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WRS Week 51 is Posted!

The WRSers are all wet this week, as we head out onto the track for a rain event!  This week’s race features the Race Modified version of the ’96 Lotus Elise, on one of the series’ all time favorite tracks, Japan’s famous Suzuka Circuit.  This highly challenging event requires all power upgrades with the exception of turbo chargers, and allows for all other tuning parts to be installed, including race suspension and race transmission.   Participants are free to select their own tune, or they can check out our GT5 Tuning Forums to look for something that will suit their needs.

The deadline for this week’s race is Monday, February 6th,  and only qualified, GTP_Registry Members are allowed to participate.  If you are eligible and decide to run this week’s event, be sure to post your splits in the thread, to compare to your fellow drivers and see how you stack up on our leaderboard.

Next WRS Online Event

WRS Online Week 21 will take place on Wednesday, February 1st, with convenient start times for members in both the European and North American regions.  This week’s combo is based on the WRS week 50 Time Trial, Running with the Night.  Again, only qualified GTP_Registry members can participate.  If you’re already in the registry and want to join us, visit the thread and sign up for this week’s event!

WRS Week 49 Results

Congratulations to GTP_Eclipsee, winner of the WRS Week 49 Time Trial.  There was strong competition throughout the ranks, as first and second place in the top 3 divisions were separated by about 2 tenths of a second or less.  Don’t forget to check out our video thread later this week, as our members and staff post up exciting and creative videos, featuring this week’s best performers!

Like what you see and want to join the GTP_Registry?  Check us out here!

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