Tresson to Join Ordoñez at Signatech Nissan in 2012

January 3rd, 2012 by Andrew Evans

In addition to the all-GT Academy team campaigning in the Dubai 24hrs this month, Signatech Nissan team boss Philippe Sinault has announced his intended driver line-up for the 2012 World Endurance Championship:

“We hope to keep our 2011 driver package of Lucas (Ordoñez), Franck Mailleux and Soheil Ayari (Jean-Karl Vernay is under contract to Peugeot) and we hope to be joined next year by another Playstation graduate (Jordan Tresson).”

Signatech intends to run two Nissan Oreca 03 chassis in the LMP2 class of the WEC rather than the one, albeit successful, car run last season in the WEC’s predecessor series, the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup. The provisional dates for the series itself have also been announced

  • 17th March – 12 Hours of Sebring; Sebring International Raceway, Florida
  • 5th May – 6 Heures de Spa-Francorchamps; Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Spa
  • 16-17th June – 24 Heures du Mans; Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans
  • 25th August – 6 Hours of Silverstone; Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire
  • 15th September – 6 Hours of São Paulo; Autódromo José Carlos Pace, São Paulo
  • 29th September – 6 Hours of Bahrain; Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir
  • 14th October – 6 Hours of Fuji; Fuji International Speedway, Oyama
  • 11th or 18th November – 6 Hours of China; Venue to be confirmed

GTPlanet wishes Lucas, Jordan and the Signatech Nissan team all the best in 2012!

Thanks to Stu for the tip.

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  1. Jan. 4, 8:54pm

    The cartoon guys remind me of Dragon Ball-Z.

  2. Jan. 4, 6:01pm

    I’d pay for the Nissan Oreca 03. Nissan, PD, make it happen!

  3. Jan. 4, 4:23pm

    Are those the 2 newest Power Rangers?

    No, wait, it’s Nissan Man and his trusty sidekick!

    Seriously, comic book heros? Fail.

  4. Jan. 4, 4:01pm

    why are the GT logos on the opposite sides of the suits?

  5. Jan. 4, 3:15pm

    Whoa, hold on…can someone PLEASE clear this up:

    This is OUR Jordan, correct?! O.O

    • Jan. 4, 3:25pm

      No, not the GTPlanet Jordan.

    • Jan. 4, 3:26pm

      lol. :D Good guess though. :)

    • Jan. 4, 5:08pm

      Jordan Tresson is the winner of the second GT Academy and French. GTPlanet’s site owner Jordan is American and would thus be ineligible for the European GT Academy – and the only US GT Academy was won by Brian Heitkotter last year.

  6. Jan. 4, 1:41pm

    Nothing to do with gt5

    • Jan. 4, 3:24pm

      Has everything to do with GT5.

  7. Jan. 4, 12:55am

    dragon ball cover? lol

    • Jan. 4, 11:32am

      exactly what i was’s goku and vegeta stance hahah

  8. Jan. 4, 12:08am

    DUUUDE, who gave you permission to use my photo?

  9. Jan. 3, 10:40pm
    Mac K

    That’s awesome!

  10. Jan. 3, 9:04pm

    Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta isn’t included this year? Hopefully all the big names still attend this year.

    • Jan. 3, 9:06pm

      Nope, Because that’ll be on the same weekend as that 6 Hour China race.

    • Jan. 4, 7:52am

      What no Petite lm this year ?

    • Jan. 4, 3:29pm

      It’s because the track is to small to support all the entrants in the WEC. They said it would have essentially become a smash up derby. I could deffinently see them extending the circuit going further past the right hander after the esses. I don’t think all the big names will show but I could see Audi Sport North America sending a R18 since Rey have been so heavily involved in promoting their brand on the North American markets at Sebring and Petit.

  11. Jan. 3, 8:23pm

    I absolutely hate Nissan but I would love that opportunity!

  12. Jan. 3, 8:09pm

    Dang that’s one epic looking pic.

    • Jan. 3, 8:37pm

      ha i thought i was the only one that thought that!!! They look like superheros!!!! :o

    • Jan. 3, 9:07pm

      Apparently only one of them can fly…

    • Jan. 4, 12:11am

      I thought that too, FRICKING EPIC!

    • Jan. 4, 6:30am
      Big Ron

      Ok, than I am the only one not liking the pic. The pose of the drivers looks superfluous.

    • Jan. 4, 6:31am
      Big Ron

      We all know how they look and who they are, so posing like a super hero is more worth a laugh than any serious compliment.

    • Jan. 4, 12:44pm

      ^^^ I too think it looks badass, Super racers to the grid. But that’s your opinion so I respect it.

    • Jan. 4, 5:17pm

      Also is that a checkered flag cape coming out of Ordonez’s suit? SWEET!

    • Jan. 5, 5:19pm

      “Apparently only one of them can fly”

      lolololol Nice!

  13. Jan. 3, 8:07pm

    Since GT5 is so involed in this sport can we get all those tracks PD?

  14. Jan. 3, 7:45pm

    Can’t wait!

  15. Jan. 3, 7:10pm

    15th of September, I WILL FREAKING BE THERE!!!

  16. Jan. 3, 6:49pm

    Im so excited! But im more excited about the WEC and above all American Jordan Thresson driving the LMP class! The last American to win the prototype class was Hurley Haywood in 1994! Don’t let us down Jordan.

    • Jan. 3, 7:08pm

      Erm….Jordan is from France…

    • Jan. 3, 7:11pm

      +1 sumbrownkid.. straight french!

    • Jan. 3, 7:22pm

      Lucas = Spain
      Jordan = France
      Jann = UK
      Bryan – USA

      (pretty sure…)

    • Jan. 3, 9:04pm

      You mean Bryan Heitkotter. As stated, Jordan is French.

  17. Jan. 3, 6:30pm

    Congrats Tresson!

  18. Jan. 3, 6:20pm

    Kaz why cant’ we get this as DLC it would make my day.

  19. Jan. 3, 6:13pm

    Imma lend them my enzo for the le mans race. Member the Ferrari seasonal???? Cut every corner… easy win

    • Jan. 3, 11:38pm
      Primus Ortus

      Okay, that made me laugh…

  20. Jan. 3, 6:08pm


  21. Jan. 3, 5:48pm

    I wouldn’t hold your breath for that, they haven’t even given us the LMP2 Nissan driven by Lucas even though it was an obvious tie in car to add.

  22. Jan. 3, 5:40pm

    DLC Signatech ORECA? Please. And good luck to Signatech in 2012!

  23. Jan. 3, 5:33pm


  24. Jan. 3, 5:31pm

    Nice :D

  25. Jan. 3, 5:28pm

    To be reflected “in game”…???

    • Jan. 3, 5:30pm

      A GT Academy Signatech Nissan Oreca 03 would certainly make an enticing DLC addition, wouldn’t it? Assuming there was enough space for the name, admittedly…

    • Jan. 3, 7:11pm

      Not necessarily famine, it can just called gt academy Nissan oreca 03. I’m basing this off of how the Minolta Toyota is named. Or it could just called Nissan oreca 03 like how the Audi r8 is called, no team names like joest ate in it.

    • Jan. 3, 7:12pm

      *are in it.

      I hate my phone sometimes.

    • Jan. 4, 4:15am

      That would complete the circle: From virtual to real to champion to virtual :)

    • Jan. 4, 6:20am

      Famine where on earth did you find that Batman and Robin style portrait of Lucas and Jordan?? It’s bloody brilliant!

    • Jan. 4, 9:28am

      That photo is V cool. It almost looks like a promotional image for new DLC cars and suits.

      We live in hope.

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