Win Big in GTPlanet’s Official GT Academy Competitions

April 5th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

I’m very excited to announce that GTPlanet has partnered with GT Academy and the Gran Turismo Boutique to run two special challenges alongside this year’s GT Academy 2011! Here’s an overview of how each works:

The GTPlanet Forum Competition

As you know, GT Academy 2011 (EU) is running in six different territories this year. Successfully guess the average lap time for the 200th place between all of the territories, and you could win yourself the GT Boutique Racer Jacket – a €199 value ($283 USD) and the most expensive item in the official Boutique.

Better yet, this competition is open to all registered GTPlanet users, so you’ve got no excuse not to take part. Just share your best guess in this forum topic (where you’re also find the official rules) and you’re in!

GTP_Registry Prize Draw

We’ve also got something special for those of you running in GT Academy 2011 with authorized GTP_Registry PSN accounts. Any GTP_ tagged drivers who sets a top 250 time in their respective territory will be automatically entered to win a prize drawing for a GT Boutique Track Jacket – a €149 value ($211 USD).

Winners of these GTPlanet competitions will be announced shortly after the deadline for the GT Academy EU 2011 Time Trials on April 17th, 2011 at 23:59 GMT. As mentioned, head on over to the official forum thread for more details. Good luck!

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  1. Apr. 6, 12:57pm

    Awsome i’ll do my best :p

  2. Apr. 6, 3:16am

    9001 seconds.

  3. Apr. 6, 2:57am

    This is great

  4. Apr. 5, 10:46pm

    It’s awesome to see this site getting the recognition it deserves. Hope to see more like this in the future. Great job Jordan :)

    • Apr. 6, 8:47am

      I agree. I was really impressed with the official sponsorship of these competitions.

  5. Apr. 5, 6:23pm

    the close things in the US now i think its funny how has stuff GTplanit does & GTplanit has stuff doesn,t i prefer GTplanit overall

    • Apr. 6, 3:10am

      Hey Blaki
      Next time you write gtplanit, realize the proper spelling by looking at that bar at the top of your browser.

    • Apr. 6, 11:19am

      i know i miss spell a few times so sry but i do gtplanet via ps3 i,ll watch closer next time.

  6. Apr. 5, 5:25pm

    Sweet! GL guys! Europe gets all the good **** haha.


  7. Apr. 5, 5:17pm

    Good work guys! I am proud to be part of GTPlanet!

  8. Apr. 5, 5:10pm

    Amazing… simply the best Car/Racing-Related forums in the Netz.

  9. Apr. 5, 4:48pm

    Very nice indeed.

  10. Apr. 5, 4:44pm

    You do all this for GT and its fans, yet Sony wouldn’t provide you with a review copy.

    For shame, Sony.

    • Apr. 6, 10:49am
      Madman Apex


  11. Apr. 5, 4:40pm

    You know Jordan, this pretty much sums up why I love GTPlanet.

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