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Xbox Series S Hardware and Technology Revealed

Microsoft’s information dump on next-generation consoles this week is continuing apace, with the Xbox Series S now laid bare in full. The subject of rumors and speculation for the last… Read More »

Xbox Series S Confirmed for November 10, Series X Rumored to Join It

Update: Microsoft has now confirmed that the Xbox Series S at least will launch on November 10. Microsoft’s inevitable reveal of the Xbox Series S console today only came as… Read More »

Xbox Series S Officially Unveiled at $299

The cat is finally out of what was looking like a pretty transparent bag. Microsoft’s other next-gen console, the Xbox Series S is now public knowledge. The computing giant has… Read More »

Xbox Series S Seemingly Confirmed Again, But Still Not Officially Revealed

Although Microsoft is apparently reticent to confirm its second next-gen console, the brand doesn’t appear to be all that shy in keeping its name away from official documentation. For the… Read More »

Did Microsoft Just Leak the Next-Gen Xbox Series S?

There’s a good chance that the Microsoft Xbox Series S is already the worst-kept secret in gaming, but it seems to have just become even less secret somehow. Two different… Read More »