Zhejiang International Circuit Now Available in RaceRoom Racing Experience

The first update of 2020 has arrived to RaceRoom Racing Experience, and with it comes a brand new circuit. Located in the city of Shaoxing in the eastern province of Zhejiang, China, say hello to the Zhejiang Circuit.

Penned by Apex Circuit Design, the 1.9-mile (3.2km) circuit opened in 2016 and features 16 corners. The circuit is host to a number of motorsport series, including the Asian Le Mans Series and TCR International Series. You can watch the circuit preview from R3E below.

Zhejiang is a technical outing, with Turns 1-2 throwing players into a chicane right off the line. Following that are a series of grueling left and right turns that are sure to give the front tires a workout.

Missing the apex and running wide will cost you dearly, so it’s best to keep things nice and slow. Like most technical circuits, it’s less about brute power than it is keeping clean lines through the challenging corners. After the Turn 13 hairpin, players can finally let loose through Turn 14 and onto the main straight after Turn 15.

You’ll want to keep an eye on the distance markers as the final corner is a left-hand turn that reminds us of Bathurst — though the pit entry is on the outside of the corner. Keep it nice and tidy through this corner and be sure to get on the power as soon as possible. Watch out leaving the pits too, as the extremely odd configuration tucks you under the straight, skipping turn one and feeding you back almost onto the the apex of turn two.

Zhejiang Circuit is available for purchase now in the Raceroom store for £3.42/€4.98/$5.37, or 499 Virtual Race Points (vRP). It joins the likes of Zhuhai, Shanghai, and Ningbo as the fourth Chinese racing venue on the R3E roster.

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