Gran Turismo 5 Horn Sound Samples

October 23rd, 2010 by Jordan

Here’s a rather humorous collection of videos by JDMKING13 showcasing the variation in horn sounds between a Corvette Stingray, Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi R8, and an Enzo Ferrari in what appears to be a GT5 kiosk demo. I’m not sure how closely these sounds match up to the real thing, but this should be exciting for those of you itching to use that horn button on your Logitech Driving Force GT…

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  1. I really can’t see the point in having horns, there’s no need for them on a racing game even if it does have road cars. I see this as just another thing that people will be able to do online that’s annoying.

  2. Jamdodger

    Is it just me, but in the first video of the Corvette Stingray, does the driver get hooted at when he tries to get out the way to test the horn out?? Either it was slip of a button or the AI drivers can toot their horns as well :P

  3. GT5Canuck

    Given that I can’t seem to get the horn working on my DFGT with GT5: P, I’m thinking it’s not such a big deal.

  4. Is it just me, or do the shadows on the cars look very low res?

  5. fredyellowone

    BIP BIP!!!
    When are you going to release GT5, PD?

    Bip Bip!!!

    (road rage)

  6. peacemon

    I just decided I won’t buy an R8.

  7. D_Shark10

    Not that excited about horns really, they sound alright, but I’m looking forward more to flashing the lights at slower cars at Le Mans or whatever. I just hope there’s a way to disable the horns in the rooms online, ever since the toy cars on Burnout the idea of people with car horns online seemed less and less appealing.

  8. Genius. Love it.

  9. Im the only one thinking that this is a bad idea? i hope we can turn them off in multiplayer games because i can imagine idiots spamming with the horns during the race, that its going to be annoying.

  10. Kaaosherra

    What the hell were the Audi engineers smoking when they came up with that one?

  11. w_a_i_n

    I was lucky enough to get an invite to Sony Beta Rooms, I know it’s worth the wait… but somehow I think that translates into it being even harder for me…

    Despite delays, the game and released features so far are much more than I expected we’d see in GT5…

    Each day gone, is another one closer thank heavens…

  12. This just in…I just decoded the set of horn notes, its morris code, translated to a Dec 3 release date!! jk haha. I sure hope that there isn’t going to be a symphony of horn blowing when we play online. Damn kids!! Graphics are great, can’t wait, ignoring my own anticipation is best. Peace.

  13. w_a_i_n


    OMG! Is this really all we have to look forward to for another month – until Sony’s GT5 campaign kicks in…

    I must be clearly missing something…


    Intro song news and horn news, lol…

    I need to hibernate until Dec…

    Sony need more than ever to get stuff rev’d up! Send website exclusives on a regular basis, new trailers, new screen shots, missing news, expanded features… oh well… gonna be a long wait I fear…

  14. MedigoFlame

    I’ll be honest, it’s great that PD added horns to the game. However…knowing the nature of people online, it will be annoying, hearing them spamming it.

    • Themadcat001

      Yeah, That’s what I was saying, probably about 80% of a grid is just going to face-plant into the horn till the first corner, this will most likely happen during every race. lol, They may even have a mute horn function for that, who knows lol.

    • I disagree

      Honking can be quite difficult while you’re racing online, and people may get bored of honking after a while also.
      I know I for one won’t be honking much, only on track days with friends :P

  15. R8: Police! Freeze!

  16. I have a Ferrari Enzo and wow this is very close to the actual sound of my Enzo!

    • occasionalracer

      Oh really!! We can rest assured that PD has done their job properly in the sound department, now that you’ve confirmed this. Maybe you can come back to give us your analysis of engine sound similarity when the game releases. Hopefully you still have your Enzo by then. Thanks in advance.

    • fredyellowone

      Nope, you don’t have one.

  17. Carbonfibre

    We should bare in mind that these horns where recorded from bad TV speakers and compressed on youtube, so we can’t make an accurate judgement on how the horns will sound until you hear it on a 7.1 system with the final build of GT5.

    • But what about the people who don’t have or can’t afford huge surround sound theater systems? It’s just like when people said that about the engine sounds… If GT5 only sounds right when put through tons of speakers, then guaranteed it doesn’t sound like it should. Need I mention Forza 3? (i.e. sounds perfect through anything)


    • SavageEvil

      Own Forza all 3 of them, sounds are pretty good and do their job well. GT5 sounds sound pretty good, especially that Ferrari at idle, just listen to that V12 purr.

      I’m not sure about PD sound capture team, but when sounds are played back seems like engine sounds are kept lower than everything else. Turn 10 does it the other way around, everything else is turned down and engine sounds are loud, some are a bit booming, but it’s not too bad on the ears.

      Certainly hope those horns help alert other drivers to people wanting to pass, wonder if the lights are toggled from the steering wheel, would be awesome to include that in night races.

    • Geo_212

      After the short actual in-game gameplay of the SuperGT GTR in the latest GT5 trailer, there is a good probability that the engines will sound A LOT better than before :)

  18. Ethan Kerr

    I love the R8 sound. :D It’s epic.

  19. GTDrivers_Djred

    Hope you can use the horn on other wheels

    • Most likely. You’ll just need to program it to whatever button you want.

  20. MrDave079

    loooll!!!! R8 sounds like a police car or an ambulance!!

  21. Skidmark

    Many years ago in Paris, it was not legal to use a normal horn. Cars were equipped with two types of horns…one for the city and one for the open road.
    Do you suppose the horns in the game will automatically switch between the two depending whether or not you’re driving in city?
    I would guess not.

    • Two horns? I’ve never heard of that, cool!

      I do hope we can change/upgrade the horns too, just like in Dirt 2. There was a bit of start-line tooting there, but it soon died down :)

  22. I hope we can horn online. So we can like do music stuff LOL


    • Skidmark

      Ciao Paulo…bLeep you!

      When in the “bleep” are we gonna be able to honk for our own pleasure?

    • *overtaking someone online* “See ya at the finish line, ya no-good *BEEEEEEEP*” haha xD

  24. hgwt193

    yaaay, i actually have a function for the biggest button on my wheel ..

    • One downside to the G27 is that there is no horn button… so it won’t look right. lol

  25. This will be crazy with 16 people on the starting grid of an online race all beeping their horns.

    Although it will be fun to drive up behind a slower car and flash the lights and beep the horn to make them get out of the way.

  26. Magic Ayrton

    Also, will you need a DF GT Wheel or can you assign the buttons on a G25 to sound the horn??

    • You should be able to assign it to another button. It would be utterly stupid to make a function in the game depending on a button that only exists on a single brand of controllers.

  27. Magic Ayrton

    They sound good, but aren’t the real horns two tone?? They sound a bit flat to belong to supercars??

  28. The R8 sounds like a Reversing Lorry :p

  29. Horns are nice. Multiplayer 30 mph rolling starts with turbo lag. =p

  30. PD should improve engine sound, not to make horn sound.

    • J-KiLLA24

      they already said that they are working on improving the engine sounds. Like how long ago…

  31. Listen to the Lexus & GTR V-spec as they pass the R8 at the beginning. Engine sounds Definitely improved.

  32. IVKillerVI

    This could be helpful online for those times when someone who is recovering from a crash fails to check for cars on the track before they start going again. Happens way to often in any other racing game and I’m sure the horns could make that allot less common.
    I just wonder how much this might affect the AI….

  33. VeyronGlen

    The Ford GT fly-by sounded awesome! :D

  34. dearlybeloved

    @Themadcat001…. u r so right but it’s so cheesy you just got to say it. it’s like the notice that says ‘do not press the BIG RED BUTTON” you know u should not but you still do!

  35. Themadcat001

    As much as I like the horns, and they did a good job on them, now we’re gonna have those ones that are Just going to drive behind you and bury their finger in the horn button and not let go, I’m sure even a few will go as far as to make a group of 3-5 people to try to chain mash it all at once.

    Side note: The Horn-Y Joke has been said like 5x now, and yeah.. that Audi did sound a bit interesting, corvette and lambo sounded pretty dead on with the real thing.

  36. dearlybeloved

    Kazanouri is just a genius. not only does he creates superb looking car models but he goes and creates the honking horn. I am gonna be so HORN-Y when play this game.

  37. Razgriz101

    I hope that we can switch the car lights ON/OFF.
    That would be so cool!

  38. madaz75

    I just hope the horn actually does some thing in GT5, other than make noise.
    How often have you come to lap slower cars on the longer races. Only to have them fight you for every corner till you get past.
    A few blasts from the horn (Hopefully) will get them to move off the racing line and allow you to lap them unhindered.

    • I agree have u guys ever tried Live For Speed? People r using the horn constantly, specially on drifting and cruise servers(Which is track days in GT5).

  39. Good.
    I can make a crash more dramatic with horn sounds!

  40. Maxiboy

    Wow you know your obsessed with a game when your start watching this … sadly I watched them all. Some twice.

  41. Dunavantj

    I can’t for ppl to line up a bunch of different cars and make a song out of it haha

    • Dunavantj

      OHP I just realized its almost the end of October that means we get a release date soon!! Hopefully next week…

    • King Goeres

      Hahaha :D Can so see that happening, playing Mozart with 16 cars.

    • I wanna hear “Jingle bells” GT5 version, would be an awesome TV ad if the game is release just in time for christmas :)

    • Millgate1

      lol that jingle bells idea would be awesome

  42. Awesome :)

  43. michaelj

    sounds very good BUT do we want/need a realistic horn sound. i prefer a realistic engine sound they should be concentraiting on that,not a horn sound.

    • Yes we do want a realistic horn sound. Do we need it? Not really. And the engine sound is realistic enough for me anyway, but I guess it can always be improved.

    • GamerGT5

      I’m satisfied with the horn sound. Each car horn sounds different.

  44. NOS Waster

    I love it when people come on here and bash something with their ignorance……

    • GamerGT5

      I know right? And people always wonder why is there another delay :(

  45. Even more important for me: The Vette is a premium-car :-D

    • :( I just want more classic Japanese cars to be premium:/ like supra and RX7 oh, and silvias.

  46. Lol at end of Audi R8 video.

  47. Skidmark

    You’re darn tootin’ we’re really waiting for a release date that falls some where between 2 Nov and 30 Nov.

    In British English, aren’t these actually referred to as klaxons?

    I wonder if there’s going to be a Texas Cadillac convertible with a longhorn bull’s racks mounted on the front…heck,if the game is going redneck enough to have NASCAR why not? Maybe it will even be premium! :|

    I hope Sony really does announce the availability date for this game well before the end of October.

    • Punknoodle

      No, well not in NZ / Aus anyway, which is British English. Cars have horns, I’ve heard of people referring to sirens that get installed in factorys, buildings etc as klaxons (I’ve installed a few, I’m an industrial sparkie) but as far as I recall it was more of a style or brand of siren as opposed to a generic term for all sirens / horns / buzzers etc.

    • Lou Daddy

      Being from Ireland I’m used to hearing UK people on TV and ‘klaxon’ is more commonly used for horns brought to football matches, ones that people blow through. It’s not really used for car horns at all. Like Hoover (vacuum cleaner) and Tannoy (loud speaker), Klaxon is a company name, but as I said, not really used for cars. In my town in Ireland we say ‘beeping’ a horn, some say ‘bamping’, do you North Americans have any other verb other than ‘honking’?

    • TTownEP

      Wikipedia says that indeed, punknoodle is right, Klaxon is a horn manufacturer. But officially, their sound is more like the “aoooga” sound, like when a submarine dives.
      /lesson for today

    • Skidmark

      Another verb in the States for honking is tooting, as in “He’s tooting his own horn” (bragging)…though in the car, it’s almost invariably “honking”. A gently honked horn can be said to have been “beeped”. We shouldn’t confuse the target of a good “honk” as a “honky”. And “Good honk!” is used as an slang expression of incredulity or exasperation…”What the heck?!”

      Some random English to American English auto terms…

      windscreen = windshield
      tyres = tires
      bonnet = hood
      boot = trunk
      spanner = wrench (don’t know about a lug-wrench in the British isles)
      torch = flashlight

    • No, we don’t refer to horns as klaxons, we call them horns like everyone else :P But yes, all of your other comparisons are correct. We also have the phrase “Tooting his own horn”.

  48. ferhound id

    this makes me horny! :p

  49. And why do all the bloody cars have that same genetic Gran Turismo sound.

    • They sounded different to me. Even from this low quality sound off-screen footage I could tell it was different.

      If you’re gonna make a negative point about GT at least use the right words. What does “genetic” have to do with anything? Lol

    • V8Blender

      i think he meant generic.. silly boy :P

    • @Olly- get your hearing (or your brain) checked out.. or both.. they don’t seem to be working correctly. The horn sounds are CLEARLY different, there’s nothing genetic about them, or generic for that matter.

  50. $CHN!TZ3L

    The R8 sounds like a steam engine!

    • GTbyPlaystation

      LOL the R8 sounds like an alarm or an alarm clock! LOL that made my day XD

    • Sounds like a telephone to me :p

    • Raagentreg

      Nah an error message popup noise to me, but that cant be right… can it?

    • I think it sounds like a ship. I think it’s cool, but I don’t know if it’s the real sound. If I were the horn sound designer at Audi I would really love this sound :) Anyone with an Audi R8 who knows if the real thing sounds the same?

  51. Jakemania

    Lol so random. It’s always good to randomly stop during a race and start honking =p

  52. DirtyMudFlaps


    • DirtyMudFlaps

      i wonder if they show him inside the cock pit pushing the horn :)

    • terminator363

      That would be neat!

    • tvensky

      all of this is great. and they have different horns :)

  53. terminator363

    OOO! More goodies! Finaly something interesting in the news!

    • terminator363

      Even though I’ve already seen these videos a while back. The R8 sounds like something a police car would have…


      very nice , thanks
      1. video 0:18 , the sound is awesome , was it dolby souround?

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      does anyone know how he got the horn to work? I tried a few buttons at that demo on the controller but no luck. Eitherway I’m glad they’re in GT5

  54. occasionalracer

    Wow, you’re also the type of person to say “how can a simulator not have something as simple as horns”, if they didn’t have it. Hobo

  55. Geo_212

    I’m apparently a hippie then… cause I really like the buses. lol

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