Thrustmaster Teases “T-DCC”, a Mystery New Peripheral

Hardware 51 May 27, 2021 by

Sim racing equipment manufacturer Thrustmaster has followed up on a teaser it posted earlier this month with a further dose of mystery. In a post made across its social channels, the brand has revealed the existence of a new product going by the name of “T-DCC”.

It’s not actually entirely clear what kind of product the T-DCC will be at the moment. While Thrustmaster might be best known in racing game circles as a manufacturer of steering wheel and pedal peripherals, it also makes headsets, gamepads, and controls for flight simulator games.

That said, the nomenclature does hint at a racing sim product: Thrustmaster only applies the “T-” name to driving gear, with flight kit and headsets using the “T.” name.

With that in mind, there’s all sorts of possibilities for what “T-DCC” could actually mean. The last new product we saw from Thrustmaster with this naming style was the T-LCM, or Load Cell and Magnetic, pedals. This suggests that DCC could be an abbreviation, which would hint at a wheel with direct drive technology.

Rival brand Fanatec recently came out with its own new entry level direct drive wheel, the CSL DD, so the T-DCC could be a product to take on the Fanatec wheel. Alternatively it could be a higher-end product, set against the Podium DD wheels.

Another possibility is the sneaky use of Roman numerals. DCC just happens to be how you would write the number 700 in Roman numerals, and that could suggest a new wheel in succession to the T300 and T500 line.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out what Thrustmaster is up to. The first teaser landed on social media on May 20, so there was only a week between the two posts. We’ll be watching on June 3 just in case.

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