Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.13 Released, Fixes “Minor Issues”

June 18th, 2013 by Jordan

A new software update is now available to download for Gran Turismo 5. Weighing in at 17MB, version 2.13 brings with it only some “fixes for minor issues”, according to the official change log from Polyphony Digital.

Of course, our community is usually quick to pick up on any undocumented tweaks, so be sure to stop by our Gran Turismo 5 forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by MoMo PeeZero.

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  1. NissanSkylineR1

    -_- if gran turismo keeps going in the path that its going im not buying gt6. Forza gives players more freedom than gt and its gives players more customization to there cars. Not to mention there cars all have interior views and the clutch option. I smh at PD how could u let Forza surpass us like that :,,(

    • infamousphil

      Yeah, I hear you man. But I prefer the imagery that GT offers over FM. FM’s customizations are awesome, but the fan base seems a bit childish to me. Hateful and derogatory language, including what they paint on their cars, is a serious turn off. PD will make me a happy camper if they limit livery to simple manufacturer stickers. I know…

    • GTX-323

      You’re so true about that.

  2. Dcogburn86

    I was banned 4 hacking my ps3 was permanently banned I sold my ps3 I’m buying new ps3 on July 4th & a ps4 in December & a Xbox one just for fun.

  3. I found more interesting play in 2,11 and loosing the online feautures than keep updating the game

  4. I noticed blow-off valve noises in turbo vehicles. =D

  5. rex1825

    …honestly, I have a feeling that something general is changed to game… maybe I was tired or something, but cars act different a bit.


    • zZEpiczAsianZz

      Definitly, I’m 11 so I only know a little about ratios ( the basics really ) and when I tried a tune on my Aventador. It sucked. But now it’s lightning fast

    • Ittybitty Stigy

      My cars are felling different also, they seem to be bouncing around more…

  6. I think the update changed some of my transmission settings. I noticed because the Top Speed number was lower than the Adjustment Slider number in a couple of cars I race online.

  7. rastafairy

    Dionisiy this error is vinculated a banned user.

  8. Blood*Specter

    I am pretty sure that while we are not seeing full blown GT6 changes, we are going to see the effect of the changes made in GT5 once we get GT6. There have been many subtle changes made and they will carry over to the new game.
    There is no other reason for PD to be updating this close to release date.

    If you’ll recall I posted that last year’s GT Academy was a glimpse of things to come in GT5 and beyond. For example the on-line aspect of the Academy is now (IMO) the basis of GT6’s on-line play module. We won’t see the suspension and tire changes or the dynamic upgrade of graphics. But bits and pieces of GT5 will remain alive in GT6. And remember at the heart of GT6 is a completed version of GT5. It’s going to be really good folks.

    • fordskydog

      “There is no reason…this close to rel3ase date.”
      Bull. So they should just quit supporting existing customers and products BEFORE ANYONE has purchased GT6?? The reason to support GT5 is because it has BUGS to FIX, and those of us playing still are the core customers. Whatdafuggle are you thinking??

    • Quakebass

      The key word was “UPDATING” – “updating” is NOT the same thing as “maintaining”. Updating infers changes to optimize and/or fix things. Maintaining is just merely keeping something running.

      Many game’s servers are still running, but how many games do you see still receiving updates after their sequels are launched?

    • fordskydog

      Quakebass, b u l l s h i t. You pulled that out of your nethers.

  9. carfreak13

    As far as I know they patched the glitch at Route 5 in the pits, and the only thing I noticed is perhaps a n upgrade in the weight shift. I took a stock 70 challenger to top gear and it bounced around really good applying full brakes… This is just from my findings.

  10. GRAFX21

    So what did it fix?

    Lately I been getting alot of “disconnected from server” messages while trying to join. I end up joinging once on track i get kick out with this message : “disconnected from server”


  11. E46fanatic937

    Most games would have givin up updates a log time ago but PD keeps supporting and I appreciate that.

    • GT5 Level 41


    • fordskydog

      They keep having problems with cheaters. That’s how it goes nowadays. See the top 100 or so times in the last two tts…

  12. E46fanatic937

    Still have my 605 HP LoveFab NSX turbo replica after 2.13.Yesssss

  13. not trying to hate.but damn three years later and PD is still trying to fix gt5 lol

  14. Good fix.. I hope they banned the cheaters :-D

    and for those who’re complaining of the useless update? GT6 will come very soon.

    Patience is hard but rewarding.

    • Justed checked GT-site and yes they are Banned for online use. Good job PD.

    • sailworksman

      Funny. I have not seen a hacked car online yet since it started. Other than lobby’s with the hack cars only in the title.

    • Youngun

      How could you tell, many hacked car look normal, extra 100hp here and there, no one really would see it.

  15. ExplodeTheApex

    Tried updating at 8.00 GMT this morning and got the error message. It is now 16.00 GMT and I still cannot download it :( Why does such a small update have to cause this many issues?

    • Here it is only 16:10 BST so 16:00 GMT is in 50 minutes, unless you can time travel! :D

  16. ApexVGear

    I suspect this update was to fix a bug/hack that people discovered in the current Seasonal Event, Time Trial No. 64, with the Red Bull X2010 at Sarthe Circuit. I was bewildered when I saw the top leaderboard lap time listings at something like 0.003, etc. I downloaded a few of the ghosts to watch–they would park the car sideways at a very slight angle on the start/finish. Then they would roll slightly forward to trigger the timer to start the lap, then reverse and a lap time would be registered.

    I just checked the leaderboard, and all of those times are gone, and after this fix, I doubt anyone can attempt that again.

    • fordskydog

      I hope you are right. Pisses me right off to make it to the top 300 in X1 and FGT events to find that peeps be gaming that s. F you cheaters. How can you get so much enjoyment as to still be playing when you never play fair?! Is cheating that fun?

  17. WilliamsRCN92

    Thank god. The online physics in the game have been making my entire racing series miserable as of late.

  18. imallthumbs

    Ok GTP detective do your work.

  19. Gturbo5

    Where show what fixed list?

  20. gtrx251

    Anyone wants a Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 (free) in GT5?

  21. Oh so another useless update that contains nothing of importance?

    Yay! That’s just what the fans wanted!

    • HuskyGT

      Dude, GT6 is around the corner. PD shouldn’t even be worrying about GT5 anymore.

    • Pit Crew

      For pete’s sake Harvee what did you expect with GT6 due out by the end of the year? It’s on you for assuming to much. Most of us already figured it was just maintenance. Stop tripping.

    • What, I wonder how many people can misunderstand my comments in a month. I should keep track of these things.

  22. Sooo… Anyone figured out the “minor issues” yet?

  23. takfujiwara

    any news on hybrids?

    • Hidden parts still work after 2.13
      My GS300 still has a proper Stage 4 turbo

  24. HKS racer

    Yo DAWG
    I’ve heard you like patches
    So we put a pach in another patch so you can(not) play the game while we put a patch in another patch.

  25. Master_gamer438

    Downloaded around 1:30 AM East Coast USA, took less then 20 secs. My friend from Aus also said he was having problems.

  26. riverfiver

    what did they fix?
    same one?

  27. Dionisiy

    And error 2:11 from Russia.
    the whole world?

  28. Some ppl. are having issues with not being able to “watch race” after they back out. This is troublesome for hosts to marshal their rooms.

  29. jrsnijder

    Netherlands is done right

  30. GeoQuin4

    Nothing but an error message for me. An internet connection error, but all other games and internet functions work fine… Won’t even download the update. 6:30 a.m. ET US here. Anyone else having problems?

  31. febgo189

    You can download it now, just done it now.

  32. freaky40

    Haven’t tried yet

  33. Slider47

    NZ Update is live

  34. Kristus

    finland ok

  35. Nicko6180

    Sorry, forget that, the update is now live and working well again.

  36. zotobom

    Finally downloaded. What did it fix?

  37. Nicko6180

    I’m still getting ID = 2:11 error and it’s just gone 11am In Bridlington. What’s going on? Is anyone else still getting that message?

  38. Awesome glad to see everyone’s getting the update now. Just checked online and it’s a wasteland. Only 45 lobbies up with everything set to “all”. GT5 is alive once again! :D

  39. brunoracerfzs

    ID = 2:11 Error…fom Potugal!!!

    Bad day to play

  40. blackjack


  41. DarthRaiden666

    UK. Update is live!!!!

  42. M2M design

    Finally!! After 4 hours, download is go! From Italy.

  43. Australia. Update is GO!

  44. sangdude82

    Same from NZ

  45. jrsnijder

    Netherlands, server error 2:11

  46. Rage9one

    What’s new here?

  47. So you folks haven’t even gotten the update yet? Wow. way to go PD.

  48. M2M design

    New patch: after a few hours, comes the 2.14 patch, which resolves the big problems of patch 2.13.
    Oh my God! All this is really ridiculous! Mega Facepalm!
    PD, thanks! -_-”

    Sorry, my english is horrible! :P

  49. ScotteDawg

    ME – Australian :tup:
    PS3 – Yes :tup:
    GT5 – Yes :tup:
    UPDATE – Not Yet :(

    Go Figure… It’s been down for more than 6 freaking hours (12:45pm – 7pm)!!!

  50. GTP IWIN

    OMG PD 17mb update and i’m still waiting after 4 and a half I understand that you have been busy with gt6 but for god sake it’s 17mb update that will take 30seconds to download not a happy aussie :( still waiting.

    • GTP IWIN

      Over 4 hours of waiting is ridiculous for a 17mb update.

    • sangdude82

      Well i suppose the math is solid since they take 5 years for 10-20 gig game lolz

  51. spikeyhairdude

    No update. It just put me straight into game. With a 2:11 error

    • DarthRaiden666

      Same here. So they pulled the update or its not happening and no more GT5 online…..

    • DarthRaiden666

      I’m in the UK btw

  52. Spazzalman

    ID = 2:11 Error

    From Australia :(

  53. Seems like PD doesn’t even care about pointing out exactly what each update does to GT5. :/

  54. infamousphil

    After 2.13, still get repeating trumets after race start. Oh well, still got to do some 2.00 kg/hp testing online done with a friend. That’s 0.50 hp/kg to the left brainers out there.

  55. Mendori

    Down here in Denmark :(

    ID = 2:11 Error

  56. Servers are up in USA, albeit a tad laggy though. Anyone tweet to Kaz yet about the issue?

    • Slider47

      Yeah i did about an hour a go…still waiting on a reply.

  57. DarthRaiden666

    Is it worth updating or not??? I got gt5 on a couple of ps3s so I’ll try one.

  58. S1000RR

    Good advertising for GT6, always the same new update and the problems follow. Bullsh!t !

  59. blackjack

    Oh well, at least we can still play “offline” even if it does take 2 weeks!

  60. Two weeks, folks, that’s all you have to wait…

  61. S1000RR

    God dammit error 2:11 in Belgium to :(

  62. Maybe they shut down Multiplayer :D

  63. riverfiver

    error O_o

  64. Lab0842

    Damn, nothing exciting.

  65. WTFnews

    Fixes minor errors, creats huge errors.

  66. All I wanted to do was come home and have another crack at mazda TT after a below average day at work. whats the go with the error 2:11 !!

  67. Slider47

    Error ID 2:11. From New Zealand -_-

  68. Error ID 2:11. From UK

  69. Error 2:11 %$&#

  70. Leonidae@MFT

    Restart didn’t help. -_-; You had one job, PD.. One job..

  71. M2M design

    Same problem! Error ID 2:11. From Italy.

  72. blackjack

    Still getting “A connection to server could not be established, Error ID= 2:11″ in Australia after repeated attempts


  73. Leonidae@MFT

    Still no update, still same error. I think I’ll restart my PS3 and see if that helps..

  74. Leonidae@MFT

    Huh.. All I get is “Connection to server could not be established, Error ID= 2:11″.. So I guess the update isn’t quite out yet.

    • Saisoku

      It is, try again. I just updating mine.

    • It’s 245am EST in the states. the update is from 3-5am. I’m in Australia and cannot connect to server.

  75. Saisoku

    Aslong as PD doesn’t take away my 700hp Rx7 and 1000hp Supra, I’m fine. Lol.

    • lldantell

      He wont,I know because I got three hacked cars and it’s still in my garage


    yea getting rid of hybrids was a “minor issue” too just put it back to v2.11

  77. diegorborges

    PD never stop working! Woo!

  78. WangansGodHand

    This is probably all we’ll see in future updates for GT5…just fixes for minor issues. But it’s understandable.

    • Amac500

      I agree but what about the C7 Corvette? It’s suppose to hit dealers before GT6 is released

  79. MasterSquidP4

    For some strange reason, I thought it might have been something cool.

    • Amac500

      Hahaha, silly MaterSquidP4, we haven’t seen anything cool in months!

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