GT5 Video: McLaren F1 Gets Dirty at Laguna Seca, Toscana

October 12th, 2010 by Jordan

Here’s one of our first looks at dirt accumulation on the side of cars in Gran Turismo 5 - a revelation courtesy of GameStop’s “Turismo Tuesdays”.

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  1. Who would’ve thought that this dirt video was just the prelude to the real dirt Sony just anounced…

  2. This suggests we can drive more cars on dirt than we could in GT4!
    If I’m not mistaken dirt tyres were only available on rally cars and a handfull of 4WD cars in GT4, right?

    • Cipudakis

      Nope , actualy dirt and ice tires was available for huge majority of the cars in gt4 , but cars like mercedes and dmw realy hates dirt , so.. :D :D :D

  3. DirtyMudFlaps

    OMG.. The engine sound is unbelievable….

    And for some strange reason, the McLaren off-road just feels right

    • GamerGT5

      I didn’t even think PD was going to put realistic dirt on the Mclaren f1. There’s so many features in one game. I couldn’t even think not half of them!

    • Unbelievable good or bad? And I personally don’t like the F1 for off roading, Nascar’s next right =/

  4. Interesting it only got dirty on a rally track. On a normal track it did not (I know, I saw the video, it were not off course at Laguna Seca).

    Does it means we will only have dirty on the cars at rally tracks?

    And also: dirty track + rain = mud???

    • RobGroove

      im sure the cars will get dirty on tarmac tracks aswell but it will just take a lot longer.

    • Race-cars on tarmac are mainly collecting flies and brake-dust, let’s see if GT5-cars do it

  5. 3 more weeeeeeeks!!
    please include the LM and GTR version tooo

  6. yomamma

    is it just me or is the dust staying in the air a lil longer now?

  7. viejaloca

    I’m REALLY stunned by the dirt effects of the car. Amazing, it looks better than motorstorm!

    • viejaloca

      Also the echoes of the car in the distance, never heard that before in a gt game.

  8. Same here, that’s why out of all the preorder bonuses, it had to be the Mclaren F1, else there would be no love.

  9. scotlandthistle

    i love that the mclaren is a pre-order car.

  10. GT5Canuck

    Interesting segue from Laguna Seca to Tuscany…

  11. occasionalracer

    Talk about a teaser… short but sweet.

  12. Sigmaviper11

    Still hopinh this means that certain cars won’t be restricted from driving on dirt.

    • Themadcat001

      Well, seeing as they’ve already shown the VW bus and lots of other random stuff on dirt, its safe to say lots will have dirt access, not sure if they “all” will tho, but definitely enough to keep a lot of people happy.

  13. nintandrew

    As long as I can tell when to shift, the quality of the sound doesn’t matter.

  14. francescop1

    its so disappointing that the way the cars sound has not actually been improved since GT2…

  15. I didnt know the F1 was powered by bumble-bees. :( Hopefully in the real game its much better.

  16. Make it HD please it looked like prologue :|

  17. Hurry up November 5th :(

    Can’t wait to try out the Mclaren F1 :)

  18. 20 DAYS

  19. Something tells me Gordan Murray did not visualize his creation being used for off roading!

  20. FrancisBenjamin

    Rally F1???? whatever works i guess lol.

    • Crazily overpowered cars in rally events has existed before…

      It was called Group B ;)

    • Sigmaviper11

      Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version rings a bell.

    • @J-UK

      i thought it was called a Suzuki Escudo, lol

    • curse you for posting before me

    • Sigmaviper11

      Lol. I didn’t know hahahahaha!!!!

    • infamousDee

      Escudo Pikes Peak version with stage 4 turbo modification in Gran Turismo 3 = insane understeer!

  21. John Marine

    REAL DIRT! Not just faded-out reflective mapping like in Gran Turismo 3 and Gran Turismo 4. I’m a bit uneasy about the sound of the McLaren F1 GTR here, but the video content is top-notch. Wonderful stuff!

  22. so much awesomness… and THIS engine sound???? Please, kaz, you must be joking!!!

  23. Ok, just got back from cleaning my shorts!! Dang, guys this is so so sweet! I don’t think it’s realistic to comment on sound until it’s in your living room. Nonetheless, October blows and I can’t wait to lose sleep!!

  24. AGNT009

    So how dirty can we make these cars? I can imagine someone will pull a Pig-pen (Peanuts character) online and always show up to races with dirty cars, lol.

  25. Nice engine sounds.

    • turtles

      You’re serious ?

      I think it’s seriously poor quality.. I hope it’s just because of the video/sound compression cause if it’s the real thing on the game, i’ll be disapointed on that level.

    • Raagentreg

      To be honest it’s better than what I’m used to from the GT series, but needs a bit more work methinks.

      It’s not bad, it’s just not up to the PD standard, where cars > reality and physics are bang on.


    • GoldUltima

      I just checked it against a video of the real car and it’s almost as annoying as the real cars engine sound. The car drives like crazy for sure, but it sounds like ass, both in real life and digital form. It does seem a bit muted in GT though.

  26. Gran_Turismo

    Well The Car Wash will finally serve its full purpose for the first time in the Series. By the way. I didn’t watch the video because I don’t want to spoil myself until I experience it in person.

    • Sum1s2pid

      Yeah, though cars in previous titles lost their shine, it’s nothing compared to this. Is it November 2, yet?

  27. AGNT009

    If only the car wash employees were girls in Daisy Dukes….

    • Surely you mean “with”?


    • GoldUltima

      He means “in”. They are a style of jean shorts commonly associated with the character from The Dukes of Hazard.

    • RidgeRacer

      If that’s the case then he probably meant “from”?

    • No you tards.. He meant “in” – as in WEARING them..

    • - Ice of SZRT -

      If you put some thought into it, You’d understand why they’re saying that he surely meant “with” because if they’re “with” them, that means that they’re not “in” them, they’re out of them… Comprende? ::dense:: “ò_Õ”?

  28. oscartron

    Is it me or is the dirt lingering longer in the air at Toscana!!! Yes!!

    • Yes, it is. Looks beautiful. I was always hoping for that, because I couldn’t understand, why there was so little dust when only one or two cars are racing

  29. maxpontiac

    Wow. That video brings new meaning to the term..

    ..”car wash”..

  30. bucketseat

    Unless you’re a car enthusiast I don’t think you’ll be impressed by this game. It is really incredible!!!
    I can hardly wait to get this sucker and fire it up!
    Big screen, surround sound, Logitech G25 and stand… it’s going to be a temptation to buy some adult diapers :>) so I won’t be bothered with trips to the bathroom. I wonder how realistic the pit stops will be???
    Maybe my kids won’t come over and I’ll be able to play uninterrupted…or maybe they’ll give it a try and they can help me through some of the longer races!

  31. Peewee737

    Love the airial shots from the heli. Looks just like real TV footage….. The way the F1 reacts on the bumps and the slides. It seems perfect..

    Is this month lasting forever or what?!?!

  32. The little rooster tails at 0:25 look awesome!

  33. GoldenGate

    What’s with the sound cutting in and out? Seems like a phasing sound, it sorta lets the video down with buggy sounds like that. However, at 0:27 (on what looks like the helicopter cam) the howl of that F1 sounds pretty damn awesome!

    • occasionalracer

      Ya the sound was fluctuating there, I know sometimes YouTube clips audio suffers from the compression of the original file and can result in frequency abnormalities.

  34. Sum1s2pid

    Mmm, you’re a dirty little F1, aren’t you? Yes you are!

  35. Viktor Navorsky

    Nice dirt effects .. but i think the car choice was a little bit odd for the occasion…

    • It’s one of Gamestops pre-order bonuses, the other being a Nascar. Either one would have been odd.

      Footage is only half the story as usual (no skidmarks or smoke on Laguna Seca) so it’s not the final build we are seeing. Can’t wait for the final product…

  36. erm is this PS1 footage, looks and sounds like it???

    • GTracerRens

      The sound is a bit weird indeed. But it looks better than ps1. :P That’s just called, YOUtube quality. ;)

    • @rik

      Wow, just… Wow.

    • Apple Face

      I wasn’t sure if this was from GT3 or GT5, I hope it’s just a case of a low resolution video.

    • IVKillerVI

      its 320p and the car has a matte paint, any car in low res with that kind of paint will look weird, even in real life.

  37. Kart Racer 24

    Oh my.. this looks so awesome!! if its true that any combo of cars and surfaces, i will be tearin ‘ up ice arena with a kart ^_^ plus NASCAR cars slipin around on some dirt ovals in the track creator

    • There is going to be an “ice arena” in GT5?

    • J. Hayden-Kart Racer

      it was in GTPSP and GT4…

    • Oh i didn’t know that.I looked it up on youtube and it looks pretty fun can’t wait for GT5!

  38. RobGroove

    I miss Laguna Seca, the special edition Mclaren looks and sounds great.

  39. Impressed with the dust on the car… its shaping up to be beautifully brilliant!


    look while he is driving on the rally track , the car goes dirty

  41. aleksandarSRB

    Awesome That McLaren is mu favorite car!!!

  42. Something tells me that a McLaren F1 should not be off-roading . . .

    • It shouldn’t be, but that’s half the fun! :D

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      it’s a huge handful even on tarmac & this the stealth (tuned) version. I’m so happy I preordered with Gamestop & I’m getting this & a NASCAR


      u said it Hugo

    • McLaren F1 – it only does everything.


      I can finally use F1 to have rally!!

    • tvensky

      Is GT5 going to have a fighter jet? its the only thing Im missing, imagine toscana and drifting with jet engine power while fire with miniguns all oponetns! lol – the real mayhem simulator. :)

      PS- dirt looks awesome!

  43. JarreauGTP

    I think the sound is awesome but it looks like the sound the Pagani Zonda C12 LM car in GTPSP.I dont know if it is just me.And the dirt affects, i can only say wow and let the game be the best!

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