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Yesterday saw 160 of the fastest Forza 6 racers take part in two different knockout-style tournaments. Behind the wheel of the the powerful (and hefty) RS6 Avant, the fastest 32 ran their own 1-on-1 matches to determine the quickest 16. Those remaining drivers are lining up today to fight for a chance to be a part of the ForzaRC Season 2 Grand Finale next month, where over $35,000 in cash prizes will be up for grabs.

In case last week’s showdown didn’t drive the point home, this week cements it: teams are a big deal this season. Not a single free agent will be taking to the grid today:

  • Amarth (eSports+Cars)
  • AziDhk (Fast Racers Forza)
  • bbb0x (eSports+Cars)
  • Cezar (Fast Racers Forza)
  • ChemicaL (eSports+Cars)
  • Chriz (German Technologiez)
  • Craviator (Japspeed Racing)
  • Hysterical (Japspeed Racing)
  • Lionel E46 (Driver Team Masters)
  • Rossi (Japspeed Racing)
  • Sam (Forza Club Touring)
  • Seven (BAM eSports)
  • Shockwave (Fast Racers Forza)
  • Virtuosity (BAM eSports)
  • Wesley (RBM Racing Team)
  • Zermatt (eSports+Cars)
The RS6’s hefty curb weight means mistakes on track will be punished.

Some names — AziDhK, ChemicaL, Lionel — return from the previous week, as all three drivers took penalties after the rough-and-tumble races in the TT-S. That’s right: there are now live race marshals overseeing the racing, handing out penalties (and even DQ’s) to drivers that cause incidents or avoid track limits.

To its credit, ESL has made some noteworthy improvements to the broadcast format for this second season, some of which make up for the lack of replay features Forza Motorsport 6 offers for eSports purposes. The ESL overlay now keeps the top five on screen at all times for example. The driver info also includes the player’s real name, a small but welcome addition.

You can review last week’s race on Turn 10’s Youtube profile. The four drivers that claimed their seats in the Grand Finale are Raceboy (CAR), Kaiser Wolf (XRS), Daveyskills (CAR), and Johnson (TGL, and yes, the same Johnson that just won the WRC 5 championship). They will be joined by Season One winner Laige (CAR), Lightning (CAR), ASIX13 (BAM) and Rayzer (JSR).

The action kicks off at 11AM Pacific (click here to convert to local time).

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