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Buy This Nissan GT-R, Get a 700hp, $100,000 Piece of Gran Turismo History

We’ve got quite a few Gran Turismo memorabilia collectors here on GTPlanet. It’s not just scouring eBay for examples of rare game releases, but people who’ll collect absolutely anything with… Read More »

Video Documents Kazunori Yamauchi's Nurburgring 24H Accident

Motorsports 21 Jul 24, 2014 by Jordan Greer

‘Rise After Falling’ highlights the drama experienced by Kazunori Yamauchi and Schulze Motorsport at the Nurburgring 24 Hours.

GT Academy Champions Join Nick Heidfeld, Kazunori Yamauchi for 2014 Nurburgring 24 Hours

Motorsports 29 Apr 28, 2014 by Jordan Greer

Former F1 driver Nick Heidfeld and Kazunori Yamauchi team up with GT Academy champions for the 2014 Nurburgring 24h.

Schulze Motorsport's N24 GT-R in New GT6 Demo Bonus Event

GT Academy 2013 concludes around the world as a new car is unlocked in the GT6 demo.

GT6 Used to Tune Schulze Motorsport's Nurburgring GT-R

Gran Turismo 6’s new suspension simulation engine was used to help tune Schulze Motorsport’s GT-R in the Nurburgring 24h.

The 2011 Nurburgring 24 Hours: Coverage & Discussion

Motorsports 109 Jun 25, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Follow Kazunori Yamauchi and his team as they compete in the Nurburgring’s toughest race. Links, live streams, discussion, and more.