Xbox Games Showcase Coming June 11

Microsoft has confirmed that its next big “Showcase” event will be coming on June 11, giving some hope to Forza Motorsport fans that more news of the next instalment in the series may be on the way soon.

It’s the second Showcase this year, following the Xbox/Bethesda event in January which revealed further details on the upcoming Forza Motorsport title — although the major information in the presentation was the slipping of the release date from Q1 2023 to the more vague “2023”.

The presentation in June comes in lieu of an E3 appearance from Microsoft, taking place the Sunday before the expo opens at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 13. Indeed none of the big three console manufacturers will be at the event, with Nintendo confirming its absence alongside Sony which withdrew in 2019.

At present Microsoft hasn’t confirmed what will be in the Showcase event, although the manner in which it was announced suggests that one big release — Bethesda’s Starfield — won’t be. That’s because the title will be the subject of a standalone presentation immediately after the “Xbox Games Showcase” (which also omits the “Bethesda” part of the title seen in January).

Forza Motorsport is the only title shown back in January to not be released before this summer’s Showcase, so we’re anticipating plenty of coverage in the event. We’ll likely see other in-progress Xbox Game Studios projects like Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II and State of Decay 3 too, although we’re not expecting anything new on the Perfect Dark reboot.

It remains to be seen if Turn 10 presents anything new on Forza Motorsport in the Forza Monthly shows before the June Showcase, or if it’ll be saved up for the bigger event. Either way, we’re hoping for at least a launch date — and preferably one that ends in a “3”.

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