GT5 Video, Gameplay Impressions from PS BETA

August 1st, 2010 by Jordan

The PlayStation BETA event I told you about was finally held this past weekend. GTPlanet reader Adam Lang was first on the scene, and has been kind enough to provide us with lots of videos and screenshots from the GT5 demo on display. Most notably, you’ll see a much-abused Enzo Ferrari show heavy damage to its front bumper, along with an Audi R8 and the MOTUL R35 Skyline JGTC car. He’s also provided a lot of (literal) screenshots of the demo, so you can get a higher-resolution look at gameplay.

In addition to Adam’s material, I’ve also included other clips below and will continue to keep this post updated as more come in. For more detailed analysis of what the game was actually like, read first-hand impressions from the latest posts here in our forums. Thanks, once again, to Adam and everyone else who is sharing all this media!


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  1. Peewee737

    A game????? I was hoping for a simulator…. Maybe it’s just the way people drive in these demos, but the way the cars handle… Hope I’m wrong but it doesn’t look sim-like.
    With all the complaints about weather, damage, day/night, not to mention the cockpit view-gate, I hope PD is still trying to make the physics and handling perfect. At least at Pro level.
    Some are still playing the Grand Prix Legends sim. Not because the graphics were so great, but because the physics were so awesome.

    • JustCause

      No matter what way you put it a simulatior is still a game.

    • @ Just Cause

      A simulator is still a game, but not all games are simulators; so far the GT series just hasn’t quite cut it when compared to it’s PC competitors.

  2. Jeffree Star


    Damage is new to GT5

    Its better without damage
    & cockpit…idc about cock pit or damage.

    Who agrees?

    • @ Jeffree Star

      How is a game ever better with less features (especially GT).
      Damage is a part of racing and GT cannot call itself a simulator without including this aspect.
      Cockpit is not so important but they could really do with either a bonnet/dash view, if cockpits aren’t going to feature on all cars.

    • ElieTheBear

      @ jeffree star

      cockpit view is not less important than damage

      cockpit view is in fact the way human see through cars as a “simulator”

    • @ Just Cause

      That is true, however unless you are playing on a wall sized tv or projector then your tv makes an effective “windscreen” and you have a steering wheel in your hands so a duplicate on screen is unnecessary.
      When you drive a real car you focus through the windscreen and you have peripheral vision. Playing on a tv your view is already limited, cutting the view down further isn’t strictly required to add realism.
      However this is just my opinion and I still play iRacing (the most realistic simulator I have ever encountered) where the cockpit view is the only view allowed.

    • The videos are about DAMAGE MODELL so SU you !!!

    • Revelation1115

      umm.. nobody agrees with you

  3. Sixth video at the end: cockpit view in standard car?

    • CristianoBr

      I think so =] (Very happy for this!!)

    • Dont be fooled,cockpit view steering wheel is on right, vette- on left. And watch the time of lap, it’s different car :(

  4. yeah but they need have major damage everwhere

  5. In the French PSM that was talked about a few days ago it mentioned that Indy Car was in as “Circuit Only”…I would think that if PD got the rights for the Series we would have heard more, but does anyone know what this could possibly mean?

    I would kill just for a blank carbon fiber Dallarha (spelling?).I don’t need the IRL banner…I just want the car

    • I think it said that “Indy” was circuit only; as in the Indianapolis track will be in the game but not Indy cars unfortunately.

  6. Cars are supposed to be driven, not be crashed into walls like bumper cars.

  7. And-War

    Hi All, I just have to report back, I went to Mercedes-benz World in the Surry on Saturday, and they have the SLS AMG GT5 demo pod I had to que for like 20 mins but it was worth it, I took some pgotoaAny one know who I can send them to up load them here. Well The drive feels really good the detail in the car is unbeatable, power over steer as I turned the TC off was trick in this super car but managable if you know GT. I thing I had noticed is up close the grass veres are pixalated and I find this a disapointment, also the tress at slowspead look like cardboard. I also onereallystrage thing was this kidwas playing before me and then he was on the long straight at the ring the nose of the car would lift? I was like what the hell is this this is no Arcade racer, now this kid was all over the shop hislap of the ring 14:57 he was all over the place so I think maybe the damage model was taking effect but still I feel this should not really be happening. I only wish I could of had more time or filmed the demo.

  8. They’ve gone overboard with the sparks.

    • JayKayEm

      Agree. Its like welding stainless with my hobby MIG!

  9. JustCause

    People cried like babies for damage and now that there is damage they are crying like babies again because its not good enough. Even if it was just like the real thing (damage) people would cry because its not good enough.

    I dont want to hear your excuses so any post replying to this post will be ignored by me.

  10. DanishDriver

    PPL… Do you really think they would suddently show off the full dmg model for a DEMO where ppl dont event know how to play the game? come on… that would totally wreck 2 min’s playtime every1 had at that event!

    Stop the whine, and wait for the full game!

    • JayKayEm

      “Do you really think they would suddently show off the full dmg model for a DEMO”

      Yes, that is what a demo is for. ‘Wow the punters’ to generate sales.

    • Anyone who thinks PD aren’t keeping some things secret as long as they can is an idiot, and you know why they’re doing this, so whiners like some on this site who see new features always have something to nag about, so it’s in their best interest not to say anything. And I appreciate that secretive style, because there’s nothing better than being surprised and I garentee they got a lot up their sleeve, including a more detailed damage model. I hope for all the damage-crybabies to hit the wall, kink a wheel and and their race is over.

  11. Spriggers

    So some of you prefer this insta scratch/crumple no matter where the car was hit? Seriously? LOL.×295.jpg

    You would rather have scratches on all sides of the car and on top of the car and dents everywhere instead of one spot where you actually got hit?

    I’m not saying GT5 is doing great damage. But I think some of you are forgetting how over the top the Forza 3 damage is. It’s just this on or off switch that applies it often to the whole car. LOL

    • NO! I absolutely HATE that. I can’t stand when just bumping someone in FM3 results in the entire hood getting scratched, are you serious?!

  12. PELPER1

    i’m loving the GT2 retro feel!!!

  13. danielwhite74

    The ignorance here is absolutely beyond belief. The damage looks absolutely stunning, and with performance damage activated it should compare to the damage systems in games such as GRID and Burnout.

  14. ElieTheBear

    6th video first collision at the begining ! u can see the space between the cars

    • ElieTheBear

      replay shots of wrc are beautiful … but wheres the dirt and dust on cars !?!

    • the stig

      youll see it in full game.

  15. GTracerRens

    They talk about a thousand cars in the full game and at least 20 locations… Why are there in every trailer the same cars we already know? Sorry, but I just want to see new things, not again the Prologue audi R8 and Citroën GT…

    • JayKayEm

      Because 800 of those 1000 cars are variations of Impreza’s Mitsubishi EVO’s and GTR V-Spec I, II, III ,IIIIIIIII …!

    • LoneWanderer


      Don’t forget RX7′s and MX5′s.

    • JayKayEm

      Yes, sorry. Forgot the 50 RX7 derivatives including the RX7 Spec-II V-spec Turbo Monkey Deluxe Edition with slightly different door mirrors. Possibly.

  16. TokyoDrift

    Cannot believe that after all the hype and time spent developing this, damage look absolutely crap. Just looks like a badly remedied polygon glitch as opposed to some nicely rendered damage. Rubbish.

  17. Spriggers

    While the damage doesn’t represent what would happen at higher speeds at all, I would take this over the “instacrumple” that happens in Forza 3 where the whole body ends up scratched and crumpled no matter where you hit it. Hit the right tail light and both get destroyed. The cool thing about this damage in GT5 is that it seems to be actually area specific, and not generic. One of the videos showed different damage on the front end corner each time they hit it. While the damage is toned down wayyy too much, they at least aren’t doing it like there’s on on and off state of damage. Forza 3 is way too sensitive and generic, and GT5 is more dynamic it seems but toned down way too much.

  18. oscartron

    shut up. goddamn

  19. Ash2092

    JUST to keep the cockpit-view-debate going:

    Am I the only one recognizing that there IS an interior view (with dashboard, steering wheel, nice old schooled mirrors and so on)of a late 60′s Corvette (which is not a premium car, as far as I know) in the sixth video or have the last two vids been added after 12 p.m., today, and I’m the first one to see them?

    (Third alternative is, that someone already mentioned it and I overread his comment; but I don’t this could have happend)

    It seems not to look as great as the dashboard of a premium car (as far as I can see, because it’s very dark, perhapt due to the limitations of the camera used to film it!?), but it’s better than nothing and enough to get the feeling of sitting in the car, in my oppinion.

    btw, I think damage seen in the vids is good. Ok, more damage would be great, especially for racing cars. But for Road Cars it’s not that important, I think. Why do you need to crash your car into pieces? I would do it once (ok, perhaps once with each car), just to see how it looks to totally wreck it, and then I would try to avoid doing it, because I want to race the cars in one piece.

    • SHADOWS, it’s shadows!


    • ElieTheBear

      yeah nobody never saw a standard car gameplay yet

    • Maxiboy

      Man as much as im over this cockpit arguement … I did see that car in the standard cars vid, and that dash does look mmmuuuucccchhhhh less detailed than the ‘other’ premiums if this is indeed a premium car. But dont forget how dark the cockpits got in GT5P, they did get to a point where you couldnt see anything in the cockpit. I am undecided, but I think for my mental health im going to assume it is a darkened premium. Hope im wrong though.

  20. Axel.370

    the ferrari enzo was 170mph
    when it smashed into a wall
    and all what happend was a lil damage
    to the bumper? and it looked ugly and bugged

    thats not what i expected from damage on GT
    tsc tsc

    • danielwhite74

      Yamauchi promised the level of damage can be changed, up to the point where “you clip a wall and your race is over.” I’m confident this isn’t the full damage system.

  21. Craigles

    That better not be the damage for the real game all there is is sparks and flappy doors caused by stupid invisible walls and I thought race cars had more advanced damage not exactly the same as the normal cars

  22. I was at ps beta on saturday, and the 3d was nothing amazing, couldnt really see any 3d. the games handling has changed majorly compared to prologue

    • Geo_212

      Have the physics improved in a good or bad way?

  23. Lol, there’s almost as much crying, whinging, and toys being thrown out of the pram here as there is in the now deeply embarrassing GT5 forum. Always a shame when a great site like GTP gets taken over by trolls, fan boys (Xbox and PS3) I bet Jordan wonders why he bothers putting up info sometimes.

    • Every single day.

    • well jorden your doing a great job so keep it up. :)

    • Jordan*

    • Yeah – you’re doing a great job, Jordan! You have to expect some morons as this site is about the only site I know of that servers regular GT-related news and where else are people going to go (morons included!). It must take some effort to find content, what with GT news being so rare. I appeciate your efforts, as do the vast majority of us!

    • TokyoDrift

      As they say, put up or shut up.

    • @Eggman
      Kindly explain why expressing concern instantly qualifies people as a troll or fanboy?
      The series isn’t perfect, any sane person can see that, if you can’t accept criticism for a game that you have no affiliation with then you should probably refrain from viewing the internet at all otherwise you will be constantly offended!

    • Geo_212

      I don’t mean to be off-topic here, but, Jordan, is there any way I can delete my own posts?

  24. Did the drivers hands on the wheel change? it doesn’t seem to look that awkward anymore, or are my eyes playing tricks on me.

  25. KoldStrejke

    Well from what i see gran turismo 5 will be very fun to drive and good for the eyes. i dont care about the damage module. it is a minor atraction for gran turismo. i drive in cockpit veiw any way, so whats the point. it all looks good. but i hope poly do not become DLC whores. as i already paid full price for Prologue and will not stand for that. other then that i think i will love it as i love all the games in thje series.

  26. KoldStrejke

    sorry i didnt scroll down so i replyed to a previous post lol. but you get my drift.

  27. apex28del

    You know what I just thought about?
    What happens when you crash a vehicle in Gran Turismo mode – not just the Arcade-type demos shown in all videos released. Not to speculate that the damage model would be different, but I wonder if PD will make us pay for the damage we do to our cars a la NFS: High Stakes? Just a thought.

  28. ElieTheBear

    the thing is….. there IS a track editor !!!! unlimited amount of tracks by users wowwww so crazy

    • JayKayEm

      I would be very carefull about that. Perhaps Go-Karts only with simple slot-together track pieces?

      Expect the lesser, and be pleasantly suprised on launch day. Not vice-versa!

  29. Ner0_sol03

    Lol^^^^ and I agree with all of u I was expecting damagae like grid but sadly it’s not.. And another thing they need to somehow fix the fact that at 120 ur should be pretty messed up.. Like maybe broken tierod.. ( car pulls heavily one way, or maybe a blown motor were car cant travel more than 5mph and I ace blown a motor before and had to drive 5 miles on …so pd needs to fix this.. It’s beta yes I no but this is my opinion

  30. JayKayEm

    Couldn’t agree more DrTP.

    It will be a pretty game to look at, and I will purchase for graphics alone. I have no doubt that graphics will be mind blowing, inlcuding photo-mode. But, I somehow feel functionality will be limited.

    Limited damage.
    Limited interiors.
    Limited modifications (livery editor or powertrain swaps?).
    Limited weather.
    Limited cars (Porsche and other cult classics like E30 M3?).

    We shall see…..

    • E30 & E39!!!

    • danielwhite74

      Most true to life physics engine you’ll find anywhere,
      Dynamic day and night cycles,
      World Rally Championship,
      Formula One (Not officially licensed),
      Top Gear Test Track,
      Track Editor,
      16 cars per track… the list goes on.

      “Functionality limited?” XD

    • Sadly you are wrong on the physics engines, maybe the best for a console game (only time will tell) but no GT attempt so far has come close to real simulators on PC games.

    • JayKayEm

      Hi Danielwhite74. To go through your valid points.

      >As HA said about physics.
      >Weather = ALL tracks or just Tuscany and Le Sarthe?
      >World Rally Championship = limited functionality. Will it have all countries of the WRC calender?
      >NASCAR = limited functionality. Will it have all tracks of the NASCAR calender?
      >Formula One (Not officially licensed) = you said it yourself…. not licenced (limited F1 cars and tracks?)
      >Track Editor = Limited to go-karts only?
      >Top Gear Test Track = some old UK airfield with no scenery.. apart from a parked (broken) Jumbo Jet.
      >16 cars per track = For every race? I have been in a race on GT5p with just two cars.. me included!

      Anyway, its the car selection that worries me most. What european classics we can choose and how we can modify.

    • @Ha, then please feel free to stop slating GT5 and go back to your PC sims. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. Simple as that

    • I wasn’t slating it; GT makes a good effort at being sim-like, probably the best they can do and still make a game that is profitable on a console.
      I just wish people would pull their heads from where the sun don’t shine and realise the series isn’t perfect!
      Being called a troll or told to go away for expressing the slightest bit of doubt just makes you guys look pathetic.
      A bit of objectivity never hurt anyone.

  31. danielwhite74

    The damage on that Enzo looks utterly stunning. Far ahead of any damage system we’ve seen so far. What are people complaining about? :/

    • Hahaha are you serious?
      Have you never played Grid, forza, iRacing, Dirt, any of the older TOCA games, or even Grand Theft Auto!

    • danielwhite74

      I have played Grid, Forza and DiRT. Forza’s damage is just pre-baked, entirely unconvincing scratches and generic body panel separation, and even Codemasters’ damage system doesn’t simulate deformation as accurately as that; they simply display a pre-determined animation of the vehicle’s front crumpling.

    • Spaghettimonster

      @daniel: i am with you on that. but you gotta admit that this damage model fails when you hit a wall. yes, the bumper deformation is stellar to anything i know, but it is far too little damage for the speeds.

    • danielwhite74

      Yes, that I admit. Yamauchi said the level of deformation would be adjustable, so hopefully we’ll be able to change the damage system to the point of absolute realism in the finished product.

  32. gran jewismo 5

    i lost interest in gt 5 for atleast a month game looks ruined i will still buy it………not impressed so far

    • DrTrouserPlank

      The excessive wait has really killed the hype for this game. A year or so ago it was at fever-pitch especially when we thought we were going to get a March or mid-year ’09 release. But it’s coming a bit late now, and still with insufficient concrete info on what we are actually getting, and a half-baked damage model (which I’d sooner do without as I can see it causing more trouble than it’s worth).

      The driving aside from the low speed physics I’m sure will be excellent, and hopefully the online will be implemented well enough to not allow destruction derby specialists to prosper.

      Obviously I’m going to buy it on release day, but I think the sparkle has been drained out of the game’s release finally coming, if for no other reason than the excessive wait and being fed on scraps of often misleading information.

  33. hahaaa,damage ? when ? when damage ? cevlar ?

  34. Damage is great, but is going to be even better in the final version.
    P.S. We see at least someone who can really drive :)

  35. I really hope there is a damage off button. I would rather have dirt accumlation and polishing/cleaning options than damage in GT5. Speaking of damage, anyone remember GRID. I liked that! That said, I wonder what the Nascar damage model will look like.

    • JustCause

      Me too. I play Forza 3 with damage at minimum level. I do hope there is an ability to turn off damage in single player even if its penalised like it is in Forza 3 for turning off damage.

    • sanpanico

      Yes. Codemasters did a decent job on their damage model with little bits and car parts flying off in almost all their game releases.

  36. The damage looks good but i do think they should implement more damage at speed. the enzo at 50 mph gained te same amount of damage as an r8 at 120 mph. but this is the beta version it will be fixed. The day night transition looks postively dangerous i could see nothing but the driving line and i don’t race with a driviing line.

  37. i was at the PS Beta event on sunday, i played GT5 for a whole 1:41 secs after queing for about 20 mins then left as i’d done what i went there to do, i wanted to try all the tracks cars and so on but having to que everytime put me off… ok it was a noisy room and the sound was down very low and i’m not a fan of the wheel used, the demo looked lovely but i couldn’t really see any big improvment on GT5P (which i think looks great anyway) apart from tweeked physics and maybe fuller crowd/trackside detail….. i think GT5P for all it’s now limited tiredness is still by far the best driving game out and if it had just a few more tracks and privite matching it could probably live on in my PS for years to come, GT5 coundn’t get here sooner i can’t wait

  38. rally car phisics are bad…..


    • Ah, you’ve played it then. Please, go into more detail about the rally physics. What made them bad?

  39. I think all cars are panzers !!!!!

    GT5 is so real!

    A crash at 100mph and the audi r8 were a piece of aluminium.

  40. hahahahahah look at the damage.

    the real driving simulator hahahahh

  41. I dont want to compare my fav. GT5 but forza does have great damage and skid marks. And believe me or not the R8 5.2 FSI in Forza does have an amazingly GREAT sound in comparison to the R8 in GT5P. The sounds have to be advanced.

    • I agree. I dont care about damage at all. It seems like this feature is added only to shut forza fans up. Personally, GT definitely needs to improve the exhaust sound!

    • Mr.458scuderia

      Agreed damage in Forza 3 is ten times better than this crap and the damage let’s you brake stuff like brake calliper , transmissions or total the engine complete.

      This is dissapointing.

    • danielwhite74

      You do realise performance damage is turned off in these videos, don’t you? Yamauchi promised that clipping a wall would result in your race being over.

    • He did not promised ;) he just said they could adjust the damage model so that cars were smashed after a trip into the wall, but this wont be the case in GT5 full game.

  42. fanboy_watchforce

    Nordschleife comparison

    Sorry German only.

  43. No Damage is better than this Damage… Why they can’t make 1:1 damage, or aleast 1:3

    • because they are not allowed to

    • @ Kyle
      Weak excuse, they could do much more than this.

    • it isnt an excuse, i agree it could be better, im just saying that this is the best they can do

    • I say it is a weak excuse as other games do a much better job of simulating damage on the same cars. Clearly it is not a manufacturer enforced limitation.

  44. Looking good, but still no tyre marks =(

    • Yeah u r right that is a negative aspect, i ask myself if its so hard to produce skid marks like for exam. forza does.
      I dont want to compare my fav. GT5 but forza does have great damage and skid marks. And believe me or not the R8 5.2 FSI in Forza does have an amazingly GREAT sound in comparison to the R8 in GT5P. The sounds have to be advanced.

  45. What exactly were people expecting from damage? The deformation here already looks better than any other console sim and it’s not as if it was ever going to be “realistic” when you think about what having truly realistic damage actually entails. It looks great for a game.

    Is it really true that FFB was disabled for all the wheels on the GT5 stations at betarooms? That’s awful if so.

    • Delirious7

      are you kidding me that is not deformation at all! All console games with better damage… Toca 2,3 Grid Forza 1,2,3 Dirt 1,2 Burnout 1,2,3,4,revenge,paradise city, i could go on and on

    • Key word being “sim” and if that Enzo’s wing is not deformed, I don’t know what is. I can tell from these videos and the E3 trailer that the deformation model is better than Forza’s.

  46. Iam looking forward to this game(after 5 years) and I will buy it on day 1. Altough, if they say it’s the “real driving simulator”, they should have made the dammage way better. It looks very disapointing, more like a game from 1998(in the crashes). On the other sides, it looks amazing!

  47. The crashs are quite hard and they crash into walls with many mph, but we see nothing than a little loose front bumper. The crash effect has to be modified so that slow crashs cause @least scratches and faster crashs determine more accident damage.

  48. Lets reserve judgement until we see a Premium car that has no (or less) manufacturer restrictions on damage, such as the Premium race cars. Then we can see how capable PD’s damage modelling is. Ferrari aren’t going to let us trash their beautiful road cars. From these videos, I’m guessing PD are applying as much damage to the cars as they can get away with and it is what I expected.

    • So why is the damage on Ferraris more extensive on Forza…

    • ^^ I was just as disapointed with Forzas damage, just scuffed off paint, done badly with some dents that appear in the opposite part of the car you hit.

  49. Oh the enzo looks beautiful with that damage its really cool i like that but i except a damage model like in grid or dirt 2 thats amazing, but it does look good :) hope for more screens with better damage

  50. looks like its true, all fake gt tracks. 4 lane wide city streets!!!!!! no buy, no matter how good the graphics or how many cars. what a letdown.

    • Hoodie1878

      Yes you are.

    • Your loss! This is the ultimate game for any car fanatic. Though I wonder why you say ‘all fake gt tracks’ as Nurburgring is not a GT track, nor are many of the other racing tracks. ;-)

    • The EMO is great in this one

  51. ExclusivesMostly

    I’m buying this game day 0. No that’s not a typo. Couldn’t care less about reviews, etc. I mean come on, this will be the best racing sim to date. Period.

  52. @Jeffree Star

    All right, this the freaking BETA, not the full game so why are u already judging that your going to turn off the damage and use the outer view for EVERY car, not just for the standard cars? You know your not going to make as realistic by turning off the damage and using the outer view for every premium car (i will use outer for the standard cars, no doubt) im guessing your trying to make GT5 and arcade racer and not a sim? then your not a dedicated GT fan

  53. Very cool damage model in GRID!

  54. Who’s the arse in the third video…

    …”Have you ever played Forza?”
    …”I Don’t think this is any better”

    **Facepalm**…it’s a DEMO dumbass!!

  55. Spaghettimonster

    did anybody see, if damage impacts on aerodynamics? the enzo should drive a little different after the front got smashed up like that.

  56. awesome man

    ..its not too early to tell. The game is coming out in 3 months I doubt huge improvements will be made.

    • It could be too early to tell as there’s some speculation as to how old that demo build was. We’ll just have to wait until November to find out.

    • We keep saying this, but November isn’t a million miles away. Code will probably have to start being locked down end of september.

  57. Great videos, nice to see someone who can actually drive in the 1st video and the damage looks brilliant in other videos the 4th video however is utter crap, just looks like another 4 year old at the wheel.

  58. Is this it? Is this full damage? It expected it to be somewhat like GRID, they got it right. Oh well, it’s to early to say.

  59. Big Ron

    I think, the damage system is good enough for street cars. The R35 was heavier damaged at the front, which is a good thing. I like it.

    What I not like is the level of damage at high speed crashes. The cars impacted at 120mph, but only little scratches and dents can be seen. At this speed, they should scratch the whole front and the dents and bumps should be heavier.

    I hope, the damage in the final game will be more sensitive or adjustable.

  60. Where are the 60′s and 70′s racing sports cars? And Porsche? The roads of Targa Florio, Pikes Peak or Isle of Mann? Where is Reims? Brands Hatch, Monza, Imola, Silverstone, Spa, Montjuich… Why create a Madrid or Rome silly track when you can try with lots of more interesting ubications?

    I think they have to do a lot more of work before thinking in the option of damage or silly urban race tracks…

    Petrolhead opinion.

    • Porsche!! Mate, where have you been, lol. Sorry, no Porsche. Besides, it’s only a Beta ‘Demo’ not the full game.

    • In my opinion, urban tracks are more interesting than real racing circuits like Monza and Interlagos. I just feel good by taking a ride around the Coliseum, around the buildings in Madrid, on a snowy mountain in Switzerland or through the streets of New York on Christmas, when everything is lighted and beautiful lol. I love traveling and GT makes me feel like if I were actually traveling. This is the biggest difference between PC racing sims and GT: PC sims will never make me feel like this. They only want to reach the perfect physics.

      I do care about physics and all the technical stuff, but I also care about “feeling” (gay?). For me, GT wouldn’t be that awesome without urban circuits and beautiful landscapes.

    • Porsche will not be integrated in the game, bad luck for us Forza gots more than 30 porsche cars :(

    • JayKayEm

      No Ruf confirmation yet either. Fear the worst.

    • He is right.

      Damage, 3D, silly urban tracks… this is the wrong way. Is a waste of time and resouces. Why don’t focus on the real racing enthusiast? I prefer good engine and exhaust noise to 3D or damage.

      I want to drive a Ferrari 312P at Reims.

      I want to drive a Porsche 907 at Targa Florio.

      I want to drive an Aston V8 in the narrow road up the Stelvio.

      I want to drive a KTM X-Bow at Brands Hatch, Imola, Spa… real old school racing tracks. Suzuka and Fuji are fine but I think GT5 would need more real tracks.

      London, Madrid, Rome… they are nice too, but only to look at… they feel artificial…

      Another petrolhead opinion.

    • Another petrol head. I completly agree i want old school f1 cars from the 80s and as said tracks

    • “Why not to focus on the real racing enthusiast?”

      Because not every GT fan is a petrolhead. When I drive, I like to see what is around me, the scenery. I don’t focus only on my car and how it sounds and on improving my driving abilities. From the comments I read here, I think some people should try out rFactor and iRacing.

      Another tip: the game F1 2010 will feature all the F1 circuits and F1 cars. It comes out in September.

    • Yeah Vulcao…

      And what about the “Real Driving Simulation”?

    • racer1,

      It’s still the real driving simulator, I didn’t say anything about that. The thing is that GT is even more than a simulator because it features things that aren’t expected from a sim: photo travel, very detailed sceneries apart from the track itself (like the fictional tracks) etc. Hence, the goals of PD aren’t the same of PC sims developers, and you can’t expect PD to focus exclusively on “pure racing sim features”.

  61. We see always the same tracks. I hope that spa silvertone or abu dhabi will be in gt5 because we will have formula 1 in the game( vettel car)

  62. AndyVan

    Hmm well the passenger car damage is probably as we expected… minor and cosmetic.. they have always talked about how much damage the manufacturers were willing to show… i think we just saw ;-) i can live with that..

    but the flapping doors on the WRC cars?? that’s a bit dodgy… my good friend is a professional rally navigator and ive seen them go off the track into trees… fences… down the side of mountains… endless rolls… believe me the doors are the last thing to start flapping about… really not sure what that’s all about but it looks cheap… my fingers are crossed that this will be removed from the final code but my suspicions tell me it wont….. lol.

    • ElieTheBear

      yeah i saw many wrc races and like you said the doors are not opening like this … they are instead going in the car lol .. and never saw sparks between cars in races .. (just under the car with the road surfaces)

    • Agree. I think the flapping doors look ridiculous.

      Especially since it seems to happen at a moments notice on about every GT5 rally video that I’ve seen.

      I don’t know anything about physics or car damage etc but I have a hard time imagining that that is a realistic thing to happen, even without seeing these videos you’re talking about.

      I also imagine that doors opening like that would be one of the most dangerous things that could happen in a crash and there would be many measures in place by car manufacturers to prevent it.

      If this is the case then it definitely shouldn’t be happening as readily as we’ve been seeing so far and I wonder maybe why manufacturers don’t have a problem with this as they supposedly do with other forms of damage that would could show cockpit being compromised.

  63. Loxstokk

    The damage was excellent. Especially considering the restrictions given by the manufacturers. I think people are focusing too much on the damage. It is a only part of what GT 5 is as a whole. It’s a arguably the most difficult feature to include and i belive polyphony can be proud of what they’ve achieved. People who feel this is the main reason for buying this game may be better off playing something like burnout.

    The demo shown at beta rooms wasn’t the final code. On some tracks there were bugs where parts of track hadn’t loaded in. Sometimes the race would start (the word ‘start’ would appear) but the screen would still be black taking a few seconds to load up. I’m sure see new features unvieled over the next few weeks, but I don’t believe we will see much if any change of the damage system. In my opinion, we don’t need to. ..

  64. I went on Saturday and as a massive GT fan, it was my only reason for going.

    Very disappointed.

    The rigs set ups with the Logitech wheels felt awful. I spoke to one of the Sony guys and he said they has turned all the force feedback off! Why? It felt like Sega Rally in a penny arcade! There was no way of telling how each car handled. My G25 and Prologue at home felt ten times better.

    The 3D set ups only had dual shock controllers, so again felt terrible, and the 3D effect was so subtle, you didn’t notice it at all! All in all very disappointed. I’ll stick with iRacing on my PC for now.

    Personally I’m not really bothered about damage – if you want that sort of thing, stick to Burnout or Motorstorm (which incidentally did look good on a 60inch plasma)

    Wasted night!

    • organdonor

      So your only complaint was the force feedback setting on the wheel, which was apparently off, and that you had to play 3D with a controller? Both of which have nothing to do with the GT5 gameplay itself. Why wasted night?

  65. videos videos and more videos…

  66. terminator363

    I can’t wait to see two veyrons both at 407km/h head on collision, of course nothing will happen apart from the bumper falling off.

    • Wiretap

      Why would you want to do that though? It’s racing game! Why would two Veyron’s be going in opposite directions?

    • DamagedGoods

      If you can show us a video where this is real, maybe we can back you up on your request.

  67. what the hell was that, the damage is so unrealistic. u smack into a wall 14omph and barely any damage. 1/10 for damage.


    • At the end of the day if in real life you hit a wall at 140 you’d probably die. This has always been my problem with damage in driving games, on the one hand you get people moaning that there isn’t enough damage, but on the other hand PD can’t exactly put in a thing that says ‘oh sorry, you died, race over’ so damage can never truely be realistic.

    • DamagedGoods

      You guys realize this is just a game?? Right! Games should be fun to play and realistic enough for us to enjoy them. No one is going to put a game where limbs will fly off the car when you crash at 150MPH. They have to tone it down so that the game can be played.

  68. When the in car view is enabled, all of a sudden the screen turns immensly bright. Is that the camaera recording, or was it actually like that on the screen…?

  69. I’m sure they said that the damage can be forgiving or one hit basically totals the car. What wasn’t clear was whether we would be able to choose that setting ourselves or whether PD hadn’t decided how harsh to set it. I’m sure for a demo at an event like this they wouldn’t use a harsh damage model or peoples go would be over in one corner.

    I’m not convinced when people say that things will improve. There is only 12 weeks to release and the game needs to put on blu ray, packaged and shipped ready for November. There isn’t that long to change things and test them thoroughly before release.

    • MagicAyrton

      That is exactly what I thought, Game is done, but whether that is the final code in the demo….

  70. Edit: now that the English text;)

    I hope that the “behind the car camera” soon turned into, not like now for example in the movie with the rally car. This looks really awful, all pretty stiff.

    Proloque that camera has unfortunately not in it, but really hope that it is in GT5.

    Sorry for the bad english, google translator;)

  71. Ik hoop wel dat de “achter de auto camera” mee draaid straks, dus niet zoals nu bijvoorbeeld bij het filmpje met de rally wagen. Dit ziet er echt afschuwelijk uit, behoorlijk stijf allemaal.

    Proloque heeft die camera er helaas niet inzitten, maar hoop toch echt dat die wel in GT5 zit.

    Sorry voor het slechte engels, google vertaler ;)

  72. This video shows wind once again:

    See around 1:18 and 4:03

  73. mr_bright_side

    Video 1 was me driving, it was actually a very scruffy lap (my best laptime was 1:04.9).

    I went on the Friday night and it wasn’t busy at all. I basically had gt5 to myself all night. It was a amazing.

    In video’s 2 and 3 I was trying to do as much damage to the car within the time limit.

    Thanks to Adam for the video recording and sending them in to GTP, good to meet you.

    • Ah! There you are! Was awaiting an email that never came so I could let Jordan know who you were.. Had to get them sent off though so couldn’t quote you :( Was nice to meet you too though dude, everyone seems to have liked your driving too! ;) Nice one!

  74. Kremator

    Maybe we will be flapping with the doors of those wrc cars to the rythm of music in the stunt arenas. If not i will do this anyway in the timetrial just for fun.

  75. Ferrari

    I like how the PS3 setup looks like a LS1 engine :D

    very cool

  76. blaktek

    Could there be different damage levels applied to different parts of that demo ?

    Videos involving normal / Gt cars have slight (or hard to achieve) deformation and body panels dislodgement. Only in the rally cars ones we see broken doors, bonnets and boots. While, as said above somewhere, the nascar bit goes all out with first contact vivid deformation and downright messing up your ride.

    We had no report of handling damage as of yet, so I suspect we didn’t see all of what this game can do to maim your favorite car-porn star.

    And we have the proof that only true gamers should be allowed anywhere near a game booth when a camera is on. Good driving.

  77. yomamma

    for those of you complaining about invisible borders. i think there is ample room for correction assuming you are actually trying to stay on the track. this isn’t Crusin USA,there are no shortcuts.

  78. yomamma

    finally some driving that doesn’t suck! damage is also looking better than i had anticipated. this will be epic!

  79. caribbeantopdriver

    seriously….. i want someone be real with me……. i have a serious problem with the chasing view (bumpercam) i cant take it anymore….. since gt2 the chasing view was never the same….. it look so unreal… the cockpit view is excellent… but my god just hate how the camera sticks to the back of the car like that.

    • I’ll be real with you…

      …tough luck!!

    • terminator363

      agreed i hate it too..

    • Nato_777

      I’ll be real with you, yes the chase view is bad, but this is a real driving simulator and the chase cam is a very arcade viewpoint and one that I’m sure PD didn’t really intend you to drive from. Hence they have made it practically undriveable with the chasecam. It is best only used during replays.

  80. KneeGrow

    Everyone saying the damage will get better are in denial. GT5 barley started to be developed with damage and Kaz never wanted it really. Its an un-important feature and isnt going to improve from this.

    What Polyphony should do is make you have to pay a lot to fix your car to discourage bad driving, I can see reviewers putting this game down because of the lack of damage like Gametrailer “You can hit a wall at 130mph and and get only scratches, this game is bad” lol I can see that happenning

    • Yea people should have to pay a lot to fix their cars even when playing online. They would damage the car in an online race and then they would have to earn some Cr (off or online) to repair the vehicle. However, there should be races after which your car is fixed free of charge for those who don’t have or don’t want to earn Cr, also races with no damage for those who want to crash crazily lol.

    • ElieTheBear

      the thing is people will quit the game while racing online or offlin if they dont want to pay credits for fixing the car … so in online mode we will again have morons driving and bumping others .. and then they will leave before the end of the race … (they re doing that in prologue and they dont even have to pay for damage) same thing as offline … im sure people will leave before if they wrecked their car .. if only it cost a lot …

    • Bones Brigade

      The only way to get around people who crash and leave would be to institute a pay to play type of system. Put a deposit down to race and upon completion of a race, you’re money is returned, minus damages.

    • ElieTheBear,

      the car should be kept damaged even if you leave the race before the end.

  81. oscar jordan

    i’ve got forza 3. i can give this game a 6 out of 10 and heres why. im going to go over the positives first. 1: the games environments are beautifully modeled. 2:the cars are also beautifully modeled that there will be times where if i had noting to do i would look at the cars on the game. 3:all the cars on this game handle differently. 4:there are alot of tuning options to chosse from. 5:the photo mode is awesome. 6:the online modes and community features r awesome. 7:the physics r pretty straight foward 8:the career mode is amazing and its guaranteed to keep u busy for about a mouth and a half. 9:the car roster is pretty big.(but its small compared to gt.) now the negitives. 1:even though all cars handle differently there would be times where the car would handle so bad that u would think that this car would handle much better in real life. 2:the cockpit view sucks so bad that there would b times when the drivers hand would go right through the shift bar. 3:their would b times where the rewind feature would b broken.(i discovered this recently when i was playing the le mans endurance race) 4:there is limited detailing of the undercarriage 5:fast production cars like the bugatti veyron and the lamborghini revention has horrible handling and does not represent the cars performance in real life. 6:the le mans prototypes damage model is very basic. 7:it lacks in rally cars and tracks. 8:they didnt bother to put pit crew animation on the game.(even gt4[which is on the ps2] put a fully detailed pit crew animation that took my breath away.)what i find positive about this is that u can at least rewind the whole piting process.
    despite of the negetives, forza 3 is a good racing game and for the gt fans out there that is desperately waiting for gt5, forza 3 can keep u busy till than forza 3 is a good racing sim and has everything a sim would have in it. but the thing is gt5 will do alot better at this.

    • Thanks for the review. I want to play Forza so much, but I don’t own an XBOX and don’t plan to buy one only because of this game.

      By saying “there is limited detailing of the undercarriage” do you mean the bottom of the cars (sorry, my English is bad)? If so, don’t expect a much better thing from GT5.

      And you didn’t mention the damage system :)

    • ElieTheBear

      “the bugatti veyron and the lamborghini revention has horrible handling and does not represent the cars performance in real life”

      oh u did drive these two cars ???

  82. oscar jordan

    ccj shame on u

  83. Apparently damage was most dramatic in the Nascar car, but no vids of that yet


    Went to BETA event today unfortunatley camera battery died before I got to record footage of nascar. The car was awesome as it had actual deformation damage and looked miles ahead of anything we have seen of the damage for GT5 except for the trailer. The rear bumper crumpled and deformed quite a bit exactly where I hit it. The other cars had damage like all other previous demos but the nascar damage was on another level. Hopefully someone recorded some nascar footage. I will upload some footage I managed to record before battery died later on today.

  84. Apparently that Audi is made of part Hulk/part steel. I guess they didnt want to ruin the fun factor from the game by totally writing of your car. Is it just me or does 150mph look really slow. Must be the perspective :/

  85. Anyway it looks like there are 3 driving physics models now

    begineer – like GT5 Prologue standard, tons of grip, and no oversteer in powerful cars. Kinda like GT4, but a little easier
    Standard – a bit more oversteer etc for the controller pad users
    Pro – more hardcore, need steering wheel

    Loxstokk ‘s impressions

    I’ve just got back from the beta rooms event in Birmingham. Played gt5 in 3D. The 3G effect was very subtle on the example I saw. The physics were excellent. There was beginner, intermediate and pro. Pro seemed v similar to gt academy demo. Extremely difficult on the narrow roads of the nurburgring. Intermidate was a great compromise of difficulty and feel. Beginner was similar to prologue standard. Graphics were excellent but we already know this. Toscana was beautiful, especially to day to night transitions and the way the headlights pick up different sign posts etc. Handling was slippy as you’d expect, nothing unusual for a rally racing game. There were however variations in the road surface, going from sand up gravel to some harder stuff ( not quite Tarmac). Damage was a lot more dramatic than I’ve seen on previous videos circling the web. Saw some people mash their cars up pretty good. Polyphony can now say they have the best damage physics on a console driving sim. Didn’t notice anydamage affecting the car handling. Thing that most impressed me? Probably the feel given by the new physics. Probably the best I’ve experienced from a driving game. Pretty close to real driving, and that is a massive complement. Spoke to a Sony guy about a uk release date, he said the “20th of November or around there”. Sorry if my writing is poor, I’m typing this on my phone.

    • Pro , you mien the black Nissan or the Red Nissan i wont to now te difrens
      if you ken help my poet my minde to rest . thank you

  86. Is it me or the tracks look…boring? They better put some kind of forest track like in GT2

  87. GTPilot

    Thanks Adam!!

    I am off to watch the vids and look at the screens.

  88. oscar jordan

    wheres the nascar damage

  89. Drummer 85

    Look i hear alot of complaining about damage and this and that. “Everybody’s door flapping.” hate to be in your race with non respectable drivers. Realistic damage is great. but when i get in a race. I for myself will race clean. The way it is supposed to be. yeah sure if someone makes a mistake and there is damage thats great, but it is not that important. I would much rather cross the finish line without a nick compared to, wow look how much my car is messed up. hopefully the performance of the car is extremely affected by damage so that people are more careful as in real life.

    • MagicAyrton

      Exactly, damage, for the main part is for little kids.. racing drivers race, if there are signs that we had an off at some point, that’s just a bonus.

      Handling looks great on the limit, the car is twitching and nervous.. Bring it on!!!

    • Agree. I’ve crossed the line in GRID/DiRT in cars that where unrecognizable & sounded like shit. Though fun. It was highly unrealistic. We can be sure that PD will not take it to that extreme. I’ve played GT games without damage for 10 yrs. As long as the racing is good, I could care less about it.

  90. Icant55

    @ least the guy in the first video can drive!!! Hurry up NOV @! IM READY TO PLAY THIS!!!

  91. LiMe_101

    If you are mad about invisible walls that just means you suck at driving.
    The game isn’t finish I’m pretty sure the damage will look better then this.

    • ElieTheBear

      if you loose control .. invisible walls give you gret chance to continu without loosing any speed … without walls … you might get lost in toscany for a while

  92. brainfade

    im not impressed tbh, its completely unrealistic, the cars would crumple alot more than that in those crashes

    • Nato_777

      Very minor damage for 130mph+ straight into a barrier, but then to be realistic you would have to right the car off and they’re not going to do that in GT.

    • Alex p.

      Look, it’s not the final game, therefore not the final damage-build, yes it’s that easy. Also, it’s possible that PD will only show this kind of damage in playable versions at shows and conventions such as gamescom or TGS because if people would have to restart the demo every time they touch the wall or spin the car, that, as a demo at a convention, would suck.

    • Maison Looi

      @ nato_777, apparently they said they wouldn’t allow the car to stop no matter the damage received apparently on the shared vision and grounds of manufactures looking kinda silly against other ones for the amount one car can take vs another… you know to keep it fair, but in the end, its not just a simulator, but a game, so there needs to be that balance…

    • Maxiboy

      Yeah and no manufactures will let a representation of their car be damaged to the point where the cabin is breached or deformed. So basically you cant have damage bad enough to stop the car, or so badly that it looks like an occupant could be injured.

    • Go on the brain fade (Apt name), let’s see you do a better job then Mr damage expert.

    • brainfade

      @Eggman that comment is bordering on ‘trollsome’… wow you made a joke about my name *sarcastic thumbs up*, give it another two years and you’ll graduate to making mum jokes.

    • I agree with you, hope they let the full damagemode see at gamescon. if KY is serious about being realistic then the damage in the vid are set on easy.

  93. Drogahnus

    Man, those sparks are seriously exaggerated.

    • I wonder who’s bright idea was to add those. I can understand a few here and there when its metal against metal, but those look like someone is doing some serious welding work.

  94. Jeffree Star

    Who cares:)

    Ill just turn off Damage.:)

    & who cares about cockpit view im so use to normal full car view stop bitching people be happy on how the game is really realistic

    Gran Turismo is the only reason why i have a PS3 Slim

    • Maison Looi

      yeah, same reason I got the PS3 slim

    • Same here

      All the same mate!

    • tvensky

      3 years ago I buyed my Fat PS3 just for GT5… still waiting! :( but now at least its close :)

  95. maxpontiac

    Note to all “self appointed experts” or “individually annointed realists” who offer their wisdom on the faults of what we see. Let me remind you that it says in big bold letters -


    • maxpontiac

      Video 1 – Nice driving. You drove the racing line quite well. I really can’t wait to drive that track.

      Video 2 – Damage to the Ferrari was what I expecting at this stage. I expect it to much better by the time November 2nd rolls around.

      Video 3 – Same as the Ferrari video. That Nissan’s cockpit view looks impressive. Love the steering wheel.

      Video 4 – Everytime I see the day/night transitions, my imagination goes into overdrive. That feature alone will change the way GT is played.

      Video 5 – I believe the panel seperation is done. The panel deformation is what have been seeing with Forza.

    • boohamdan

      you had me at “wisdom” :D
      thanks sir

    • devedander

      LOL glad to see you didn’t let it go more than half a dozen posts before jumping in to throw a pre emptive defense up for GT!

      What’s wrong, worried about what you see? Something screaming to you “needs work”?

      Here’s the bad part about being so skiddish to get defensive… if some things DONT change before launch, you have pretty much put right up there that even you aren’t happy about it :)

      Us realist “whiners” are no slouch, but I don’t think even we can hold a candle to the GT5/PD Defense Team! :D

    • maxpontiac

      Ahh, yes. One of the individuals i was speaking of stopped by.
      As bright as you seem, your failure to comprehend that I acknowledge GT5′s issues yet choose not to dwell on it is downright laughable. Must I point that out here as well?
      It should not be overly difficult for you to grasp the concept of GT5 being incomplete. Shouldn’t your God given logic tell you that?
      If you weren’t bent on stirring the pot at GTPlanet, you might reach such said conclusion,
      Anyways, shall we expect another “emo-whine” thread from you featuring the word “disappointing”, eh devedander? Perhaps the committee of realists can join in…

    • ^^Lol, amen brother :D

  96. Alex p.

    Wow, I’m actually very impressed with the damaged-ferrari-pic, no really, that looks so good and keep in mind that other cars like Nascar can be damaged even more severe.
    Very, very looking forward to gamescom and especially TGS, I assume they’ll show the final code there.

    • wbrinkman

      Mwah, the underside of the air intake is bend inwards, but the top-side is left intact, and now they’re magically infused/merged in a way that is impossible to achieve in real life.

      It’d be better if the bit that protrudes the bonnet/headlights were cut. Oh well, it’s only a game though.

      The video it’s taken looks rather nice when the bumper is just a tiny bit dented, all within reason.

  97. Mr Latte

    Excellent, nice work lads…

    • TokyoDrift

      Awwww, Mr Milky Coffee is all upset and PC about it all…

  98. hahahahhahha

    Am I the only one thinks that they should’ve kept the damage off , rather than that laughable bumper dislocating ?

    • @hahaha / Ha

      Don’t sound like a troll. If you have a problem with it, turn it off.

      And why would people care about invisible walls??? You don’t need to go there!

    • tyl0r_r

      Yeah, pretty much seems like you are.

    • Maxiboy

      No your not the only one.

    • Maxiboy

      … although I will leave my final opinion on the matter untill Nov. Enzo damage looks crap, however the Audis looks quite good actually

    • MihaiF355

      damage is definitely disappointing…makes me think that either a) they couldn get the ps3 to render a ‘realistic’ crash or b) they didnt’ want the 10yr old twats stuffing their car in one mistake so they made it possible to have like 10 high speed crashes into a wall….gt5 did not need damage but hey ill take wat i can get lol

    • MihaiF355

      or secret option c) this is not the actual final build of the damage model…mayb PD wants us to actually cream our pants when we actually crash a premium model…

    • I wouldn’t worry guys – i had a couple of tries at GT5 both in 3D and 2D and it seemed like an oldish build with sparks flying through cars and certain textures glitching like crazy at times, i’d be very surprised if Polyphony let clipping issues like that into the final game.

    • Getting lost

      I think I rather crash into an invisible wall than getting lost somewhere out of track

  99. Still have invisible walls and stupid flappy doors :(

    • TURNER_042

      invisible walls is all part of the backbone of GT :D

    • Nato_777

      The doors did seem to come open a little too easily. We could end up in races where everyone’s doors are flapping.

    • from nothing to this. it is a major improvment.

    • tvensky

      damage is not bad. but does “not bad” suites GT series? what does suite GT is invisible walls in GT4, It will suck if they stay with GT5. :( cant imagine rally with those.

    • Spaghettimonster

      yeah, i am already looking forward to crash with an audi r8 into an invisible barrier going 120 miles and having your bumper scratched and dislocated as in the video above. thats underwhelming, i must say. although maybe it is just a small tweak to get more reaction at higher speeds. but initially i think, this might be all the damage we get.

      although i must admit, it is probably the highest quality and detailed damage i have seen in any racing game i ve played. well done, pd.

    • love the damage.

    • Team_MoFF-No2

      @Ha I totally agree, it’s very stupid, the door thingy is a big laugh, and the invisible walls Isn’t the greatest solution, I rather loose 20sec of my time being thrown back on to the road and then loose the Race, then winding a race where i should have been at least 20sec slower.. Not good! and what’s up with the Cartoonist Lightning going on..
      ( I’m only talking about the So Called WRC Rally Part) which isn’t much WRC except from the Cars, the Race it self is a Arcade style Rallycross, no bumps on the road, and no real evil except from “over the crest” Sad Really!! the RTR WRC Game isn’t as beautiful as GT5, but at least it is close to the real Thing (pace-Notes/Co-driver), same goes for DIRT2/DIRT3 it’s a Rally Game, as it should be.. But It’s GT style as we now it, so i guess it sticks to the Concept, which is what we are waiting for. Thank God for other great Driving Games :O)

  100. TURNER_042

    great vids and screenshots :)

    i heard the nascar has major damage in the forums, would be great if you could find any videos of that :)

    • snaketus

      No one cares about nascar.

    • Big Ron

      Shut up, snaketus. A lot people care about NASCAR.

    • Or, ‘You’ don’t care about NASCAR snaketus. I’m quite looking forward to giving it a go.


      Awesome videos
      the cars,tracks and the graphics are just awesome

      ps: i think the damage in the enzo video was set on low , or anything like this because compaire this video with the WRC damage video…

      AWESOME i cant wait , 90-95 days remaining ?

    • Nascar!

      Exactly! I’m really crossing my fingers on how good is Nascar is gonna be.

    • terminator363



    • KoldStrejke

      Ok enough with the music overs. dont post video without regular sounds. this stuff is getting retarded.

    • GT’ireland

      as an individual in a world where we are all equal,every single person has the right the like different things so if you like nascar then thats your choice and let no one tell you otherwise,i may not follow nascar but id give it a go.this game gives more choice for everybody.

    • yeah but i mean they need top have major damage everwhere

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