80+ New GT5 Screens: Veyron, LF-A, Damage, Snow, & More

November 20th, 2010 by Jordan

Thanks to RDK, Szmissz, iCyCo, and hsoomal!

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  1. lapierre4

    The picture of the Viper with the RUF just beside made me thought this was a GT4 shot… Zoom in and the graphic are not that good. BUT! But, the premium cars are absolutely awesome and I hope the physics are good for every car. And even if the graphics may not be the best on standard cars, this is going to be a great game!

  2. The pictures zoomed on the lights were taken from in-game. If they had been taken in Photomode, they would look even better!

  3. the lights don’t reflect in the asphalt, even in night videos, it seems that you don’t see much, i can’t believe it took 5 years to do this kind of bad effects…

    • Belifant

      it looks like only premium cars illuminate the track. you can see it in the picture with the viper and the RUF. Pretty weak move if it’s the case.
      Or wast that already clear before and I missed that part about standard cars?

  4. VeyronGlen

    The majority of the pics look awesome! Especially all the premiums. I’m a little bit dissapointed with the Veyron, the curved edges look jagerdy. Oh it has the same sound from GT PSP aswell, when i saw it on the Top Gear Test Track on YouTube it sounded poor but went well. I’m just nit picking i suppose, i will be driving it straight away when i get the chance and i wont see the jagerdy lines, or hear the engine because of the personal music. :) 5 DAYS FOR ME!!!!!

    • I second that!
      My 3 Veyrons from the PSP are ready for transferring!

  5. too bad the veyron is std. oh… well… I’m drooling anyway :D

  6. machine4321

    the lfa backfiring is begging to be my new background….but i need a bigger version. Think of how endless this game will be.

    • MintBerryCrunch

      With HD uploads we can make our own Backgrounds :D


  7. mr_durdan

    Just look at the reflections in the close-up headlight shots. Amazing!

  8. George Washington


    • George Washington

      worst piece of garbage GT5 screenshot yet! Are they freaking serious?!?!? of all the cars to be doing a ******* wheelie… that cat has so much freaking downforce it’s not even funny. this is embarassing

    • GTWelsh

      The car won’t have that much downforce because it is a car aimed at top speed . Plus any racing sim I’ve played at the nurb is the same… GT1 Aston Martin DB9R just after the hill, front lifts up.
      The Veyron is SO fast and won’t have that much downforce. The front lifting up on that ‘hill’ is a certainty.

    • That’s not a Veyron, it’s a standard missile about to smash into the wall before it can turn to the right. But no worries, no damage.

  9. One question. Why is the MP4-12C LHD when McLaren is a British car make?

  10. TruenoGuy86

    wow !! just look at that merc in the rainy atmosphere ! totally legendary :D i bet the AE86 will be cool in that settings with the clearance lights on.

  11. AGNT009

    Wow, the Rainbow Warriors are so good now, they dont even need Steve Letart any more, or a pit box command center to manage the race from :|

  12. Both the pictures of the Citreon Rally car look god d*** close to real life.

    • Except the fact, that the tyres don’t look wet and don’t have any snow on them, but I won’t be to picky

  13. just had a thought……would anyone be able to make a theme based on these photos…..if so that would be totally awesome

  14. GranTurismo Disciple

    That AUDI R8 looks absoloutly awesome, and that Amuse S2000 oooooooo baby chips and gravy!!!. Nice to see the pit crew in the NASCAR race, can’t wait to have a bash in Jeff Gordons chevy :)

  15. On the videos I have seen so far, it does NOT look this good… it actualy looks very horrible… this is just fake marketing pictures… BLAH for Sony. First they make us wait this long and then they feed us with these kinda fake pictures of a game wich isn’t half as good in the looks. Oh, by the way, you wont be able to change the wheels on all the cars. And beside that, there’s no livery editor, like there is inm all other racing games since 2000. BLAH Gt5 is gonna suck ….

    • OmnipotenceZERO

      Hi Mr.Forza FanBoy. why should GT5 Suck? When u r the master of suckers

    • Jakemania

      Don’t be a troll. These pictures are from the photo mode. Replay videos are always going to look much better than actual gameplay videos. And until you see actual video straight from gameplay, it’s hard to judge the graphics based on someone holding a video camera up to their TV…

    • how bout shutting you hole and going back to your 1970s racing game aka forza……if you dont like it run away and cry like the babybackb**ch you are…this is for sony consoles not rip off merchant micro$oft fufu’s

    • momoniu

      micro$oft fufu’s? lol :)

    • Yeah shut up and go play Forskin, I mean Forza troll boy.

    • What are you trying to achieve with that kind of comment?
      Didn’t you know, we spit on your opinion :P

    • GT5 isn’t going to suck but they didn’t do themselves any favors putting 6 year old car models with horrible textures next to those beautifuly crafted premium models. A very bad decision. I can’t believe some of the jaggie textures on the curves of those cars, it looks downright awful! :( I really hope this is the last time they use these standard models. They’ve gotta upgrade them for GT6.

    • Burn the witch, he’s trying to cast rrod on our PS3s before GT5 launches! :-O

  16. chikane

    Nice pics .. wonder what the viper 06 coupe looks like in gt5 … please someone with the game take a pic of it

    • Maybe the same as it did in GT5P I hope, can’t wait to transfer mine.

  17. pikalulz007

    Where did my jaw go?!

    Wednesday needs to come quicker.

    • OmnipotenceZERO

      o crap i picked it up by mistake, here (hands it over)
      btw u got nice molars :P

  18. Picks up jaw from the ground!…Hurry up Wednesday!!

    • OmnipotenceZERO

      oi! Wrong one! Thats MY jaw! >:O

    • MintBerryCrunch

      Alright, after we get this sorted, everyone needs to put their names on the inside of their jaws to avoid further confusion once the game releases.


  19. Geo_212

    Absolutely beautiful… I’m definitely going to try the Veyron when I have enough credits for it :)

  20. dirtymudflaps

    OMG how is it possible for a game to look like this?!
    Good friggin job PD

  21. Uhhh… its looks so sweet – cant wait :(, only 3 days or about 70 hours for release in Denmark.

  22. Inggrish

    man this game just seems to keep looking better and better.

  23. That’s my desktop backgound got another 80 photos added to it on shuffle!

    • Lol, I did that for all the Macs in my school, my mission: to change every single desktop background, including PCs to GT5 backgrounds.
      At least the Halo backgrounds are dwindling down fast, MUAHAHA!

  24. LittleNemoNES

    Hey why is that Veyron flying? :p

    • momoniu

      looks like at the end of the first straght on nurberg. there is a little hill there, many cars get their noses up there, I have a question, if I was to drive flat out in a real car at that point would I get air bourn? it also happens in gt4 as well.

    • You can’t go flat out there- Watch videos on YouTube, all drivers lift throttle at that hill

    • IVKillerVI

      Yeah, it seems like you would definitely get some serious air. Enough to to result in almost certain death.
      You can go flat out, its just not a good idea.

  25. Mike1027

    Pretty Good PD! Any reports on broken windshields?

    • Inggrish

      I don’t think any damage can occur on any windshields :(

    • Sam__NY

      According to the Top Gear crew (and another source I cannot remember), smashed windshields can occur.

    • From the people who have leaked copies, there are no reports of anything on ANY car coming off and shattering. So far the best they’ve seen is some out-of-place bumpers and nothing more.

    • To be honest, I haven’t even seen a broken light so far. But I don’t care, because I’m not the crashing-type, Im trying to avoid any contact like anyone would do in a real race

  26. Drogahnus

    Oh, that Veyron looks..bleh

    • kekke2000

      Stop whining about the Veyron. It most certainly does not look “bleh” just because it’s not as good as the premium ones. I still think it looks awesome. I will drive it and I will enjoy it. 1xVeyron > 0xVeyron

    • pikalulz007

      The Veyron is standard. And it doesn’t look bad, it’s just that the Premiums look so good.

      And it’s not like you’ll be paying attention to that when you race…

    • Drogahnus

      Yeah, I know, but I mean in the Photoshoot sense.


      are you kidding? it looks awful. look at some of the curves, they’re jagged. some of the other standards didn’t seem to look that bad but this just looks terrible. it’s bad enough it’s not premium but they’re going to make it look this bad? I’m really disgusted. I’m happy with the rest of the game but even thinking about the veyron just gets me so angry and disgusted with PD and gran turismo. this is rediculous. don’t downplay it, this is a huge car in the industry and it looks like a ps1 car in a ps3 game. what the hell were they thinking

    • OmnipotenceZERO

      ^PS1 car? Wow ur ps3′s graphics were crazy

    • have hope for a dlc with the premium veyron

    • To be honest, the Veyron looks a bit PSPish on these pictures, but that might all change in the game. What makes me a bit sad is the fact that we can’t even change rims on standard-cars. I mean, how hard is that to program? D:

    • i agree it does look “bleh” even compared to other standard cars it just looks very bland and under detailed… maby its because of the extream speed while pic was taken..??

    • Darth Turismo

      You morons are just going to move from post to post and write the same $hit…… honestly… boohoo no premium veyron… the standard veyron looks like a ps1 car… (yeah right) you can’t change wheels on std cars boo hoo…. for F sake can you build your bridge already???? if not do me a favour and don’t buy the game period! oh and before you crap on about freedom of speech etc…. whinging about it once if ok… whinging about it over and over and over again is just plain ridiculous… grow a backbone!

    • All those things mentioned in your post came to my knowledge just about an hour ago. I really didn’t expect the tyre-thing, so – peace out

    • I meant the rims of course

    • Darth Turismo

      @Bernd you know i’m coming onto this forum trying to pass the time required to get my hands on this brilliant game… expecting to share my excitement with all the other die hard GT fans…. but all i’m seeing is garbage… there are so many ppl who are wasting their time providing feedback/pictures/videos for all of us to get our fill until we get the chance to play… why the hell does everyone have to be so negative… if it’s not the missing content… it’s the car modelling.. or the shadow effects or the smoke effects or the wet roads that look dodgy… or the maserati that sounds like a 4banger blah blah blah… I’m just completely over the whinging n complaining… why dont you go browsing.. you will find the same negativity on every post no matter what the subject line…

    • snaketus

      Yeah final strike to standard cars is that you can’t even change the rims. 2d rims in 2010 racing is no go to me. changing rims to 3d ones in GT AUTO would have saved standard cars, but no, wtf PD?? I would have taken about 400 premiums instead of 800 standards any day. And there’s so many important cars that they didn’t make premium such as Supra RZ ’97, Veyron, SILEIGHTY, AE86…

    • The Veyron looks okay, a hell of a lot better than Forza for sure.
      I’m also disappointed in it’s standard status, the Veyron BETTER drive very very damn good then if it’s not premium. They did say all new cars were gonna be premium, they never stated all new cars except a couple we did for GT PSP would be premium (what ticks me off more is that they were selective in which cars were premium, the Enzo was new for GT PSP, and it got premium, yet the Veyron was neglected). Many other cars deserved premium status too. But by far, the Veyron fan base is the loudest here.
      Let’s crash all the other premiums online in our Veyrons when the game comes out, were going on strike, lol; not fair you say, well standards don’t have damage, I say it’s very fair.
      We want a premium Veyron SS thank you very much.

  27. GTP_crimson

    Turning out to be one hell of a game. Can’t wait to get my paws on a copy!

    • So that either makes you a cat or a monster. This is what happens to people when they’ve waited six years for a game. That’s okay, I sometimes mistake my purring for the sound of a RUF RGT

  28. Awesome

    • OmnipotenceZERO

      The third picture of the maserati, isnt the yellow car a porsche? Sorry for my lack of knowledge but im not really familiar to RUFs, is this an RUF? and is this car listed in the carlist? Im really curious.

    • @omni – GT doesn’t include Porsche, it’s a RUF. A RUF is in fact a Porsche, but so improved that Porsche didn’t allow their badge being used on the tuned car. A RUF will always beat the Porsche it derived from

  29. idlestation

    Damage is quite decent on the rally cars..
    In actuality if you had any more damage than that, the car realistically shouldn’t be running anymore.

    • AGNT009

      Who released these pictures? Cause if these are user photos, it would seem PD got scared and aborted their microwave oven damage look. And while the body damage looks real in one sense, though calm, the biggest glaring mistake is the paint isnt scratched. I could understand it being hard to morph the body panels to look like realistic damage, but how hard is it to show the paint chipped off? Based on these photos, I couldnt tell you WHERE the car was hit to incur this damage. But, Im over complaining about the damage quality. It is what it is and its better than nothing. If that microwave oven damage was the best they could do after 6 years, than I agree, limit it, and go back to the drawing board because microwave look made the game look like a joke.

      Now all I have to do is get through a 12 hour work day Tue and Wed, and then FINALLY it will be in my hands!

    • Sum1s2pid

      Damaged MP4-12Cs make me sad. =(

    • Tom Ste… GT5!!!!

      Wow Look at the detail in pic 21 of the headlight. Their is details on the type of light it is diameter and the focal length wow so much detail.

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