The New Porsche GT3 R Is Coming to a Race Track Near You

Automotive News 12 May 12, 2018 by

If the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS is a little too tame for you, you’re in luck. Porsche now has a more hardcore racing version of the car sporting the name GT3 R.

At its heart, the GT3 R uses the same 4.0-liter flat-six from the street car. However, with a more aggressive tune, it’s now pumping out a whopping 550hp. This makes it the most powerful naturally aspirated 911 you can buy.

No, it’s not a case of déjà vu either. You really did read that same statement in our article about the Ring-dominating performance of the GT3 RS. Lasting just three weeks, it now needs to hand over that crown.

The extra power isn’t all either. The new tune on the engine also gives the car a wider rev range.

Mated to the 4.0-liter engine is a six-speed sequential transmission. To the dismay of many enthusiasts, this also means no clutch pedal — not surprising for a race car. At least this means its quicker off the line.

To keep the GT3 R as light as possible, it uses carbon fiber nearly everywhere. All of the panels, the roof, and most of the interior make use of the featherweight material. However, the chassis is made from aluminum and steel for added safety and stiffness.

The suspension is fully adjustable and makes use of a newly developed double wishbone setup. In addition to better handling, it also allows for larger front tires. With 300 size tires up front and 310’s out back, there’s plenty of rubber to keep the car planted in the corners.

To further keep the car glued to the track, the GT3 R also gets a new aero setup. With a massive rear wing, front canards, and a robust splitter it provides ample downforce.

Venturing inside, the GT3 R makes use of a single, non-movable seat to keep the driver secure. For shorter drivers, the pedals are adjustable to provide the perfect fit.

Perhaps the best feature on the inside though is air conditioning. Yes, you can get your GT3 R with optional factory air conditioning — talk about class-leading luxury!

The options don’t end there either. Since the GT3 R isn’t designed with a single series in mind, customers can outfit their vehicles in a variety of different ways. Porsche offers up both an IMSA and FIA Endurance package for the car.

Also on the options list are things like various data loggers and illumination options.

There’s currently no US price for the GT3 R. However, in Europe, the car will start at €459,000 (about $550,000). If you want to get your name on the list, you’ll need to pony up a €150,000 deposit.

Delivery will start in November of this year with a racing debut at the 2019 Rolex 24 Hour race in January 2019.

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