Time Extend Podcast #25 – The Best of Gran Turismo with Jordan, Kyle and Andrew!

Gran Turismo Series 107 August 21, 2019 by

My, how time flies. A little over two years ago, the GTPlanet editorial staff and extended family pooled their heads together and ranked their favorite games in the series.

It was ugly. No, not the story — our man Kyle Patrick had the unenviable task of representing the group’s dissonant opinions, and, frankly, knocked it out of the park. Rather, the ugliness was all the action behind the scenes. The impassioned monologues. The name calling. The violent threats and blackmail. To say the least, it was a tumultuous time in GTPlanet’s history.

OK, I might be exaggerating a tad there. Nevertheless, the final order was as hard for the staff to agree upon as it may have been for you to accept. And when all was said and done, and Brendan and I eventually kicked off Time Extend, the two of us knew that debate belonged on the air someday.

Well, that day is today. It’s with a mixture of relief and shame that I present the audio companion to GTPlanet’s Gran Turismo ranking. Brendan and I had the pleasure of welcoming Kyle and head honcho Jordan Greer back to the show, who wasted no time in tussling between GT3 and GT2’s superiority. But we were also fortunate to have Andrew Evans (the very Famine himself!) join us. When he wasn’t also stumping for GT3, Andrew revealed plenty of glimpses of his encyclopedic Gran Turismo knowledge —  like how much horsepower the Mini Cooper actually comes with in Gran Turismo 2.

The five of us laughed, we jeered, and I’d like to think we learned from each other. Jokes aside, it was a lovely time chatting about a franchise we obviously all hold very dearly, that impacted our lives in totally different yet equally significant ways. I hope you enjoy it. In fact, if nothing else, I hope you take away one simple truth:

GT4 is the best. (Ed note: citation needed.)

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