Gran Turismo 5 Release Date: November 24th in Europe, US

November 12th, 2010 by Jordan

It’s official – as just posted on the US and German PlayStation Blogs, Gran Turismo 5 will finally be released on November 24, 2010 in both the United States and Europe. Get your pre-order in now, if you haven’t already!

UPDATE: The game has now also been confirmed for November 25th in Japan (thanks, Yui-san!).

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  1. to quote lando calrissian……YEAAAAA HAWWWWWWWWWWWW !!!!!

  2. So….. no release date for Japan and Taiwan yet??

  3. Dunavantj

    I don’t even know what to say/do.

  4. About frickin’ time.

  5. about …… time

    • Lad Turismo

      YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


  7. competizione



  9. we love cars, we love cars lalala-lala


  11. Stomach ache


  12. cohetedor

    The 24th in the US could make for a mad dash since most stores close early for the holiday, most are closed by 6pm. If you happen to work that day and didn’t preorder,, those that don’t get off till 5 might miss playing it on the holiday.

  13. buying cool cars at gt psp asswell so i can put them on my ps3


  15. i love this news thats why my name is WTFnews

  16. pasigiri

    YES!!!! Let the competition begin.

  17. dearlybeloved

    This is the day I warned my wife about. First I told her she can have me until the 4th of Novemner and then when she found out about the delay she was over the moon and she keeps on asking me when is the day arriving? I tell I don’t know so keeps smiling knowing she still has my attention. But now that the 24th is almost here I have to tell her her days with me are going to be numbered. Sad day for her indeed.

    Peace out.

    • Same situation here…I am not married, so that should give me a little handicap with my gf LOL

    • Anyone know a good lawyer? You may need it!*

      *Me too!

    • GT5_delayHATER!

      @dearlybeloved Same here.
      i just told her: GT5 24TH CONFIRRRRMED!!!! =DDD
      She was like: aww… ok. Good to you.
      That´s life anyway! =)

    • Spaghettimonster

      just saying it again, so everybody can be a little envious. my girlfriend is buying this game for me when it comes out. :)) she keeps on aksing when it comes out and stuff. its just great. i feel truly blessed with her. and you know what – when time comes, i want to marry her. ;-)

  18. yes! i get off school for thanksgiving break for a 5 day vacation in the 23rd. hopefuly its a midnight release.

  19. Well, my final exam grades just went down the toilet.


    It’s about time!!!! gotta find somenone that’s coming to Brazil around that date now.. lol! Sweet!

    • CleanUP-CharliE

      I live in Central America and i’m traveling to Miami from Nov 18th to Nov 28th!

      Driving Force GT included! Yay!

  21. whiteman

    oh god not 2 weeks, another game i play any time updates new aircraft, tanks, or ships are announced the time given is 2 weeks. which turns into 6 months.

  22. I was literally screaming like a little boy:D And I got the feeling this is gonna be it, they can’t postpone it again. The game is probably already in stores just waiting for me…


  24. :)))))))))) happy days indeed! at long last. time to book my last 4 days off i think!!


  26. Great!!!! These holidays will be even better now!! :)

    P.S – FINALLY!!!!! GT5 arrives!!!

  27. Hopefully it will be out in the UK sometime around that date as well. If only the UK was considered to be part of Europe…


  29. GTP_Davey07-O37

    Happy, is the only word I have…..;-))))…

  30. im so happy that its out but ive got one whinge, the car list, it has eleventy million duplicates. the realistic number of cars is about 1/2 of what they quote.

    but, as i said im happy its finally released (or going to be). bring it on :)

  31. Hypergolem

    Thank you Sony! Thank you Yamauchi, thank you Polyphony

  32. Sweet sound in my ears :D

  33. Oh yes! Oh yes!
    Gonna celebrate this tomorrow! :D

  34. I’ve had my preorder for months.

    I’m glad it has a set date (again)..

  35. already has the new date 11/24/2010!

  36. GT5Canuck

    I’ll believe it when it boots up on my PS3.

  37. jimmywizz

    full car and track list coming today too

  38. i just shed a tear…

  39. Madmurdock

    26th November for the UK. Brilliant.

  40. versous

    I followed your news for years now

    I just wanna say thank you for all those great news on this site that make me wanna play this masterpiece so bad.

    This year Xmas takes place on the 24 NOVEMBER;-)

    the new trailer is great.

    But i recommand to check this fanmade Trailer/Intro

  41. jimmywizz

    havent looked at all the post but just checked the UK blog and its 24th for UK too. sweet!

    • GT5legend

      You got a link for the UK blog, I want to see if its true

    • Yep and most of the UK retailers (,,, etc)have updated to 24th :D

  42. GT5legend

    Why was “new trailer incoming” removed?

  43. twinspark24

    I’m definitely getting a week off work to play it 24/7
    Please don’t mess it up again, Sony, PD, shipping companies and anyone else in the chain

  44. YES YES YES YES!!!!!

  45. demonBlade

    12 days of normality left, then it all begins!

  46. that’s more like it. Now we can all mentally prepare ourselves for it’s release.


    I’ll be at uni studying summer course but FK THAT! I’M GONNA PLAY GT5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Well I need to have it in my hands before I belive it. This has happend before and I got way to exited….

  49. Fahrergott

    Dance, dance, dance til you’re dead!

    You can all go outside now.

  50. jacoja06

    Awesome! Only a couple of days before my dad visits the country. I better grab him a copy, too. :)

  51. Give us a release date PD !!!!
    Oh wait !!!! ENJOY !!!

  52. Let’s see how long it takes for retailers to update their dates. I’ve had my CE pre-ordered from Best Buy for months now. When I get the e-mail saying the game will be available to pick up 11/24 I will do a little dance, a little dance of joy!

    • Dunavantj

      I just called Gamestop and I told him the new date and he said, “uhh I still have the date for January.” I just hung up the phone.

  53. Wuestenmaus

    Apllause. I live in Germany and I’m very happy that the US and EU have the same release date. But what is with Japan?

    • MAidioPT

      Hii Mate, im livin in Switzerland! but im from portugal.


  54. TakeshiSkunk

    Yeah but how about a RELEASE D-oh.


    • johnandbuddy

      LMFAO that was a good one hahaha im still chuckling a little lol

    • AGNT009

      Well played Skunk. Im laughing too.

  55. I’ll believe it when I have the disc spinning inside my PS3.

  56. Ner0_sol03

    WOW its now for EUROPE and US. awesomeeeeeeeee xd +100

  57. Yes finally!! One more delay and i’ll buy a ticket to Japan and put a model car in Yamauchi’s ass.

  58. New Delay

    Hahaha, now lets hope this doesn’t change AGAIN!!!!

    Crapp, I dont have much time left to finish my cockpit


    just kidding hahaha. Looks like I am going to be terribly ill on the 25th and 26 there for calling off from work.

  59. Andy_cowley

    WOOOP WOOOP!! start my 2 week break from work on the 27th Nov!!

  60. logisteini

    There is a god!

  61. Jack Jarbas

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You GTPlanet for giving us such good news!!!!!!!!!!

  62. SavageEvil

    Just as I said, this month and it’s just before the Holiday shopping season. This makes good sense as it will get a whole month of exposure due to christmas advertising, watch Best Buy and Gamestop start showing off GT5 in their commercials along with PS3.

    • CaliBoy1990

      I was hoping for the same thing, but I wasn’t too sure if we’d get lucky…………..but I guess we did after all! ;)

  63. Sephiroth

    Hell yes, finally we can enjoy this masterpiece in a few days. Thanks GTplanet for all the years of perfect support to GTfans. We won’t see each ohter again so fast^^, just like anything else is totally secondary after GT5’s release.

    • TTownEP

      Ha, that’s pretty funny. The GTP servers will get a rest for a day.

  64. Ner0_sol03

    well there shouldn’t be no more delays if other people are playing the game so thats not what you should be worried about. I personally think i am going to have to wait extra long because the game-stops in Orlando HAVEN’T HAD f1 2010 since its been released and the guy didn’t even know about the new WRC game so idk how this is going to work

    • Stomach ache

      Can you not order it online and get it delivered?? I’m sure other more civilised areas will be happy to oblige XD

  65. brettjr25

    wouldn’t that mean the 23rd for US? New videos/games/etc are stocked in stores on Tuesday in America.

    • SavageEvil

      Actually some stores in the US in metropolitan areas like NYC get stuff up to a week early. When Resident Evil 5 was about to launch I got the game a full week before it officially launched. NYC and large cities tend to get their shipments in pretty early as they tend to have the most sell through and will make major coin from the start.

    • brettjr25

      Well I’m not taking about stores that break the street date but rather or not the 24 is actually correct or not. I’m about to take a day off from work so I just wanted to make sure.

    • CaliBoy1990

      @SavageEvil: “Actually some stores in the US in metropolitan areas like NYC get stuff up to a week early. When Resident Evil 5 was about to launch I got the game a full week before it officially launched. NYC and large cities tend to get their shipments in pretty early as they tend to have the most sell through and will make major coin from the start.”

      I’m only a hop, skip, and a jump from D/FW, will I be able to as well? Or is it just an L.A., N.Y., etc. thing? =p

  66. NoonenF1

    AWESOME! I thought it would have been coming out in December, this is great!

  67. URABUS_09

    yeah baby yeah!!!

  68. It will be lol if they shift it again, like they did many many times before!!!

  69. crzy_dj

    yay.. just upgraded my standart edition pre order , to the Collectors edition

  70. Instrumental


  71. YAMAHA R6

    Finaly the waiting is over

    • Tvensky

      dont you dare! :D those will be longest 12 days of your life!

    • Spacegoat

      ^Yep the next 12 days will feel like another 5 years.

  72. OMG. i am so excited :D i can not wait :D :D

  73. alucard0712

    YES!That date is JUST RIGHT!

  74. aQuarius26


  75. YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! less than 2 weeks to go!!!

  76. Are you telling me only 12 days away now. OMG. I am so happy. Thank you.

  77. xavi7evelenwrc


  78. MAidioPT


  79. snaketus

    Oh yeah, let’s hope no more delays!

  80. Columbobum

    Thank You!!!!

  81. Jack Jarbas



  82. dani_corvette

    :D :D what burst of happiness!!!!
    too bad I have my exams on the next days :(

  83. Laurent

    my first comment on this site.

    Hell YEAH GT5 is coming!
    ladies and gently men start your engines!
    lets roll!

    • Tripotiou

      Yeaaa this is my first com as well for me!!!!!! GT5 is coming!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Rottenaap

    This totally made my day

    • Nicktune

      Yes me too!!!..I’m gonna go listen to ( today was a good day ).

  85. emponator

    Funny thing. In the related news, there’s a screencap of French Sony stating the 24.11.2010 date. And the article is from june.

  86. zervinb

    YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!! I registered on gtplanet just to express my joy….

  87. Tvensky


  88. george3rd93

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! my eyes are watering with excitement


  90. GT5legend

    What about UK, 26th maybe?

    • Khaddar

      Sadly it probably will be the 26th. It would be nice, given the three week delay, if they’d actually let us have it the same time as the rest of Europe this time around.

    • Yes hopefully. I don’t see why the UK usually gets different release dates to the rest of Europe…seeing as it is IN Europe, go figure!!

    • You guys are on an island, that is why!

    • sickdog2009

      what are you talking about amazon.CO.UK say 24th november. YES!!!! :D

    • Lsasqwach

      Thank you Jordan for making the wait bearable we all owe you bigtime!

    • Daniel Learmouth

      It would be covenient, seeing as how it’s the end of the week.

    • Well if they are releasing Europe and US at the same time there is no reason why UK has to trail behind like usual. For once maybe someone has got their act together and making a worldwide release happening :)

    • infamousDee

      The UK is part of Europe.

    • The EU blog has said the Uk is November 24th as well as EU and US…. Hold on a minute, whens the Japanese version out then?

    • @Bram87, very true my friend, we are indeed on an island, but on a clear day you can see France from the south coast and we are linked via the channel tunnel and various shipping ports to the rest of Europe, so there’s no real reason the UKs dates should be any different, not just in GT5s case, but all games on all platforms. Fortunatley GT5 gets released here the same day so it’s all good :)

  91. Great, but what is the US date???

    • Read the title carefully…

    • My mistake, I just notice the same date.

    • Not a problem. God, I’m so happy. Surely they can’t have time to even delay it in the next 12 days if they wanted to!

  92. Online price for game, $120
    Sipping costs, $15
    Wheel, camera and other accessories, $300

    Cracked by the 25th, PRICELESS!

  93. Circuit*star

    GOODmorning people Great breakfast news !!!yay finally only 13 more days

  94. I have mixed feelings.

    • DarthTurismo

      Right there with you Chris…. i can shake this feeling atm…. 5 years development time and it’s merely a pit-stop to GT6… yes i’m being an A$$ but i don’t have that sense of relief i was hoping for…

    • VeyronGlen

      Agreed, thrilled about the release date, extremely dissapointed about the cars and tracks :(

  95. I’m happy now :)

    • + 1,000,000

      I believe Now. Kazanori always see our interaction and responses in GT Planet

  96. V8Blender

    hells yeah. i could not be happier

  97. NICE!

  98. YES!!! Finally, after all these years … in come a flood of comments :D

  99. Centura


  100. YEAH

    Nothing more to say.

    • Emmepower

      I got one more thing to say:
      Jordan: thank you for GTP

    • About effing time. Geeze Sony, was that SO HARD to do?

      Ok, so, already off 25, 26, now time to make some trades and deals with coworkers to see about being off the 24th, cause theres no damn way Im getting any work done the 24th waiting for the end of a 12 hour shift to come so I can go buy my copy.

    • That was included in the A :)

    • i’m gonna pre-order in 10 days then only 2 days waiting!:):):)

    • YES YES YES,up yours december

    • Patrocles


    • SICKKK!!! on my birthday,!!! epic

    • So that Sony France site got the date bang on, all the way back in June!

    • FU** YEAH! FINALLY!! (sry emotions)

    • That means Sony France was right

    • I’m happy but I don’t trust it. When UPS comes to my door with the game then it’s real.

    • SWEET AS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This is awesome news! :)

    • P-Z_Y_L_)A

      this is actually better than the nov 2 release date. on the 24 i have a half a day in school and then no school on thursday or friday so its going to be a fun 4 and a half days lol


      2nd November > delayed > everyone went crazy > i said 2-4 weeks more
      … XD

    • Come on.. I do have to say, a week early would be marvellous, don’t you think?

    • FlareKR


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