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GTPlanet’s Weekly Race Series: More Doubles All Round

Our Double-Double-Header Online Special Event and Time Trials over the past 2 weeks have been such a hit, we’ve decided to go back for more! As self-isolation continues, it’s more important than ever to find fun things to do and different ways of having social interaction.

GTPlanet’s WRS is Ringing in the New Year at Laguna Seca

If you’ve been enjoying the festivities over the last few days, it might be time to put the turkey sandwich down and pick the game controller up. We’re celebrating the return of Gran Turismo’s oldest real-world circuit, Laguna Seca, with some special events at the track.

GTPlanet’s Weekly Race Series Celebrates 15 Years with a Nürburgring Special Event

GTPlanet’s Weekly Race Series Time Trials are celebrating our 15 year anniversary! On this date in 2003, the first Weekly Race Series Time Trial was posted on the GTPlanet forums. We’re proud to carry on the tradition of those humble beginnings, as we feature weekly Time Trial Events for our registry members to participate in at their leisure.

GTPlanet’s Weekly Race Series is Now Live on GT Sport

GTPlanet’s longest running organized Time Trial series has transitioned to Gran Turismo Sport. Titled A Dragon’s Tale (Which One is Larini?), the first event features the Lexus RC F Gr.4 Courtesy Car at Dragon Trail Seaside.

Club Racing in Canada with GTPlanet Member Robbie Arthur

For the fifth interview in the series, we’re back to North America, but to one of our friends in the Great White North, Robbie Arthur, aka forum member RobbiefromBC. Robbie is a third generation racer from, you guessed it, Mission, British Columbia, Canada.

Time Attack Down Under with GTPlanet Member Nick Winsor

Now for something a little different. We’re shifting gears with this, the third GTPlanet MMS, from team-based wheel-to-wheel endurance racing to some of the things you can do on your own with a road car and a bit of spare time. For this week, we’ve interviewed GTPlanet Member Punknoodle, aka Nick Winsor.

Turbo Brick Racing With GTPlanet Member Mark Krueger

Welcome back to GTPlanet’s Member Motorsports Spotlight. I’m a GTPlanet forum member and sim racer with a passion for real life motorsports. Next weekend, I will be racing in the Lucky Dog Racing League at Portland International Raceway. You can read all about my motor racing exploits in the first installation of this recurring series. But that’s enough about me.

Introducing the GTPlanet Member Motorsports Spotlight Series

Welcome to a new recurring series, the GTPlanet Member Motorsports Spotlight. Most of us are here for a common reason, our love of sim racing. Sim racing is an accessible and economic way to get on the track and compete against others in a safe environment.

GTPlanet’s WRS to Mirror Formula 1 Grand Prix Next Weekend

Next Weekend, we’ll be featuring the seventh special event of GT6, the F3 [D3] Japanese Grand Prix, at Suzuka Circuit.  The event will feature a realistic 3 round knockout qualifying format and a 41 lap F3 race distance.  The car used is the Ayrton Senna WSR F3 Car.

GTPlanet’s WRS to Host Special Event the Weekend of May 3rd

On the weekend of May 3rd, WRS online will host its second special event on the GT6 platform.  Titled “Moff’s Triple Mix“, the event will feature 3 races of 18 laps each, at the DTM layout of the Nurburgring GP circuit.  But wait, there’s more!  The catch is that participants will use a different car in each race, with each car having a different drivetrain layout.  Cars featured are the MR Layout ’99 Lotus Motorsport Elise, the FR Layout Mazda Roadster Touring Car, and the FF Layout Honda CR-Z Touring Car.  The cars will carry stock configurations, and tuning is prohibited for this event.