Walmart’s Famous Cars Ad is the Coolest Commercial Ever

Car Culture 21 January 8, 2019 by

There’s a lot of really cool cars in film and TV. From the Flintstones’ foot-powered piece of ancient “history” to the flying DeLorean of the future, our four-wheeled friends can be icons.

If you’re a car-mad marketing executive, which do you use to promote your brand? Well, apparently the answer is “all of them”.

Making its debut during an ad break in the Golden Globes, Walmart’s “Famous Cars” clip features some of the most recognizable cars in the history of entertainment.

The advert is promoting Walmart’s pickup service. You order your groceries online, then head to the store to collect them without the hassle of wandering round a Walmart.

However, that’s almost incidental to the amazing array of famous vehicles on show in the 90-second clip, set to the soundtrack of Gary Numan’s Cars.

The first car we see is the Batmobile from Dawn of Justice. That’s quickly followed by ECTO-1, KITT and Lightning McQueen — and that’s just the first eight seconds. It’s not just the cars either, as during the clip the Walmart helpers have to deal with Scooby Doo, Slimer and a host of tiny velociraptors.

Since going live, the commercial has already picked up over 16 million YouTube views, so it’s sure to be one of the viral hits of 2019.

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