

  6. Blinkwing

    Sony sucks!
    Blocking all videos in germany (even the “picture”), just because the audio is a copyright infringement!
    Thank you!

  7. TheStig13

    November 4th is a public holiday where I live (which means I’ll be spending the day playing GT5 :) )
    I was actually expecting it to be released on the 4th as games are usually released on a Thursday here in Australia.

    1. Zowne

      Haha, you’ll be lucky if the stores are open for you to even get the game if it’s a public holiday.

      What state are you in? What public holiday is it? :S

  8. gtone339

    Cool, now I know the release date for GT5 in New Zealand.




    Thanks for finding out the due date for it. :)

  9. Zowne

    I can’t believe that video was chosen to portray Australia hahaha. No wonder everyone in other countries just thinks it’s all kangaroos and koalas here.

  10. Louie_Schumii

    I’ll consider pre-ordering the Signature Edition when they confirm the full terms and conditions for the SLS-AMG Competition.

    Its been nearly a month since they said that “full T&C’s will be made shortly” on the gran-turismo website…

  11. UCLA'09

    Yeah, this date does not make sense to me. I thought that it would be on the 3rd too, so that way it’s kind of a “worldwide release.” Because you see, if it’s released in the US on the 2nd, and Jpn and Europe on 3rd, that means they are within 24hrs. But now, it seems Australia is out of this 24hours time gap.

    1. tvensky

      There was a short episode of driving, with volkswagen hippy van (full of zombies) :) nice driving physics for 1982 hahaha

  12. Maxiboy

    Nnnnooooo I took the 3rd off work for nothing!!! Luckily I took a week off work for GT5, so ive still got 6 days of work free GT5 time…. still.

  13. Zenith

    You’ve been waiting for this game for all these years and now you’re complaining because you get the game 2 days after the US release? Seriously?

  14. TragicallyHip

    No matter what reason you give to change the release date, it still will never quite make sense to me.

    btw, nice song. xD

  15. SEIDO463

    hearing that song makes me wanna go back home to Sydney.. been in japan now nearly 2 years… I miss my city!
    Happy about that release date.

    1. RACECAR

      Why can’t people like you be happy you’ll be getting the game at all? Seriously, the game is finally coming out and you complain about a date? People are so ungrateful.

    2. twinspark24

      He’s right. There is no reason for a game to be launched 1-2 days later. And yes, it will be annoying to see your US PSN friends play GT on 2nd Nov, Europe PSN buddies playin on 3rd Nov (like me) and for no obvious reason the aussies will have to wait.
      It’s not fair

    3. Jamaicangmr

      Seriously come on it’s 2 days. could’ve been worst could’ve been a weak. Hell i gotta wait a week for it to get to me some of you really do complain too much for nothing.

    4. Kea83

      Would be pretty funny if it was banned because the skid marks were too violent for our non 18+ retarded game rating system

    5. Reims_

      Argh you guys don’t get it!!! EVERYTHING gets delayed for Australians. We are so sick of being shafted and guess what, our signature edition costs $300!!

      It really isn’t fair how we get treated. And wtf we’re closer to Japan than Eu and US anyway! :tdown:

    6. FD3S

      Dude, first there was NO date set for Australia.
      Now there is one.
      It’s only a couple days apart. That’s a lot better than weeks or even a month as other games in the past.

  16. R35-Vspec

    Good news for our aussie buddies. Usually games release in Australia 3 to 5 days after their release on US but its only 2 days for GT5 nice!

    1. dojOdRiFTeR

      well remember that australia is roughly 24hrs ahead so in reality your only waiting about a day same with japan

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